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MY PRESENTATION Hi, I am a girl with 14 years old . My name is Carmen Soler Zamora. My birthday is the 28th of July. I have a sister called Cristina and she´s 13 years old. My parents called Juan and Carmen and there are fourty seven and fourty six. I live in Ogíjares, Granada with my parents and my sister. I am in Alhambra high school in el Zaidin , I am in 3rd course. I'm new at this centre and now I like it quite a lot . I am a medium-size, blonde, with curly hair, my eyesare brown. I like to do in my free time is listen to music and paint. Things I like are riding horse and meet with my friends. My favorites sports are handball and tennis. My friends think I'm a quiet girl, spontaneous, nice, and other things.

My Presentation  

is a text than describes me