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August 2018 | issue no. 118 |

Get In... 2018

“ Believe and Belong ”

#GetInCamp 2018 One glorious weekend in May 2018, over four thousand young people, leaders and volunteers from across the region came together to celebrate everything that is amazing about Scouting. Our commemorative Get In Camp 2018 Wispa looks back over this fantastic event and how the impossible was made possible.

= 163

= 715 = 1103 = 887


= 1285

Children = 24 under 5

Leaders = 6


children 6-17

= 4183

The event team worked 20 hour days over the duration of the event to make sure the activities ran, the traffic flowed and the toilets were clean. We had around 200 risk assessments in place, along with one massive emergency plan, to keep everyone safe. Just in case, we also had a team of 5 first aiders (who are actually all paramedics from West Midlands Ambulance Service!) should any plasters be needed. A lot of hard work went into this event to make sure it was inclusive and enjoyable for all, with X-wing fighter jets on hand to help. You may not have seen them, but we invited a few different people to Get In. We had the Wasps rugby team, the Guide Dogs, Warwickshire Geology society and our newly invested regional ambassador (and BBC Radio Coventry & Warwickshire host) Brody Swain! In June 2018, we asked participants, parents, leaders and staff about what you thought of Get In - here is what you had to say: Leaders:


• Congratulations to the team. I had lots of very happy very tired young people

• I had a fantastic time and thank you to all the volunteers for making the camp so amazing.

• Was a fantastic weekend so many happy memories taken away!

• It was awesome - great way to spend my birthday.

Parents: • My son loved camp. There was nothing he didn’t enjoy! • My daughter had an amazing experience and her self-confidence and emotional resilience has increased as a result. Thank you to all the leaders and volunteers, their efforts are much appreciated.


Staff: • You all did an amazing job! I felt so lucky to be part of such a great team! • I’m a first time helper - it was just brilliant! I didn’t realise how much time and effort goes into these events, well done.

#GetIn 2018 “Believe & Belong”

Operations & Infrastructure If an army marches on its stomach, Get In marches on its infrastructure. The Event Operations team pulled herculean efforts to turn the greenfield site into a small town and then back again in the space of 10 days! The MOD provided this space at Gamecock Barracks, Nuneaton - a total of 89 acres to play with. A total of 9 marquee structures were built, which created 4,200 sqm of indoor sheltered space. Thankfully the weather was glorious but the sheltered space proved an essential for keeping out of the basking sun! Over 1,100 miles were driven from the Excloosive Depot in Rugeley to Bramcote, bringing in a total of 144 toilets, 5 urinal trailers and 20 showers to site costing nearly £21,000! Maintaining all of these facilities was no easy task, a special thanks to Gareth Onens and Mike Barrett. As Bramcote was a greenfield site, nearly 1.5km of blue water pipe had to be laid to provide 16 tap locations. We estimate that during the weekend, over 1,000,000 litres of water were used! Thank you to Severn Trent for providing hydrant infrastructure, materials and operational support leading up to the event. During the event nearly 90,000 litres of rubbish was created, but of this amount, a huge 60,000 litres was recycled - a massive well done and thanks to all, this was a great effort. Allocating camping space is like playing a huge game of Tetris. A whopping 95,000 sqm was allocated to 64 groups from across 8 districts - this is no easy task. Thank you to Andy Selby for playing the game!

Once all of the infrastructure was in position, 1.8km of power cables was used to connect facilities to power generators. A small power network was created to ensure nothing went without and maintaining this grid was no easy task - another thank you to Gordon Ferguson for working around the clock to ensure there was never a blackout! On Friday evening, we welcomed nearly 4,000 people onto site in less than 3 hours, deploying 30 road signs out on the public highways and nearly 50 directional signs within the car park alone! Thanks to Steven Haynes and the traffic team! Paul Blackmore and the marketing team worked around the clock to promote the event and then capture all that was going on, taking over 5000 photographs and video clips! Toby’s Vlog updates have a total of nearly 20,000 views and the event video nearly 6,500 - if you haven’t seen it already watch here it here: Linda Revill & Maggie Webb issued a total of 4,467 wristbands to participants, leaders, contractors and adult volunteers. This equated to a grand total of 71,520 volunteer hours for the duration of the event and at minimum wage this would have cost a staggering £561,432. That statistic doesn’t include the build, take down and months of planning meetings and site visits! Without volunteers this event would not have been made possible.

Get In... 2018


Opening Ceremony The Opening Ceremony showcased some of the great, creative talent from across the region. The evening was hosted by our budding presenters, Georgia Williams and Warwick Bryne, both from Nuneaton District. Explorer Georgia and Scout Warwick are enthusiastic members of the Nuneaton Gang Show Squad and secured their role at Get In Camp by submitting audition tapes revealing their talents. Entertainment in the evening came in the form of fire and music. Leamington Network amazed us all with their fire breathing and eating skills, with a few of the event team even having a go!


Did you see a our competition to hit the big red button and start the Firework display? Maisie-Grace, Toby and Jessie were our lucky winners who kicked off the show, which was designed and delivered by Iain Williams, a professional firework technician and West Warwickshire scouter! As night fell, the lights came on and so did Strawberry Jam. Ruby Pobgee, who used to be an Explorer Scout in West Warwickshire, is their lead singer. Get In was Strawberry Jam’s debut gig and, after a fantastic performance, Ruby said “My favourite part was seeing how much the audience enjoyed what we were playing!”

The Activity Zones Active

Leaders from across West Warwickshire and Stratford pulled together over 50 different activities from American Football, to Crazy Golf, an inflatable caving system and motorised Buggies - thanks to Rugby District! Participants got the chance to learn how to change a car tyre, become a radio DJ (courtesy of Scout Radio) and even how to milk a cow! #SkillsForLife. Dan Lyes, zone lead said, ‘It was an amazing view to see so many young people running from activity to activity to cram in as much as they could - seeing all ages from Beavers all the way up to the leaders and guests all getting stuck in and having a go. I had incredible support in the months leading up to the camp and on the weekend itself from adults and leaders from all around the county’. Did you know: The active zone cost £6600 to deliver and used 12,040 sqm of space! The team met for a total of 1500 minutes in face to face meetings, organising and planning the zone. A birds eye view of the laser quest maze spelt out the words ‘GET IN!’.

Air Zone

The Air zone was put together by Warwickshire County Scouts, spearheaded by Andy Ward and Steven Jewell. This zone spent £7800 to bring you 11 different inflatables that ran over the entire weekend. From a gladiator arena to a rodeo, we know they went down well. The seven metre tall Spider Mountain (featuring a vertical slide at the end!) was hugely popular… if every participant had a go on this, we would have climbed more than the height of Mount Everest at 8,848m! There was a 120 metre mega obstacle course which had young people flying along it all day every day - you can see it in action in our awesome event video! In total, the Air zone managed to use 22,000 m3 of hot air every hour! The inflatable penalty shoot out saw more goals than the world cup, and the bottle rockets climbed the height of the Burj Khalifa (the tallest building in the world) nearly 100 times!


#GetInCamp 2018


The Activity Zones


The Activity Zones Earth

Warwick District headed up the Earth Zone, with Mark Steward taking the lead alongside 50 adult helpers. £8000 was spent on over 40 different activities including: climbing wall, cave bus, geology, construction activities, giants causeway, ice rink, animal handling and a drilling rig. Using pedal power alone; 200 bananas, 75 litres of juice and 45 kg of frozen fruit were turned into 600 smoothies using the smoothie bikes. Definitely needed with the weather on Saturday! Over 600 grass gardens are currently being grown around the county using recycled CD jewel cases.


Lead by Stuart Heaton DC from Kenilworth and with support from Atherstone, the Fire Zone was all about getting back to some basic Scouting buy adding a bit of Whizz and Bang. If Scouting isn’t about making, starting and using fire then we don’t know what we have been doing for 30 years! This zone managed to burn through a cool £3300 to bring you the flames. First up we burnt a whole load of wood, more than a tonne of the stuff, in camp fires, BBQ’s, Swedish Log Fires and under camp ovens. Over 500 night lights were lit to cook smores and popcorn, along with over 100 camp ovens which baked nearly 1,000 cakes! We prepared a hundred pigeons and hares, and barbecued the meat, which we ate in bread, which was also made on the fires. There was axe and knife sharpening, wood chopping and splitting for our fires. We wore out a dozen fire steels, each of which they say can start 100 or more fires! Rockets were launched ,some even getting into the air, and bridges built. There were also some bangles and volcanoes too. The Fire Zone, it was Red Hot and Sizzling…


The Activity Zones Space

The challenge of the Space zone was taken on by Leamington, headed up by Michelle and Julian. Their mission was simple: fit the wonders of outer space into an area smaller than a football pitch. Simple, right? The Space team blasted through a budget of £8100 to bring you an amazing zone. They managed to walk on liquid custard which was made from a whopping 25kg of powder. Some people made crochet stars from 1500 tree slices, 4kg of nails and a whole lot of yarn! The zone managed to clean out Sainsburys’ from across the county with the acquisition of 10,000 sticky stars and 750 paper plates, all of which were transformed into spectacular flying saucers. With answers to “how did we get here?” and “what colour is astronauts’ wee?”, the space zone was happy to provide knowledge for all. Their crowning achievement was building a bridge across the void on Mars, courtesy of ARUP Group. This saw participants really exercise their engineering skills to build a suspension bridge - how many people can say they’ve built a bridge!? All in all, we think it’s fair to say the Space zone was out of this world!

Water Zone

Did you land with a splash? Nuneaton District certainly did! Five Ways Lakes played host to the Water zone which gave participants the chance to kayak, canoe or raft their way across the water. For some, it was the first time being in a boat! Whilst a few managed to (miraculously) stay dry, there was plenty of splashing and capsizing to keep everyone cool in the hot sun. Coming in at a total of £9700, it was definitely money well spent! Round the corner from the lake, you may have found paintballing, archery, and a greasy pole… that last one doesn’t sound like much but it went down a storm! Did you manage to climb the pirate ship climbing wall? Or defeat the obstacle course? Our thanks go out to the Water zone team, the traffic stewards and all the minibus drivers for making this zone happen. “It was fantastic; especially playing on the greasy pole and knocking my friend into the plunge pool.” “The water zone was wow, it was wet, we were allowed to paddle around the islands with our friends, the instructors were amazing.”


#GetInCamp 2018 Saturday Evening Closing ceremony

We spent ÂŁ2900 to make sure there was something for everyone during the Saturday evening. Beavers gathered round for Story Time, 300 were entertained by Monty the Jester, whilst Scouts and Explorers boogied on down at the disco or got their adrenaline rushing on the roller coaster simulator. Paddington Bear was a treat for many, whilst others took the opportunity to have another go on the inflatables.

All good things must come to an end and Get In is no exception. On Sunday the entire camp turned out one last time for a quiet moment of reflection, some messages of thanks and the final flag-down.

Not content with being just a day time activity, the Fire zone continued into the night. Over 50 people conquered their fears and walked on fire! Some did it for fun, others to raise money‌ some raised over £700 which went to good causes thanks to some impressive bravery! Putting together the Saturday Evening zone took a team of people 8 meetings, over 250 emails and around 40 phone calls. A dedicated team of 8 rigged the marquees ready for the jester, the film and the disco. Thank you Rugby District!


...till next time Get In 2018 was an incredible experience for all involved, so we’re happy to say we plan to be back! Look out for news in 2021 about booking, ready for #GetInCamp 2022! “It was great to see so many Beavers, Cubs, Scouts, Explorers, Network, Leaders, and parents enjoying Get In 2018. Huge thanks to everyone who made it a success. However large or small the role, without you it would not have been as good. This was the third Get In - see you at number 4 in 2022!” Nigel Hailey, County Commissioner “Get In was a phenomenal event - to see thousands of Scouts from across Warwickshire and beyond was mindblowing. I was impressed with the variety of activities offered and how ‘Youth-Shaped’ had been embedded in the organisation and execution of the event. I challenge the team to deliver and even bigger event next time!” Bubbles, County Youth Commissioner

Thank you!

Our event was supported by hundreds of amazing people - here’s an overview of the kind of roles needed to pull off such a mammoth event.

Operations Operations team • Bookings • Infrastructure - Water - Power - Lighting • Marketing • Registration • Traffic • On-site media

Activities Activities • Zone leaders • Activity assistants • Every helper

Event • • • • • • • • • •

Build team Staff catering Reception Staffing Staging team Fireworks team Finance Merchandise Medical team Safety team

Local Teams • • • • •

Booking contacts Leaders from all sections Occasional helpers Transport teams Camp cooks

Let’s not forget our sponsors! These companies helped us out with resources, donations, and services that went a long way to running Get In. Thank you!

This edition of Wispa features lots of images captured by our media team. Credit goes to Paul Blackmore, Lucy Pinker, Tom Prince, Trevor Pook, Jordan Mann and Jez Sutton.


#GetInCamp 2018

Relive the #GetInCamp experience with our event video! Have fun at Get In? The adventure continues at

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