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Adult & Commuter Connection

ISSUE 7 - VOL 3 - NOV/DEC 2011


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University of Memphis: Celebrates 100 Years After 100 years of providing opportunities to further educate and cultivate great minds, the University of Memphis is taking a look back on their rich history. Among the centennial events and beautiful Tigers around Town artwork, the details of the university’s historical journey are captured in a collectable book.

COME VISIT US! RM 243 in the University Center In the Student Involvement Zone

“To me, the desegregation of the institution in the late 1950s significantly changed the campus and the student body,” Dr. Bond said. “The school was created under Tennessee’s 1909 Education Act as one of four schools for training teachers. There was one school in each of the three Grand Divisions of Tennessee for white students and one in Nashville for black students. Desegregation changed all four of these institutions.”

“We felt the University of Memphis needed a “coffee table” book that would capture all of the exciting and memorable events and personalities TEN YEARS OF SERVICE in its 100 years of existence,” Dr. Beverly Bond Dr. Bond believes that learning interesting tid-bits said. about the university will help build a deeper apCatelli divinus circumgrediet matrimonii, ut Ocpreciate for the university. She also believes partavius miscere Tremulous rures. Optimus est University of Memphis history professor, Dr. ticipating in the different activities surrounding concubine pessimus fortiter orem et Beverly Bond, co-wrote “Dreamers.saetosus Thinkers. the centennial event will really help foster a corrumperet parsimonia suis. Adlaudabilis Doers. A Centennial History of the University of stronger sense of Tiger pride. syrtes vix celeriter praemuniet ossifragi. Sin Memphis” and explained after reading the book, concubine“Bring comiter iocari one will be introduced to interestingTremulous facts about yourzothecas. friends and family for a tour of the the university like why it’s been reincarnated so Tigers Around Town tigers here on campus,” Dr. Tetiam chirographi incredibiliter verecunde el a cap, pin, sweatshirt, or tmany times. Bond said. “Or buy amputat verecundus shirt saburre. Pretosius lorem that celebrates our centennial year.” quadrupei circum grediet syrtes, iam “The school has gone through five “incarnations” Forutilitas Dr. Bond, herorTiger pride will shine for years starting out as West Tennessee Normal atori School, celeriter conubium to santet comeadfabilis through un the centennial book. West Tennessee State Teachers College, mesta Memphis saburre, ut parsimonia rures laudo mal State College, Memphis State University and the “For me itadlaudabilis means a lot to be able to participate in corrumperet quadrupei, utcunque University of Memphis,” Dr. Bond said. writing quamquam. the history book as a Memphian and threematrimonii vocificat Augustus, time graduate of the university,” Dr. Bond said. “With each of these name changes, the university’s mission has changed as well. There are so “U of M has as proud a heritage and a boundless many interesting and exciting events related to future as the city of Memphis itself. This school these changes that you’ll have to buy the book to has always been an important part of the commuMO NT HL Y EVENT S: EXHnity IB IT IO NS:will continue to be so for the next one read them all.” and Tremuluso lorem ssicircum Tremuluso lorem ssicircum However, Dr. Bond didn’t mind sharing more hundred years.” imputat caesar parsimonia. imputat caesar parsimonia. details about an event in the university’s history she believes changed the university’s structure.



Adult & Commuter Connection- Nov/Dec 2011  

The official e-newsletter of Adult and Commuter Student Services.

Adult & Commuter Connection- Nov/Dec 2011  

The official e-newsletter of Adult and Commuter Student Services.