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Adult & Commuter Connection

The World at Your Door

Imagine backpacking through the lush landscape of Costa Rica or taking wine tasting classes in Italy all while earning college credit. If this sounds great, look no further than the University of Memphis’ study abroad program.

Chrystal Goudsouzian, study abroad program advisor, explains to learn more about study abroad programs take a trip to the office. “Usually coming in is the best way to find out where students can go, what their financial situation is, and what the best fit is going to be for them,” she said. Goudsouzian then compiles a list of places that would be a good fit and the student applies. Some places listed are even popular for non-traditional students like France and Costa Rica. Cheryl West, a former non-traditional student at U of M who received her masters

in French, explained why France was a popular option for her. “I chose a program in a remote [part of France] and hardly anyone spoke English. It was a chance for me to be totally immersed in the culture.”

“All students pay into a scholarship fund. It’s called the International Experience Scholarship fund and everyone pays $10 a semester,” said Goudsouzian. “Last year we awarded, I want to say, roughly $440,000 away in scholarships. And U of M is one of the only schools with this Students are not limited to the places they fund that uses it entirely for scholarships.” can visit based on language aptitude, their course of study, or the amount of time The scholarship fund doesn’t provide full they want to spend overseas. “If they have financing for the trip, yet the reward kids or jobs, we can even do short term money gives students some assistance. trips,” Goudsouzian said. “You can go for The amount one spends on a study abroad a semester. You can go for an entire year.” program, however, is nothing compared to the amount of opportunity gained. The over 200 places one can visit may sound exciting, but the thought of financ- “I was gone for 9 weeks so I was a little ing the trip can be nerve-racking. Howbit apprehensive,” West said. “But having ever, what may not be known is students the support of family and having my goal at the U of M have already started financ- was good. My goal was to be a high ing their study abroad program through school teacher and now I have a job at St. enrollment fees. Benedict High School teaching French.” Want to hear more study abroad stories? Check out our Student Spotlight on pg. 4

Real Heroes Among Us The tragic events of September 11 launched a war on terrorism sending many American men and women overseas to protect the U.S. Although still in the midst of a war, the climate in America has evolved. Some troops have begun to return to the states and pursue educational goals. A few of these American heroes have even landed at the University of Memphis. Mary Jean Nelms, coordinator of veteran affairs at U of M, said, “Our [veteran] student numbers can change a lot but currently, looking at all the VA educational program chapters, we have three hundred ninety-six veterans, not including dependents of veterans, enrolled this fall as << Harry Niewald III, U.S. Navy (L) & Jonathan Bratcher, U.S. Marine, at the mobile USO event on of September 7.”Veteran students get financial support for college coursesthe campus of University of Memphis

To learn more about the heroes among us continue to pg. 3

Cashing In: Investing in Your Education Statistics report adult learners are one of the fastest growing student groups among US colleges. With the number of nontraditional students enrolling in higher education increasing, securing financial support for the distinct group may prove to be more difficult. Following these few tips can help any student stay ahead of the aid line and prepare to finance their education. Apply for financial assistance early. The sooner you apply, the sooner your application gets reviewed. Knowing what kind of aid is available to you allows time to pursue other methods of funding your education if necessary.

and payment plans can vary greatly with the two loans. If you decide to pursue a private educational loan make sure to do your homework as well. If you don’t need it, don’t borrow it. Who wants to be in debt forever? Plan ahead. Assess what your school expenses are in advance and only accept loans to cover the specified amount. Use your resources. Many companies provide tuition assistance programs. If you are a part-time student, who works as well, ask your supervisor about what tuition benefits are available to you.

Continue to do your research. When it comes to financLook for scholarships geared towards ing your education, the more you know the better off you you. There are plenty of scholarships and are. Even if you have obtained money for your education, grants available, but they won’t always keeping abreast of changes in financial aid and learning find you, so be prepared to look. Whether about additional scholarships can be helpful. Grab a Picture from you are adult learner, veteran, a single few books geared toward acquiring higher education parent, or even left-handed citizen, check funding and staying out of debt. A few great guides include into finding scholarships matching your unique qualities. “501 Ways For Adult Students To Pay For College” by Gen and Know the difference between the student loans. Kelly Tanabe or “The Total Money Make-over” by David RamLearning the difference between a subsidized and sey. unsubsidized federal loan can save you. Interest rates Add the ACSS channel to your MyMemphis Portal and receive cheap gas prices locations and updates. Go to MyMemphis Portal and click on Content Layout > New Channel > News > Adult and Commuter Student Services Twitter


Staying Safe On and Off Campus You’re walking alone down a dimly lit street, arm full of books, and out of nowhere someone tries to attack you. What do you do? The Staying Safe On and Off Campus seminar offered students a chance to learn exactly what to do.

Students attending the workshop believed the information was helpful. One student was pleased to find out about the many police stations located on campus. Andrea Valentine, a freshman majoring in pre-physical therapy, said, “I really liked that he pointed out the main places to get help. Before, I only knew about the station on Patterson.”

The workshop also featured videos demonstrating self-defense techniques. Detective Marco Anderson with Steven Messer, a freshman majoring in Spanish, said, “I liked the University of Memphis Po- the videos. I got a view of what could happen if you got attacked.” << A student watches as Detective lice Department, gave students key safety advice and pointed Anderson gives safety tips out ways to avoid becoming a Detective Anderson believes in protecting students and wants target.“The main thing is to remember to walk in groups and you to know he is here for you. “We have about thirty-four be sure to program the campus police number in your phone,” officers on this campus for your protection. We’ve been one of Anderson said. the safest campuses in Tennessee and we want to help keep it Anderson also emphasized other important tips like not leaving that way,” Anderson said. purses and backpacks lying around and keeping cell phone cords or GPS devices out of sight in your car.


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To get more tips on staying safe, visit and listen to the staying safe on and off campus podcasts.

Real Heroes Among Us

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through various educational programs including the G.I. Bill “I’ve enjoyed being here and college is a lot different this and the Reserve Educational Assistance program. One veteran time around. I have a lot more discipline.” student found his way to the university through the U.S. Marine Corps. Stephan Christiansen, who served as combat engineer in the U.S. Army and spent four years in Iraq, also believes being in “The program I am in is called the Marine Enlisted Commis- a university environment is a different experience. “I just sioning Educational Program,” Jonathan Bratcher, an enlisted have a different view about life than probably the average marine, said. “Instead of getting out of the military until your student who is 30 or younger,” he said. contract is up and going to college on your own, you can compete for a position in the program where you stay on ac- Both Bratcher’s and Christiansen’s perspective on being at tive duty and receive all paying benefits.” the University of Memphis resonates how grateful veterans are to have the freedom to get an higher education. A freedom Bratcher, a finance major, has been in the military for 5 years they have fought for American students to have. The number and attended the University of Memphis for a year before of veterans students at the U of M displays just how many, at enlisting with the marines in 2005. He served in Afghanistan this university alone, have fought for that freedom. Take time and his college experience has taken on a new meaning. to honor a veteran for they are truly heroes among us.

A Moment with the Director

Making your mark through Leadership The University of Memphis offers many opportunities for you to define yourself and grow into the leader you wish to become. I encourage you to “seize the day” and take advantage of your resources inside and outside of the classroom. Our study abroad program allows students to enhance leadership skills on a cultural and academic level. In our Student Spotlight section, non-traditional students share what wonderful experiences we can have when you take advantage of an opportunity to study abroad. We also chose to honor our veteran students in this month’s newsletter. Veterans are more than just leaders, but true heroes among us. Their stories reveal that you can learn to lead in many different ways and we should cherish our freedom and appreciate the chance to cultivate our minds through higher education development. I’m also excited about the wonderful events and immediate leadership possibilities you can have by simply getting involved.

A&C Connection - September 2010 - pg 3

On October 6, stop by the Student Health Fair and promote healthy living along with your peers. Support the Commuter Student Association or Adult Student Association by attending one of their events. Then visit our website ( for information regarding various campus activities. In closing, I hope each of you have settled into your classes and are starting to find your niche on campus. If finding that niche has turned out to be a bit of a challenge, do not hesitate to contact me. Your academic and social advancement is important to me and the staff in Adult and Commuter Student Services. Always remember we are here for you. Sincerely, Joy Stout

Contact Information Joy Rogers Stout Director, Adult and Commuter Student Services The University of Memphis 243 University Center Voice: (901) 678-2644 E-mail:


Students and Faculty Shining Brightly

Two adventurous non-traditional students, Regina Doherty and Lorraine Meiners-Lovel, put aside their hectic schedules and busy family lives to explore a foreign land. Here’s a peak into their exciting study abroad trips. REGINA DOHERTY’S COSTA RICAN GETAWAY Why did you choose to study in Costa Rica? The truth is, when I began school at the University of Memphis I saw one of the advertisement posters in Dunn Hall. I told God I wanted to do that someday. I lost my job and was given an open window that would allow me to be away from home for 35 days. I got a little nervous about it when I first realized that I really may be going. I could not afford this at all. Receiving the scholarship money was the only way I could do this financially. I believe God made the way because he wanted me to have this experience in my life.

<< Regina enjoying the Pacific Ocean in Costa Rica.

<< Regina visiting the sites, including Poas Volcano National Park, in Costa Rica.

What were some highlights of your trip? Tortuga Island was very nice. I got to ride the banana boat and swim in the Pacific Ocean. Two things I can mark off on my things to do list. The waterfalls and the volcanoes were very beautiful. The humming birds, the butterflies, the flowers, and the cathedrals were magnificent. It was very overwhelming!!! Costa Rica also has a very unique children’s museum. What would you tell someone about the benefits of studying abroad? I am glad that I went. The experience of doing something so out of the ordinary to this capacity gives me quite a sense of accomplishment.

LORRAINE MEINERS-LOVEL’S VOYAGE to the CZECH REPUBLIC Why did you choose to study in the Czech Republic? I went to Pilsen, Czech Republic to study Teaching English as a Foreign Language and obtain my TEFL teaching certificate.

<< Above: Lorraine on a walking tour in Pilsen, Czech Republic. << Below: The Pilsen Puppet Museum


What were some highlights of your trip? Teaching ESL is a career change for me and I had never been abroad before, so this was a real adventure. Teaching English to my Czech students was an amazing experience and confirmed my thoughts, that this is what I want to do in my next career phase. The trip included an excursion in Pilsen and around the rest of the Czech Republic. We went to Prague, and took a weekend trip to Moravia, which is Czech wine country. I successfully completed the TEFL certificate program, so I got my certificate at the end of summer there.

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What would you tell someone about the benefits of studying abroad? By all means, do it! I had a great time and for me, it meant being able to concentrate on myself and my studies without being distracted by my family and life in general. I was able to take time and really think about what I wanted from this next chapter of my life and come back really refreshed and motivated to finish my graduate studies.

<< The Astrological clock at City Hall in Prague, Czech Republic.

Fine Arts Events:


University of Memphis Choirs Choral Sampler Oct 5 from 7:30p.m. to 10:00p.m. in the Rose Theatre Love in Time of War stage production Oct 11-17 at 8:00p.m. in Theatre and Communications

Go Tigers, Go!

French Film Festival Oct 11-17 at 7:00p.m. to 10:00p.m. in the Rose Theatre The Art Museum at University of Memphis Visit Mon-Sat from 9:00a.m. to 5:00 p.m. to view various ongoing collections and exhibits

Student Health Center Hours Mondays, Wednesdays, & Fridays: 8am - 6:00pm & Tuesdays from 9am - 6:00pm

Around Campus: Friday Film Series Every Friday from 7:00p.m. to 9:30 p.m. in the UC Theatre Tiger Blue Goes Green (Technologies Awareness Day) Oct 5 from 10:00a.m. to 3:00p.m. in the Student Plaza Service on Saturday Oct 9 from 8:00a.m. to 2:00p.m. in UC 304


OCT 16

Women’s Volleyball


vs. Marshall 7:00 PM - Fieldhouse

vs. Southern Mississippi 11:00 AM - Memphis, TN


OCT 22


Women’s Soccer

vs. Tulsa 6:00 PM - Memphis, TN

vs. Rice 7:00 PM - Mike Rose Complex

OCT 3 Women’s Soccer

vs. Southern Mississippi 1:00 PM - Mike Rose Complex OCT 15 Women’s Volleyball vs. Houston 7:00 PM - Fieldhouse

Lunch and Learn Career Services Workshop Oct 13 and Oct 27 at 12:30p.m. in UC 304 SAC Homecoming Step Show Oct 28 at 6:00p.m. in the Rose Theatre

OCT 23 Men’s Soccer vs. SMU

7:00PM - Mike Rose Complex OCT 30 Football

vs. Houston (Homecoming) 6:00 PM - Memphis, TN

Recreation Center Hours Monday– Thursday: 6:30am- 10:30pm

Homecoming Parade Oct 29 at 5:30p.m. around campus

Friday 6:30am-9:30pm Saturday 9am-6pm and Sunday 1pm-6pm

MEMPHIS MADNESS The Memphis Tigers basketball teams are ready to show off their talent during Memphis Madness at the FedEx Forum on Friday, October 15. Memphis Madness will treat Tiger fans to introductions of the 2010-2011 men and women basketball teams, an autograph session with the players, a women’s team practice, and a scrimmage between the men’s team. There will even be a chance to witness a dunk contest and a 3 pt shoot out. The doors of the event open up to the general public at 7pm. The admission is free. Tiger fans are encouraged to come early, for a big turnout is expected. “Last year, we had to shut the doors. It was phenomenal,” Brandon Hays, Director of Marketing and Promotions for U of M Athletics, said. “Season tickets for Tiger basketball can sell out really fast, so this is a great opportunity for the public to see the Tigers for free.” To keep the crowd entertained as they wait, there will be live music starting at 6:30pm. Memphis Madness promises to be a “can’t miss” event for all. For more information about Memphis Madness visit


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Connect: Memphis is full of culture and festivities during the fall season. Festivities range from family fun carnivals to spookier events perfect for those who love Halloween. This October, grab a family member or a friend and take advantage of the fun. Zoo Boo Location: The Memphis Zoo Dates and Times: October and 23, 2010 -- 6:30-9:30 p.m. October 29, 30, and 31, 2010 -5:30-9:30p.m. Admission: $10 for members and $12 for non-members in advance, $12 for members and $15 for non-members at the gate Description: Features a not-so haunted tour of Primate Canyon, a costume contest, magic shows, Dracula's Disco, and the Little Beauty Shop of Horrors. Source: tpfallfestivals.htm

RiverArtsFest Location: South Main Street Dates and Times: October 23 and 24,2010, Times TBA. Admission: Free Description: The RiverArtsFest is a fine arts festival featuring art exhibitions, an art market, live music, food, wine, and more. Hauntedweb of Horrors Haunted House Location: 700 North Germantown Parkway Dates and Times: October 8-9, 15-16, 20-23, and 27-31, 2010 Doors open from 7:30 p.m. to 10 p.m. on weeknights and 7:30 p.m. to midnight on Friday and Saturday Admission: $10 per haunt or $18 for both haunts Description: The Hauntedweb of Horrors serves up two separate haunts, all in one location!

CSAâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Upcoming Events Be a part of the Commuter Students

Oct.14â&#x20AC;&#x201C; General Meeting 3pm UC River Room

Association (CSA) Visit us at:

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The mission of the Adult & Commuter Student Services office is to provide a supportive environment for nontraditional and commuter students that promotes intellectual, social and academic growth and development through services and programs that foster lifelong learning.

The Adult and Commuter Student Services office is located on The University of Memphis campus in the University Center, Room 243. Our regular hours are 8:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. Monday through Thursday and from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Friday. If you need after hours help, please call us to make arrangements.


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We welcome comments, questions, or suggestions. We can be reached by phone at 901-678-2644 during our regular business hours or after hours leave us a message on voice mail. You may also reach us through e-mail at

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