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In this Newsletter: Read about the most popular events at the Corner this fall. Check out the new Clubs we’ve started. Remember, you’re always welcome to join! Some of the latest additions to our collection.

Below: Halloween - Daytime

“What Stops Us?”- Presentation Around thirty people attended a presentation on gender equality on October 17 at AC Struga. The presentation titled “What Stops Us?”, by Ms. Emilija Poposka, a university student and coauthor of the research under the same title, encouraged a discussion about the advantages and disadvantages for women in decisionmaking positions and their obstacles to get there.

Above:The winners of the ‘Best Mask’ competition

Halloween Party On the eve of October 31, around 60 children gathered at the Corner to celebrate together one of the most joyous holidays in the year - Halloween. AC staff had prepared lots of fun activities and competitions for them, such as: the Monster Mash and the Hokey Pokey dance, Balloon Race and everybody’s favorite – ‘Roll the Mummy’. During the day, seventy other students had visited the Corner to learn more about the joys and traditions of Halloween.

Culinary Diplomacy Ms. Erin Andrew from the U.S. Embassy in Macedonia visited the Corner on November 7 and held a wonderful presentation on Thanksgiving traditions in the U.S. The guests also had the opportunity to taste some of Ms. Andrew’s Thanksgiving musthave desserts for the holiday feast. Delicious!

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High school and university students meet at the Corner twice a month for a Conversation Hour or Game Time with Peace Corps volunteer Alexander Dunn. Together they practice their English speaking skills by discussing about interesting topics, or playing entertaining vocabulary-building games.

Kids’ Club Over twenty-five children are part of our Kids’ Club. They meet at the Corner on Saturdays, to have fun, make new friends and learn some English.

October 26: Children playing a game and learning about online safety

Game Time, October 22: Playing ‘Apples to Apples’

Book Club Have you read a great book you’d really like to share your thoughts about? – Then you should definitely join our Book Club!

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Learn how to cook delicious American dishes, with Fulbright English teaching assistant Mara Livezey.

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Fall Newsletter 2013  

In this Newsletter: - Read about the most popular events at the Corner this fall. - Check out the new Clubs we've started. Remember, you...

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