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CSR 2020

Our CSR vision:

Design, produce & deliver sustainable office furniture that enhance wellbeing

Corporate Social Responsibility WE CARE ABOUT YOUR HEALTH – It is a statement reflecting our commitment to the wellbeing of our people and our planet. Management Board Chairman Johan de Weerd demonstrates dedication in everything he does. He divides his time and attention between his family, the company and his role as ambassador for Actiforce Green Projects.

I’m proud to be the Chairman of the Management Board of a company where employees genuinely embrace the company’s founding values of honesty, transparency and creativity. These remain embedded in Actiforce’s DNA.

Our planet We live in an ever-changing and dynamic world in which the possibilities of technology and communications keep growing on one hand and the availability of raw materials and a healthy environment come under increasing pressure on the other. This makes conducting sustainable manufacturing a precondition and requires that people and resources be utilized effectively. We feel responsible for how we treat our planet and how we pass it on to future generations. This drives us to go the extra mile to be as sustainable as possible in everything we do. Not only our product and its parts and materials have to be ecologically responsible, the production process, transport, and packaging all have to contribute to a cleaner, more circular world.

Our people Our company would not exist without them, our colleagues at Actiforce. Their ideas, their dedication and talent drive this company forward day after day. They stand at the inception of every development and innovation. At Actiforce we support the importance of equal rights. We want our people to feel safe at work and we want to create a healthy workplace. We care about your health.

Our goal is to continuously improve our performance in the following three catogories: - Environment - Health and wellness - Social responsibility Actiforce is aware of- and respects the requirements for separating, recycling and disposing of waste

All steps in production are planned and organised with

full consideration for health

and safety concerns

We support the importance of

equal rights to employment regardless of what gender, ethnicity or religion

We have installed LED lights and light sensors in all of our offices

When products are returned to us, we

guarantee the proper recycling of the materials wherever possible

We monitor the use of resources in production and keep setting new goals for optimization

Aluminium Over the last 15 years, we mainly used aluminium to produce our height adjustable table frames. Aluminium is low in weight and high in strength. Aluminium is the metal for the future. Since 1888, 73% of all aluminium globally produced, is still in use.

Less use of paper As part of our CSR and green projects program for 2020, we will phase out physical paper manuals and instead implement online manuals. This will save a huge amount of paper and at the same time always ensure that you got easy access to the information needed.

Actiforce and its Green Projects: WWF As from January 2020, Actiforce is a proud WWF business supporter. We support a project called “Free the sea”. With the help of business supporters, WWF wants to stop the enormous plastic flow to the seas. Starting in the Coral Triangle, the global centre of marine biodiversity. With our help, they can send veterinarians to this area to safe the sea animals, they can install systems in the rivers that catch all the plastic and prevent it to end up in the seas. They even take plastic out of the sea with boats. Because many people in the Coral Triangle don’t have access to a waste disposal service, WWF and the local authorities started two waste disposal services. Here the waste can be sorted out and be recycled.

BJF We are a proud sponsor of the Black Jaguar Foundation, an organisation that diligently fights for the restoration and conservation of the Cerrado savannah and the Amazon rainforest. One of the Black Jaguar Foundation projects focuses on realising the reforestation of the Araguaia passage. This is a 2,600 kilometre passage that connects the Cerrado savannah with the Amazon rainforest and ensures that biodiversity is maintained and potentially improved in these regions. We support the Black Jaguar Foundation because we value and respect all forms of life and are convinced that everything possible must be done to save the ‘world’s lungs’. It is, after all, vital that this region can continue to provide us with oxygen, fresh water and medicinal plants.

Rainforest connection Saving rainforests is the key to saving our planet. Actiforce is supporting the Rainforest Connection Project. Their goal is to prevent illegal deforestation, halt animal poaching and enable bio-acoustic monitoring. They can use technology and big data to enable on-the-ground partners to save the world’s most threatened rainforests and habitats. Saving rainforests isn’t only the key to halting climate change, It’s also vital to supporting many of the world’s poorest communities who rely on rainforests for food, shelter and livelihood.

Actiforce and its contract manufacturers: Process raw materials into products with minimal negative impact on the ground and environment. Develop processes that minimise the use of greenhouse gases (GHGs), conserve energy and prevent contamination of natural resources. Maintain a non-hazardous environment for employees and consumers. Actiforce’s manufacturing processes practice the following: - No chemicals or hazardous materials are discharged to the ground - No hazardous chemicals or gases are emitted into the air - Scrap metal (aluminium and steel) and plastic are recycled and reused - Biodegradable (scrap) cardboard boxes and packaging materials are recycled for reuse All manufacturing processes have backup lines supported by more than one raw material supplier Contingency plans are in place for disasters such as an earthquake, flood or fire that may affect the building. At least two operational sites are maintained to cope with natural disasters







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