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Awards AIA/ACSA Topaz Medallion please see specific AIA instructions for this award nomination ACSA Distinguished Professor Award ACSA/AIAS New Faculty Teaching Award ACSA Creative Achievement Award

[deadline: October 26, 2007]


Nomination Form

[deadline: September 10, 2007] [deadline: September 10, 2007] [deadline: September 10, 2007] 31

Name of Candidate (s) Affiliation Mailing Address Email





Name of Nominator Affiliation Mailing Address Email

Letter of Nomination enclosed Letter of Nomination to follow under separate cover Name of other Nominators Mail to: ACSA Attention: 2007-08 [Name of Award] 1735 New York Avenue, NW Washington, DC 20006

Contact Information: Eric W. Ellis, Project Manager t. 202/785 2324 ext. 3 f. 202/628 0448

NOTICES • All materials for nominations and submission must be mailed in one complete package. Any incomplete documentation, or if sent in two parts, will not be accepted. • In support of the American Institute of Architecture Students’ (AIAS) resolution on unpaid interns, ACSA does not allow partners of firms who do not pay their interns, in accordance with all applicable laws, to submit work for ACSA publications or to receive ACSA awards. (Intern refers to those individuals participating in IDP or equivalent required training and includes working students.) Nomination or submission to the ACSA Awards Program constitutes your understanding of this agreement. • Current ACSA Board of Directors members may not submit nominating or supporting letters. • Award winners are expected to register and attend the Awards Ceremony at the 96th ACSA Annual Meeting in Houston, TX March 27–30, 2008. • By submitting your project, you certify that you have granted ACSA permission to use all graphics included.



ACSA 2007-2008 Awards Program

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ACSA News September 2007  

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