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m aricuda marine technology

Executive Summary

The Dream To create an ocean-going craft so fast, so sleek and so technologically advanced that it will take your breath away. Travel rapidly and safely between Continents as a commercial or private passenger at double current maximum speeds. Exciting military and commercial applications. The world is not enough - this craft, with its innovative technology, exudes global ambition. The Cost Innovation in design and engineering requires investment. Maricuda is more than just marine. Maricuda turns exciting dreams into reality. The Payback Individuals, Governments, partners, corporate organisations can all gain mutual benefit from an investment in Maricuda innovation and product.

‘The Concorde of the Seas’

The Dream

The Company Maricuda is an exciting new marine design and technology company based on the UK South Coast. Established in 2009, Maricuda is ready to market a naval architect-designed portfolio of marine concepts. Maricuda successfully launched the company in June 2010 at the International Seawork Exhibition in Southampton and is now determined to realise a remarkable project which began in 2001.

The Maricuda mission Is to introduce innovative engineering technology and design to global markets including commercial, private and military marine organisations. Safety, innovation and execution are key to the success of Maricuda. The Maricuda Atlantic Challenge It is the intention of Maricuda to build a craft, the Maricuda Atlantic Challenger, that exudes next-generation technology, to compete for the coveted Hales Trophy. This UK built ‘superyacht’ is an 80 metre wave-piercing trimaran, powered by twin gas turbines, with automated fast-response hydraulic systems and dynamic attitude-sensing controls. The hull design has already been dubbed, ‘The Concorde of the Seas’. The Hales Trophy is awarded for the fastest crossing of the Atlantic Ocean by any type of commercial passenger vessel. The Hales Trophy is the Blue Riband of the Atlantic, a coveted award for any vessel that exhibits not only speed but endurance and reliability. The current holder secured the trophy with an average speed of 41.28 knots in 1998. The Maricuda Atlantic Challenger has the technology to travel faster than 70 knots and to cross the 3000 miles between the Bishop Rock lighthouse off the Scilly Isles and the Ambrose Light buoy off New York harbour in less than 2 days - without re-fuelling.

Bishop Rock Lighthouse

Statue of Liberty, New York

The Hales Trophy

The cost

The Proposition

The creation of any cutting-edge, high-technology product requires considerable financial investment. Maricuda believe that this project merits the required financial support and world-wide attention because it will undoubtedly change the perception and nature of maritime travel. THIS IS A TRULY UNIQUE BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY. Maricuda seek support from; principal and secondary sponsors, high-technology companies that wish to use this opportunity as a test bed for their equipment, potential end-users, investors in future technologies and private investors. The opportunity to invest in this ground-breaking project should not be missed. Securing the Hales Trophy will be a world-wide media event. It will demonstrate previously unimagined speeds across large stretches of water. The vessel will enable rapid and regular access between continents, islands, harbours and ports.

This is tomorrow’s technology available today. There is an element of risk attached to any speed record breaking attempt and the Blue Riband Challenge is no exception. The risks of men and machine have been identified and mitigated to ensure the Challenge is an historical success. (See final page)

The payback

The Global Market – imagine this...

For the private owner

For the Commercial Operator

In every sense a superyacht that crosses oceans in style, in safety and at remarkable speed. With its modular design and independent survival system it has extraordinary flexibility of design. Be it an indulgence, an inspiration or an instrument of business, this yacht has a foldaway hangar and helideck capable of housing a helicopter such as a Bell 222. The boat also has underwater entry/egress for the keen diver. It even boasts a mini-submarine docking facility. Plus a luxury build with the latest onboard electronics.

The new marine engineering technology and flexibility of design will enable rapid conveyance of passengers, freight or cargo across huge distances at high speed and in all weathers.

For the Military

For the Investor

A low radar signature, shallow draught, speeds in excess of 70knots, the hull and topsides of all aluminium construction for speed and economy, twin gas turbines and waterjets for propulsion. It also has a unique independent survival system, modular capability to support a range of specialized systems, and a range of 3500 miles.

A remarkable opportunity to participate in the creation of cutting-edge marine engineering design and technology.

The Maricuda Challenger is a multi-role craft enabling ultra-fast rescue, drug enforcement and border control. Also, rapid troop deployment, high speed and stealth combined with the ability to carry a number of modern weapons and systems. A full specification is available on request.

Operating internationally from established ports and harbours, the Maricuda Atlantic Challenger offers an ultra-fast cruise and travel experience and heralds the return of ‘air freight’ to the seas. It’s capable of providing very fast coastal rescue services and the deployment of contractors and supplies to offshore oil fields and wind farms. The Maricuda technology will lead to wholesale reappraisal of commercial operating practices.

To be part of history, to enjoy the legacy and fame associated with such an advanced concept. Take ownership and apply your name to the Challenger. Many patents will be registered for this project. Licenses to manufacture and develop the technology will be sold and there will be global merchandising revenues for the Hales Trophy event. Plus, global media revenues for the serialization and broadcast of both the project and the event. Investors in Maricuda will also benefit from future design and technology revenues.


The Opportunity The Maricuda Challenger is a totally new craft with features never previously seen in a craft of this type and size. The three significant problems that relate to fast vessel speed have been solved with this craft representing the next stage of fast boat design. Investors – this is groundbreaking new technology, which is poised to rock the maritime world with its advanced designs and capability - and it therefore offers an early business opportunity. The Challenger has many totally new inventions that will be showcased during this challenge for the Hales Trophy, the Blue Riband of the North Atlantic. The Maricuda team are expecting to carve a massive twenty hours off the existing record by completing the trip in under two days. The Maricuda Challenger is not just going to travel between Ambrose Point and Bishops Rock, It is going from Southampton to New York. A total distance of 3500 miles.

The Team Any group of people who take on a challenge of this scale must be exceptional.

David Aitken

Mark Lello

Managing Director of Maricuda Limited leads the team. A career engineer turned entrepreneur who is now poised to succeed as the man who produced the winning concept design for the fastest boat to cross the Atlantic and the very technology that has eluded other eminent engineers.

Skipper of the Challenger. A qualified Yachtmaster with Commercial Endorsement, is also a veteran of the Tall Ships Atlantic Challenge of 1984. He is Managing Partner of Parker Bullen LLP, a law firm that is committed to the marine industry, including advising designers and owners of yachts, super-yachts and other maritime craft. Also, a grandson of the Chief Electronics Designer of Concorde.


An engineer by profession with a keen interest in all things that float from an early age, has been a prolific inventor in his lifetime with over thirty inventions, patents and designs to his credit, many in the marine industry.


Martin Spooner

Other crew members

Director of Maricuda Limited. A professional entrepreneur and businessman with a passion for boats, having been a boat owner and sailor for over 40 years with thousands of sea miles under his belt, whose navigation and boat handling skills make him an obvious choice for co-skipper of the Atlantic Challenge. Entering and leaving harbour is the marine equivalent of take-off and landing to an aircraft. It is during these critical times that the coastal skills of a yachtsman of Martin’s calibre will be invaluable.

Other crew members are engineers and technicians, many are ex-service personnel, who are experts in their respective fields of avionics, electronics and controls and will individually be responsible for dedicated items on-board such as communications, radar, infra-red detection and gas-turbines. This crew is hand-picked for their specialist abilities and their long-term involvement with the project.


The Boat The vessel design has a slender length to beam ratio as this produces the fastest hull form.This is the starting point of the design but here the similarity with other craft of its type, ends. The Challenger is designed for speed and is expected to exceed the required seventy knots by a significant margin. Devonport Yachts in Falmouth, Cornwall, a world class builder of luxury super-yachts with the reputation of producing the best that money can buy is to complete the design and build process. As exciting as the Atlantic Challenge is, it is the afterlife of this vessel which will most impress the fast boat market. It’s use as a military craft is obvious to all, but as a luxury super-yacht it is in a class of its own.

Artist’s impression of the Maricuda Atlantic Challenger

If you have a desire to assist Maricuda to bring this technology to market, to build a craft that secures the Hales Trophy, to change the nature of ocean travel and to be financially rewarded… Maricuda is currently available to discuss various financial options that this exceptional investment package has to offer. Call today - start the Maritime Revolution. Email: Maricuda Ltd, 14 The Stables, Dragoon Way, Christchurch, Dorset, BH23 2TY Tel: 01202 830036 Mob: 07932 630499

m aricuda marine technology

Managing Director: David Aitken, MSc (Brunel) CEng MIMechE MICE AMRINA Director: Martin Spooner Legal Advisers to the Maricuda Atlantic Challenge Project: Parker Bullen LLP tel. 01722 412000 Email: Maricuda Ltd, 14 The Stables, Dragoon Way, Christchurch, Dorset, BH23 2TY Tel: 01202 830036 Mob: 07932 630499

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An 80 metre wave-piercing trimaran is to be constructed in the UK, that has automated fast-response hydraulic systems and dynamic attitude-s...