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University of Memphis is consistently ranked as one of the safest campuses in the state by Amy Gregory

Reputation. It’s not just something that affected your social life in high school or a restaurant score on Yelp. The reputation of a place reverberates throughout every social circle and media outlet. Reputation creates perception and most people perceive the University of Memphis to be a dangerous campus because of the crime from the surrounding city. However, University of Memphis has one of the safest campuses in the state. According to 2011 statistics of criminal incidents at Tennessee universities, University of Memphis had the lowest incident rate per thousand amongst the metropolitan schools and the second lowest incident rate among the ten largest schools in the state. The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation compiles this information from all reported incidents at schools that have more than 5,000 students and a campus police department. The Director of Police, Bruce Harber, along with more than 30 commissioned police officers make efforts to keep campus and surrounding areas safe on a daily basis. They take on the task of serving and protecting 23,000 students on campus and the public. Over the past 12 years, Harber has coordinated with Memphis Police through a mutual assistance agreement to improve the crime prevention and safety initiatives on campus. “It’s not enough for us to have a safe campus,” said Harber, “Half of the job is making students and the public feel safe while they are here.” There are now over 500 web-based, digital cameras on the inside and outside of buildings that can monitor entrances, parking lots, and campus streets. There are also cameras on top of the code blue emergency phones that are placed all around campus. So, if you can’t talk to the dispatcher or 911 when you have an emergency, they can access the camera on the (Safe Campus continued on pg.3) box to assess your situation and send help.

A Moment with the Director

Greetings Adult and Commuter Students! I hope that your summer was enjoyable and also productive. We had an exciting “Opening Week” beginning with our “Start Your Day with Us” to-go breakfast. I hope that you crossed our paths on Walker Avenue and/or Central Avenue during that week. Now that you have had an opportunity to meet your professors, don’t be shy about visiting them during their office hours when you have questions regarding assigned subject matter. It is my belief that getting to know your professor(s) is a way to clearly understand his/her class expectations. Maintaining a positive attitude about school and your experiences are also ways to succeed as a student. This time of year is hectic for most students, so please always take the time to be mindful of your surroundings. The University of Memphis strives to implement safety measures for faculty and students. This issue of The Connection provides guidelines and tips on how to be safe and successful. So as you have been told, go to class, always be prepared, and stay focused because these choices will impact how well you do while you are here. Go Tigers!

Joy Rogers Stout, Director Adult and Commuter Student Services Phone: 901-678-2644 E-mail:

ADULT AND COMMUTER STUDENT SERVICES MISSION The mission of the Adult & Commuter Student Services office is to provide a supportive environment for non-traditional and commuter students that promotes intellectual, social and academic growth and development through services and programs that foster lifelong learning.

THE SPOTLIGHT Getting to know Joshua Jackson by Rachel Wilhite

This month we sat down with Joshua Jackson to discuss life, grad school, and the pursuit of commuting happiness.

involved within the University community things got much easier. I am active in our Model United Nations program, Relay for Life, and the Why don’t we cover the basics? Commuter Student Association. Also, I Tell us about yourself. was elected by the student body to serve as the Graduate School Senator within Josh: Sure. I am 25 years old and have the Student Government Association. been at the University of Memphis for six Since most graduate students commute years now. I moved here in 2006 from to campus, the needs and concerns of my the small town of Paris, Tennessee. constituents are very similar to the issues I obtained my Bachelor’s degree that are dealt with within the ACSS office. in Political Science back in December I also want to promote Memphis’ various 2011. I also studied History and German. graduate degree programs and connect Upon graduation, I was accepted into more graduate students with our campus. Memphis’ Political Science Graduate pro- I also need to pick up an application and gram and that’s where I’m at currently. join the Adult Student Association while I am in the ACSS office!

What keeps you so connected to the University of Memphis? Josh: Adjusting to the Memphis pace was somewhat difficult at first; however, once I began to make friends and got


ACSS CONNECTION September 2012

Do you have any advice for adult and commuter students looking to get involved on campus?

Joshua Jackson Josh: I think that it is imperative to give the same amount of dedication to your schoolwork as you would a full time job. Patience and understanding your own limitations is a must as well. You also have to love what you are doing; otherwise, what’s the point of committing to it? Lastly, if there is ever anything that I can do to assist you all in matters pertaining to the Student Government Association, my door is always open. I would love to hear from you. Please feel free to contact me via the SGA’s website.

Safe campus continued from pg. 1 Also, the campus has many well-lit, paved areas for students to walk at night. The amount of lights on campus is “well above the industry standard” said Harber. The University now has plans to improve the lighting for the interior campus. Commuter and non-traditional students who have to walk to the parking lot or bus stop after getting out of classes at night can feel safer knowing there is constant police presence, cameras and well-lit areas on campus. So, it seems that reputation isn’t everything. We have one of the safest campuses but it’s impossible to have no crime. Here are ways to take extra measures to keep you and your belongings safe while on campus: 

Have a buddy system- If you have to walk on campus at night, it’s always a good idea to walk with someone. Or call the Tiger Escort service 901-678- HOME (4663) to have a student officer or police escort. This service is available 24/7


40% of crimes on campus are larceny/ general thefts– Hide valuables before locking and leaving your car. Also, never leave your things unattended even if it’s just for a minute.


Be aware of your surroundings- Most people think that talking on a cell phone will deter a criminal attack. However, you actually become an easy target when you seem distracted. Walk with your head up and have a pre-planned route so you know where you’re going.


Avoid confrontation – Even if you do catch someone in the act of committing a crime, let the trained police officers handle it. Escalated conflict can lead to violence.


Program 901-678-HELP (4357) into your phone. This is a direct line to the police dispatcher.


Tiger Texts keeps you updated via text message about campus alerts, university closings, or closings due to inclement weather. Sign up at If you have any personal questions or concerns about your safety on campus, the Police Service department has two locations at 505 Zach Curlin in the parking garage and 425 Patterson. Visit for

more information.

Cyber bullying seminar and twitter party

Campus offers computer labs and internet access for students. Are you being safe online?

Sept 13th 11:20– 12:45 in UC 300 Join us and speaker, Peggy Hancock , to learn how to fight back against cyber bullies. Keep the discussion going with us during the seminar by adding #umrespect to your tweets


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ACSS CONNECTION September 2012

Opening Week Celebrations Photo Album ACSS kicked off the school year by greeting students with free breakfast and inviting them to the annual ice cream social

Upcoming Campus Events  Lunch and Learn– Free pizza and seminar on resume writing September 12th @ 12:30-1:30 UC Bluff Room  Centennial Celebration Luncheon with James Carville & Mary Matalin September 14th @ 11:30 am UC Ballroom  Career and Internship Expo Sept 25th & 26th 7am– 4:30 p.m. UC Ballroom


The Adult and Commuter Student Services office is located on The University of Memphis campus in the University Center RM 243. Our regular hours are 8:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. Monday through Thursday and from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Friday. If you need after hours help, please call us to make arrangements. We welcome comments, questions, or suggestions. We can be reached by phone at 901-678-2644 during our regular business hours or after hours leave us a message on voice mail. You may also reach us through e-mail at

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September 2012 Connection Issue  

This issue features articles about safety on University of Memphis campus, cyber bullying and Opening Week photos

September 2012 Connection Issue  

This issue features articles about safety on University of Memphis campus, cyber bullying and Opening Week photos