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ACROSOMA SWAP BODIES Acrosoma ® designs and builds lightweight swap bodies for different applications. Because of an own R & D team, there is a committement to continuous innovation in materials, processes and applications. The swap bodies are also made ​from the patented design and revolutionary Acrosoma ® panels.

Acrosoma ® composite panels are part of the structure of swap bodies and are not just replacing aluminum, steel, timber- or sandwich panel, they replace the complete structure. They have a standard thickness of 30 mm. Advantages: -low weight provides extra capacity for example 20 ": 1750 kg empty - fuel saving because of the lower weight - suitable for all applications - very good temperature insulation - prevention of condensation - muffled sound when loading - no corrosion - easy cleaning and maintenance - easy and fast corrective maintenance - longer operating lifetime

Models: 1 ° standard swap body Types CT -WL with a length of 7.82 m and 7.45 m Closed monocoque construction Plywood or aluminum roller door possible

Bottom Floor Front panel Side panels Roof Back door Legs Coating

Finnish Cargo space Portal height External dimension Weight

170mm high steel U-girders, Acrosoma 80HD 30mm AAM panel Acrosoma 80HD Acrosoma 35L Acrosoma 35L Roller door or double doors aluminium door optional 4 retractable and folding legs with double safety Polyurethane varnish paint specially for composites Rubber corner finishing profiles 7.680x2.484x2.665mm 2.588mm Portal 7.820x2.550x2.980mm 1.750kg

Acrosoma swap bodies  


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