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AFD will soon be the proud owner of a minibus which will be used to reduce social isolation for profoundly deaf people – see page 5 for more details.

From The CEO: Jane Shaw Welcome to the Spring edition of News & Views. I hope you like the front cover of this edition which I feel captures our ethos perfectly. Everyone here prides themselves on being Accessible, Friendly and Dedicated and it is those qualities we seek when recruiting staff and volunteers. We have exciting plans in place for 2015, details of which you will find throughout this issue.

Many of our patients suffer with tinnitus so we were delighted to be able to offer an opportunity to meet David Stockdale, CEO of the British Tinnitus Association, at a seminar for service users in February. We will be hosting another seminar for professionals in March when Dr Doug Beck of Oticon will be speaking about developments in the treatment of tinnitus. Our Chief Audiologist answers some of your most frequently asked questions about tinnitus on page 3.

Forthcoming Events 2

A Word from The CEO, Jane Shaw


Q&A about Tinnitus with the Chief Audiologist


Communication Tactics for new Hearing Aid Users


AFD Minibus to Reduce Social Isolation


A Day in the Life of AFD’s Training and Fundraising Co-ordinator

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Fundraising News


Churches with Communication Support and Clubs


Hearing Aid Maintenance Clinics and Contact Details

New Members of Staff Services for Profoundly Deaf People

Tuesday 17 March Spring Seminar (Tinnitus with Doug Beck) For Audiologists, GPs and other professionals only 4 – 10 May Deaf Awareness Week The theme this year is Connect & Communicate This is a UK Council on Deafness initiative. See www for details. Look out for events at the AFD centres that week.

Wednesday 13 May Dementia Friendly Information Day FREE EVENT for service users. Places are limited so book early. Thursday 25 September Golf Day at Mid Sussex Golf Club Book your team NOW! Tuesday 24 November AGM and Autumn Conference

New lip reading course Due to increased demand, we are pleased to announce a new lip reading course at our Haywards Heath Head Office: Wednesday morning 10.00 – 12.00 Term dates apply so contact us for a course information sheet and registration form.


AFD is working towards becoming Dementia Champions and will be hosting a Dementia Friends Training Day on 13 May. Places will be limited so please let us know if you would like to attend. Due to popular demand, AFD will be hosting another charity Golf Day on 25 September, by kind permission of the owners of Mid Sussex Golf Club. This was a very popular event last year, so book your team’s place early. Our client base continues to grow and we are pleased to be able to deliver services to more and more people every month. Many of our clients know our audiologists and Resource Centre staff very well. There is less awareness of all the hard work that goes on behind the scenes to ensure exemplary service. You can read more

about a typical working day in the life of AFD’s Fundraising and Training Co-ordinator, Cathy Cobbold, on page 6. No two days are ever the same at AFD and all staff work very hard to make sure we deliver the best possible service to all clients, at all times. As our client base grows, so does our need for additional support staff. We are delighted to introduce two new members of staff to you on page 9. I do hope you will enjoy this edition of News &Views and I look forward to welcoming you to one of our bases again, soon. Jane Shaw - CEO

Q& A about Tinnitus with the Chief Audiologist Q: What is Tinnitus? Tinnitus is the sensation of sound with no external stimulus; the perception of sound with no external cause. Tinnitus can vary from intermittent episodes to a permanent constant noise which some sufferers find distressing. Q: Why do we get Tinnitus? There are many theories as to the causes of tinnitus but no single theory has ever been proven. One theory is that when there is damage to the hair cells inside the cochlea, the outer hair cells are unable to function normally. One of the functions of the outer hair cells is to suppress the inner hair cells and prevent them from sending signals to the brain when no sound has been heard. As a result, the inner hair cell sends signals spontaneously which the brain then perceives as a sound. Q: How common is Tinnitus? Tinnitus is reported in all age groups, including children. Around 30% of people will experience tinnitus at some point in their lives but only 10% will have persistent tinnitus. Q: Does everyone with Tinnitus hear the same sound? Tinnitus is subjective and is described as many different sounds, ranging from simple pure tones to more complex sounds such as musical hallucinations. It is most frequently described as ringing, whistling, hissing, buzzing or clicking.

Q: If I have Tinnitus does it mean that I have a hearing loss? Tinnitus is a very real sound and should be thought of as a symptom rather than a disease. Most cases of tinnitus are harmless and a byproduct of damaged hearing, although in some cases it can be a sign of certain medical complications and should never be dismissed or underestimated. Always consult your G.P. and have your hearing checked by your audiologists if you have: • persistent tinnitus • tinnitus in one ear only • tinnitus that is accompanied by dizziness or balance problems Q: What can be done? There is no cure for tinnitus but there are things that might help. In nearly all cases, a hearing aid will help if there is a hearing loss. Some hearing aids have a facility to mask or distract you, the wearer, from the tinnitus. Some additional therapies may yield results: Mindfulness CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy) TRT (tinnitus retraining therapy)

AFD is currently recruiting trustees Are you a member of AFD? Do you have a business background? Do you think your skills could be useful to the organisation? Please contact us for more details.


Communications Tactics Training A sharing experience for new hearing aid users (& family / friends) Dates throughout the year at Haywards Heath, Worthing and Steyning Centres. Action for Deafness is proud to offer a unique training opportunity to all new hearing aid users and their family and friends. Patients are invited to attend a practical course which gives insight into how hearing aids work, what they can achieve and examples of situations where they may be less helpful. The facilitator will explain AFD’s guidelines for communication which, instead of focussing on what hearing people ought to be doing, look at communication from the hard of hearing person’s perspective – what sort of things they can do to improve communication. Topics covered include: when hearing aids are most effective and when they are less helpful, changing from programme to programme, what is a hearing loop, using a hearing loop, coping with tinnitus, the different parts of the ear and how they are affected by hearing loss. The course has been well received and patients report that they feel more confident afterwards. If communication is a challenge in your family or workplace then contact us about our communication tactics courses. Places are FREE of charge but please let us know how many people you will be bringing with you.

Our Accessible, Friendly and Dedicated Team is

here to support all our service users

The staff are first rate and the service they offer is excellent. I always recommend people to go to AFD rather than to anywhere else.

The staff are always there to help and take care of you. Nothing ever appears to be too much trouble.

All the staff are worth mentioning as they go out of their way to show care and understanding in their various roles. Thank you to such an excellent centre - we are so lucky to have it nearby.

(Worthing patient)

(Burgess Hill patient)

(Haywards Heath patient)


MEMBERSHIP SCHEME Action for Deafness welcomes applications for membership from those who share our vision.

• Membership £10.00 per annum Membership Application I would like to join Action for Deafness Name:_____________________________________________

New minibus

____________________________________________________ Address:___________________________________________

AFD has purchased a minibus to reduce social isolation for deaf people in the Mid Sussex area. The vehicle will be launched during Deaf Awareness Week 4-10 May. Those who wish to make use of this new service must meet the criteria. Please contact us for more details.

____________________________________________________ ________________________ Postcode: ________________ Telephone:________________________________________ Email:______________________________________________ Please select your preferred payment option for your annual subscription CASH

HEQUE (made payable to C Action for Deafness)

I do NOT wish to become a member, however I would like to make a donation of £______________ If you pay tax on UK wages, savings or pensions, you can make your gift worth 25% more by signing the Gift Aid declaration.

AFD at the Wellbeing and Happiness Event in Lewes

ES, I would like Action for Deafness to treat Y all my donations as Gift Aid.

AFD is very grateful for the continuing support of its many members. The membership fee has remained at £7 per annum since 2008. Our client base and service provision has increased many times since then so we have, after a great deal of deliberation, decided it is time to increase our membership fee to £10 per annum. Members are entitled to vote at the AGM and stand for election as trustees. If you would like to be a member please complete and return the application form.

Signed: ____________________________________________ Date: ______________________________________________ Action for Deafness will hold your details for membership and marketing purposes in accordance with the 1998 Data Protection Act. If you do not wish to receive updates from us, please contact us on tel: 01444 415582, fax: 01444 415587 or

Patient Participation Group Are you one of AFD’s patients? Would you like to join our Patient Participation Group to help shape service provision? The group meets quarterly at AFD’s head office and welcomes new members. Please contact us for more details.











A day in the life of

Cathy Cobbold AFD’s Training and Fundraising Co-ordinator

This was awfully difficult to write because there is so much variety in my role that each of my working days is different. One of the challenges of the fundraising aspect of my role is to make deafness ‘attractive’ because we are competing with children, animals etc. and, let’s be honest, most of us wouldn’t qualify as ‘cute and fluffy’, would we? It is vital to convey the impact that hearing loss has on the whole family and the everyday challenges communication presents when British Sign Language is your first, or preferred, language. West Sussex has a large older population whose isolation is made worse by hearing loss, so our unique outreach services provide an important lifeline to an enormous number of people. Although funding is desperately hard to attract we try to maintain a constant stream of bids and requests. Action for Deafness is a busy organisation and it is difficult for the staff to find time to organise and attend fundraising events, so we rely on stalwart volunteers. If you have an idea to raise some funds we can provide admin support and so on. We also have an ‘A-Z’ of fundraising ideas available. Part of my remit is raising awareness, so I attend many and various local committees, other organisations’ meetings and events talking to people about hearing issues and trying to make sure our communication requirements do not get overlooked. My passion is Communication Training and I love to plan and deliver training packages. It is a joy to watch someone’s development; being a part of their increasing knowledge is a privilege. AFD offers a wide variety of opportunities to companies, organisations and businesses to develop their communications skills and thereby enhance their customer services. There are 9.2


million people in the UK with significant hearing loss – a huge market that they don’t want to miss out on. We are able to tailor the course to suit their needs, whether that be a care home, airport security, retail outlet, telesales – whatever their business base is, we can provide an awareness package to match their requirements. I am responsible for overseeing the five lip reading classes that we provide in-house and I am lucky enough to be asked to cover from time to time – it is a great pleasure to be with students again. I deliver the Introduction to BSL courses, which are good fun because there is no stress or pressure to pass an examination, just the opportunity to learn over 120 signs, fingerspelling and so on. AFD’s Communication Club at 51 Rowlands Road in Worthing is providing support and interaction for new or rusty signers – it is held on the third Monday of every month from 7-9pm and all are welcome. I facilitate the Peer Communication Strategy Course for a group of experienced lip readers who want to delve more deeply into how communication works and understand why it sometimes goes awry. I am sure I have missed some things out but hopefully this gives you an idea of what the Training and Fundraising Co-ordinator role involves.

Northbrook College Raffle Every year at Christmas time, the staff at Northbrook College Worthing hold a raffle to raise funds and awareness for a charity of their choice. Action for Deafness was privileged to be selected in 2014. The prizes that are donated are remarkable, not just in quantity but in variety, ranging from a watch to designer clothing, vouchers and lots of chocolate from many local businesses and organisations. The staff sold raffle tickets to as many people as they could and raised an astonishing £622. One of Action for Deafness’ long-standing volunteers, Christine Ayling, who works at Northbrook drew the winning tickets. Action for Deafness is grateful to all those who supported this initiative and will put this money to good use. Does the organisation that you work for have a Christmas Raffle? Could you instigate one?

Running the Classic Quarter for AFD On Saturday, 13th June 2015, Nick Edney will be running The Endurancelife Classic Quarter to raise funds for AFD. This task is brutally simple: to run non-stop from the southernmost point of England (Lizard Point), to the western most tip (Land’s End), along the legendary South West Coast Path. This equates to running 90 degrees of the compass, hence the name - Classic Quarter.

Signing at Lyons Farm Eight signers dressed as elves (with extraordinary footwear!), Santa, a pudding and many and various types of festive hats gathered once again at Sainsbury’s Lyons Farm Store in Worthing to spend 6 hours signing Christmas songs and carols to fundraise for Action for Deafness. We set up in the foyer the Saturday before Christmas by the Christmas tree (looking very professional this year with our donated music stands). The shoppers enjoyed either watching the signing or having a go. We raised £341.67 which is £100 more than last year. Thank you so much to our stalwart volunteers who had been rehearsing on an almost weekly basis since September, producing a CD of the music and generally working incredibly hard – we genuinely could not do this without them.

Following 44 miles of the mesmerising South West Coast Path there are innumerable steep climbs and descents along the way. This is the ultimate trail runner’s rush, with spectacular exposure and challenging terrain all just a stone’s throw away from the potentially pounding Atlantic swells.

Once again we are extremely grateful to Sainsbury’s for their continuing support, enthusiasm and hospitality and look forward to being with them again Christmas 2015. Perhaps if we had more than eight signers we could stay longer because we could do shifts? Perhaps you could set up a signing choir in your area to provide entertainment and raise funds? It is hard work but lots of fun, very rewarding and raises awareness. We would be happy to share our resources with you.

If you would like to sponsor Nick please visit http:// actionfordeafness. sponsor-nick


Provider of Sign Language Interpreters and other Language Service Professionals across Sussex and the South East In addition to offering Deaf Awareness sessions, Sign Language courses and training workshops for interpreters, we are delighted to be extending our training programme this year to include linguistic training and iBSL courses for Deaf teachers and Deaf interpreters. For further information on any of these training opportunities, please see our contact details below

Your individual communication needs are our priority

New Staff Anita van der Colff – COMMUNITY LINKS CO-ORDINATOR Hello. My name is Anita van der Colff. I recently joined Action for Deafness as the Community Links Co-ordinator. I spent the first couple of months working in the Resource Centre in Worthing where I thoroughly enjoyed meeting the many different people who use our services and getting an insight into the roles and support that are offered by our fantastic team. I have worked in the voluntary and public sector throughout my career, working with a wide variety of client groups. Most recently I worked for a voluntary agency which

supported people with mental health issues and people who were homeless. Whilst there I gained experience of developing and managing services and I am looking forward to bringing some of this knowledge to my new role. I am also looking forward to learning new skills working alongside staff and clients here at Action for Deafness. As Community Links Co-ordinator I would welcome suggestions of organisations or individuals with whom you feel we should be in touch. Please contact me on

Jacky Bushell – PA TO CEO Hello, my name is Jacky Bushell. I joined Action for Deafness in January as PA to Jane Shaw, the CEO. I previously worked as a school secretary at a primary school in Hove and prior to that I was a travel agent for a number of years. Whilst working at the school I met and became friendly with a lady who was profoundly Deaf and was looking for a school

I attended Haywards Heath following my GP’s referral. The appointment was within a week of my GP’s request and the hearing aid was fitted two days later. The service provided was exceptional, with clear and detailed explanations of the whole process. The audiologist took great care to adjust the aids to my needs. The quality of service provided throughout was outstanding and you have good reason to be proud. Many thanks to your team. (Burgess Hill patient)

place for her son. As a result of that friendship I decided to learn British Sign Language, passing Level 3 in July 2012. Although my signing skills are a little rusty, I am hoping to improve them so that I can get involved in the many events supported by Action for Deafness for the Deaf Community.

TESTIMONIALS I have attended a number of hearing aid clinics both NHS and private but the service I received from AFD was superior to all. Very instructive, very patient and knowledgeable. (Steyning patient)

I find the patience of the staff wonderful and I cannot think that anywhere could be a better place to attend for help. (Shoreham patient)


Deaf services Action for Deafness gives valuable support to Deaf BSL users and Deaf oral people. Gerry Turton has now relinquished her role as Worthing Services Manager to give her more time to focus on AFD’s profoundly Deaf service users. Some profoundly Deaf clients have been encouraged to see one of our audiologists to explore the possibilities of the most modern hearing aids which use advanced technology. One gentleman who had not worn hearing aids for more than 50 years was surprised and delighted to find that he now gets some benefit from his new aids.

We have some exciting plans for 2015 A new weekly Coffee Morning will be held at AFD 51 Rowlands Road in Worthing every Tuesday morning from 10 February onwards. It will be an opportunity for those from the Deaf Community to get together, have a coffee and to share news and ideas.

Deaf Services To mark Deaf Awareness Week (4-10 May) there will be a Coffee Morning at AFD’s Head Office in Haywards Heath on Wednesday 6 May from 10.30-12.30am. Everyone is welcome. AFD recently recruited some new volunteers with BSL skills. These volunteers visit and befriend Deaf people to help reduce isolation. The Sussex Deaf Forum meets at AFD’s head office on the second Thursday evening of every month. The meetings are always well attended. Speakers at the last few meetings gave talks on Access to Work, Deaf Hope and Battle of the Bulge (fitness). Forthcoming meetings will include topics on CODA (Child of Deaf Adults) and West Sussex Hate Crime Victim Support Service. AFD Burgess Hill Deaf Darby and Joan Club continues to meet monthly to play UNO, Card Eight, Dominoes and Bingo. There is a raffle each month.

Members of AFD’s Burgess Hill Deaf Darby & Joan Club enjoyed a Christmas lunch at Jeremy’s restaurant, Borde Hill.

Do you have any ideas for provision of services for profoundly Deaf people? Please contact Gerry Turton

Sussex Deaf Forum Since its formation in September, the Sussex Deaf Forum has had a very successful 6 months. We have had consistently good attendance, with as many as 52 people in November, for an interesting and informative presentation on Access to Work. Other topics that have been covered include; BSL Healthy Minds, Action for Deafness, Police, Deafhope and Battle of the Bulge. Our December meeting was great fun with a Deaf quiz and Christmas buffet. In February we have presentations on the Crawley, Horsham & Mid Sussex Clinical Commissioning Group and Child of Deaf Adults (CODA), in March, the West Sussex Hate Crime Victim Support Group will present. More information can be found on previous and future events, under the Events tab on There is communication access for all with BSL/English interpreters and a STTR/ENT in attendance and full disabled access to the meeting room. Our aim is to enable D/deaf


people to come together, socialise and be able to find out information on a range of topics. This is your forum and if there are any subjects that interest you, then please let me know and I will be happy to arrange a presentation. The Sussex Deaf Forum is looking for committee members. We are all volunteers and would welcome assistance. If you feel you can help out, please contact me at The Sussex Deaf Forum runs on the 2nd Thursday of each month from 7.00pm to 9.00pm, doors open at 6.30pm. More information can be found under the Events tab on I look forward to seeing you at one of the events. Stewart Bailey, Facilitator

Churches with Communication Support in West Sussex BURGESS HILL



St John the Evangelist Lower Church Road RH15 9AA 3rd Sunday of every month at 3pm. Led by Fr. Jonathan Baldwin, signed by Barbara Blundell

St John the Evangelist RC Church 3 Springfield Road, Horsham 1st Saturdays of each month at 3pm Contact: Maria Booker,

Jubilee Community Church Worthing High School, South Farm Road, Worthing Every Sunday at 10am Contact: Jubilee Community Church, 01903 821921 (voice),

CRAWLEY St Alban Church Gossops Drive, Gossops Green, Crawley 2nd Sundays of each month at 9.30am Contact: The Diocese of Chichester, 01273 421041 (voice),

EAST GRINSTEAD Trinity Methodist Church Lingfield Road, East Grinstead Every Sunday at 10.45am Contact:

LITTLEHAMPTON Arun Community Church Littlehampton Community School, Hill Road, Littlehampton Every Sunday at 10.30am Contact: Arun Community Church, 01903 787078 (fax), office@aruncommunitychurch. com

CLUBS in West Sussex



Communication Group (BSL & Lip reading – practice & support) Where: Laburnum Centre, Lyon Street, Bognor Regis, PO21 1UX. When: Every Friday, from 7pm onwards. Contact: Tricia Johnson – 07794 655368 (voice/sms) George – 07737 889954

AFD Coffee Club Where: 51 Rowlands Road When: Every Tuesday 11am to 1.30pm Contact: Action for Deafness Tel / SMS: 01444 415582 Fax: 01444 415587 Text: 01444 415593


Contact: Peter Cornish – 01903 752058 (fax)

AFD Burgess Hill Darby & Joan (Deaf) Club Where: Burgess Hill Conservative Club When: 1st Friday of each month. 11am to 4pm Contact: Action for Deafness, Tel / SMS: 01444 415582, Fax: 01444 415587, Text: 01444 415593

Worthing Deaf Social Club

CRAWLEY Crawley Deaf Darby & Joan Club Where: The Twitten, Ginhams Road, Crawley. When: 1st & 3rd Wednesdays, from 10am to 4pm. Contact: Mary Dean – 01293 523488 (fax) Crawley Deaf Social Club Where: Three Bridges Community Centre, Gales Place, Three Bridges, Crawley. When: 3rd Saturday, from 6pm to 10.30pm Contact: John Redwood: Pub Gathering Where: Goffs Park Hotel, Goffs Park Road, Crawley. When: 1st Fridays, from 8pm onwards. Contact: (email)

Worthing Deaf Darby & Joan Club

Contact: Julie Cornish – 01903 752058 (fax) Worthing Hard of Hearing Club Where: Methold House, North Street, Worthing. When: Every Monday (except August), from 7.30pm to 9pm Contact: Barbara Cook 01903 230319 (voice/text) Talking Hands BSL Club Where: Glebelands Community Centre, Greystone Road, Ferring, West Sussex When: Mondays 7pm – 9pm Contact: Helen Duke:

Springboard – Mothers & Toddlers Where: Northgate Children Family Centre, Barnfield Road, Northgate RH10 8DP When: 2nd & 4th Mondays, from 9.30am to 11.30am. Contact: Liz Beatty – Sensory Support Team – 0845 0751007






STEYNING HEALTH CENTRE, TANYARD LANE, BN44 3RJ Every Thursday 9.00am-12.30pm

GLEN VUE CENTRE, RAILWAY APPROACH, RH19 1BS Every Wednesday 9.30am-12.30pm

Monthly Clinics CRAWLEY CLINIC










1st Tuesday of each month at 9.30am

1st Friday of each month at 2.00pm

1st Tuesday of each month at 10.30am

1st Tuesday of each month at 2.00pm

3rd March 7th April 5th May 2nd June 7th July 4th August 1st September 6th October 3rd November 1st December

6th March 3rd April 1st May 5th June 3rd July 7th August 4th September 2nd October 6th November 4th December

3rd March 7th April 5th May 2nd June 7th July 4th August 1st September 6th October 3rd November 1st December

3rd March 7th April 5th May 2nd June 7th July 4th August 1st September 6th October 3rd November 1st December

We also have occasional clinics at AGE UK Horsham, Burgess Hill and Littlehampton and in care homes around the County. Please contact us for more details.

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(In the grounds of Southlands Hospital)

1st Wednesday of each month at 10.00am

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Contact Us Audiology Services also available at: Crawley, Gossops Green Medical East Grinstead, Glen Vue Centre Handcross, Ouse Valley Practice Shoreham-by-Sea Northbourne Medical Centre Steyning, Steyning Health Centre For information, please contact our head office at Haywards Heath.

Find us on Facebook at:

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