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The Princeton University Art Museum

-Keeping art at the heart of Princeton University.

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I wanted to create an orginal typeface for the Princeton University Art Museum after spending the day there in March. It is one of the most beautiful college campuses in America. With it’s Gothic architecture and ivy growing everywhere it’s an art student’s dream. The only problem is that the museum is located in an odd spot on campus and is one of the few buildings withoout Gothic revival architectural characteristics. Which is where my inspiration came from. I wanted to mix the old with the new to create a sophisticated and unique typeface.

Mrs. Eaves combined with Gothic Architecture + Modern Architecture of art museum =

Princeton University

clean straight lines meet smooth curves

Serif design mimics a gothic arch taken from the cathedral

Curled descender taken from Mrs. Eaves


Princeton University Cathedral

My visit to the Princeton University Art museum helped me come up with the idea to differentiate the Museum from the University and give it its own identity. The museum holds many famous works of art from almost every period of art history so I wanted to design a typeface that will stant the test of time, just like the works of art currently being held at the museum.

The Princeton University Art Museum, Princeton, New Jersey




Initial sketch of miniscule g.

Pathed “g� with a few adjustments to the thickness of the descender.

Finished miniscule g after giving the descender a lift and reducing the thickness overall.

Allan Marquand, Class of 1874, professor of art history and, after 1905, chairman of the Department of Art and Archaeology, was appointed the Museum’s first director, a position he held until his retirement in 1922. Marquand was himself a distinguished collector of art, who made many generous benefactions to the museum whose early history he guided.

An original typeface designed by Alyssa Crozier


An original typeface designed by Alyssa Crozier. 2012