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Volume 05 Issue 002 October 2013

Founder Of Hattiloo Theatre Speaks to Students at the University of Memphis Hattiloo Theatre is a black repertory theatre company that stages at least seven major productions and six special performances every season. Their goal is to highlight the diversity of Black artistic expression, including music, theatre, and dance ( On Tuesday, October 2, the founder of the Hattiloo theatre, Ekundayo Bandele, came to speak at the University of Memphis. During his speech he talked about the challenges and hardships that he had to overcome with founding the theatre, he also discussed life experiences that led to the theatre’s success, along with encouragement to individuals who are striving to become leaders. “Leveraging relationships,” is one of the topics that Bandele discussed during his speech. Many of the people who Bandele came in contact with were all a part of his success in founding the Hattiloo theatre. He traveled all over Europe meeting artists and, painters and directors. While traveling he met an American playwright, George C. Wolfe. George had seen his plays and he asked Bandele to workshop some of his shows at the Karamu house, which is a playhouse settlement, in Cleveland, Ohio. He then met other playwrights who encouraged him to write and produce more plays, which gave Bandele the idea to start a theatre. “Every person you meet is an opportunity for development,” Bandele said. He said that when he met all of these people he didn’t know the reason, but every time he met someone, it opened the door for more opportunities. Bandele, shared a story about two drunk “white” guys, Randy and Percy, that he met in midtown. He said that he was telling them about his theatre and the guys asked who was working on the building. Bandele had no one working on his building and very little money to pay anyone to do it. Coincidentally, Randy and Percy were contractors and said they would build it. He told the guys that he could only pay them $10 per hour, and they still agreed. When they arrived, they had a confederate flag on the back of their pick- up truck and Randy had on a hat that said “Go back where you belong.” Bandele had no idea what he was getting himself into, but the irony of it all is that when it was time to pay the contractors he gave them the check and they said, “You paid us too much.” Bandele said, “No we agreed $10/hour.” They said they were splitting the money so they were working for $10 an hour. That opened Bandele’s eyes to something; you never know who you’re going to meet and the opportunities for development.” Bandele’s last point was to encourage African American students to surround themselves with people who have what we want, not with people who are just like us. He said that there is no opportunity for growth if you are hanging around individuals who are in the stagnant place that you are in. Meet people who have more money or experience than you have. Ask them questions, connect the dots with the information that you get from those questions, and fill the gaps. Bandele proposed a question, “What can you bring that is non-existent?” He said it is important to look and see what is missing and capitalize on it, don’t recreate what has already been done.

Seizing Opportunities can Create Successful Careers Hello to All!!!

Joy Rogers Stout, Director Adult and Commuter Student Services Phone: 901-678-2644 E-mail:

The fall season is now here. We expect to see leaves falling and a change in attire according to the weather. With that being said, I really want you to stay healthy. Please take advantage of our health services by taking flu shots, and attend our upcoming U of M Health Fair that is scheduled Oct 9th from 10 a.m. until 2 p.m., on the Student Plaza. The Commuter Student Appreciation Week was a success and we hope that you all enjoyed the breakfast, luncheon, safety expo and all of the other activities that were planned by the CSA. Please take the opportunity to get to learn more about the Commuter Student Association and their plans for the semester. We have included events in this edition that we hope that you will attend when you are free, such as local community events during the month of October, breast cancer & domestic violence awareness events, the student spotlight, an article about the founder of the Hattiloo Theatre and fun facts about students’ plans for fall break and Halloween. Also, don’t forget to use your time wisely and commute safely to and from campus. Enjoy Fall break


The mission of the Adult & Commuter Student Services office is to provide a supportive environment for non-traditional and commuter students that promotes intellectual, social and academic growth development through services and programs that foster lifelong learning.


STAYING SAFE On &Off Campus SEMINAR TUESDAY,OCTOBER 22 9:40 a.m.—11:05a.m. UC 340A 02


STUDENT SPOTLIGHT Getting to Know our Commuters

ACSS: What has your experience been like at the University of Memphis? Alton: My experience has been life changing. Being a student at the U of M has given me the opportunity to have a more diverse mindset and to set better standards for myself. ACSS: What are your plans after graduation? Alton: I want to get into community relations, public relations or community investment with a sports organization. ACSS: What have you accomplished since you’ve been in College? Alton: I have accomplished and overcome fear of not succeeding, not being able to find my purpose in life, furthering my education, being more involved in the city and the fear of networking. I am a member of leadership Memphis, the Memphis Institute and I have a mentoring program called STS Enterprise. ACCS: Tell us more about your mentoring program.

Alton Cryer Alton: STS, (setting the standard), Enterprise is a program that we Senior started in December 2012, for young men ages 12-18. We created Sports Management this program because Memphis needs more role models for men and we want them to strive for excellence in whatever they do. We teach them leadership skills, humility, how to be open minded and we even show them etiquette, such as pulling the chair out for a lady, opening the door etc. ACSS: What inspired you the most to organize this mentoring program? Alton: Because I know the importance if having a mentor; it’s mandatory for men to have someone to talk to and know that even though you make mistakes you can still have a brighter future. ACSS: What advice can you give adults and student commuters who want to start a program like this? Alton: Find a mentor yourself, “Iron sharpens iron,” get involved in the city and network. You have to have commitment — you will even have to sacrifice personal time and funding. But most of all, keep God first.




What are you going to be for Halloween? Katie Conner | Education | Freshman

Katie is going to work on Halloween as a minion.

WHAT ARE YOUR PLANS FOR FALL BREAK? Ashley Vaught| Nursing| Sophomore

Ashley is going to Cincinnati to visit her friend during Fall break.

Jennifer Brewer | Sociology | Sophomore Bobby Bradley | Chemistry | Freshman

Bobby is going trick-or-treating dressed as the Grim Reaper. Cynthia Figuroa |Nursing | Sophomore

Cynthia is going to her theatre class dressed up as a big baby for Halloween. She said that her professor is giving students extra credit for wearing their Halloween costumes to class.



Fall break, Jennifer and her boyfriend are going to Nashville to be with her best friend Teresa when she delivers her new baby.

Rico Doss|Senior| Psychology

For Fall break, Rico is going to Chicago, Illinois to visit family and to see the artist “The Weekend� in concert.




October 25-27

Location: Historic South Main Arts District, Main Street between Huling and Webster Admission: Free on Friday night, $5 on Saturday and $5 on Sunday Festival website:

Saturday, October 12th 9a.m.—12p.m.

$22/adult. $15/child. Ghost runner: $17 Marsh Headquarters 1000 Ridgeway Loop Memphis, TN



Take Some Time to Calm Your Mind The Relaxation Zone

211 Wilder Tower Every Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday 1:00—1:30 p.m.

Starting October 1

HAVE SOMETHING YOU WANT TO SHARE IN THE NEWSLETTER? (poems, articles, Advertisements for oncampus events, etc.) CONTACT THE EDITOR, JESSICA RAINER,

TUESDAY, OCTOBER 8TH 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Student Plaza

The University Of Memphis Annual Student Health Fair Wednesday, October 9th 10a.m.—2p.m. Student Plaza For more info:

CONTACT AND GENERAL INFORMATION The Adult and Commuter Student Services office is located on The University of Memphis campus in the University Center RM 243. Our regular hours are 8:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. Monday through Thursday and from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Friday. If you need after hours help, please call us to make arrangements. We welcome comments, questions, or suggestions. We can be reached by phone at 901-678-2644 during our regular business hours or after hours leave us a message on

October 2013  

The welcoming breeze of cooler temperatures means that fall has arrived. We hope you are continuing to have a great semester and that you ar...

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