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Volume 1, Issue 2 Friday 2nd March 2012

Alperton’s Maths Challenge Success! Every year students from Alperton Community School take part in the UKMT Individual Mathematics Challenges, which are lively, intriguing multiple choice question papers, designed to stimulate interest in mathematics.

Ahir, Tejan Shah, Krishan Inamdar, Monal Kathrecha, Daksesh Patel, Alexander Liptak, Schlok Patel, Monica Dhiru, Mathan Packiarajah, Ali Reza Yakhchi Beykloo, Khayam Ahmadi, and Savan Lacmane all earned a Silver certificate.

The three levels (Junior, Intermediate and Senior) cover the secondary school age range from Years Seven to Thirteen attracting over 600,000 students ever year worldwide.

Shubham Satis, Nissalini Rajaratna, Hamish Lacmane, Frazina Botelho, Dipali Dhiru, Urvi Parekh, Thinesh Thurainesan, Sacchin Shah, Harshil Varsani, Jigar Pipalia, Jayendra Joshi, and Pritam Kapadia won the Bronze certificate.

On Thursday 2 February, 60 students from Years Nine, Ten and Eleven took part in the UKMT Intermediate Mathematics Challenge; thirty of these students performed well enough to receive certificates. Venu Rasalingam won the Gold certificate and the ’Best in School’ award, while Tawab Rahmani also took the Gold certificate. Jothika Amaralingam, Owais Syed, Talisha Modasia, Vyomi

Venu Rasalingam, a Year Ten student, came first in the school. Congratulations to Venu! The certificates will be presented in Year assemblies; well done to all who took part, we hope you enjoyed the challenge!

This competition is intended for good mathematicians and we are very proud of these students for achieving these certificates. We hope that the excellent performance of these students helps to raise the profile of the challenges and increases our Gold certificate winners Tawab Rahmani participation in such (left) and Venu Rasalingam events.

Sporting success for Alperton Congratulations to Alperton Community School’s girls cricket team for winning Brent’s Lady Taverners Under -13 cricket competition. The girls played three games, playing twice against Kingsbury and once against Claremont. The first game against Kingsbury ended once the match

was declared after 24 runs. The second game against Kingsbury was declared after 36 runs. The game against Claremont was declared after 52 runs. Coach Mrs Alloway said: “Well done to all the girls, who played so convincingly.”

Alperton’s Under-13 girls cricket team

Key Stage 3 Trip to Imperial College, London Alperton Community School was invited to bring students from Years 7 to 9 to visit London’s Imperial College. The trip was designed to show budding young scientists what a real laboratory, created with a company called Excitec, looks like and how it functions. 30 students from each year group, selected based on their interest in science. Free travel was provided by Transport for London to get to South Kensington, a short walk away from the main site of Imperial. On arrival students had to put their belongings in lockers which were arranged as the Periodic Table and they were sat down into the pristine white

laboratory. The students were all provided with labcoats and goggles and they performed two different experiments; each experiment covering a strand of science (Chemistry and Physics).

It created a tangible buzz of interest in science within the students. On all trips, the students behaved very well and were praised for their interest and behaviour by the staff.

The safety precautions and environment, combined with the presence of actual scientists, made it possible to extend these experiment far beyond what could be done in school. This also included information fresh Year Seven students at Imperial College, London. from the latest research methods.

Spotlight on: Film Club Every lunchtime and after school, Alperton offers its students opportunities to enrich their education outside of their normal school lessons through various clubs and activities being put on by members of staff. In each issue, this Newsletter intends to highlight one such club. First in the spotlight: Film Club, run by Miss Wilkinson. Film Club is very popular at Key Stage Three and

runs every Thursday lunchtime. It has over 40 members from Years Seven, Eight and Nine. Every other week the Club meets to watch a different movie. The students then learn about the film and media industry as they discuss and complete a film review for each film viewed in the Club. fun and watch

“We have lots of lots of cool movies.”

As a reward for their attendance and participation, members get the

opportunity to go and watch a film in a local cinema once a term. Last term, Miss Wilkinson took ten students to watch Super Eight, and this term she took 15 students to watch Journey 2: The Mysterious Island. The trip was a successful and fun afternoon. “I did enjoy the trip and would recommend other students to join Film Club,” said Year Seven student Shriya Sharma. “We have lots of fun and watch lots of cool movies.” Tianna Ross-Mckoy, of Year Eight, said: “Film Club shows me a lot.”

BBC School News Report Alperton’s budding journalists were busy again over the past half-term, tackling subjects from racism to the relevance of the British monarchy. Toni, Danyia, Naeemah, Jennifer, Nurdeen, Amaal, Omari and Hamzah wrote Is Racism Really Solved? In the wake of Stephen Lawrence’s murder making headline news once again, Is Racism Really Solved? took a look at the views of students’ and staff on racism.

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Linear of Modular GCSES? The Big Change takes a look Education Secretary Michael Gove’s decision to change GCSE’s from modular exams to linear ones.

Inspired by 2012 being the year of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, Pritam, Miraj, Dharmit, Shyam and Pavan took a look whether the money that is spent on the monarchy is being put to good use in the article The Monarchy: Is It Worth The Money?

Nikita, Jyoti, Nundni, Tulsi, Nishi, Safa and Iftin interviewed several members of staff and students to get their views on whether the Mrs Kuganathan is inter- All these articles can be viewed change will make exams found on the school webeasier or harder. site.



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International Community Cohesion Links Alperton Community School’s application to the British Council to work towards gaining the ‘International School Award’ has been accepted. Should Alperton be successful, it will provide external recognition for all the work that we have been doing. Five projects will run from January 2012—July 2012. The first project has already started, as Alperton are linking with St Woolos School Kulkochie Brikama in the Gambia. Alperton PE teacher Mrs Alloway has been working with this school for over ten years. Year Seven students have been asked to fill 220 pencil cases with pencils and coloured pencils which will be sent to the school to help the Gambian students with their diagrams and drawings.

60 pencil cases have already been delivered to the school in the Gambia. The response from our Year Seven students was so good that we have been able to give a further 60 pencil cases to a secondary school in a nearby town in the Gambia.

around the school and the visited several lessons, and the Headteachers were all very impressed with what they saw. Staff from Alperton have been invited to Malmo, Sweden, from 2-5 March to address a conference on how Alperton achieved its OFSTED ‘Outstanding’ status.

Mrs Alloway will take these out during the Easter Holiday. A second project is our link with Frans Suell Och Jörgen Kocks School in Malmo, Sweden.

Frans Suell Och Jörgen Kocks School Directo Barbro Willners, and Mr Oakley

Alperton hosted a delegation of 11 Headteachers from various schools in Malmo. Alperton students showed them

Litter: Some facts Alperton Community School’s Sustainability Lead, Mrs Regis, continues to work to make the school more sustainable than it already is. The following is some information she wishes to share about littering. Litter can be described as ‘rubbish that is in the wrong place’ and can be anything from a cigarette butt to a

burnt out car. It can be food, chewing gum, syringes, crisp packets, plastic bags and banana skins—in fact, any item left by a person that should not be there.

“[Litter] is unsightly and potentially dangerous to people and wildlife—it is a form of pollution.”

Litter can take a very long time to degrade, or may never degrade at all. It is unsightly and potentially dangerous to people and wildlife—it is a form of pollution.

Schools have a duty under the law to deal with litter on their grounds. So what can be done? First of all, try to remember the three ‘R’s: Reduce (the amount of rubbish you create); Reuse (whatever you can); and Recycle. Other things you can do include putting your rubbish in the bin or taking it home; keeping your rubbish animal friendly; and go plastic bag free! Adapted from: CPRE (Campaign to Protect Rural England).

Hola Espaňa! Year 10 GCSE Spanish students engaged in a live interaction with their counterparts in Spain, on 9 November.

Alperton students did very well and held their own, albeit whilst reading notes from their books.

Students used the second part of a double lesson to conduct a videoconference with students from Colegio Valle Las Tapas in Madrid.

They were able to share personal information about who they were, their siblings, where they were from, and even discussions about favourite football clubs and players!

Their English teacher José Ramón Noya Dans led his group, conversing in English, whilst Mrs Manderson led the Alperton students conversing in Spanish.

And all this in spite of only learning Spanish for five months com-

pared with the seven-eight years of English study their Spanish correspondents have been doing. The communication will continue after half-term, when the Alperton students will meet a second group of Colegio Valle Las Tapas students.

IMPORTANT DATES FOR THE COMING HALF TERM Thursday 8th March: Year 8 Targeted Parents Evening Alperton Community School (Upper site) Stanley Avenue Wembley, Middlesex HA0 4JE Phone: 020 8902 2038 (Switch) Fax: 0208 9001236 E-mail: office@alperton.brent,


Tuesday 20th March: Extended Learning Day 4 Thursday 29th March: Academic Review Day Monday 2nd April: Start of Easter Holiday Monday 16th April: First day of Summer Term

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