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The World Kuoshu Federation 4th World Championship in Malaysia!

this Historic “Hallmark” Occassion - “The very First and Longest Running Championships in America”

October 15-18, 2012 – The World Kuoshu Federation (TWKSF), an organization dedicated to develop and promote traditional Kuoshu and its physical, mental and emotional benefits, held their 4th World

Championship tournament in Genting, Malaysia. Held every three to four years in a major city around the world, the World Kuoshu (Kung Fu) Championships is a world-class Olympic level martial arts tournament. The best martial artists from around the globe came to compete in forms, weapons, two man sets and full contact lei tai fighting. This year’s tournament was held at the First World Hotel “It was an incredible setting for any tournament and definitely the most elegant World Tournament we have ever had. It was really pulled together by our seasoned TWKSF group of officials and referees and I would like to personally thank them for their incredible efforts in making the 4th TWKSF World Tournament a tremendous success.” Over the 3 full days of the tournament, more than 20 countries came from around the world to showcase their martial arts abilities in many different categories. At the end of the event the United States team took home the Grand Championship 1st place trophy while Brazil came in 2nd place. The U.S. has won the Grand Championship at the last two world tournaments, which were held in Singapore (2006) and Germany (2009). Master John Buckley, Head Coach of the United States Team, commented, “With incredible ambassadors to the martial arts such as Grandmaster Richard Lee, President of the TWKSF, and Federation Chairman, Grandmaster Huang, Chien Liang leading the way, each of whom have tirelessly and selflessly promoted Kuo Shu for more than 40 years, The TWKSF is looking forward to their 5th World Championship Tournament in 2015, which will be held in a country to be determined in February of 2013.

THE 50TH ANNIVERSARY CHAMPIONSHIPS Competitions here have always been offered for “Staunch” minded Karate Martial Arts Advocates including Men, Women, and Children for at least Semi Contact Sparring, H2HC Strong Fighting Forms, Weapons For those that Remember(?) This is where through the years the Original Pioneers, Leaders, Fighters, have become known, and many Action Stars were born!!! It was here that many Martial Arts Systems* & Personalities** got their start w/o prejudice - all that had the guts were welcome! This event, through the years has drawn Proven Martial Art Legends, Pioneers, Past/Present Military Law Enforcement, Civilians, Champions and Eagles. The “Old School” Discipline, Awards, and Action lived “here”. And, as “we did” with the early (1963 to date) Pioneers, Fighters, and Legends, “we” gave them a “platform” for all to show off their troops and school quality. Our 2013 -50th Championships began with a Call to Order and The National Anthem, And God Bless America sung beautifully by “The Famous Ms. P.J. Parker. Once Formalities and Introductions were completed the Competitions began This years Annual IAMA Classic Championships drew a decent crowd of competitors - Men, Women, Children, from All Varieties of Martial Arts Systems which is the intent of Shihan Alexanders events for the past 50 years. We give the Competitors a chance to match skills against a variety of Tactics, Strategies, and Fighting against the full range Methods of Punching, Kicking, Blocking, Tripping, Sweeping while maintaining the rules of mandatory contact in sparring. Winning here has been a worthy achievement! The Competition was challenging in all divisions including Fighting Forms, Weapons and Sparring whereas the Winners were awarded Special 50th Anniversary Trophies for

Since 1963 Shihan Gary Alexander having started the “First” of Annual Karate Championships in North America, now 50 years running (documented), has always been intent on making his “Open to All Styles” Karate Championships worthy for the Leaders, Competitors and Winners to be Introduced, and to Test their formidable manly/womanly Skills with gusto These GA/IAMA 50th Championships ran smoothly and expeditiously without injury regardless of the Mandatory Contact Rules, and this was due to the attendance of many high ranking Black Belts (listed above) that volunteered their Expertise as Judges, Controllers, and Referees. Much appreciated by all!

Tournament of Champions (KToC) Hanshi Rick Diaz’s Karate Tournament of Champions (KToC) took center stage once again with another great event this past November. Despite a stroke early in the year and the wrath of Hurricane Sandy which forced a last minute change of venue, KToC 2012 had well over 500 competitors and 1000 spectators from all over the world including Puerto Rico, India, Chicago, Florida and the tri State area. The event, now known as KToC Nationals/KToC Grappling, has proven to be one of the best martial arts venues around, featuring all styles of martial arts and a fantastic array of grappling. Diaz took a lot time in 2012 working to improve various aspects of his event including hosting Professional Sport Karate League (PSKL) judging clinics. Diaz maintains strong communications with his powerhouse team consisting of PSKL President Mike Conroy as ring coordinator, World Champion Jadi Tention as fight coordinator and Garth Binns, Dave Moradi and Benjamin Paris as arbitrators. Oscar Marrero, John Rullan, Abdul Aziz, Spider Rodriguez, Juan Jiminez, Alfred Hinds and many others worked tirelessly as they ran their rings smooth and efficiently. Some of the best fighters and forms competitors in the world were competing to be #1 at KToC. KToC 2012 had numerous special guests including Hanshi Bill Solano and his team from Puerto Rick, Tae Kwon Do’s Paul Kyo and Shotokan's Grand Master Toyotaro Miyazaki who was escorted by Master Kai Leung and Sensei Eddie Concepcion of Shotojuku Karate-Do enjoyed KToC's vast array of talented competitors. There was a great sense of unity at KToC. Diaz's hard work showed as everyone involved from coordinators to center refs, judges to score and time keepers worked as a one team. Promoters Mark Gorham, Al Gambardella, Bashta Jr. and Sr. Lee Ireland, Bobby Beltran, Robert Hylton, Jackie Drayton, Maggie Messina and Sonny WIlliams Jr. showed that working together is the foundation to making a great event. 2013 KToC National/KToC Grappling is offering over $15, 000 in cash and awards. Mens and Womens fighting grands will have equal payouts and new cash award for Senior grands as well as open hand and weapons grand. Youth Grand will receive Dr. Dre Beats. KToC National/KToC Grappling will be held at Queens College on November 17, 2013. For pics and videos of previous years please visit