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World Warrior Camp The leaders of World Warrior Camp are Soke Thomas Gettling of the G5 School of Martial Arts, Sijo James Robinson of Running Fist Kung Fu, and Renshi Ross Greenberg of Chikara Martial Arts Academy. Each year these martial arts instructors work together to bring this new and exciting Martial Arts Event to life. World Warrior Camp is a training experience that is very different from other Martial Arts events that you have attended in the past. World Warrior Camp is a progressive and new twist on your usual martial arts seminar weekend event. With many conventional Martial Arts events, the normal fair is that a person has to take into consideration the costs of participating in each event. The first of which is travel.

Travel is very expensive today with the cost of fuel, both driving and flying to any location. The next concern would be, where one would stay during a weekend long event. Staying multiple days at a martial arts event requires lodging. Then you also have to consider the cost of your meals. Lastly and certainly not least of all is the price of the event. You have to pay for the Seminar. World Warrior Camp has a concept where the price to attend the event, includes Lodging, Meals, & Martial Arts Instruction for one reasonable price, that most people find affordable even in today’s economy. Outside of getting to the location, everything is included. World Warrior Camp is now trying to make it much more cost effective for a martial artist to advance their knowledge and still be Every Year, the camp has a common theme. And each instructor brings an experience to the event to share with the participants, which meets the theme of that year. Instructors have brought ideas and concepts from the system of martial arts which they have studied over the years, and come and share their knowledge by teaching ideas that are in line with the theme of that year. The main rule of the day is, drop the egos, open your mind, and try something new. No judgments, no attitudes, just good old-fashioned martial arts training. 36 hours of martial arts training during the course of a 3 day weekend from 6am Friday Morning, when everyone starts arriving for check in, till Sunday afternoon, for the Super Sunday Seminar with a review of all of the techniques, demonstrated by “the students” of the seminars, not the instructors. In past events a special Woman’s Empowerment Seminar for the ladies of the camp was included to educate the dangers that women face in the world today. There have also been special classes for the junior members attending, which is informative and fun. At this event, the emphasis of the training is on the part of the student. Our goal is to make sure that the students go home with technique to be able to use in their future. It is time to get back to the traditional ways of martial arts where warriors get together and learn by putting Blood, Sweat, and Tears into their training. Mat Time, not just Chat Time. Who gets to come and teach at World Warrior Camp? World Warrior Camp has given a number of fresh new faces an opportunity to step up and show us what they have to bring to the table. Any instructor who is looking to be a part of World Warrior Camp must submit a Resume and Video Clip of themselves doing martial arts which would fit the theme of the current years event on the website to be considered. At past events there have been some notable martial artists who have taught at the event such as Grand Master Oso Tayari Casel, Grand Master Malik Shabbaz, Grand Master Anthony Muhammad, O’Sensei Felix Vazquez, Grand Master Gregory Duncan, Grand Master Tony Mayo, Shihan Richard Pearson, Shihan Mike Leclair, Master Kevin Bergquist, Kyoshi John Turnbull, and Master Larry W. Houck. Registration is normally done months in advance. From the first event that was done back in 2010, the camp registrations start flowing in as soon as the website registration opens. The Date for the World Warrior Camp - East Coast event is September 6th to 8th, 2013. The theme of the Camp will be Martial Arts of the World. It will be at Quinipet Camp and Retreat Center in Shelter Island Heights, NY. There are currently plans underway to have a Mid West Event. Make sure to check the website for updates to the locations and registration dates.

The 1st World Tang Soo Do Forum in Seoul TORRES ON TANG SOO DO FOR THE 21ST CENTURY By Master Guy Edward Larke Tang Soo Do, much like the country that gave birth to it, rocketed to international recognition in a record period of time. Sadly with the emergence of Taekwondo as an Olympic sport, it dealt a hard blow to the art… especially in its homeland. That’s where the World Moo Duk Kwon General Federation (now the “World Tang Soo Do General Federation – Moo Duk Kwon”) emerged in the city of Seoul. Among its founders were two of Hwang Kee’s very first protégé’s, Grandmaster Kim Yong-Duk (Dan #2) and Grandmaster Choi Hee-Suk (Dan # 3). They sought to regroup the splintered art and bring it into the 21st Century. Enter November, 5th 2012. A collection of the most eclectic and influential masters and grandmasters from around the globe were invited to attend the very first Tang Soo Do forum ever held in Seoul. Their numbers included: Grm and Master James Saffold, Robert Kovaleski, Pedro Vangas Jr., Dominick Giacobbe, C.K. Leow, Eng-Sin Tan, Dana Stamos, Jose’ Torres, Eric Kovaleski, Andrew Ginter. Sergio Corral, Pablo Vangas, Peter De Fosses, Aldwin Lee, Des GalliganThe event was only 5 days in length, but was nothing

short of powerful. My wife Gi-Ryung, our niece Seul-Ki, and I were fortunate to be able to be part of hosting these extraordinary individuals. The first was the forum itself where speeches from both Korean and foreign masters were given. Topics ranged from inspiration to technical aspects to the preservation of the art. Translation was provided by my wife to expedite matters.

The next day was a workshop. In our way of thinking it was a discussion and brainstorming session. Crucial subjects such as image, rights and responsibilities of masters and the future were in full swing. Although the debates sometimes got emotional, respect was always maintained on both sides and as a result all felt much closer as a result. To top it off Masters Jose’ Torres and Eric Kovaleski made a vow to hold the first Tang Soo Do championship in Korea in 2014 to help to the grandfathers of Tang Soo Do. The third day was heavy training with the General Secretary Choung Koe-Woong and Hong Kong movie legends Hwang Jung-Lee and Bruce Lai (now called Chang Il-Do). The three saw to it that ALL the visiting masters had their blood pumping and hearts racing. To end the day Grandmasters Dominick Giacobbe, Pedro Vangas and Robert Kovaleski tested for 9th Dan, while Masters Jose’ Torres, Eric Kovaleski and Sergio Corral tested for 7th. The fourth day was a visit to the traditional city of Chung-ju and the World Martial Arts Park. There we were treated to a Taekgyeon (ancient Korean folk martial art resembling dance) and a tour of the massive martial arts museum. As well we signed “The Proclomation of the Establishment of the World Tang Soo Do Holy Ground.” Which is on permanent display at the museum. Perhaps the schedule was not the most amazing, but the comraderie was. With the exception of attending Robert Ott’s seminar in 2011 I have never felt the level of trust, bonding and brotherly love in the 30+ years I have been in the martial arts. Master Guy Edward Larke has dedicated his life from a young age to the pursuit of the martial arts, Asian culture and hopology. It led him to Korea in 2000 and has lived there since then. He lives in Seongnam city with his wife Gi-Ryung and son Alexander. He holds black belts in Taekwondo, Hapkido, Taekgyeon, Bon Kuk Kumdo, Korean kickboxing, Karate-do, Wushu, Cheonji-muye-do, and various other systems. Currently he teaches Taekwondo, Karate and Cheonji-muye-do full time in addition to writing for various magazines and running Kisa-Do Muye & Marketing. He can be contacted at