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More than a school, we are a

!"#$%&#'(")) *%++,&'-. At a time when most schools are preparing students for the next test, we are attracting the highest quality educators to prepare our students for life.

Responsive relationships Here, the student-teacher relationship is cherished, and teachers are always available to their students. As a result, students are inspired to work harder, to write another draft, and to ultimately exceed their own expectations. Our relationships with parents are valued just as much. For example, we host monthly Think Tank sessions with parents to discuss, WLEVIERHVI¾IGXYTSRMRMXMEXMZIWMRXLI0S[IV7GLSSP





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We are a !"#$%&#'(")*%++,&'-. Fostering collaboration and leadership We are focused on building character and giving students the space to develop resilient spirits. Our students volunteer and lead. They take on challenges and work together. They leave Allendale Columbia ready to innovate, collaborate, communicate, and change the world they will enter.

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Being part of something larger than themselves 7XYHIRXWMREPPKVEHIWGSQIXSKIXLIVJVIUYIRXP] to share and engage with one another with such signature Allendale Columbia traditions as our well-loved Blue/White Day and daily family-style lunches. The result: meaningful friendships develop between older and younger students, the value of respect is learned, and essential communication skills are honed every day in the company of peers and teachers.

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Rob C. ’11, Harvard University ’15

7!4%'&(!)*9:) Nicole F. ’19

!"#$%&'(#()&%'(*&+*,-'(#(. 519 Allens Creek Road | Rochester, NY 14618 | 585.641.5344 | | Now well into its second century, Allendale Columbia is a leading independent co-ed college prep school for students in nursery through grade 12. Here, learning goes far beyond books and tests. We have the freedom to dig deeper so students can question more, discuss, debate, and question again. As a result, our students develop critical thinking skills and become effective problem solvers. Our faculty members use their independence and experience to connect knowledge to real life so our students can make more sense of the world–and their place in it. It all adds up to a different school of thought: high expectations and relevant experiences that prepare students to succeed in a global community.

Responsive Community  

Allendale Columbia is more than a school, it is a responsive community

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