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SMART SELLING Center marketing The best campaigns The greatest challenges DeVeLOPMenT David Fischel, CeO of intu, explains the company’s new strategy ReTAiL Crocs europe sees opportunities in these trying economic times COUnTRY RePORT Dutch retail is at a turning point

Brand Building Instead of Innovations without Value ................. 7 Commentary by Reinhard Winiwarter

Zaha Hadid at Work ............................ 30 The star architect designs a shopping center in Jesolo, Italy

Responsible Citizen Participation . .... 8 Commentary by Alexander Otto

Three Openings in 2013...................... 32 In terms of development in Europe, Sonae Sierra is concentrating on Germany, Italy, and Romania

The Power of Light in Emotional Branding ............................................. 10 Commentary by Thomas Mark Adapt or Die ......................................... 12 Commentary by Renato Libric Follow the Mainstream and Online Will Catch up Anyway. Search for Diversity, and the Bricks Will Rise Again! . .................................................14 Commentary by Manuel Jahn Retail Remains a Safe Haven ............16 Commentary by Florenico Beccar The Sensuousness of E-Commerce....................................17 Commentary by Horst Reiner

New Name, New Strategy . ................ 34 In an interview with ACROSS, David Fischel, CEO of Intu Properties plc, explains that he wishes to position each of the company’s 16 shopping centers as a broader destination Stabilization Phase in Bucharest ...... 38 The market in the Romanian capital has matured during the last couple of years but still needs to evolve, mainly as modern and well-designed shopping malls

Smart Selling........................................ 42 Online retailing is expanding steadily and becoming an increasing challenge for the shopping center industry. What methods is the industry using to respond to the growing competition? A panacea has yet to be found “We’re Still Looking for the Right Advertising Spaces on the Internet”.................................... 48 As Director of Center Marketing, Mathias Sander is responsible for all of ECE's shopping centers. He tells ACROSS why he is not completely convinced of the virtues of banner ads Major Changes in the Marketing Technology Landscape ...................... 50 Great fanfare on May 14 in London: The 2013 ICSC European Solal Marketing Award Winners have been announced

Projects & Openings............................18 Projects, openings, and other. shopping center news

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How to Route Customers .................. 54 Roland Gowick, Key Account Manager at the lighting professional Zumtobel, tells ACROSS how to entice shopping center visitors to stay longer using light

Why Investors Should Look outside London, Too.......................................... 62 An analysis of the British Market by Henderson Global Investors

Dutch Retail at a Turning Point ........ 68 In the past few years, vacancy rates have risen in the Netherlands. From a historical perspective, one can conclude that real estate developers, investors, retailers, and the government have not responded quickly enough to changing market conditions Decorations You Can Touch and Experience ................................... 56 Christmasworld wants to score points with a special program for shopping center managers next year, too

Accession Accomplished . ................ 72 Since 1 July 2013, Croatia is a member of the European Union. It is expected that retail companies that are not yet present in the market will definitely take a closer look at the country Retail Projects in Germany . ..............74 The five most important challenges that must be considered

Hooray for Haptic Experiences......... 78 “Vision 2013” took place in London. The Barthelmess Group, a specialist in visual merchandising, invited the entire industry to the event GCSC Turns Twenty............................ 80 The German Council Congress takes place in Berlin on September 19 and 20. The anniversary event’s motto is “Fascination” ICSC Czech & Slovak Retail Real Estate Conference ..........................................81 “Exploring Retail Opportunities – Revitalize the Shopping Experience” is the name of the game in Prague on September 17

“A Crisis Is a Terrible Thing to Waste”............................................... 58 Ann Chan, Commercial Director of Crocs Europe, sees opportunities in these trying economic times. She wants to open up to 30 new stores in 2013

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Brand building instead of innovations without value BY Reinhard Winiwarter, IMAGE: sma

Sometimes it’s just laughable. The shopping center industry, traditionally always an innovation-ready industry, always greedily longs for something new. But when the new thing finally arrives, apparently no one knows what to do with it. For months now, I have been amazed at the press releases eagerly sent out by large, medium, and small operators in which they announce that their center now boasts its own fantastic shopping center app, thus finally making the leap into the new millennium. Any marketing expert taking a closer look at the current jewel in the crown of mobile creation might be in for shock, however: Besides opening times and a mobile map, these “marvels” contain virtually no information. Sure, some operators may have already managed to integrate tenant deals or special offers into their apps, but that's as far as it goes. I ask myself: Is this the shopping center industry’s answer to evergrowing competition? Let’s face it, even small-scale retailers know how to handle modern technologies and apps better than the entire shopping center industry. Of course inventing a “killer application,” like text messaging for cellphones, is not an easy task. Acclaimed “innovations” should still have greater value than that provided by mobile mapping systems, however! Center apps are in any case downloaded (if at all) only by frequent customers, and they already know their center like the back of their hands. What makes matters worse, in my view, is that many center managers knowingly fall into the app trap. The time of the first movers is long past and a pointless app is just about as cool and necessary as a fur hat in the Sahara. The industry is similarly helpless to date when it comes to much-hyped social media channels like Facebook. Here, too, compelling content is as yet nowhere to be found. When a Facebook page is just a copy of a center’s homepage, the damage is already done.

reinhard Winiwarter Publisher of ACROSS Magazine and Managing Director of sma

Certain operators seem generally to be in a deep marketing slumber. Customer loyalty management programs are scarce, center events that bring back memories of ‘70s are the norm. Sophisticated online and mobile strategies? Forget it! What’s left? Center magazines and mass mailings scattered senselessly about? How do you manage to position a shopping center amid ever-increasing competition? How can you lead it to long-term success? One thing is certain: Innovations without any added value hardly help. The traditional marketing mix is nice to have, of course, but in my opinion, the only really promising alternative is to position the shopping center as a brand and run it as such. It is obvious that specialists and brand professionals are needed for this. Nevertheless, a small tip for center managers: Be vigilant and courageous! Stroll with open eyes through the European center landscape. And read ACROSS, of course!

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Retail remains a safe haven By Florenico Beccar, IMAGE: CBRE Global Investors

Talk in the retail industry is currently focused on the so-called “online threat.� We know that an increasing number of retailers are integrating multi-channel retailing into their strategies as they anticipate increasing consumer demand in this area. It will be a transformational time for the industry, but I think, as well as addressing this topic, we should be wary of losing sight of the fundamentals of the sector that it is masking. Despite the challenging marketing conditions, retail continues to provide a safe haven for investors, and we see the sector increasingly becoming a strong part of any real estate investment portfolio. This is for several reasons. First, retail provides a stable income return, which is crucial for investors in the current market. The sector has a diversity of access points from high street to shopping centers to suit different markets and investors’ requirements. It is also dynamic, with larger assets in particular providing scope for asset management and improvements to retain and grow income. These factors mean it navigates well through all market cycles. In addition, its adaptability compared with other sectors is also a benefit. Its alignment with changing consumer trends, including anticipating the impact of changes in technology, means it is a fast-changing and competitive sector. We see this on a dayto-day basis with all types of traders, from supermarkets to high street retailers. They have all come up with innovative ideas to service consumers: from online stores and branded apps, to click & collect points, flexible delivery times, and excellent customer service. Retailers are also focusing on building the brand experience both in their shops and online. The online stores and regular shops extend the brand experience both ways while binding consumers to the retailer brand. This all leads to good results because, despite the challenging markets, retailers in general are still performing

6 ACROSS 3 | 2013

Florenico Beccar Country Manager Italy and Director of Retail Investment EMEA at CBRE Global Investors

well. Finally, retail is a great diversifier. We notice a strong core need and demand is still growing. Three years ago, many investors were afraid to invest in retail due to declining sales numbers. But through the recent difficult years, retail has proven to be a sector that can weather all storms and adapt to consumer needs. This means it has become a stable diversifier that attracts an increasing number of investors. The threat that I started this article with is therefore not a threat at all, but proof of an adaptive and creative industry that anticipates changing consumer needs. This, in addition to its underlying strength as a sector, means it can provide a basis for successful investment for a wide range of investors.

The Sensuousness of E-Commerce By HORST REINER, Image: ATP

E-commerce remains the major preoccupation of futurologists addressing the retailing industry. Yet this approach is hardly visionary, considering the relatively moderate development of online retailing during the more than ten years of its existence. While Amazon, Zalando and others have undoubtedly made important strides and gained increased market share in recent years, it remains to be seen whether online retailing will be an unqualified success in the long run. Nevertheless, traditional retailers and shopping center operators are certainly nervous. Perhaps this is because they have spent so long merely observing developments from the sidelines. Action is required, but this is second nature to retailers. One cannot shake off the impression that the growing market share of online retailers has been bought at a very high cost. Huge attention is paid to price comparisons and the customer buys at the lowest price, because online retailing has nothing else to offer by way of experience. When shopping physically, the customer makes his own “voluntary” physical contribution; he goes to the shop himself, selects the goods, brings them to the checkout, and then transports them home before going through the whole process again when he needs something else. Online retailing provides all these services itself for a cheap price plus a minimal distribution surcharge. The economics behind this business model appear questionable. When one looks behind the logistic and economic aspects of such an act of shopping, the question arises: Where is the social, communicative, and sensuous experience? Let us take the “Grand Bazaar” in Istanbul as an example. First established in the 15th century, the domes of the bazaar today still offer one of the world’s most impressive shopping experiences. More than 60 covered streets with around 5,000 shops organized in sectors attract up to 400,000 visitors every day. The focus is on place, space, and communication. Shopping is an unforgettable attraction. Goods and prices are secondary considerations which provide the means to the end of a sensuous experience.

The architecture and the space provide the stage and the individual stands the orchestration for the “haggling,” which is an act of interactive communication between trader, customer, and goods. The price is secondary. Such qualities cannot be experienced virtually. Our design for the G3 Shopping Resort in Gerasdorf is based on this sensuousness of space and the notion of orchestrating a “feel-good environment” for shoppers. The architecture is notable for the experiential quality and social-regional references, which provide the context to both the retail experience and all such synergetic additional activities as communication and social interaction. This is the retail industry rediscovering its origins and transforming these into a modern market place. Here it is strong and unchallenged. Online retailing is undoubtedly a growing competitor, but it will never be sensuous and emotional.

Horst Reiner Architect Partner of ATP Architects and Engineers, Managing Partner of ATP Vienna

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43 new stores were opened recently as part of the expansion of the McArthurGlen Designer Outlet Castel Romano, near Rome. The new shops increase the retail area of the outlet by about a third. This last phase has seen the emergence of an elegant, classically inspired environment including a luxury piazza. The new luxury, premium, and designer labels complement the existing range of brands like Salvatore Ferragamo, Valentino, Zegna, Alberta Ferretti, Etro, Pal Zileri, Roberto Cavalli, La Perla, Fratelli Rossetti, Hugo Boss, Baldinini, Belstaff, Diesel, Bruno Magli, La Martina, Liu. Jo, Patrizia Pepe, Pinko, and Jeckerson. The Castel Romano Designer Outlet opened almost ten years ago in October 2003. The latest expansion, covering 7,500 sq m, is the center’s third expansion phase and has created a further 250 jobs. With the expansion, the shopping destination now offers a total of 160 shops on 30,000 sq m of retail space. The center is thus one of the largest designer outlets in Italy. In this last phase, special attention has been paid to the minutest of details: The architecture of ancient Rome was the inspiration and features in a portico near the luxury piazza, a “dancing” fountain, high arches, ornate metalwork, balconies, and friezes. Designer Outlet Castel Romano is located about 15 minutes from Rome’s city center and close to the Tyrrhenian coast. The journey can be made by car or shuttle bus from the city. Last year, the center welcomed 2.8 million visitors. The center is one of five McArthurGlen Designer Outlets in Italy. McArthurGlen is responsible for development and management. The center is owned by Henderson Global Investors in the name of the Outlet Mall Fund, in which McArthurGlen is also involved as a co-investor.

Image: McArthurGlen

Growth of Designer Outlet Castel Romano

GERMANY Bikini Berlin’s revitalization is progressing apace. The highlight of the building complex will be its spectacular 7,000-sq-m rooftop terrace. Landscaping work there will begin in the summer. The window directly opposite the main entrance has already been mounted. It features a direct view of the ape enclosure at the Berlin Zoo next door. The facade design is another architectural highlight. The facade of the Bikini house is protected as a historical landmark. Its glass elements facing the Budapester Straße will be faithfully reconstructed, but with adaptations to meet today’s energy standards. The non-glass facade of the building’s newer segments is receiving a very special accent: Its old, no longer usable colored glass plates are being re-processed, crushed, and integrated into the new facade design. Bikini Berlin is also providing a foretaste of its future tenants: A total of 70% of the complex’s total area is now rented. Recent arrivals are the Italian shoe label IXOS and Naracamicie, a name synonymous with high-class men’s shirts. An 840-sq-m Supermarket Concept Store will be opening in a pavilion on the rooftop terrace. It will feature a wide selection of fashion and accessories, interior design items, books, and electronic design objects. The concept also includes a restaurant with an outdoor area on the rooftop terrace featuring an unbeatable view of the zoo. Dining options include the Italian restaurant L’Osteria, which includes an additional 370 sq m of outdoor seating. As previously announced, Bikini Berlin will open gradually starting in the fall following its official approval, which is scheduled for the end of September 2013. The first step will be the Zoo Palast cinema, opening in October. Also in October, the small tower will be given over to 25hours for the implementation of interior design and the furnishing of the hotel. Retail and restaurant spaces will also be transferred to the tenants for work on their interiors. The roof terrace will then be accessible to the public via the outdoor staircase. Bikini House’s shops and restaurants will then open in the first quarter of 2014.

8 ACROSS 3 | 2013

Image: Bayerische Hausbau

Bikini Berlin on the home stretch

Image: Galerie Šantovka


A new shopping center in Olomouc ˇantovka is being developed on The sixth-largest city in the Czech Republic is bustling with construction activity. Galerie S the former Milo Olomouc factory site, situated in the very heart of Olomouc, immediately adjacent to the historical city center. It will offer 46,000 sq m of lettable floor area with approximately 180 retail and leisure units accompanied by 1000 parking spaces. Apart from dozens of fashion brands, sport units, cozy cafés and quality restaurants, a large food store, and public services, it will comprise a 6-screen multiplex cinema and an 18-lane bowling alley. Olomouc will finally boast a modern shopping gallery with an exceptional concept designed to the highest standards of contemporary architecture, bringing life to a territory once restricted to Olomouc citizens. New recreational zones along the bank of the Ml´ynsk´y stream form a natural part of the scheme, which will also benefit from a new tram line linking the historical city center with residential neighborhoods to the south of the city. The opening is planned for the fall of this year.


The new Rives d’Arcins shopping center in Bègles was officially inaugurated recently. Klépierre owns and manages the center. The chairman of its board, Laurent Morel, was among the big names on hand for the opening. Rives d’Arcins underwent a total transformation aimed at adapting it to the needs of the inhabitants of the Greater Bordeaux Area. The core values of this ambitious refurbishment/extension were to provide more retail options and a more innovative, more modern and, above all, more refined center with respect to the finest details of the customer experience. Thanks to this global investment of €68 million, the shopping center and its 87,000 sq m of GLA now feature 150 retail names, including 61 new stores, in an exceptional setting. In a warm architectural environment that opens onto the Garonne, the facility welcomes visitors into a fully modernized and increasingly environmentally friendly space.

Image: Klépierre

New clothes for Rives d’Arcins

3 | 2013 ACROSS 9

Image: SEB


Owner change at AEON Mall Chiba New Town SEB Asset Management has sold the AEON Mall Chiba New Town in Chiba to a Japanese company. The shopping center was completed in 2007 and purchased for the Luxembourg-based special real estate fund SEB Asian Property Fund in 2009. The sales price, equivalent to around €100 million, is 12.6% above the purchase price. The mall is leased to the general operator AEON Mall until 2027. It unites over 130 shops, a cinema, and fitness and leisure facilities on just under 33,500 sq m of rental space. Chiba New Town is located close to the Japanese capital Tokyo. The Chiba region provides the mall with a catchment area of more than 400,000 inhabitants. “The sale at this time represents an ideal divestment scenario for us,” says Choy-Soon Chua, the manager responsible for real estate investment at SEB Asset Management. “Japan’s retail segment saw the most positive development last year amid slight overall declines in transaction volumes in the market as a whole. While total transaction volumes declined by about four percent, the volume in retail increased by about 53%. We’ve taken advantage of these favorable market conditions.” With regard to retail sales, Japan is one of the largest consumer markets in Asia. About 35 million people live in the Tokyo metropolitan area alone. The market environment for the retail industry still faces some structural and cyclical challenges, however. These include the superannuation (old age) and declining size of the population, persistent deflation, and high public debt. Retail sales rose almost imperceptibly in 2012. In addition, distortions are also possible due to the VAT increase planned for April 2014. In key retail locations, stable development is still to be expected thanks to the expansion of international retail companies.

TURKEY New shopping destinations in the Black Sea region

Image: Amstar

Amstar recently opened the Piazza Samsun Shopping Center in Samsun. The project, with a leasable area of 66,000 sq m, is the largest shopping center in Turkey’s Black Sea region and is expected to become the main shopping destination for the region’s 1.3 million inhabitants. It is the fourth mall built by the joint venture between Amstar and its partner Renaissance Development. The construction of Samsun Piazza took 19 months, and 98% of the space was rented by the time of the grand opening celebration. The project offers a broad mix of 165 international and local retailers, a tenscreen cinema, a bowling alley, an ice rink, 31 restaurants, and about 1,700 parking spaces. The mall’s major tenants include Migros, MediaMarkt, Decathlon, H&M, and Inditex Group (with Zara, Bershka, Pull & Bear and Stradivarius).

10 ACROSS 3 | 2013

UNITED STATES First Net Zero Energy Retail Store

Image: Walgreens

Walgreens announced plans to build what the company believes will be the USA’s first net zero energy retail store, which engineers predict will produce energy equal to, or greater than, that which it consumes. The nation’s largest drugstore chain plans to achieve that by utilizing solar panels, wind turbines, geothermal technology, energy-efficient building materials, LED lighting and ultra-high-efficiency refrigeration. “We are committed to reducing our carbon footprint and leading the retail industry in use of green technology,” said Thomas Connolly, Walgreens Vice President of Facilities Development. “We are investing in developing a net-zero store so we can learn the best way to bring these features to our other stores. Because we operate 8,000 stores, we believe our pursuit of green technology can have a significant positive impact on the nation’s environment.” The store will be located in Evanston, Illinois, at the intersection of Chicago Avenue and Keeney Street, where demolition of an existing Walgreens store now is under way. The Chicago-area location will allow convenient access for Walgreens engineers based at the company’s headquarters in Deerfield to measure the store’s performance for an entire year to determine if the store reaches its goal of net zero energy use. Walgreens plans to generate electricity and reduce its usage by more than 40 percent through several technologies including more than 800 roof-top solar panels, two wind turbines, geothermal energy obtained by drilling 550 feet into the ground below the store, where temperatures are more constant and can be tapped to heat or cool the store in winter and summer, LED lighting and daylight harvesting, carbon dioxide refrigerant for heating, cooling, and refrigeration equipment, and energy efficient building materials. Engineering estimates, which can vary due to factors such as weather, store operations and systems performance, indicate that the store will use 200,000 kilowatt hours per year of electricity while generating 256,000 kilowatt hours per year.

TURKEY At the end of April, the time had come. The Piazza Maras, with its 52,000 sq m of GLA, opened its doors as the first high-quality shopping center in Kahramanmaras in southeastern Turkey. It attracted no fewer than 115,000 visitors on its first day. The mall is located in the heart of the city, at the crossroads of the major north-south and east-west roads, meaning a correspondingly high volume of car and pedestrian traffic. “Due to its excellent location and critical mass, we expect that the entire city will for the mall’s catchment area and that it will remain the city’s main attraction for the foreseeable future,” says Jason Lucas, president of Amstar Global Partners. The project was designed by the architectural firm 5 + Design, based in Los Angeles, and presents itself as a blend of modern and historical architecture, making use of natural materials such as stone, plaster, and wood. Its seamless integration into the environment sets a high standard for future urban development in this traditional Anatolian city. Piazza Maras was built in 18 months and was already 95% rented at its grand opening. The center has over 153 shops, 24 restaurants and cafés, an entertainment center for the family, an ice rink, and a cinema with eight screens.

Image: Amstar

52,000 new square meters in Anatolia

Cover story

SMART SELLING Online retailing is expanding steadily and be­coming an increasing challenge for the shopping center industry. What methods is the industry using to respond to the growing competition? A panacea has yet to be found.

When London computer geek Adam Stark goes window shopping, all he has to do is reach into his pocket. Using his smartphone, the 20-year-old surfs well-known shopping pages and examines and compares the best deals on the computer accessories he wants. He then simply types in his credit card number, clicks the buy button, and the goods arrive in less than three days. “For me, this is currently the easiest and clearest way to shop. It allows me to save a lot of time and money,” Adam says. The young Londoner is unaware that the behavior of his age group has made it the most feared category of shoppers for the global shopping center industry. The industry’s nervousness is justified. The proportion of shoppers who buy online is constantly growing, whether they shop via smartphone, notebook, tablet, or PC, and the more Adams there are hitting the keys, the smaller the scope for retail stores becomes. This is now

12 ACROSS 3 | 2013

dawning even on the success-spoiled shopping center industry. How is the industry responding to the threat? What new and traditional resources do operators, developers, and investors want to use to continue to attract customers to their centers? “We’ve done a lot with new media in the last few years. Whether Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, we are everywhere,” says Christoph Andexlinger, Head of Center and facility management at SES Spar European Shopping Services. “This area has seen the fastest budgetary growth in our marketing mix. We spend more money on this year for year,” he says. It goes nearly without saying, however, that the SES centers’ expenditures on new media in the overall budget still pale in comparison to marketing channels such as TV, print, and radio advertising. Nevertheless, “Five years ago, online marketing accounted for one percent of a typical center’s total marketing budget. Today it’s at 10 to 15%, although this includes considerable spending on training. I am convinced that next year’s number will exceed 15%,” says Andexlinger, who also sees SES Spar European Shopping Centers taking on a pioneering role within the industry with regard to mobile websites. The opposite is true for mobile apps. “We are first movers in many areas, but with apps, we are still in search of real added value.”

Apps and the search for their added value

The threat that online shopping represents for retailers is real, however. Even so, it is still possible for retail outlets to exploit their strengths, for example through targeted integration with the online world or by initiating spontaneous purchases. When shopping in retail stores, customers are generally less informed. Here, the “touch and feel” aspect and the ability to take the product home right away count. The most important finding of the study is that it is not only offline customers who are extremely heterogeneous. “Digital natives” are not automatically pure online customers, nor must they always remain so. In order to win them for bricks-and-mortar retailers, centers and retailers have to get to know their customers better. A clear mandate for the management.

Mathias Sander, Director of Center Marketing at ECE, fully agrees. He even goes one step further and candidly admits that the European leader is still searching for a comprehensive and promising online marketing strategy (see interview on page 48). Sander: “I’m not completely convinced of banner advertisements or their ability to attract attention. We’re thus still looking for the right advertising spaces on the Internet.” Sander’s restrained enthusiasm reflects the general view within the industry, as evidenced by its online marketing activities. On the topic of apps, ECE is also still cautious, to put it lightly. To be sure, the industry has recognized the importance of the “medium” as a possible “marketing tool.” What’s missing are appropriate applications with added value for customers. In order to explore this, the German industry giant launched so-called “Future Labs” at the Alstertal shopping center in Hamburg and Limbecker Platz in Essen this past March. These interactive online experiences, such as virtual navigation systems through the centers and various social media links, are intended to be experiments. Those developments that please customers will be pursued and used in other malls. Those that don’t will be ejected from the “Future Labs” to make room for new ideas.

Trial and error “The management” is working on it, too. “With the new media, we are still in a trial-and-error phase. You have to try different things to filter out which ones work. We then implement them in a given center and, under certain circumstances, expand them to our entire portfolio,” says Claus Tüchsen, Marketing Director at Steen & Strøm in Denmark.

Image: Westfield

How real is the threat of online retail, really? What do consumers buy, and when, where, and why do they do so? More and more companies are trying to understand consumers’ decision-making processes. For its most recent study, “Chasing customers: do bricks-and-mortar retailers still have a chance?” ECE and Roland Berger Strategy surveyed 42,000 consumers. Analysis of the data shows that the reality seems to be far more complex than it is portrayed in current debates. On the one hand, the speed with which online retailing is growing is often underestimated. According to the current study, nearly 16% of all purchases are now made online. On the other hand, most consumers still buy more, and much more often, offline than online. This is true for young customers and groups with an affinity for online shopping, too. Multi-channeling is used intensively only by a little more than a third of consumers.


Know your customers!

In search of the added value in apps: Alexa Sonae Sierra in Berlin offers a parking service so that customers will never again have to search for their cars after shopping. Westfield London and Westfield Stratford City have an app that continually develops according to shoppers’ needs to become more personalized each time it is activated.

3 | 2013 ACROSS 13

Image: wildbild

Cover story

In search of unique events, SES Spar European Shopping Services developed “Poetry Peep,” the smallest theater in the world: Each visitor enjoys a unique live performance for just one euro.

Industry experts are therefore united in their indecision about online strategies. Similarly, but in this case with determination, they sing in the same chorus when it comes to the relevance of the brand building process that every shopping center must go through. This is basically the backbone of all marketing activities. Tüchsen, who is responsible for 16 Danish malls, explains: “Our ultimate goal is to create a strong and unique brand for each center in its respective catchment area. This process clearly begins in the project phase and includes the search for the right name.”

Real life marketing The industry has recognized that the brand “shopping center” should be superordinate to any given advertising message. “Ultimately, it’s all about marketing measures to make this positioning and brand essence felt and seen by the target group at all touchpoints,” says marketing expert Andexlinger. Tüchsen continues: “We must ensure that customers in shopping centers are looked after extremely well. More than ever, it’s about the human touch, which we no doubt have. Consumers can get this human touch only in real life, not when sitting at their computers.” One of the most appropriate marketing tools that a textbook would suggest in theory at this point is to create a memorable, emotionally charged event. Jens Horeis, Head of Property Management

14 ACROSS 3 | 2013

Germany at Sonae Sierra, reports from the field: “We put on events with strong performances that make centers into lifestyle stages. Appearances by megastars pull in real crowds and position a center as a hot spot. The likes of DJ Ötzi, 50 Cent, and David Beckham have recently provided the glamour factor and caused a stir at Alexa in Berlin. It is important to communicate such events across online and offline channels and combine them optimally.” Similarly, in search of unique events, SES Spar European Shopping Services developed “Poetry Peep” which is the smallest theater in the world. It recently performed for ten days in Europark Salzburg. Only one person at a time could enter the spiral-shaped auditorium. For one euro, a live, professional actor then read the guest a poem from the chosen genre aloud. According to Andexlinger, “Poetry Peep” caused such a sensation with visitors that the smallest theater in the world will soon embark on a tour of other SES centers.

The dead live longer While the advent of the World Wide Web led to global prophesies of the death of daily and weekly newspapers, others in the industry began singing farewell songs to shopping center magazines, a big mistake. Their use is unabated, for example to announce highlights like “Poetry Peep” or an appearance by 50 Cent, and to inform interested readers about store openings, special offers, changes to opening times, etc. Tüchsen lets us in on a secret: “Printed magazines traditionally play a major role in Scandinavia. As customers actually read them, we will of course keep using them. But we are working on their content and we may lengthen publication intervals.” Market research results confirm Andexlinger’s assertion that shopping center magazines are still the most important medium for communicating with customers. He emphasizes, moreover, that at SES Spar European Shopping Centers, radio has grown in importance in the last few years, along with online marketing, of course, as already mentioned. Advertising advisory boards in each shopping center usually decide how the coveted advertising pie is spent on each medium. They often include marketing beginners representing small shops. Convincing them of the usefulness of various measures and elaborate campaigns is also part of what it means to do center marketing.


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In its recent analysis, CBRE has also tried to find out how and what attracts customers to shopping centers. Interestingly, shopping centers score points with so-called hard facts. The results of the recent study, “How We Shop: Inside the Minds of Europe’s Consumers” also show that most Europeans prefer local retail outlets and those in citycenter locations to shopping online or in suburban malls. CBRE interviewed 10,000 consumers for the study in ten European countries (Belgium, France, Germany, Great Britain, Italy, Poland, Russia, Spain, Sweden, and Hungary) in March and April of 2013 and asked how and where they shop. The results also show that, while consumers accept internet retail, they will not change their shopping habits radically in the coming years and have only slowly begun to accept new technologies and digital tools such as QR codes. Two-thirds of respondents indicated that price, cleanliness, safety, and convenience were the most important factors for them when deciding where to shop. One-third of those surveyed, and more than half of the young people, considered entertainment and recreational value important.

Image: Steen & Strøm

Price, cleanliness, safety, and convenience

Steen & Strøm stresses the relevance of the brand building process that every shopping center must go through. Bruun's Galleri in Århus, Denmark is an example of this. It opened in 2003.

Despite competition from online shopping and shopping centers on greenfield sites, city centers and pedestrian areas are still the first choice for European consumers. Consequently, the fundamentals for retail are slow to change and bricksand-mortar retail will continue to play a key role in the new “multi-channel world.” Peter Gold, Head of Cross Border EMEA Retail at CBRE comments: “Convenience is still the consumer’s watchword, people like to shop locally and they want their shopping destinations to be easily accessible by car and free to park in. Out-of-town centers usually offer free parking, but town center shopping facilities normally charge, putting themselves at a distinct disadvantage. Our advice to town-center managers, shopping centers, and retail investors is: Listen to what consumers want and concentrate on getting the basics right and this will ultimately give you the best chance of success.” Makes one wonder whether London computer geek Adam Stark has read the CBRE study?

Celebrities as a marketing tool with a certain glamor factor: The crowd was enormous as Paris Hilton opened the extension to the Silesia City Center in Katowice in Poland in October 2011.

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Image: Immofinanz Group

Despite all predictions to the contrary, shopping center magazines remain one of the industry’s most effective advertising media.

EVERYWHERE YOUR CUSTOMERS WANT YOU TO BE With 790 retail assets in 17 countries, no one has a better understanding of how retail performs in Europe. We implement our proven formula for each shopping centre or retail unit to maximise your customer’s experience and, in turn, your bottom line.

CBRE Global Investors. Real Estate in Focus.

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The 13 ICSC Solal Marketing Gold Winners for 2013 Images: ICSC

Traditional Marketing Categories Advertising Gateway’s Material World / VDJ Fashion Preview Gateway Theater of Shopping in Durban, South Africa. Owner and Management Company: Old Mutual Property. Gateway’s six-week campaign culminated in a final event extravaganza featuring a fashion show from top designers. 26,000 people attended, reinforcing Gateway’s position as the largest and most fashion-forward shopping complex in the southern hemisphere.

Traditional Marketing Categories Advertising

Traditional Marketing Categories Business-to-Business

Customer Satisfaction Survey Campaign Strandtorget in Lillehammer, Norway. Owner: Niam Fund V. Management Company: Sektor Eiendomsutvikling. Strandtorget’s unusual and sometimes humorous campaign incorporated the results of their customer satisfaction survey into a marketing campaign. A series of full-page newspaper ads communicated both positive and negative feedback, reinforcing the center’s desire to build on the trust and loyalty they already enjoyed.

Flash Stores Von Sierra Portugal SA in Portugal. Sierra Portugal’s Pop-Up Store pilot program helped attain seven new leasing contracts and significantly improved the shopping center’s image. The program will be rolled out to Spain, Italy, Germany, and Romania, and could attain revenue figures of up to half a million euros in 2013.

Traditional Marketing Categories Alternative Revenue CentrO Christmas Wonderland CentrO in Oerhausen, Germany. Owner: Stadium & CPPIB. Management Company: CentrO Management GmbH. The revitalized marketing plan for the Traditional Christmas Market at CentrO involved creating a themed entertainment concept along the lines of a leisure park. The heightened visitor appeal resulted in substantial increases to income, profit, and ROI.

Traditional Marketing Categories Cause-Related Marketing My Baum Schoolmate Citypark in Graz, Austria. Owner: Bauvermietungsgesellschaft Poppmeier & Co KG. Management Company: SES Spar European Shopping Centers. Cardboard trees in the shape of the Citypark logo were delivered to 600 elementary school children to decorate for the Austrian Maypole Tradition. At the grand finale event, the students unveiled their trees at Citypark, where they remained for two weeks for the public to vote on.

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Traditional Marketing Categories Cause-Related Marketing Pink Ribbon Campaign Magasinet Drammen AS in Drammen, Norway. Owner: Storebrand. Management Company: Sektor Eiendomsutvikling. As part of Magasinet Drammen’s unique Pink Ribbon Campaign, photographs of their female staff’s breasts were on display with the caption: Today we show you the breasts of 40 of our employees. We want to keep every single one of them. The campaign generated widespread press coverage, as well as support from partners and enthusiastic customers.

Traditional Marketing Categories Grand Opening, Anniversary, Refurbishment or Extension Lifted Campaign Cavendish Square in Cape Town, South Africa. Owner: Old Mutual Property/Pareto Ltd. Management Company: Old Mutual Property Cavendish Square’s ambitious escalator upgrade project meant months of unavoidable disruption to its customers. The center minimized the impact by featuring aesthetically pleasing and customer-engaging areas along the way. The strategy ensured customers did not change their shopping patterns during the construction period.

Traditional Marketing Categories Public Relations Art arrived at Colombo Centro Colombo in Lisbon, Portugal. Owner: Sierra Portugal S.A. / CBRE RPFI Fund. Management Company: Sierra Portugal S.A. “Art Arrived at Colombo” began in 2012 and is part of the center’s strategy to attract mass media coverage while attaining and recovering visitors in an increasingly competitive market. To date, a return of almost seven times the investment in equivalent advertising value has been achieved.

Traditional Marketing Categories Sales Promotion

Traditional Marketing Categories Public Relations Tour de France – Post-it WR Galeries St. Lambert in Liège, Belgium. Owner: Galeries Saint Lambert s.a. Management Company: SCMS - Shopping Center Management Services. This 20-day-long event to mark the end of the Tour de France featured promotions and events relating to cycling and the creation of the world’s largest sticky note mosaic. The center also organized a Post-It sales promotion with proceeds being donated to an association working for integration through sport.

The Giant Ice Slide Canal Walk in Cape Town, South Africa. Owner: Hyprop Investments & Ellerine Bros. Management Company: Hyprop Investments. Canal Walk delivered another unique event during the peak December holidays by erecting a 40m Giant Ice Slide within the center. Outside it was sweltering but inside Canal Walk it was a winter wonderland with an ice climbing wall, a thrilling toboggan, and an ice cave with Santa Claus himself.

New Media Categories Social Media

New Media Categories Emerging Technology My Forum Entertainment Studio Marmara Forum in Istanbul, Turkey. Owner: Multi Corporation BV & Area Property. Management Company: Multi Mall Management. My Forum Entertainment Studio, both a physical and digital place, is the first free social community in the Multi Development family and has quickly become a successful source of alternative revenue, generating profits of nearly 50%.

Only for Oslo Cityzens Oslo City in Oslo, Norway. Owner: DNB. Management Company: Dnb Næringseiendom. “Only for Cityzens” is a social media tool that allows staff at Oslo City to discuss everyday issues to find the best solutions for the center and its Cityzens. The results of this innovative strategy include a closer cooperation between employees and management, generating enthusiasm and involvement.

New Media Categories Social Media Emporia Social Media for Grand Opening Emporia in Malmoe, Sweden. Owner: Klépierre. Management Company: Steen & Strøm. Emporia is Steen & Strøm’s single largest shopping center enterprise and launched in October 2012 with an extensive integrated campaign on Facebook. They quickly built a large group of “likes” and by year’s end had a substantial number of followers with which they could communicate the development of Emporia.

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September 18th – 19th, 2013 WARSAW, POLAND

EHI RETAIL DESIGN CONFERENCE The German EHI Retail Institute invites guests to the Retail Design Conference in Dusseldorf on September 17th and 18th. Successful retailers will present their concepts and be available for discussion during the trend forum for store planning and design, visual merchandising, and architecture. In addition, unusual stores as well as contributions from non-retail disciplines help generate ideas for the shopping of the future. What issues will actually be discussed? Among other topics: “Online goes Offline: Sell where the customer is,” “Sell with pictures,” “LEDs: What works, what doesn’t (yet)?” and “Built on the brand: commercial facades in shopping centers.” The Retail Design Conference ends with a guided “store check” tour in Dusseldorf.

Image: AERE

More Info: WWW.EHI.ORG

Image: Dietmar Meinert/

SHOPPING CENTER FORUM 2013 The forum is a regular gathering of retailers and developers of shopping centers that began in 2005. It’s the biggest event of its kind in Poland and Central Europe and is held twice a year: in the spring for one day and the fall for two days. This year’s Fall Edition will be held on September 18th and 19th, 2013 at Centrum EXPO XXI in Warsaw and is above all an exhibition of retail properties, technology, equipment, and furnishings for shopping centers. Developer booths will feature several dozen development and expansion projects, as well as re-commercialized shopping centers. These projects will also be presented in Project Flashes, blocks of 8-minute presentations. The featured projects include: Atrium Felicity Lublin (photo), Park Handlowy Bielany Wroc aw, Centrum Handlowe Port. ódz´, and Gemini Park Tarnów. The Shopping Center Forum will be concluded with an after-party, an informal gathering of the participants. The party’s pleasant atmosphere will be complimented by delicious cuisine, fine wine, and music. This party is an opportunity to continue networking, and to establish new business contacts. It will be held on September 18th, from 7 p.m. to midnight.


September 25TH, 2013 ZAGREB, CROATIA

On September 25th, Retail Matchmaking, Central Eastern Europe’s dealmaking event of the year, will take place in the DoubleTree hotel by Hilton in the Croatian capital. The goal: to connect the dots between leasing professionals and global retail brands ready to expand throughout the region via pre-arranged meetings in one place on one day. Who is taking part? Retailers, developers, shopping center owners, and agents representing retailers and developers. Carrefour, Desigual, Kiko Make Up Milano, Mavi Jeans, Pizza Hut, Promod, Jysk, and Zara are among those who have already signed up.

More Info:

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We care for your


 ite Evaluation S & Site Analysis Strategy development / Markitecture® Refurbishment & repositioning concepts Corporate design / corporate architecture Marketing conception Campaign development & management Operational marketing & advertising support

Locations are like babies – they need lots of attention! We’ll take care of your darlings. We’ll give them attention, raise them, teach them to speak, and make them strong and confident. We have specialized successfully in strategy development, location marketing and communication management for real estate and regions. Our services include both those in the area of project development and those for the development and implementation of marketing and communications services for ongoing operations. Developing locations and regions into strong brands that evoke a high degree of affinity is our goal and it is what we excel at.


OCTOBER 7th – 9th, 2013 PARIS, FRANCE

Image: World Retail Congress

ICSC Baltic States Real Estate Conference


The ICSC Baltic States Real Estate Conference will take place on October 17th in the Radisson Blu Hotel Latvija in Riga. Mati Pops (photo) of Citycon Estonia will hold the opening address for the event, the motto of which is “Exploring New Retail Opportunities.” The agenda includes topics such as “High street retail versus shopping center development,” “Selecting the right retailer for the right shopping center,” “The impact of the mobile revolution on the way people shop,” etc. The journalist Andrea Carpenter will guide readers through the Conference, which celebrates its sixth anniversary this year. Two networking breaks and a buffet-style lunch ensure visitors’ physical well-being and provide an opportunity for informal discussions.


The World Retail Congress provides the critical context, new ideas, and challenging thinking for senior retailers to understand the “new retailing” that is about to emerge from the global recession. Following consultation with the Congress’s Advisory Board and retailers around the world, the program addresses the essential issues preoccupying retail boardroom agendas with incisive keynote sessions through to in-depth discussions in the focused business streams. A full program of thought-leadership studies designed to provide greater insight for retailers forms a centerpiece of presentations at the Congress. Speakers will include Rajiv Malik of Gap Inc., Sabrina Zeplin of the Otto Group, Georges Plassat of Carrefour, and Rune Jacobsen of The Boston Consulting Group. Taking place in Paris, a key retail hub and one of Europe’s most dynamic and important capital cities, delegates will be able to enjoy Retail Study Tours as well as receptions and key networking events in the heart of the city.

Mati Pops of Citycon Estonia will hold the opening address


Image: Citycon

OCTOBER 14TH – 15TH, 2013 KIEV, UKRAINE CITY EVOLUTION The main communication platform of Ukrainian Development City Evolution will get together representatives of the branch on October 14-15 in the Palace of Sports in Kiev. The aim is to define leaders and new tendencies. Organizers are preparing a compact and concentrate program which had become annual show-signing up, source of innovations for the branch and repetition before the main exhibition of commercial real estate in Cannes. Leading companies of the market of Ukrainian development will present their projects during the exposition City Evolution’s Expo. Thanks to the market tendencies the biggest part of the exposition will be devoted to the projects of trade and living real estate. These two segments had the most dynamic growth in the last two years and many projects are in the stage of construction.



More Info:

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The Retailforum has established itself as the largest and most important Swiss industry convention in a very short time. Last year’s event was sold out. We have been able to attract renowned speakers and personalities for the third annual event. Our main focus this year revolves around multichannel. For this reason, David Bosshart, CEO of the GDI Gottlieb Duttweiler Institute, will be delivering this year’s keynote speech. As a best-selling author and speaker, he is sought-after for events in Europe, the USA, and Asia. His work focuses on the future of consumption and social change, management and culture, globalization, and political philosophy. The second keynote speaker at this year’s Retailforum Switzerland will be Thomas Rudolph of the University of St. Gallen. In addition, Thomas Hochreutener, Retail Director at GfK Switzerland, will present the current retail market numbers and venture a look into the year 2014.



France, Belgium, Luxemburg, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Croatia, Romania, Turkey, Morocco & Lebanon.

111-113 Quai Jules Guesdes 94 400 Vitry-Sur-Seine T. +33 1 55 53 05 07 F. +33 1 55 53 04 02

ATALIAN is a global facility services provider, focusing on providing 85% of services with its own resources. In the last 20 years, ATALIAN acquired more than 200 companies mainly in the fields of Maintenance, Cleaning, Security and Landscaping in 10 countries . Currently present in France, Belgium, Luxemburg, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Croatia, Romania, Morocco, Lebanon & Turkey. With a portfolio of more than 80 shopping centers and over 50 office buildings, ATALIAN is considered as the strongest service provider for CEE real estate owners. ATALIAN currently employes over 55 000 people.


Innsbruck, Vienna, Munich, Frankfurt, Zurich, Budapest, Zagreb, Moscow

Heiliggeiststr. 16, 6020 Innsbruck, Austria Phone: +43 512 5370 - 0 Fax: +43 512 5370 - 1100 Email:

Barthelmess Group Schwabacher Str. 510, D-90763 Fürth, Germany Phone: +49 911 9713 - 245 Fax: +49 911 9713 - 328 Email:

Blachere illumination Zone industrielle, F-84400 Apt, France Phone: +33 4 90 74 20 95 Fax: +33 4 90 74 14 63 Email:

ATP Architects and Engineers is one of Europe’s largest and most renowned Integrated Design offices. It employs 450 people in 8 subsidiaries in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and CEE. As specialists in retail and entertainment buildings, ATP aims to create innovative and intelligent solutions of sustainable quality. Integrated Design has been the company’s core competence for 35 years. Experienced inter­ disciplinary teams plan simultaneously in virtual models. They take responsibility for all architectural design and engineering tasks of a construction project.

The Barthelmess Group is a leading company in Europe for all-inclusive services in the area of seasonal decorations, theme parks and visual merchandising. The customer base includes European retail brands, shopping centers, railway stations, airports and department stores. With in-house designers, comprehensive expert assembly on location and a worldwide supply network, Barthelmess focuses on individual and tailor-made one-stop solutions.

Blachere Illumination is a company specializing in the illumination of towns, shopping centers and private places for the end of year festivities. It offers a wide range of LED light decorations: luminous garlands, curtain lights, street decorations … It promotes future technology of energy efficiencies and places the highest importance on research and development. With forty years’ experience on lighting markets, we have worked in the widest possible range of environments, for both urban space and private setting.

CA Immobilien Anlagen AG Mechelgasse 1, A-1030 Vienna, Austria Phone: +43 1 532 59 07 - 0 Fax: +43 1 532 59 07 - 510 Email:

CA Immo was founded in 1987. The company develops and invests in commercial real estate (and in particular offices) in Austria, Germany and Eastern Europe. As of 30 September 2011, the company’s total property assets amounted to some €5.2 bn. CA Immo is listed on the Vienna Stock Exchange, with free float of around 83 % at the present time.

CBRE Global Investors Schiphol Boulevard 281, G-tower, 8th floor 1118 BH Schiphol, Netherlands Phone: +31 20 202 2200

*As of 30 June 2012

Christmasworld Messe Frankfurt Exhibition GmbH Ludwig-Erhard-Anlage 1 D-60327 Frankfurt am Main Phone: +49 69 75 75 - 0 Email:

CBRE Global Investors is a global real estate investment management firm with EUR 72 billion in assets under management*. The company sponsors investment programs across the risk/return spectrum for investors worldwide. The CBRE Global Investors EMEA platform, with EUR 28,2 billion of assets under management* is one of the largest and most diversified real estate investment management business. The platform has offices in 15 countries, managing investments in 17 countries across Europe. For more information please visit

Christmasworld – The World of Seasonal Decoration – is the leading international trade fair for festive decorations. Exhibitors from all over the world present the latest trends and products for all festive occasions of the year – including innovative concepts for decorating large spaces and outdoor areas, such as shopping centres – in Frankfurt am Main from 24 to 28 January 2014.

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cineplexx international Mag. Christof Papousek Geschäftsführer|CFO Constantin Film-Holding GmbH Cineplexx Kinobetriebe GmbH Siebensterngasse 37, A-1070 Wien, Austria

Cushman & Wakefield Bratislava • Bucharest • Budapest • Moscow • Prague • Warsaw

Na Prˇíkopeˇ 1, 110 00 Praha 1, Czech Republic Phone: +420 234 603 603 Email:

ece Projektmanagement G.m.b.h. & Co. KG Heegbarg 30, 22391 Hamburg, Germany Phone: +49 40 60606 - 0 Fax: +49 40 60606 - 6230 Email:

ehl asset management gmbh Prinz-Eugen-Straße 8-10, A-1040 Vienna, Austria Phone: +43 1 512 76 90 Fax: +43 1 512 76 90 - 890 Email:

Ekazent Immobilien Management GmbH Leopold Moses Gasse 4, A-1020 Vienna, Austria Phone: +43 1 201 22 - 0 Email:

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Cineplexx Kinobetriebe GmbH was founded in 1993 as a 100% subsidiary of Constantin Film-Holding GmbH which belongs to the Austrian family Langhammer. Cineplexx emerged in the transition phase during the 1990s when traditional cinemas were closed and multiplex cinemas entered the market. Since 2008 the group has bundled its international business activities under Cineplexx International ltd. In total it runs 35 cinemas with 235 screens across Austria, Croatia, Serbia, Montenegro and Northern Italy. Total sales reached 120 Mio. Euro in 2011 with about 1.100 employees.

Cushman & Wakefield is the world’s largest privately-held commercial real estate services firm. The company advises and represents clients on all aspects of property occupancy and investment, and has established a preeminent position in the world’s major markets, as evidenced by its frequent involvement in many of the most significant property leases, sales and assignments. Founded in 1917, it has 253 offices in 60 countries and more than 14,000 employees. It offers a complete range of services for all property types, including leasing, sales and acquisitions, equity, debt and structured finance, corporate finance and investment banking, corporate services, property management, facilities management, project management, consulting and appraisal. The firm has more than $4 billion in assets under management globally. A recognized leader in local and global real estate research, the firm publishes its market information and studies at

ECE develops, plans, builds, leases out, and manages large commercial real estate since 1965 and is active in 16 European countries. The company is European market leader with 183 managed shopping centers. On an overall sales area of 6 million m2, about 17,500 retail businesses generate 19 billion euros in annual sales. Another 14 shopping centers are currently under construction or planned throughout Europe.

EHL Real Estate Group is one of the leading real estate service providers in Austria and the market leader in the fields of commercial and residential real estate as well as investment properties. Its business activities range from property marketing, property valuation, asset and portfolio management, center management to market research and investment consultancy.

Ekazent’s core competencies include center management, leasing management and refurbishment. Active development, ongoing improvements – adapting to changing market conditions establishes a functional interface between investors, tenants and consumers. Increase both customer satisfaction and earnings with a professional universal scheme. Capitalize your commercial real estate. With our help.

First Christmas by ROSENAU GmbH Blankeneser Bahnhofstr. 7, D-22587 Hamburg, Germany Phone: +49 (0)40 86 64 875 - 0 Fax: +49 (0)40 86 64 875 - 60 Email:

First Christmas by ROSENAU GmbH one of Europe’s leading suppliers of Christmas decorations. We offer a full service including design, production and installation of top quality modern and traditional ­decorations. Our expertise and products are being implemented across the continent and in the Near East.

German Council of Shopping Centers e. V. Bahnhofstraße 29, D-71638 Ludwigsburg, Germany Phone: +49 7141 38 80 - 83 Fax: +49 7141 38 80 - 84 Email:

The German Council of Shopping Centers, GCSC, represents the interests of over 700 member companies in the shopping center and commercial real estate industry, including operators and developers, trade representatives, service providers, consultants, investors, and other companies.

GfK GeoMarketing GmbH Werner-von-Siemens-Str. 9, Building 6508 76646 Bruchsal, Germany Phone: +49 7251 9295 100 Fax: +49 7251 9295 290 Email:

Grooterhorst & Partner Königsallee 53 - 55, D-40212 Dusseldorf Phone: + 49 211 8 64 67 - 0 Fax: + 49 211 13 13 42 Email:

ICSC Europe 29 Queen Anne’s Gate, London SW1H 9BU, UK Phone: +44 20 7976 - 3100 Fax: +44 20 7976 - 3101 Email: IMMOFINANZ Group Wienerbergstraße 11, A-1100 Vienna, Austria Phone: +43 1 88 090 E-Mail:

Krammer & Wagner Projekt­entwicklung und Immobilien GmbH Goldschmiedgasse 2/5/4, A-1010 Vienna, Austria Phone: +43 1 532 25 55 Fax: +43 1 532 25 55 - 55 Email:

Kundörfer Consulting GmbH Frankenweg 5, A-8051 Thal-Graz, Austria Phone: +43 316 / 581 822 Fax: +43 316 / 570 550 Email:

MAPIC The international market for retail real estate Tel : +33 1 79 71 90 00 MEC METRO-ECE Centermanagement GmbH & Co KG Am Albertussee 1, D-40549 Düsseldorf, Germany Phone: +49 211 30153 -101 Telefax: +49 211 6886 4973 -101 Email:

GfK GeoMarketing is one of Europe’s largest providers of geomarketing services and products. Our business areas include: Consultancy and research expertise, Market data, Digital maps, RegioGraph. GfK GeoMarketing is a subsidiary of GfK, one of the world’s largest and most renowned market research companies. Drawing on this international network of wide-ranging resources and expertise, GfK GeoMarketing promotes business success and “growth from knowledge”.

Grooterhorst is a German-wide practicing law firm focussing on property law. It is highly specialized in planning law for shopping center and other large retail schemes and the firm is nationwide known for this competence. The firm's services also encompass real estate transactions, commercial lease law, construction law and banking law. It acts for German and international investors, developers, funds and asset managers.

The International Council of Shopping Centers is the global not-for-profit trade association for the shopping centre industry with over 60,000 members from more than 80 countries worldwide. Our members include Owners / Developers, Retailers, Investors, Architects, Shopping centre managers, Retail consultants and other real estate professionals.

The IMMOFINANZ Group is one of the five largest listed property companies in Europe. The company comprises 1,678 standing investments with a carrying amount of approx. EUR 8.5 billion. The core business of IMMOFINANZ covers the acquisition and management of investment properties, the realisation of development projects and the sale of objects in the retail, office, logistics and residential segments. More:

Krammer & Wagner has been successful in the field of development, consulting and marketing of real estate for more than 20 years. As a market leader in Austria, Bosnia Herzegovina, Croatia, Slovakia, Serbia and Romania for classical shopping and power centers, we offer com­pre­hensive, innovative solutions based on knowledge and experience.

Building upon years of international experience in retail and extensive location expertise for many CEE/SEE countries as well as Austria and Germany, Kundörfer Consulting advises its customers on all retail expansion and retail property questions. Targeting retailers and companies active in the real estate market, Kundörfer Consulting offers both solutions for strategic issues and their implementation.

Join us at MAPIC: 13-15 November 2013 – 19th edition. Located in Cannes, France, MAPIC offers an ideal setting to conduct business in an intimate and practical location during 3 days.

MEC METRO-ECE Centermanagement GmbH & Co. KG is a joint venture of METRO GROUP and ECE. MEC is Germany’s leading centre management company for retail warehouse oriented shopping centres. It is responsible for managing, operating, leasing, developing and marketing of currently 38 shopping centres in Germany in which more than 1.300 tenants achieve an annual turnover of €2.7 billion on a sales area of 900.000 m2.

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Messe Frankfurt Messe Frankfurt Exhibition GmbH Ludwig-Erhard-Anlage 1 D-60327 Frankfurt am Main Phone: +49 69 75 75 - 0 Email:

Messe Frankfurt is Germany’s leading trade-fair organiser. 578,000 square metres of exhibition ground are currently home to ten exhibition halls and an adjacent Congress Centre. Events “made by Messe Frankfurt” take place at more than 30 locations around the globe and cover the fields of consumer goods, textiles, architecture, technology & design and automotive technology.

MK Illumination Trientlgasse 70, A-6020 Innsbruck, Austria Phone: +43 512 20 24 30 - 0 Fax: +43 512 20 24 33 Email:

MK Illumination designs, manufactures and markets festive and decorative LED lighting concepts for shopping centres. We offer full service from conception, production, installation, servicing and financing. MK is a local company on a global scale operating from 21 national markets worldwide.

PayLife Bank GmbH Marxergasse 1B, A-1030 Vienna, Austria Phone +43 1 717 01 - 0 Fax: +43 1 717 01 - 3000

Raiffeisen evolution project development GmbH Ernst-Melchior-Gasse 22, A-1020 Wien, Austria Phone: +43 1 717 06 - 624 Fax: +43 1 717 06 - 410

REAL4YOU Immobilien GmbH Haiderstraße 23, A-4052 Ansfelden, Austria Phone: +43 7229 8808 0 Email:

R.E.D. Real Estate Databank 145-157 St John Street, EC1V 4PW, London, UK Phone: +385 91 280 1010 Email:

S IMMO AG Friedrichstrasse 10, A-1010 Vienna, Austria Phone: +43 5 0100 - 27521 Fax: +43 5 0100 9 - 27521 Email:

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PayLife is the market leader and number one choice for cashless payments in Austria. PayLife is synonymous with convenient, simple and secure card payments as well as customer focus and innovation. Whether credit- and prepaid card, POS Terminal, e-commerce or Quick, the Electronic Purse, PayLife offers individual and comprehensive products to meet all needs. With PayUnity, PayLife is the only provider for e-commerce and POS payments from one source. In 11 countries PayLife offers its customers total solutions for all branches. PayLife. Bringing life to your card.

Raiffeisen evolution project development GmbH is a real estate company operating in Austria, Central and Eastern Europe with its headquarters in Vienna. Our portfolio includes primarily residential and office buildings, as well as hotels, shopping and retail centres as well as mixed-use objects. We implement projects with high sustainability suitable for investors.

The Austrian Real 4 You Group is one of the leading retail real estate developers in Eastern Europe. Developing FamilyCenter-Retail Parks and mega.mall-Shopping Centers is currently one of the company’s core business. More than 150 projects has been realized in the last 15 years.

R.E.D. Star is a reliable and independent guide for commercial real estate executives in CEE. We deliver impartial and timely research data on commercial property to the real estate industry in form of trans­ parent market reports at regional, country and city level. R.E.D. Star Retail Matchmaking Event is central Eastern Europe´s deal-making happening of the year connecting the dots between leasing profes­ sionals and global retail brands ready to expand throughout the region via pre-arranged meetings in one place on one day. For more information visit

S IMMO AG is Austria’s first real estate investment company and has been listed on the Vienna Stock Exchange since 1987. The company invests in high-quality real estate in Austria, Germany and six countries in Central and Southeastern Europe. Its broadly diversified portfolio is focused on sustainability and consists of residential, office and commercial properties as well as hotels.

SES Spar European Shopping Centers GmbH Söllheimer Straße 4, A-5020 Salzburg, Austria Phone: +43 662 4471 0 Fax: +43 662 4471 7199 Email:

SHOP!C Dore Pejacˇevic´ 3, 10000 Zagreb, Croatia Phone: +385 1 5583 932 Mobile: +385 91 1983 709 Email:

sma standort marketing agentur gmbH Rotenturmstraße 17, A-1010 Wien, Austria Phone: +43 1 533 32 60 - 0 Fax: +43 1 533 32 60 - 10 Email:

sonae sierra Lugar do Espido,Via Norte 4471-909 Maia, Portugal Phone: +351 22 948 7522 Email:


Cambridge, Stockholm, Warsaw, Sofia, Budapest, Helsinki

Vine Farm, Up Street, Bardwell, Suffolk, IP31 1AA, UK Phone: +44 1359 250208 Fax: +44 1359 250228

TriGranit Management Corporation Váci út 3. 1062 Budapest, Hungary Phone: +36 1 374 6516 Fax: +36 1 374 6571 Email:

Zumtobel Licht GmbH Donau-City-Strasse 1, A-1220 Wien, Austria Phone: +43 1 258 26 01 - 0 Fax: +43 1 258 26 01 - 982 845 Email:

SES – No. 1 in Austria and Slovenia – is specialized in developing, constructing and managing first-class retail real estate at an international level. The company provides complete service from development to center management in Central, Southern and Eastern Europe. Shopping malls managed by SES are among the very best the industry has to offer.

SHOP!C is the first full service shopping management company, specialized in marketing for shopping center, retail and FMCG industry in region. It is the result of 6 years experience in managing marketing for 3 shopping centers as well as international and domestic clients in the retail sector. We opened 2 shopping centers and closed over 450 campaigns, 600 events and 250 PR activities. SHOP!C is a one-stop-shop for the industry, covering Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Monte Negro, Macedonia, Bulgaria and Romania.

We specialize in fulfilling the marketing and communication needs of retail and commercial real estate. Our spectrum includes pro­­j­ect development services as well as drafting and implementation of marketing and communications for operational properties. Our goal is to turn retail locations into strong and appealing regional brands.

Sonae Sierra is the international shopping centre specialist that is passionate about bringing innovation and excitement to the shopping industry. Our integrated approach to the shopping centre business includes the ownership, development and management activities. This strategy allowed us to develop a recognized unique know-how which we use for our shopping centres, as well as third-parties projects and operating shopping centres.

Specialists in creating value and ROI, Toolbox Marketing employ passion, experience, innovation and creativity to drive retail destination marketing throughout Europe. Active in 16 countries with creative hubs in Sweden, Poland, Bulgaria, Hungary, Finland and UK, the Toolbox Marketing specialist teams create, direct, implement and evaluate all aspects of the marketing mix in both B2B and B2C sectors.Twelve years in the business and an un­ shakable thirst for innovation enable us to maximise brand development and customer experience using an array of multi-media and multi-channel marketing techniques.

TriGranit Management Corporation is a customer focused real estate services consultancy. By creating and managing spaces in a safe, clean, reliable and sustainable environment TGM strives to provide its clients with value, trans­­parency, understanding and efficiency for tenants; sustainability, reliability and responsibility for landlords and owners of commercial, office, cultural or re­creational facilities through its high-quality services. TGM is currently active in Hungary, Poland, Slovakia, Croatia, Slovenia, Romania, Russia, Bulgaria, Macedonia and Belarus. The blend of a portfolio which includes commercial, office, cultural, educational and recreational facilities, within which we welcome approximately 60 million visitors every year, supporting the success of more than 1,500 tenants.

Zumtobel, a company of the Zumtobel Group, is an internationally leading supplier of integral lighting solutions for professional indoor and outdoor building lighting applications. For more than 50 years, Zumtobel has been developing innovative, custom lighting solutions that meet extremely exacting requirements in terms of ergonomics, economic efficiency and environmental compatibility and also deliver aesthetic added value.

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