Payback action movie magazine issue 3 october 2014

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Bus 657

So what she is is alien royalty!? Even

share some human DNA but who have

two people with identical genes are not

become evolved after being bred with

identical, there are always the effects of

animal DNA to heighten their best

time and space. If “seeds” are planted,


the question of the soul comes up. Yes,

their fearlessness, strength, and a pack

Jupiter may be the Queen reincarnated

mentality from wolves; workers getting

but she’s still Jupiter, that is until she is

their industriousness and reputation for

harvested? It’s all very red pill, blue pill.

diligence from bees.” He thens makes

Only it seems like we want to stay asleep

a joke only a man would make: “Pretty

this time. Just as in THE MATRIX, “The One”

soon, a bounty hunter of the evolved-

‘awakens’ to another reality, and I hope,

being type is dispatched to dispose of

like THE MATRIX, this movie also makes

the Cleaning Lady with the Great Pair

us look at our lives in another light.

of Nucloetides.” YES. We love being

I also saw a little TERMINATOR-ish element with Tatum playing a bounty hunter, “Caine”, sent to protect Jupiter,



reduced to a pair of tits. That’s what you get when you pick the slim, pretty girl for the part.

who is being hunted by people from

It boils down to this. If pretty is all you are,

another world. I read of a fairy tale

you’ll never get any respect. But if you’re

association, but to mention it reveals too

pretty and you’re strong, then you might

much of the plot. I hate it when they do

be treated as a person instead of a thing.

that! Just once (okay, more than once),

Compared to the MAD MAX: FURY ROAD

I’d like to see the tables turned, and have

poster, the protective male is behind the

the female rescue the male in distress.

female, who is clearly prominent in pose

And would it be so wrong to have Jupiter be super strong? She is supposed to be

and in the movie. So it’s girl meets dog, girl loses dog, girl gets dog back?

part of a superior species. According

. . . Smells like a love story. I think it will

to Claude Brodesser-Akner of Vulture.

end up in my All for Love subgenre.

com, “these evolved beings fall into

No matter what it’s going to be an eye

various different groups, all of which

popper in IMAX 3D!