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Last Spring more than 400 viewed CAED students’ work at an opening and reception for the exhibition “Skin Deep” at “Gallery 1point618” in Cleveland. Curated by Adjunct Professor Marc Manack and assisted by CAED students Danny Wills and Greg Evans, the exhibition collected recent student work that explored issues of ornament, surface effects and “superficiality” in architecture. On June 1, 2007 Dean Steven Fong was a panelist for a program, “Paradox and Potential: Contemporary Public Space”, sponsored by the Museum of Contemporary Art in Cleveland, in conjunction with a lecture by architect Farshid Moussavi (of Foreign Office Architects, recently appointed to design the new MOCA Cleveland) and an exhibition about public space prepared at the Van Alen Institute. The Florence Program celebrated last May the dedication of the late CAED faculty Richard Role 1,000 volume book collection at the library at Palazzo Cerchi, KSU Florence Program facility. The acquisition was funded by a generous gift from Paul Ricciuti (’59). The 2007 edition of “The Kent State Forum on the City”, directed by Architecture Program & Study Abroad Coordinator Maurizio Sabini, will focus this Fall on “Rotterdam: A Laboratory for Modernity”. The forum will be held on October 27, 2007, at Palazzo Cerchi, Florence (I) as usual. Starting this Fall, CAED will also offer a nonprofessional undergraduate major in Architec-

tural Studies. This degree (Bachelor of Arts) will provide an individualized, liberal arts path to graduate education in design fields. Alternatively it is intended as a preparation for students who wish to work in design related fields, combing architectural training with studies in other disciplines. The program, coordinated by Assistant Professor Steven Rugare, will also allow the CAED to offer a wider range of experimental and interdisciplinary offerings in theory and history. university of minnesota Leslie Van Duzer received a $5,000 e-Scholarship sponsored by the College of Design for Development of the Design Fundamentals Gallery – An online learning module to supplement ARCH 1281. In addition, she was an invited speaker at the 2007 Architecture Education Summit in Los Angeles in April. Her lecture is entitled “Straddling Dichotomies.” WCCO TV featured Leslie Van Duzer’s freshman class garments/buildings project that was displayed in the Rapson Courtyard last week in a 30-second spot on Friday, March 30. Steve Weeks received a $5,000 e-Scholarship sponsored by the College of Design for Development on interactive website, Building the Extra-Ordinary Ordinarily. Benjamin Ibarra Sevilla was a guest reviewer for graduate and undergraduate studios final reviews at the University of Arkansas, School of Architecture, April 27-May 2. Benjamin will publish an article about stereotomy in the Politecnical University of Valencia (Spain) magazine, Loggia: Arquitectura y Restauracion. “Home Sweet Home 2037 “ by Karen Youso, Star Tribune, March 25, 2007 states John Carmody guided the design of Minnesota’s house of the future project. In addition, John is cited as a primary source for “Kitchen of the future: Interactive comfort“ by Karen Youso, Star Tribune, March 23, 2007 .

tive teaching project, Visioning Rail Transit in Northwest Arkansas: Lifestyles and Ecologies, which was one of three recipients of a 2007 AIA Education Honor Awards for Excellence. As a visiting professor at the University of Arkansas, Conway led one of the project’s three studios, Transit Oriented Publics, which explored transit-oriented development (TOD) and sustainability issues in rapidly growing northwest Arkansas.


A study abroad proposal submitted by Virajita Singh (Adjunct Assistant Professor, Senior Research Fellow) has been selected to be offered as a Global Seminar by the Learning Abroad Center in winter break of 2007/2008. Students from diverse disciplines across the University of Minnesota will spend three weeks in northern India in a design immersion experience focused on ecological approaches, sacred spaces, and a design-build project to meet the needs of a local community. Virajita was also a guest reviewer of building systems integrated studio projects at Dalhousie University, Nova Scotia, Canada, April 2-4. Dean Thomas Fisher and Virajita Singh participated in a meeting organized by the University-Hennepin County Partnership on March 22 with a focus on the county’s efforts to end homelessness. Fisher and Singh presented their work on the seminar and studio courses they co-taught on architecture and homelessness in spring of 2006. In the seminar and studio, students worked with a Minneapolis shelter to redesign their space and also volunteered at a one day event, Project Homeless Connect, which connected homeless persons to the services they needed all under one roof. Ritu Bhatt’s “Aesthetic or Anaesthetic: Competing Symbols on the Las Vegas Strip” will be published in Instruction as Provocation, or Relearning from Las Vegas edited by Aron Vinegar and Michael Golec.

“Ecological Literacy in Architectural Education,” a highly anticipated American Institute of Architects (AIA) report, cites Mary Guzowski and the late Rebecca Foss as “champions of sustainable design.”

John Carmody, Mary Guzowski and Richard Strong recently received a grant from the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency to develop the Minnesota Zero Energy Design Protocol (mnZED Protocol). This protocol will include design tools, guidelines, and an energy calculator to assist architects with zero energy/zero emis-

William Conway participated in the collabora-

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land 7-12 July in the Convention Center (http:// and will be the facilitator of the Emerging Architecture Plenary Session in Solar 2007, featuring CAED recent graduate Jason Bing (Recycle Ann Arbor’s Environmental House), David Beach (EcoCity Cleveland), and Susan Roaf (Councilor Professor, School of the Built Environment, Oxford Brookes University). He will be working with Deng-ke Yang, from Kent State Liquid Crystal Institute, on characterizing the thermal and optical characteristics of an energy-efficient window using a bistable switchable liquid crystal glazing. The seed grant ($50,000) will be used to test several window configurations and provide data suitable for comparison with conventional and high-efficiency windows.


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ACSA News, published monthly during the academic year (September through May), serves the essential function of exchanging timely informatio...

ACSA News September 2007  

ACSA News, published monthly during the academic year (September through May), serves the essential function of exchanging timely informatio...