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Because most adventures are cut on the trail - we oft forget about the city, and in some circumstances what lies in the shadows of the modern steel-scape. The allure of Hong Kong was much too fragrant for Roark to pass up. A rich and ever-evolving culture weaves east and west together with the thread of modernity. It asks permission from no one and apologies are faint. The city of Hong Kong has earned its way onto the itinerary of adventurers and traders for thousands of years. But in true fashion, Roark explored the bowels of what most love about the city and what we never knew about the waves, tropical musings and rocks to climb in the extremities of the territory. The colonial days of the region have shaped an interesting perspective on the world and Hong Kong’s history of trading has amalgamated many influences into a nature that’s truly unique. The flux of neon, exotic foods, exquisite tailors, head-spinning climate, unreasonable noise and prolific romance add up to a gluttony of experience that can only be captured by the galore of it all.

Our crew of revivalists was comprised of surfers Parker Coffin and Ivah Wilmot, climber and photographer Drew Smith, skateboarders Jamie Thomas and Chris Troy, as well as resident travel monger and photographer Dylan Gordon. A diverse gaggle to explore every nook Hong Kong guards. Our obsession for adventure took us into the kitchen of “Happy Paradise” for a taste of modern Cantonese faire and into “Crab Alley” on Temple Street for the aforementioned crustacean and noodles - both of which inspired prints in the collection. Neon signs guided us through the cloaked streets into gambling halls full of Hong Kong’s finest and on to “Star Crossed” Tattoo for a set of collaborations. A chance meeting with the finest tailor in Hong Kong led to a project with Jamie and Parker directed by Sam “the finest tailor” himself. But the wild called, and as usual Roark answered - climbing walls within the city limits and beyond. The taste of freedom wasn’t enough so we headed out to Tai Long Wan for a wave and on to a boat trip to the Ninepin Islands for fishing, camping, surf exploration and methodical cliff jumping. This jaunt certainly inspired print but also influenced a handful of products built for a hot, moisture-ridden terrain calling for purpose-driven solutions.

Overall the Spring 2019 collection celebrates the abundance of everything in Hong Kong. The bright color palette, textile prints and technical needs are spawn from a journey only our road-weary wayward could uncover. Enjoy the excess of “Hong Kong Galore” and take a walk through corridors of a magical place that’s always moving forward - faster than you.

Photography by Dylan Gordon, Drew Smith and Ryan Hitzel

Roark sp19 digitial eu  
Roark sp19 digitial eu