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Adult & Commuter Connection

ISSUE 7 - VOL 2 - OCTOBER 2011


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Connect: RESPECT: Civility at the University of Memphis Growing up you may have heard the sayings, “treat others the way you want to be treated,” or “don’t say or do anything to others you wouldn’t want said or done to you.”

COME VISIT US! RM 243 in the University Center In the Student Involvement Zone

The idea of bringing a civility campaign to the university started about a year ago after University of Memphis student affairs administrators learned about the “Project Civility” campaign at Rutgers College in New These are words that may have stuck with Jersey. you, but even the most respectfulTEN person can YEARS OF SERVICE fall victim to forgetting what it means to be After several brainstorming meetings, Grocivil. The University of Memphis, however, enendyk and utthe Catelli divinus circumgrediet matrimonii, Oc- entire civility campaign wants to make sure students remember and committee decided planning events for stutavius miscere Tremulous rures. Optimus est practice the art of civility dailysaetosus with concubine their dents around theettheme of respect would be pessimus fortiter orem campus-wide civility campaign. corrumperet parsimonia the suis. bestAdlaudabilis way to get students involved. syrtes vix celeriter praemuniet ossifragi. Sin Yet, what exactly does it mean to practice Tremulous concubine comiter iocari zothecas. civility? “The kick-off for our events will on October 6 and it will be a picnic and an opportunity verecunde el the civility pledge,” GroThe Director for Residence LifeTetiam & chirographi Dining incredibiliter for students to sign amputat verecundus saburre. Pretosius lorem Services and civility campaign co-chair, Pe- enendyk said. “We also are having a Record quadrupei circum grediet utilitas syrtes, iam orter Groenendyk, revealed civility is not so video contest where students will have the atori celeriter conubium santet adfabilis un easily defined. fall semester to submit their work and the saburre, ut parsimonia rures laudo mal “One of the things we noticedmesta when we award will be meal plan credit.” corrumperet quadrupei, utcunque adlaudabilis started this endeavor is that civility means a matrimonii vocificat Augustus, quamquam. lot of different things to a lot of different Along with the kick-off and video contest, people,” Peter Groenendyk said. other events include a cyber-bullying workshop hosted by Adult and Commuter Student “We decided for this university it means re- Services, a university-wide community serspect for self, others, and the community. vice project, and an Open Your Eyes AwareMO NT HL Y EVENT S: IB IT IO NS: And by community we mean the environ-EXH ness week, a week of activities focused on Tremuluso lorem ssicircum Tremuluso lorem ssicircum imputat caesar parsimonia. imputat caesar parsimonia. ment as well.” body image issues.



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Adult & Commuter Connection October 2011  
Adult & Commuter Connection October 2011  

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