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I November 2012 I ACSWA News


I November 2012 I ACSWA News

November 2012


14. Features 5. CRISIS TALKS - WA’s aged care leaders show unity in the face of $500 million funding cuts. 7. FOOD FOR THOUGHT – a new Role for Victoria Park Senior Citizens Centre. 8. Somewhere Over the Accommodation Bond Rainbow? 10. RAISING AWARENESS OF POVERTY - Anti Poverty Week 2012. 14. TechSmart - Changing the Face of Aged Care.

17. ACSWA news Disclaimer: ACSWA News is a regular publication of Aged and Community Services WA. It is intended to provide general information only and should not be taken as constituting professional advice. No responsibility is taken by ACSWA for the contents of ACSWA News magazine. Readers should obtain their own advice in relation to any issue raised in the magazine. ACSWA is not liable for any loss or damage howsoever caused, whether due to negligence or otherwise, arising from the use of or reliance on material published in the magazine.

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And that is impacting more heavily on health systems, and so on. We’re at the tipping point with the demographics”.


ith Western Australia going to the polls on 9th March 2013 and the Federal election being held no later than 30th November 2013 we are preparing at both a State and Federal level to continue the push for a sustainable aged and community care sector in the face of growing demand from older Australians and their families. We have commenced meetings with leading State politicians highlighting the critical linkages between State and Commonwealth around ageing. WA UnderTreasurer Tim Marney was quoted in early October in The West Australian saying “We’re actually seeing the baby boomers move out of the workforce at the moment.

WA Treasury will release a landmark intergenerational review of the Budget in the coming months as officials grapple with the ageing population. Now of course this is nothing new to us; ACSWA, its membership and consumer groups have been calling on the State Government for several years to develop a broader strategy around ageing. This would be a strategy that encompasses housing, home care, residential care and regional and remote services for older West Australians.

David Davis. The Department of Ageing core objective around our sector is: Residential and community care for older people, support and assistance to enable people to function independently in their own homes, positive ageing programs, healthy and active living and Seniors Card. At the same time the ACSWA Board is of the view that we need to reinvigorate our focus on the recommendations of the Productivity Commission’s report; a report that provided a much superior framework for lasting reform.

“We have commenced meetings with leading State politicians highlighting the critical linkages between State and Commonwealth around ageing.” And this strategy needs to engage State, Federal and Local Government to ensure there is a cohesive plan to ensure the much needed services. ACSWA is continuing its call for the State Government to create a Minister for Ageing to draw this all together. Victoria has done this well with their Minister for Ageing, The Hon

Stephen Kobelbe Chief Executive Officer Aged &Community Services WA

The election of Vaughan Harding as national President of Aged and Community Services Australia (ACSA) on Thursday 1 November 2012 at the ACSA Annual General Meeting in Melbourne was part of an important day in the Federation’s plans for the future. Vaughan, the CEO of Juniper (formerly Uniting Church Homes), was nominated for the national role by ACSWA

provide us with the opportunity to influence policy for the good of the community” Vaughan said. Indeed, with Vaughan’s experience and commitment to the aged and community sector his election heralds a significant step forward to positive change and reform. Following Vaughan’s election our Chairman Ray Glickman said “I am delighted that Vaughan Harding has been


A new President for ACSA Chairman Ray Glickman on behalf of ACSWA. Vaughan is a Life Member of ACSWA and is currently on the ACSWA Board holding the position of Deputy Chair. Vaughan has been an ACSA Director and was national Deputy President from 1998-2002.

elected National President of ACSA. Vaughan’s knowledge and understanding of the sector and the political process is second to none, but in addition Vaughan will bring to the role a passion for the contribution of the mission-based sector and a deep understanding of the particular challenges faced by “The current climate of reform our members in WA.” and the move to Canberra will

Crisis Talks – WA’s aged care leaders show unity in the face of $500 million funding cuts On Tuesday 7 August, close to 100 leaders from WA’s not-for-profit aged care sector gathered to send a clear message to the Federal government, following a crisis meeting organised in response to the August decision to cut residential aged care funding by $500million. “(The) protest was organised to send a loud and clear message to Canberra,” says chief executive of ACSWA Stephen Kobelke.

“The $500 million residential aged care funding cuts introduced at the start of this financial year will have a significant impact on the provision of aged care services across our state and, in particular, for regional, rural and remote service providers. The reality is that WA’s operating environment is different to the eastern states and the Gillard Government needs to recognise this. Workforce shortages, building and housing costs, small communities and big distances are some of the issues involved, and in a high cost and stretched operating environment, cuts in funding are wrong. Indeed, many WA not-for-profit aged care providers are deeply concerned about their ability to continue to operate.” Figures revealed by ACSWA show the Federal government’s decision will mean many providers are faced with funding cuts of over $14,000 per resident per year, particularly for elderly people receiving high care services and people suffering from dementia.

Dr Penny Flett being interviewed by media at the crisis meeting.

The protest - labelled Bound to Fail - included key speakers Dr Penny Flett, Brightwater Chief Executive Officer, Julie Christensen, CEO of Narrogin Cottage 5 I November 2012 I ACSWA News Homes and David Fenwick, CEO of Amaroo Care Services.

Introducing the New ACSWA Board An important sign of the strength of an organisation is the interest in Board positions and this year there were seven outstanding candidates nominating for the five vacancies on the Board of Aged & Community Services WA. Existing Board Members who were re-elected at ACSWA’s Annual General Meeting on 23 October 2012, were Ray Glickman (Amana Living), Carole Bain (Silver Chain), David Fenwick (Amaroo Care Services) and Dr Lucy Morris (Baptistcare). We also welcome new Board member John Murray (MYVISTA). Our thanks go to all the nominees for their interest in representing members on the Board and taking on these honorary positions. The next meeting of the Board will confirm office bearers through collegiate elections. We would also like to sincerely thank retiring Board Members Julie Christensen (Narrogin Cottage Homes) and Frank Schaper (Alzheimer’s Australia WA) (pictured below) for their outstanding contribution over the years. Their experience and commitment has been an asset to the organisation.

Ray Glickman (CEO, Amana Living)

Vaughan Harding (CEO, Juniper)

John Murray (CEO MYVISTA)

David Fenwick (CEO, Amaroo Care Services)

Tonia Zeeman (General Manager, Brightwater Care Group)

Carole Bain Melissa Young (General Manager, Country (Perth Home Care Services) Services, Silver Chain)

Did you know... The proportion of people aged 65 and over is projected to grow from 13 per cent of the total population in 2005 to over 23 per cent in 2035, that is from 2.7 million older Australians in 2005 to 6.2 million in 2035; and to over 26 6 I November 2012 I ACSWA News per cent (7.5 million) in 2055.

Lucy Morris (CEO, Baptist Care)

Over the next 20 years the number of Australians who are 70 and over will grow at a rate 3.3 times faster than the total population. In 2004–05 the occupancy rate for aged care homes was 95.3 per cent. Source:

foodfor thought A new role for Victoria Park Senior Citizens Centre.


n Tuesday 9 October 2012 ACSWA Ambassador for Ageing Dr Ken Michael was invited to officially open the new kitchen at the Victoria Park Senior Citizens Centre for Manna Inc. Since its humble beginnings in 1996 when Bev and John Lowe started providing soup meals for the homeless, Manna has grown in leaps and bounds to become a pillar organisation of the community which feeds approximately 140 people every day. Manna had been operating from temporary facilities for years, working from a church kitchen

Centre; a commercial kitchen equipped with a walk-in pantry, cool room and freezer. These new facilities will enable Manna to better meet the growing needs of the organisation and surrounding community. Manna organised its first Seniors function in November last year with a Christmas lunch for over 130 seniors from nursing homes and Autumn Clubs in Perth. The lunch was a huge success; so much so that Bev decided to do three similar lunches per year; with “Christmas in July� being the first of the three; again catering for approximately 130 seniors.

Did you know that Manna... Feeds about 140 disadvantaged people six evenings a week in a park in Northbridge. Has School Breakfast Programs in 11 deprived area schools and run a Winter School Uniform Program in 28 schools. Put uniforms on 700 children this year and have requests for 1000 next year. Left: Manna founders, Bev and John with Dr Ken Michael ACSWA Ambassador for Aging at the Manna Kitchen Opening. Below: Christmas in July at Manna.

which was not big enough for the amount of meals required. Due to the tenacity and dedication showed by Manna and its volunteers, the organisation has not only grown to expand its services but has led to a new era for future growth and community integration with the securing of a lease for shared use of the Victoria Park Senior Citizen Centre. This shift of premise has enabled Manna to make use of the kitchen available at the

On October 9 Manna will start offering meals on a weekly basis for the seniors in the area; those currently served by the Seniors Centre at Mackie St. Manna sees this service growing in number as time goes on, as the other services provided by Manna have grown in the past. Having Dr Michael officiate at the opening, especially as he had given Bev and John their Order of Australia medals while he was Governor, was very special.

w e m o S M

O e r he

m modation o c c A e h t Bon ver

by Andrew Hopkins

uch has been written in recent times on the wave of change that may flow over the aged care sector as a result of the Productivity Commission Report of August 2011, and the Living Longer Living Better Government response of April 2012. Whilst the reports and much of the associated commentary are of use in warding off insomnia, none of the proposed reforms have been tabled in parliament, let alone debated and legislated. Should any of the reforms in regard to finance become law, the changes won’t come into effect until 1 July 2014.

Accommodation Bonds to be paid by all. This is a positive for the industry as capital will be available from a greater number of residents, which in turn should increase financial viability and encourage new development. However, potential offsets to benefits from the broader capital base may arise from the introduction of the Aged Care Financing Authority (ACFA), and in resident choice in paying for accommodation as a lump sum or periodic payments. Further, the home will remain an exempt asset should a partner or pension recipient remain there.

As Dorothy sung to us in the Wizard of Oz, “Somewhere over the rainbow, skies are blue, and the dreams that you dare to dream really do come true�. But will this apply after the proposed reforms to the payment for accommodation are made in residential aged care?

It is understood the ACFA is to operate from within the Department of Health and Ageing, and that operators will be required to seek approval for the level of accommodation payments that can be charged. Further, ACFA will advise prospective residents about the maximum payments they can be asked to pay, with supporting information to be made available on the My Aged Care website. This

First and foremost will be the abolition of Low and High Care categories and the requirement for 8

I November 2012 I ACSWA News


ain bow

seems to me, a big ask of ACFA; to be expert in all aspects of property development, and nationwide! Potential capital leakage may also arise from consumer choice on the method of accommodation payment, with payment to be allowable in all cases by lump sum, periodic payments, or a combination of both. Further, an operator will not be able to discriminate between residents offering different payment options. Consumer payment choice may introduce uncertainty in regard to balance sheet management, and the ability to borrow funds for development. It is proposed that Government funding for accommodation for supported residents will rise from the current rate of $32.76 per day to $50 per day (in 2012 dollars), but the increased rate will only apply to facilities developed, or substantially refurbished, post April 2012. Even at the higher rate, and a reasonable development

return of 10%, the implied investment value of an Aged Care room would be $182,500 and less than the reported development cost in WA. Further leakage will arise from the abolition of retention fees, and the requirement for industry to insure Accommodation Bonds held, rather than bonds being guaranteed by government. As mentioned previously there will be no change to the way the family home is assessed for Aged Care purposes, which will diminish the capital available for Accommodation Bonds. This contravenes a key

recommendation made by the Productivity Commission which proposed the home as assessable in all circumstances, with a complementary recommendation for creation of a Government run Aged Care Home Credit Scheme. It seems the Government is bowing to political expediency here, as we all know that the home is a sacred asset in Australian culture. It could be argued the more things change the more they stay the same in regard to reforms to aged care accommodation payments, with the Government giving with one hand and taking with the

other. One thing remains a given, consumers will continue to benefit from expert financial advice in regard to aged care admission, and operators will benefit from consumers that have financial peace of mind. Andrew Hopkins is the principal of WA Aged Care Financial Solutions, a privately owned financial planning business and Corporate Authorised Representative of Securitor Financial Group Ltd ABN 48 009 189 495 AFSL 240687. Information in this article is of a general nature only, and should be considered together with your particular needs and circumstances. For more information phone 1300 827 229 or visit www.

Seniors Week Festival 2012 11 - 18 November

During Bendigo Bank Seniors Week Festival 2012, there will be a variety of events and celebrations occurring across the state including: Bendigo Bank Seniors Week Festival Evensong: Celebrating the second half of life. The Department for Communities has partnered with Amana Living to host an evening service at St George’s Cathedral in Perth city.

Seniors Recreation Council Be Active Have a Go Day. This is an annual community festival featuring stalls from numerous organisations, live music and activities for seniors. This event is organised by the Seniors Recreation Council and has more than 8000 people in attendance each year.

The theme of the evening is wisdom, something many seniors offer to their families and community. There will be a reception and refreshments on the terrace outside the Cathedral after the service. Date: Sunday 18 November Time: 5.00pm to 6.00pm, reception follows until 6.45pm Location: St George’s Cathedral, 38 St Georges Terrace, Perth

Date: Wednesday 14 November Location: Burswood Park For more information contact Seniors Recreation Council of WA on 9492 9773.

For more events happening during Seniors Week, head to 9

I November 2012 I ACSWA News

Did you know poverty and hardship affect more than a million Australians? The proportion of Australians living in poverty has increased in recent years and it has been identified that people who are unemployed and people who are single and over the age of 65 are at particular risk of experiencing poverty. Anti-Poverty Week is a week where all Australians are encouraged to organise or take part in an activity aiming to highlight or overcome issues of poverty and hardship here in Australia or overseas. It was established in Australia as an expansion of the UN’s annual International Anti-Poverty Day on October 17. Ref –

>Raising Awareness of Poverty ACSWA and its Members put in a great effort to raise awareness of poverty during the 2012 Anti- Poverty Week which ran from 14- 20 October Staff from the organisations on Level 2 come together for Anti-Poverty Week.

ACSWA Soup Kitchen On Tuesday 16 October ACSWA held a Soup Kitchen for Anti-Poverty Week. Angelique McAvoy ACSWA’s Education & Events Coordinator brought in some tasty home -made soup for staff and neighbouring organisations to enjoy as discussion centred on ways to reduce Poverty in the community.

ACSWA Administration Officer Keriana Reedy serving soup.

Anglicare’s Anti-Poverty Week Event

Anglicare’s Anti-Poverty Week Sausage Sizzle

Anglicare Sausage Sizzle Anglicare organised several events to raise awareness about Poverty including two information sessions and sausage sizzles on 15 and 18 October. The events featured presentations informing others of services available to clients, a recipe collection with attendees bringing in their favourite recipe to make a simple recipe book to be shared with everyone after the event. 10

I November 2012 I ACSWA News

Anglicare also had two teams taking part in the Perth Street Soccer ‘Anti-Poverty Week Cup’ at Wellington Fair.

Silver Chain Provides Financial Relief Helping the community is just what Silver Chain do. This was demonstrated during this year’s Anti-Poverty Week where 10 nominated clients each received a gift of up to $500 in the form identified as of most benefit to their individual circumstances. This included bill or loan relief, household repairs, a new refrigerator, security lighting and vouchers. Chris McGowan, Silver Chain Group Chief Executive Officer says he and several board members personally contributed towards a special fund, which was evenly divided amongst some of their most disadvantaged clients. “It’s devastating to hear how many Australians are experiencing hardship and to the extremes of how they are living day to day,” says Chris. “We are aware that some of our clients are doing it tough financially. Therefore, we asked our direct care staff to come forward and tell us about our clients who they thought could do with a helping hand, so we could genuinely assist those most in need. “Our direct care staff described to us many situations where clients are experiencing poverty. We heard stories about how some of our clients are living in unsuitable housing, for instance homes that are unsafe and posed health and safety problems and needed fixing. We also were told about how elderly clients are caring and financially supporting their grandchildren, trying to do their best and all that they can but are finding it difficult to make ends meet. “Poverty can affect many people in different ways and those who are experiencing hardship should not feel ashamed. It’s up to us as Australians to work together and help others, where we can,” says Chris.

Poverty in Australia - the


In 2012 the poverty line (50% of median income) for a single adult was $358 per week, for a couple with 2 children it was $752. 2,265,000 people (12.8% of all people) were living below the poverty line, after taking account of their housing costs.

Head to to see a list of all organisations involved.

the carers’phone brilliant communication, better care

P The ultimate client monitoring solution P Developed for community and home care P No special equipment or software outlays P No infrastructure costs P Systematic real-time client data P A 24/7 client feedback system P Options for hand held device applications P Developed by an experienced home care team Visit our website to learn more: 11

I November 2012 I ACSWA News

Call now to arrange a demonstration and customised quotation Phone Matthew on 0402 484 850 or email

Straight to your door M

eals on Wheels NSW have launched a new online shop to support MOW providers Australia wide. With national delivery, providers are able to purchase quality, branded materials for their businesses including golf umbrellas, travel cups, chef aprons and much more. The new online shop is Meals on Wheels’ answer to industry demand for gifts for volunteers and user friendly


I November 2012 I ACSWA News

ways to establish branding, however it is also a new way for members of the community to financially donate to the organisation. Gifts purchased are tax deductible as donations and all profits raised through the shop will go back into the organisation to make a real difference to local communities. au.

a drink Have Daily fluid intake: How much do you need? General recommendations for daily fluid intake for women are approximately 2.7 L versus 3.7L for men. About 80% of people’s total water intake comes from drinking water and beverages (including caffeinated beverages), and the other 20% is derived from food. How to increase your intake: • • •

Have milk on your cereal at breakfast Swap your coffee for herbal tea Drink a glass of water at meal times

• •

Have soup for dinner Enjoy a hot cocoa in the evening

TABLE TALK Website Wonders

Meals on Wheels WA launched its new website on 11 July 2012. Since this time, usage for the site is rapidly increasing which tells us that providers and consumers alike are enjoying having up to date information at their fingertips.

616 visits in the past month 77% increase in new visitors to the website 2603 page views this month!

From the launch of the website MOW providers are gaining more enquires and are pursuing other avenues for recruiting clients other than those in receipt of HACC eligibility, such as self-funded retirees and clients in receipt of a CACP or EACH. ACSWA has also been approached from several local food manufacturers wanting to support the local MOW services.

Fast Facts The majority o f Meals on Whe els clients are frail older people a ged over 70 ye ars. This group has been identifie d as being at high ri sk of malnutrit ion (QLD MOW Nu trition Manua l)

ensure Meals on Wheels aim to nutritional meals aim to be high in content. 13

I November 2012 I ACSWA News

Telehealth Remote Monitoring Systems

Telehealth Remote Monitoring System courtesy of Silver Chain

THE FACTS Telehealth is the delivery of healthrelated services and information via telecommunications technologies; which could be as simple as two health professionals discussing a case over the telephone or as sophisticated as performing robotic surgery between facilities at different ends of the globe. Telehealth technology adds a new paradigm in healthcare, where the patient is monitored between physician office visits. This has shown to significantly reduce hospitalisations and visits to the Emergency Room, whilst improving the patient’s quality of life. Telehealth is proving very beneficial in remote communities where traditional delivery of health services are affected by distance and lack of local specialist clinicians to deliver services.

HOW IT WORKS Equipment is provided to patients so that they can measure their vital signs including blood pressure, temperature, weight, pulse and oxygen statistics daily in their own home. They enter their measurements into the Telehealth hub which then transmits these to a secure website where the Telehealth nurse can monitor the patient’s readings.

TechSmart Discover the latest technology for aged care & community services

The individual’s normal parameters for these measures are built into the Telehealth hub so if their measurements fall outside their normal readings an alert is triggered for the Telehealth nurse and they will phone the patient to discuss their condition.

Article sources: Kristen De San Miguel from Silver Chain, www.nbn. Telehealth Remote Monitoring Systems will be showcased at the ACSWA Connect with Technology Symposium on 26 - 27 November.

THE BENEFITS This technology is innovative because nurses can follow trends in a patient’s condition without having to visit them in their home. The main aim of a program is to detect deterioration in client’s condition before they require hospitalisation.

You can register for the Symposium on ACSWA’s website:

WA Aged Care Financial Solutions delivers...  Support and

understanding from professionals with significant experience in Aged Care financial matters

 Peace of mind

through a specialised financial plan for Aged Care complete with recommendations for the best possible financial solution

Aged Care WA

Financial Solutions

 Advice on secure

investments and estate planning needs such as Wills and Powers of Attorney

 Assistance in

regard to implementation of your financial plan

 Ongoing help in

regard to dealing with Government and other institutions

THE CHOSEN ONES Selected by Aged & Community Services WA as its exclusive partner for providing financial advice to Aged Care residents

1300 827 229

Accessing Technology in the Aged Care Sector We can water our garden with the flick of a switch and book a room in Bulgaria with the move of a mouse, but Chair in Intelligent Domestic Healthcare Infrastructure at USQ, Professor Jeffrey Soar, is frustrated by the limited use of technologies to assist care for the elderly and people with disabilities. Article ref: research/usq/soar. Following this article posted by the University of Southern Queensland, ACSWA Communications Officer Nicola Milan had a chat with Professor Soar to shed some light on what new technologies are available and how to make the most of what they provide. ACSWA: What technologies do you feel are making the most impact in the Aged Care and Community Services Sector? PJS: There are several technologies I could recommend including Resident Management Systems from Autumn Care; the Personal Emergency Alarm available from Tunstall, VitalCall or Bosch; and Docobo Telehealth Devices available from Silver Chain. ACSWA: What are the benefits of using technology in aged care? PJS: Research globally shows consistent results; a 20% reduction in admissions, 20% reduction in bed stays, and a 60-70% reduction in nursing home stays. Workforce benefits for the providers

include six day a week check-ups can be reduced to one day a week. The benefits are clear and tangible. ACSWA: How do the elderly (especially those not familiar with using technology) access services that enable them to stay at home, and are there any issues with the implementation of these technologies? PJS: The latest technologies in Aged Care have been designed specifically for older people to use therefore physical handling of products has not been a problem in reported studies. Interaction does not require consumers to have any computer knowledge on their end. A number of these devices were trialled in Australia and useability has not been a problem. The pilot prototypes (such as Silver Chain’s Telehealth Remote Monitoring device) have been trialled extensively involving approximately 60 users. The implementation of technology is not the problem; the problem is overcoming the funding barrier. We need reform on services delivered through technology. For example, if you are visiting a person through a Teleservice then technically you are not visiting them at home and hence, may not be paid for it. There is slow progress; Governments are aligning funding and policy to use technology but for now providers need to negotiate directly with the consumer to include Telehealth as part of their overall Healthcare package. ACSWA: Where do you recommend we send our Members to educate themselves about new technologies?

Connect with Technology in Aged Care Symposium

PJS: The Independent Living Centre of Western Australia is a great source locally and LifeTech Queensland has a wide range of technologies on display. The Queensland Smart Home Initiative is a demonstration home showcasing the latest technologies and is based in Brisbane however; there are others similar to it around Australia.

Members are invited to contact Professor Soar directly for further information: Professor Jeffrey Soar – Professor and Chair in Human-Centred Technology University of South QLD. Professor Soar is a member of the Australian Association for Gerontology, and the Australian Rehabilitation and Assistive Technology Association. Professor Soar has over 100 peerreviewed publications as well as other papers, posters, abstracts and commissioned reports to governments; he has given over 30 invited key-note addresses at national and international events; and has attracted grants and communissions to support over $6M in research. His research interests include: • Smart homes and intelligent assistive technologies; • Smart ageing & independent living; • E-health, aged & community care informatics; • Technology and economic development.

Aged & Community Services Aged & Community Services Western Australia Western Australia Incorporated

26 - 27 November 2012 Register now! 15 I November 2012 I ACSWA News

WA Friends of Frontier Services Centenary Celebration September 28, 2012 One hundred years ago on 26 September 1912, one of Australia’s greatest pioneering ventures began. The man on the $20 note, John Flynn, embarked on his dream to build a network of care for people across the outback with the establishment of the Australian Inland Mission (AIM).

Today, Frontier Services, the successor to the AIM in the Uniting Church, maintains this network of care, providing essential support and services to 15,000 families who live in Australia’s most remote and isolated places. While celebrations were in full swing in Melbourne where, more than 1000 people from across the country gathered to remember the remarkable work which Flynn began, the WA Friends of Frontier Services held their

own event to mark the occasion. Guests enjoyed an evening of thanksgiving, reminiscing and celebration which included songs and stories from the past, present and future as well as a delicious sausage sizzle dinner. Rosemary Young, National Director of Frontier Services compered the evening, while Colbellup Singers and Uniting Singers wowed everyone with their songs.

Right: Guests enjoying the celebrations. Left: Frontier Services National Director Rosemary Young and Joan Loudon.


t h g i l t o sp

Above: Guests enjoying the celebrations.

Baptistcare Recognition Awards Mark 40th Anniversary September 7, 2012 On Friday 7 September 2012 Baptistcare celebrated its 40th anniversary in style at their 1970s themed Recognition Awards Night and Gala Dinner. The theme of the event reflected the era in which Baptistcare commenced operations in 1972, and guests were welcome to dress accordingly.


I November 2012 I ACSWA News

The Master of Ceremonies was TV and radio host Verity James who did an excellent job and entertainment was supplied by the one and only Mr DJ Rev. The Inaugural Awards recognise staff who display Baptistcare’s values of dignity and compassion, integrity and respect, courage and justice, stewardship and accountability as they carry out their roles in our communities. For more information please visit

Southcare Celebrates 30 Years October 11, 2012 Since opening its doors in April 1982 Southcare has been helping the people of South Perth when they need it most. A not-for-profit organisation based in Manning, Southcare is run by a staff of 80 and more than 95 volunteers providing a variety of Government sponsored aged care and family support programs. This year Southcare celebrates its

30th birthday! On Thursday 11 October 2012 Southcare staff, volunteers and guests enjoyed refreshments and good company along with an address by Southcare Chairman John Hardwick and CEO Dr Nicky Howe, both highlighting some of the organisation’s history and future plans. This was followed by service awards given to volunteers and staff that have been with Southcare for five years or more. Helen Moore was especially congratulated on her 30 years of volunteering with Southcare.

Right: Rex enjoying being in the company of two lovely ladies.

Many members of the community were in attendance including Steve Irons MP and John McGrath MLA. Guests enjoyed the opportunity to meet and chat with their representatives in an informal setting. City of South Perth Mayor Sue Doherty and several councillors also enjoyed meeting local residents. Southcare Patron, Mrs Ruth Reid AM, was also in attendance. Mrs Reid, who has been Southcare’s Patron since 1984, is the widow of former Governor Professor Gordon Reid who was Governor of Western Australia from 1984 to 1989. For more information on Southcare visit

Right: Dr Penny Flett, CEO of Brightwater Care Group. Left: Lyn Maitland, Brightwater’s High Care Coordinator at Marangaroo.

Stars Shine Bright! Staff at Brightwater Care Group are proving their commitment to providing a first class service to the sector with three employees recently being nominated for awards and receiving first place in the WA Nursing and Midwifery Excellence Awards. Winner! WA Nursing & Midwifery Excellence Awards. Lyn Maitland is Brightwater’s High Care Coordinator at Marangaroo and recently won the WA Nursing & Midwifery Excellence Awards for the Residential

and Aged Care category. This year, Brightwater was extremely fortunate to have had two finalists in the Residential and Aged Care category - Denise Hills and Lyn Maitland. This category was open to enrolled nurses or registered nurses currently working in areas of residential or other settings where aged care is provided. The WA Nursing & Midwifery Excellence Awards are firmly focused on recognising excellence and all worthy Western Australian nurses and midwives, irrespective of their area of practice or place of work, were eligible

for nomination. Nomination – WA Seniors Awards. Dr Penny Flett – CEO of Brightwater Care Group has been announced as one of three finalists in the 2012 WA Seniors Award for the category Westscheme/COTA WA Champion for Seniors Award for her work advocating for seniors through her work as a GP specialising in geriatric medicine. Winners will be announced at a gala ceremony on 11 November during the Bendigo Bank Seniors Week Festival.

ACSWA Board, Committee Members, Members and Staff attended the 2012 ACSWA Annual General Meeting held at the East Perth Yacht Club on Tuesday 23 October 2012.

ACSWA Annual General Meeting Tuesday 23 October, 2012

ACSWA Welcomed new Board Members and gave thanks to retiring Board Members for their outstanding efforts and commitment to the sector.

Alicia & Anne-Marie from Silver Chain.

Retiring Board Member Frank Shaper.

Mick Burke from Juniper; Bayram Jashari from Catholic Homes & Raelene Siford from Juniper.

Ken Landwehr from Quambie Park Waroona with ACSWA CEO Stephen Kobelke and ACSWA Business Development Manager Christine Stanton.

Diedre Timms from Volunteer Task Force with Karen Quigley & Alison Meighan from the City of Subiaco.

Community Care Forum: National Reform Agenda - Risks & Opportunities Thursday 18 October, 2012



Willemina Dougherty & Jean Garrett-Reid from Community Vision and Phil Baker from Bayswater ECHO


ACSWA Members attended the Community Care Forum held at Technology Park on on Thursday 18 October 2012. The forum was designed to keep Members abreast of the latest information that will change the way aged care services are run and provided into the future.

Laura Beattie and Nadia Tiedemann from Silver Chain.

Tina Newman from ILC and Eshna Khadka from Global Care Group.


I November 2012 I ACSWA News

Proudly supporting ACSWA and its members We are proud to be the Principal Partner of ACSWA, supporting the needs of the aged and community care sector in Western Australia.

Serving the needs of employers and members in Western Australia We have a dedicated Account Manager for the WA region who is available to conduct workplace visits and assist employers and members with any general superannuation enquiries. Join as a participating employer.

To find out more call us on 1300 650 873 or visit

by FSS 2012 Trustee Corporation 20Issued I November I ACSWA News (ABN 11 118 202 672, AFSL 293340), Trustee of the First State Superannuation

Scheme (ABN 53 226 460 365). Consider the Product Disclosure Statement available at or by calling 1300 650 873 before making a decision in relation to your membership. October 2012.

ACSWA News November 2012  

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