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Continuous Fighting, Musical Divisions, and Physically Challenged divisions. MEGAN HORTON a 13 yr old from the BILL DANIELS KARATE SCHOOL was the most impressive underbelt youth competitor on both days. She easily mowed through her Continuous division that night. I was told that she was an even better Kata performer than a fighter. On Saturday prior to the start of the tournament SIFU WILLIAMS featured a video honoring our fallen soldiers and a music video of our National Anthem. What a classy patriotic thing to do for a tournament, and I commend SIFU WILLIAMS for this action. The rings ran smoothly although they were short a few judges. I saw a lot of soft style that day and enjoyed it immensely. The Southeast is lacking in soft style schools. SIFU WILLIAM’S SHAOLIN KUNG FU SCHOOL featured a lot of excellent students. Forms Grand Championship winner BILL DANIELS was very impressive with his traditional sword form. DANIELS is a modest, well liked, respected martial artist here in the Carolinas. Congratulations to World Champion CASS SIGMON for winning the CAROLINA TRIPLE CROWN for 2012. SIGMON wrapped it up by winning the Men’s Fighting Grand Championship beating Clyde Dillingham 8-0. SIGMON is probably the best overall fighter here in the Southeast. In the youth Underbelt Kata Grand Championship BRADY COOK of Union County GA impressed all with a great Yamabushi Kata. I believe that she’s studied Shotokan, because it sure resembled a Shotokan Kata with the deep stances. The Underbelt 18+ Forms winner was DONNIE SIGMON of the SHOALIN KUNG FU SCHOOL of Denver, GA. Overall it was a very enjoyable weekend. I got a chance to see some old friends and view some new up and coming talent. The next SHAOLIN CHALLENGE will be at a larger venue to be announced at a later date. To check the upcoming SKA schedule of tournaments click on to their web site . SIFU MARK WILLIAMS would like to thank all the competitors, judges, volunteers and spectators who supported his tournament.

SOUTHEAST KARATE ALLIANCE Article submitted by the SKA The Southeast Karate Alliance (SKA) is a martial arts sanctioning body, that sanctions and promotes martial arts tournaments in the southeastern coastal United States. States that have SKA sanctioned tournaments are Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, and Florida. The SKA strives to offer fair and professional judging by offering seminars to have Certified Officials at all SKA events using NASKA rules. The SKA also has a point system for the competitors who are members. Points are kept and tallied, where points champions will be honored and awarded at the end each year. Not only will the SKA be honoring

competitors who are points leaders, but also recognizing outstanding officiating, coaching, top teams, and promoters throughout the region. The SKA is also the home of the Carolina Triple Crown. Check out our schedule on

EAST COAST SPARRING CHAMPIONSHIP Hickory, NC The EAST COAST SPARRING CHAMPIONS, a favorite among Southeast competitors, is also a favorite for me to cover. NBL WORLD BREAKING CHAMPION SHIHAN DOUG ARMSTRONG the Chief Instructor of MOUNTAIN VIEW KARATE in Hickory, NC has always been among the most popular martial artists in the country. Attention to detail is what SHIHAN ARMSTRONG is all about and it’s been like that for years. Although the numbers were down this year the competition was fierce. A lot of the competitors were there to sharpen their skills for the NBL SUPER GRANDS in Buffalo, NY. One thing I like about this tournament is that it is an ALL fighting event, no kata, no weapons etc…. I also like that it was a double elimination tournament, so you got your money’s worth. As always SHIHAN ARMSTRONG recruits the best Judges in the Southeast such as WORLD CHAMPIONS GARY DILLINGHAM, JOHNNY WATKINS, JEFF DOSS, PASTOR PHIL ADDISON, JULAYNE SHIFLETT and JOEY SHIFLETT and the best of the best PRESTON RODGERS. One young fighter who really impressed me was CARSON ADAMS, a 13 yr old Black Belt from Anderson, SC. ADAMS is a student of MARTY KNIGHT KARATE, so you know his students know a thing or two about fighting and winning. ADAMS bumped up to win the 14-17 Sparring Grand Championship. JOSH PAGE, the Chief Instructor of the HICKORY ACADEMY OF MARTIAL ARTS, went back home with another Grand Championship Belt to add to his collection. WORLD CHAMPION CASS SIGMON, Chief Instructor of SIGMON SPORT KARATE, also breezed through the competition to win one of dozens of career Grand Championships. He is as fierce a competitor as you’ll find anywhere in the world. Overall I enjoyed myself. I had a chance to see some new faces I had never seen before and had a chance to renew old acquaintances. Everyone seemed to have a great time and many walked away with smiles on their faces. I did get some disturbing news as I left. SHIHAN ARMSTRONG notified me that this was his last tournament, which saddens me a bit. SHIHAN ARMSTRONG always ran top notch events, with an emphasis on safety, fun, and fair play. I will miss the trips from Columbia, SC to Hickory, NC. Good Luck to SHIHAN DOUG ARMSTRONG and his wonderful following. I hope to someday see them at other tournaments.

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