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YEAR IN REVIEW 2012-2013



CCEW had a hallmark year of growth and program expansion More programming with more participants means greater CCEW impact across Oklahoma CCEW programs are multiplying. We’ve expanded our reach beyond the Norman and Tulsa campuses, and are connecting with the broader OKC Metro and Tulsa communities. It’s been an exciting year of growth and outreach, positioning CCEW to be a key player in the entrepreneurial ecosystem of Oklahoma.

We believe in the excellence of Oklahoma and our ability to transform the world by inspiring people to realize their ideas and ambitions.

CCEW expands experiential learning beyond the traditional internship model.


We create wealth by building an environment that advances ideas, people, and businesses. We act as a nexus of entrepreneurial activity by providing immersive learning experiences, collaborative spaces, and high-impact programming.

JEFF MOORE CCEW Executive Director

In Tulsa, we’ve launched two exciting new hands-on learning experiences. The Innovation and Sustainability Institute engages nine OU-Tulsa researchers in a year-long program to build viable businesses using an I-Corps-based curriculum. Also in Tulsa, The Mine is a new CCEW model of community engagement built on the joint power of CCEW, the Tulsa Chamber of Commerce and two major Tulsa foundations. Ten young professionals chosen from a highly selective process were named Mine Community Fellows and will be developing two major social ventures over the course of 9 months. CCEW is connecting and guiding teams for impact across the state. Our high-impact programming extends to the larger Oklahoma community. Between our participation in a large-scale effort to bring Venture For America fellows to Oklahoma startups and launching a 30-day event series this past spring, CCEW has created more opportunities in Oklahoma to grow and connect innovators and entrepreneurs. We’re also building on past successes with the continuation of Startup Weekend OU and TEDxOU. Collaborative CCEW space engages the entrepreneurial community. With three times the space, CCEW has grown two major initiatives: significant college partnerships and the Land Run, CCEW’s co-working space. College partnerships create a shared office space and specific joint programs to foster entrepreneurship across the university. The Land Run Co-working Space targets local developers, graphic designers and high-tech independent workers and brings them into an environment that forges connections between community and students. We’re committed to the founding goals of developing leaders and growing wealth in Oklahoma. Now our mission expands beyond interns’ participation in life-changing internships to include colleges, faculty and community members. CCEW is growing and changing – all for the better.

CCEW’s college partnerships have never been stronger




of CCEW interns are enrolled

in the Honors College




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With college representation in the expanded CCEW Space, interns, students, and entrepreneurs from the community have the benefit of enhanced experiential learning opportunities that make CCEW a truly interdisciplinary program.

EMPLOYMENT BY INDUSTRY Entrepreneurial Energy Educational Other


55% 30% 3.72 250

Four of our earliest partners are executing programs and piloting new initiatives in the CCEW Space.

Gaylord College of Journalism

Gaylord College of Journalism and CCEW are partnering for another Entrepreneurial Exchange Program in Spring 2014. After hosting 2 groups of Bangladeshi entrepreneurs in Oklahoma, the upcoming entrepreneurial exchange will venture to Nepal.


— Joe Foote, Dean of Gaylord College of Journalism and Mass Communications


Price College of Business

EMPLOYERS Amazon Apple Barclays BCG BP ConocoPhillips ExxonMobil

GoldmanSachs Google IBM McKinsey Microsoft Schlumberger


MIT Stanford Oxford

"One of Gaylord College's most productive partnerships over the past two years has been with CCEW in bringing Bangladeshi entrepreneurs to the United States for a one-month professional placement in an Oklahoma business. Several Oklahoma entrepreneurs and CCEW staff have also traveled to Bangladesh to carry on this good work. It has been a joy for all of us in Gaylord Hall to work with CCEW on this important State Department project."





Price College of Business’ Center for Entrepreneurship engages with entrepreneurs at all stages of their ventures in the CCEW Space. The Sooner Launch Pad and the Center for Entrepreneurship coordinates Venture Strategy Sessions with local entrepreneurs to vet new business ideas with a Price & CCEW Consulting Panel. The Sooner Launch Pad Pitch Competition grew tremendously with competitions on OU-Norman and Tulsa campuses. “The intersection between the Price College of Business and the Center for the Creation of Economic Wealth has been fruitful since day one of the CCEW’s founding in 2006. To this end, Price College’s Top 10 nationally ranked Entrepreneurship program has contributed the time and talents of its world-class faculty, recruited dozens of top business students to serve as CCEW interns, and facilitated the involvement of College alumni as mentors and supporters of the Center. We look forward to building on the collaborative success of the past seven years as Price College, and its sister colleges across OU, work together to create the greatest possible future for Oklahoma and our nation.” —Daniel Pullin, Interim Dean of Price College of Business, Vice President of Strategic Planning and Economic Development

College of Engineering The School of Computer Science at the College of Engineering is strengthening the Software Business Accelerator program through new programming initiatives. Collaborating with CCEW Developerin-Residence Phil Dow on the extracurricular Startup Engineering course, the SoBA program has expanded and is equipping more Computer Science students with the skills they need to be competitive programmers. The College of Engineering is also helping to build the new CCEW Agile Product Design program. “OU Engineering has been a partner on CCEW since its inception. Every year, engineering and computer students have been sharing their talent on CCEW projects that meet societal needs and move discoveries out of OU laboratories and into the marketplace.  In the the process, they gain valuable experience and fulfill the OU Engineering mission.” — Thomas Landers, Dean of OU College of Engineering

College of Law The College of Law will be debuting a new initiative, the Owl’s Nest, a free law clinic that will provide legal counsel to entrepreneurs and create an externship experience for current OU J.D. candidates. “OU Law is at the forefront of legal education in creating new and innovative degrees, certificates and courses to give our students a competitive advantage in their careers. One example is our recent launch of a certificate in business entrepreneurship that can be earned by our law students during their three year degree. Our partnership with the CCEW, and the collaboration and innovation that is taking place through the ‘Owl’s Nest’ with the other Colleges is a great example of the interdisciplinary activity that is enriching the student experience. — Joseph Harroz, Dean of OU College of Law


The Mine engages Tulsa in social entrepreneurship, bringing CCEW expertise in social innovation and talent development to Tulsa’s young professionals. Over nine months, two groups of Tulsans will be allotted $10,000 to launch their social innovation projects. The Mine launched in June 2013, and projects kicked-off in September.


In addition to CCEW, The Mine is powered by The Forge, the George Kaiser Family Foundation, and The Lobeck Taylor Family Foundation. Visit for more information.

“THIS WEEK” AT THE CENTER The "This Week" event series marked the launch of CCEW's new space, The Center. The Center is a collaborative space for researchers, students, and members of the OKC business and creative communities to learn, create, and connect in the areas of technology and

leadership. Over the course of six weeks, the CCEW staff engaged nine colleges and welcomed over 250 visitors to The Center. "This Week" served as the beta test for increased CCEW programming to begin this year.

In Fall 2012, a small team of alumni led by Fellow Robert Free assembled to explore CCEW’s capacity to add an agile product design (APD) program to its collection of project tracks. The team applied an IDEO-like approach, relying on an iterative,

consumer-driven process to innovate on traditional designs for a kitchen trash can, all the while reflecting on the process to recommend a structured program and systematic approach for future APD teams.


SUSAN MORING CCEW FELLOW My favorite part of the CCEW program is being surrounded by intelligent and extremely driven individuals that come from all different backgrounds. The most challenging part of the internship program came during my semester as a team leader, when I not only had to lead a 10-person team in solving an ambiguous problem, but also had to juggle communication with the movers and shakers at a local startup. While difficult, this was also the most beneficial part of the program because nowhere else could I have learned so much about dealing with people, both personally and professionally. Personally, the CCEW program has taught

me to be more confident in my ideas and my capabilities, but moreover it has enhanced my ability to communicate, network, and have an impact on the business and technology community. After working on two Software Business Accelerator projects and a summer CCEW project in the Silicon Valley area, I have become very interested in working for a tech startup. The CCEW Fellowship really fits into my future goals perfectly, as it will continue to enhance my professional skills while allowing me to network with startups across the country and perhaps even meet the people that could eventually help me launch my own startup.


DILLON CARROLL CCEW FELLOW My favorite part of the CCEW program is the intense group problem solving. It's something I hadn't found at OU until my time as a CCEW intern. Working together with four incredibly intelligent peers to solve a complex, real world problem is a challenging, satisfying experience that forced me to improve myself. The part of the program that was both the most challenging and the most beneficial for me was the focus on the final presentation. I'd never worked on projects with such an output oriented focus. It was beneficial as it filled what I feel is a big gap

in traditional engineering education, and in particular I was able to improve my communication skills. Working with CCEW, I've gained professional experience working on a real world project, besides improving my communication, project management, and problem solving skills. Personally, I think it’s made me a much clearer communicator and more decisive decision maker. I see the Fellowship as a way to contribute to CCEW's institutional excellence while building experience in the international development field.

NEW PROGRAMS + EVENTS (CONT.) INNOVATION AND SUSTAINABILTY INSTITUTE With ISI, CCEW delivers an innovation and commercialization program for faculty, particularly in the social services and healthcare sectors. The inaugural ISI class consists of 9 OU-Tulsa faculty members, comprised of both social science and technical science backgrounds. ISI develops quality technologies and inventors with mentoring, program structure and

THE LAND RUN In Spring 2013, CCEW debuted the Land Run, CCEW’s community co-working space and a new installation in the expanded workspace in Three Partners Place. With the resources of the University Research Campus and the entrepreneurial ecosystem at CCEW, Land Run co-workers can work in an environment that encourages collaboration

accountability, and financial support. CCEW hosted ISI Boot Camp on August 23rd. Final Presentations will take place in May 2014.

and innovation. From tech startup teams to independent designers or developers, the Land Run will officially accept applications from future Land Run co-workers in Fall 2013.

THE NOW AND THE NEXT The Now and The Next Symposium focused on preparing students for entering a rapidly changing, competitive work environment by learning from young professionals leading and transforming their industries. In a daylong event, more than 100 students came to learn from 15 engaged professionals, including consultants, entrepreneurs, attorneys and

C-Suite executives, who sat on panels and interacted with students in activity sessions ranging from topics such as “The Real World: Turning Your Degree Into a Job” and “Young Entrepreneurs: Transforming Ideas Into Business.” Held the Friday before the OU-Notre Dame Football Weekend, the event drew in panelists from Oklahoma and beyond.


VetiCool is a CCEW developed technology that harnesses evaporative properties of vetiver, a plant material, to provide ecofriendly and affordable residential

cooling. VetiCool is a box fan attachment designed for residential applications. Through iterative product development, the team created a working prototype and demonstrated the cooling effect at their final presentation. Initially tasked with identifying and developing a socially innovative technology, the team’s work resulted in an intellectual property disclosure to the University.

SOCIAL ENTREPRENEURSHIP SYMPOSIUM The 2013 Social Entrepreneurship Symposium featured Kelsey Timmerman, investigative reporter and author of Where Am I Wearing, and focused on the impact of the fair trade movement on the garment manufacturing industry. The keynote was followed by a panel discussion

with representatives from the Alta Gracia Coalition, the OU Economics Department, and OKC’s local garment retail community. The Symposium marks the third annual collaboration between CCEW and the College of International Studies.



The Oklahoma Funding Accelerator (formerly the Oklahoma Microfinance Fund) creates economic opportunity by empowering Oklahoma’s small business community. Since its roots in the Oklahoma Microfinance Fund (Fall 2011), the Oklahoma Funding Accelerator (OFA) provides one-on-one consultation to entrepreneurs throughout the loan application process. By bridging the gap between small business startups and funding partners, OFA increases access to finance

in the state of Oklahoma. This year, expanded both the types of services it offers entrepreneurs and its partnerships with local funding organizations. New services added include co-working space, ideation support, and financial literacy training; these new services will be implemented by the OFA associates beginning in Fall 2013.

LitWorld is a non-profit organization housed in New York City with the goal of empowering children around the world through literacy and entrepreneurial education. In Spring 2013, CCEW’s Social Entrepreneurship team consulted with LitWorld to develop a strategic growth plan that aims to expand their reach to currently underserved areas of the world, increase

INTERNATIONAL EYE INSTITUTE the economic impact of their entrepreneurial and literacy education programs, and increase donations to help drive LitWorld’s continued success. The team’s recommendations also outlined a strengthened partnership between LitWorld and Next Thought, a Norman-based technology start up with an educational web platform, into LitWorld’s programs.

In May 2013, a delegation of representatives from CCEW and the Dean McGee Eye Institute traveled to Chengdu, China to take part in the negotiations with the Sichuan Provincial People’s Hospital for the launch of the International Eye Institute. During the visit,

a consulting and service agreement was signed which outlines the launch of the pilot program, planned for January 2014. This success marks the culmination of the work of the International Eye Institute (Fall 2012) and EYEChina (Fall 2010) teams.


A creation of the Fall 2011 SoBA team, Emma is an iPad application that embeds disease-related questions into a simple, engaging game to facilitate communication between adolescents suffering from chronic disease and their physicians. Since Fall 2011, CCEW Fellow Robert Free and Emma developer Josh Holmes have continued to improve Emma in collaboration with OU HSC and the Chronic Collaborative Care Network, and in June 2013, the technology was successfully licensed to Cincinnati Children’s Hospital and sublicensed to Mayo Clinic for continued development and patient testing.

CROWDSCRIBED Crowdscribed is a revolutionary website that allows readers to decide what books ultimately get written and published. Using the power of an online reading community, Crowdscribed provides a forum for readers to pitch titles they’d like to read and vote on which suggestions end up on bookshelves or eBook stores. The Spring 2013 SoBA Team at CCEW worked with Oklahoma entrepreneur Scott Klososky of Future Point of View, LLC, to build this platform. Interns built and tested an alpha version of the website with more than 160 users, and created a marketing and user acquisition strategy for a 2014 launch.

HITDOT OU STARTUP WEEKEND The HITdot system consists of an iPad application paired with multiple accelerometer sensors embedded within a team’s football helmets and was designed and developed to alert coaches and trainers when potentially concussive head-impacts occur during play. The application was developed in partnership with ICEdot, a medical emergency notification company based in Tulsa. The Fall 2012 SoBA team extended ICEdot’s newest product line, which pairs an accelerometer sensor embedded in a bike helmet with an iPhone application to alert emergency contacts in case of head trauma. The team developed a fully-functional application and recommended the implementation strategy to launch ICEdot into the high school football market.

OU Startup Weekend 2013 was the largest event of its kind, with more than 81 registered participants from the University, Oklahoma City, Texas, and Colorado attending the kick-off. Ten teams formed and spent 54 hours at CCEW living the startup life. With incredible mentors and speakers Devan Twyman, co-founder of Oklahoma City startup RaiseMore, and Jeff Muehring, CTO of Norman startup NextThought, inspiring the teams, the ventures blew away judges at final presentations.



CCEW DEVELOPER-IN-RESIDENCE My most visible role at the CCEW is as instructor for the incoming SoBA developers. It’s a job I love. I help prepare a four-week intensive course that touches on the programming languages and development environments required for the semester project as well as the host of technologies they’ll need to know in order to complete it. We’ve prepared courses for iOS development and web development. It’s awesome to see the students go from newbies to full on application developers in just four weeks and then build a complete application in just a couple months. During the rest of the semester I mentor the developers and

organize technology related discussions and workshops. For our interns, the benefit is unmistakable. We’re giving Computer Science and Computer Engineering majors the opportunity to put their theoretical knowledge to practical work. We’re exposing them to the languages, the tools and the practices they need to be competitive in the workforce, whether they decide to join a large company, a new company, or start their own. The students also experience what it’s like to work with designers, product managers and business analysts on a real team for a real world project. That experience is invaluable.


Team IntegRevive developed a plan for two OU technologies, HTC and CAP-37, to improve the treatment of reoccurring chronic wounds. Hypothiocyanite (HTC) is a chemical reaction developed by Dr. Micheal Ashby and CAP-37 is a novel peptide

AHAB SYSTEM The AHAB Socket Monitoring System was developed at the University of Oklahoma by Dr. Sesh Commuri. The AHAB System uses activity data collected by force sensors within the socket

created by Dr. Anne Pereira. Through conversations with over 40 wound care experts, IntegRevive recommend HTC target a dry mouth application and CAP-37 target a corneal ulcer application. The team’s work resulted in commercialization plans for both technologies, identifying the market opportunities and FDA pathway processes for each. Additionally, a provisional patent application was filed for CAP-37.

of a prosthetic limb and a proprietary algorithm to assess the patient's activity level. This objective assessment can be used by prosthetists to validate their activity level assignments to insurance companies; it is


Since summer, 2011, The University of Oklahoma has executed a summer program with the i-GATE innovation hub in Livermore, California to transplant the established CCEW internship model to the Bay Area and advance technology created in the

estimated that a clinic will save $18,000 annually in insurance auditing costs by using the AHAB System. With long term industry trends moving towards preventive care, it is likely that in 10 to 20 years

Lawrence Livermore and Sandia National Laboratories. This summer, Susan Moring, Sam Parrill, and Carl Szmutko spent 2 months in California investigating the commercial potential for the Rapid Threat Organism Recognition (RapTOR) system developed by Sandia National Laboratory. The team identified civilian markets for the DoD-purposed system and found many strong potential licensees for each of the innovative components which compose the RapTOR system.

activity monitors such as the AHAB System will be insurance reimbursable. This represents a potential future revenue opportunity for OU and project stakeholders.



I think my favorite part of CCEW is the amount of learning that takes place while working on a real world project, which is unconventional to classroom training yet so effective. The best part is that the skills and strategies learned can be applied across multiple areas, be they professional or academic. In any presentation, meeting or brainstorming session, it’s always important

to clearly articulate your ideas, and present them in a succinct and meaningful manner. I would certainly accredit some of the opportunities that have my way to the networking at CCEW. Professionally, the experience at CCEW has helped me build a strong profile but moreover, personally, it has improved my interpersonal skills and connected me to a network of highly talented individuals.



The exciting physical and programmatic expansion at OU’s Center for the Creation of Economic Wealth allows OU to continue to grow and diversify Oklahoma’s economy through the emergence of new companies, the commercialization of innovative technologies and the preparation of the next generation of talent to lead our state and nation. Physically, the Center has been transformed by opening its doors to four other OU Colleges each positioned to pursue their own innovative activities in an environment that fosters interdisciplinary, intellectual connectivity. We also expect the Center to open to citizen entrepreneurs, community economic development enablers and other creative leaders.

A team of CCEW alumni brought home 1st place in the 2013 Donald W. Reynolds Tri-State Business Plan Competition, becoming the first CCEW team to win since the inaugural competition in 2008. Their business, Field Focus, leveraged an innovative software solution developed by

Phase 2 Interactive, an Oklahoma City-based custom software design firm, which improves efficiency for small oil and gas service companies in the areas of inventory management, personnel utilization, and rig down-time prevention.

Programmatically, there are opportunities to learn, connect and create as we aspire to become smarter, happier and more productive each day. The Center allows us to pursue our best future selves and is emblematic of the entrepreneurial spirit that is alive and well at OU and across the Sooner State. The Center is just one outstanding example of the innovation ecosystem that has been created by the colocation of the university, private and governmental sectors on OU’s Research Campus.

The Fall 2012 Technology Commercialization team identified the full commercial potential for the RANGER, an X-Band Radar with hardware and software innovations from the OU Advanced Radar Research Center, by evaluating secondary markets and pinpointing offshore oil platforms as the most advantageous market to pursue. The team contributed to a major

licensing deal with EEC Radar, which was negotiated by the Office of Technology Development. The licensing agreement will result in a new radar manufacturing facility in Oklahoma, which will create hundreds of jobs within the state. EEC has already made RANGER Radar sales to oil companies, a direct result of the CCEW team’s efforts.

United by its entrepreneurial spirit, the University of Oklahoma is creating the environment where new ideas are linked to those who can act to make the state and world a better place for us all.

Daniel Pullin Executive Chairman, CCEW Vice President, Strategic Planning and Economic Development Interim Dean, Price College of Business


Andi graduated from Price College of Business, then spent 6 weeks backpacking around Europe. She’s moved to Austin, TX, where she works at IBM.

KRISTIN BARNETT In search of a new challenge, Kristin left her post as a project management consultant to join the marketing team at a Seattle-area museum in late 2012. She currently manages all marketing and promotional initiatives for the museum and, like any good CCEW alum, is pushing hard for an office Keurig.

ANDREW BELLIVEAU After graduating from OU in the spring of 2013, Andrew finished up his time in Oklahoma with an internship at Tronox Corporation, the largest vertically-integrated supplier of titanium dioxide. He

is currently pursuing his MBA at the University of Rochester, and will always have a special place in his heart for Oklahoma and CCEW.

MADISON BLOCKER After completing her first year at OU Law, Madison interned with with the OKC firm of Ryan Whaley Coldiron & Shandy working on white collar crime and environmental litigation. She spent the second half of the summer with the Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics, working with law enforcement on large scale drug trafficking cases.

JULIE BOCK After taking one semester off of CCEW, Julie is excited to be back as a Team Lead for Fall 2013! In the mean time, she’lll be enjoying her senior year before graduating with her degree in Industrial Engineering.




Brett married his wife, Steph, June 29, and they’re looking forward to this first year together. Brett is currently finishing his engineering field training with Chesapeake Energy. Later this fall he will move to Oklahoma City to work in the Operations group. He will attend Harvard Business School in Fall 2014.

Immediately following graduation in Spring 2013, Eleanor moved to San Antonio to start working for Enfocus. Since her first day, she’s been busy with multiple projects including organizing transition requirements for a new software release, connecting with local universities, and researching opportunities for Texas technology startups.

NIKI BRAY Niki completed an internship with Southwestern Airlines, and since graduating with his degree in Aviation, is always on the lookout for more opportunities to fly.

ALI BROWNING Ali started her Masters program in Urban Planning at UNC Chapel Hill this year.

DILLON CARROLL Dillon completed his degree in Engineering Physics in May 2013, and during the summer he worked as an interpreter on a mission trip to the Dominican Republic. He recently started as a Fellow at CCEW, and is excited about advancing the Social Entrepreneurship and Agile Product Design programs.

Barry is currently working for the Downtown Project in Las Vegas and is about to enter his second year as a Venture for America Fellow. He’s also beginning to train for his second marathon coming up in November!

ADAM CROOM As of Summer 2013, Adam is now the Director of Digital Courses at the OU Center for Teaching Excellence where he enhances faculty innovation in online, flipped, and blended models of teaching. He and his wife, Katie, are expecting their second child in late January 2014.

BHAGYASHRI DARUNKAR Bhagyashri has completed her Masters recently and interned this summer at Hilti. She is enrolled for her PhD program, and Hilti sponsored her PhD with scholarship.

PARKER DOOLY Summer 2013 began with the former HITdot team securing first place in the Tri-State

Business Plan Competition. Shortly after, Parker began his job as a Commercial Banking Analyst with JPMorgan Chase. He spent 10 weeks in Chicago going through an extensive training program before heading back to his permanent group in Oklahoma City.

VIRGINIA DUKE In May, Virginia completed her second year as a Teach For America corps member, serving as an 8th grade math teacher in rural Alabama for both years. She is now honored to be a Fulbright English Teaching Assistant, teaching English as a Second Language to secondary students in Nepal.

AMBER EDWARDS Amber is focusing her career aspirations to assist nonprofit organizations and is in the beginning stages of an entrepreneurial venture in Event Management. Currently, she is the Director of Operations for Ft. Worth, TX based Dream Outside the Box while sharing the same title with Kismet Events and Public Relations.



Robert contributes to CCEW’s continued growth as an economic development force as 1 of 4 of the current Fellows. Recently, the Emma application, developed by his original CCEW team and led with his guidance during the first year of his fellowship, was successfully licensed to Cincinatti Children’s Hospital and Mayo Clinic. He’s currently leading CCEW’s effort on the Agile Product Design program.

Benjamin received the Gilman Scholarship to study abroad at Seoul National University. He began his travels by visiting the east and west coasts, and then flew to Japan to do a month-long solo bike tour before reaching Korea. He is thoroughly enjoying life.

EVAN FRY Evan spent summer 2013 in North Carolina’s Research Triangle area, where he interned in the Global Sales Operations division of Quintiles, a multinational biopharmaceutical services company. He will be applying to law school and full-time employment opportunities in the fall.

NIKHITA GUNTUR Nikhita is currently working on the completion of her project work and is also an active volunteer at DVIS-Tulsa.

KRISHNA IYER Krishna is looking for some excellent experience in the wireless field of telecommunications.

LINZI JIANG Linzi recently decided to return to OU to pursue her pre-med education, starting with classes this past summer.

KELSEY JOHNSON In May Kelsey completed her master’s thesis, “LearningAssisted Cache Replacement for Last-Level Caches,” and graduated with an M.S. in Electrical and Computer Engineering. She recently moved to Austin, Texas to join the Engineering Leadership Program at National Instruments.



Allie graduated in May, started working at Teach For America, and moved to Kansas City in July.

Michael is a Business Analyst at NextThought. He and his wife Laura were happy to move back into their house in August following the Moore tornado.


Lindyn Kish serves as the principal at Summit International Preparatory, a Title I, open-enrollment, public charter school serving 500 scholars in kindergarten through 5th grade. She can think of no better way to create wealth in her community than by changing the life trajectories of her students by putting them on a path to college.


Nick graduated with a degree in MDS, took a job at HP and moved to Plano.

JAY KUMAR An Oklahoma redbud beneath a northeastern sun, Jay is enjoying his second year in Boston. Medical school is treating him very well - almost too well - and he’s even found a few Sooners in the area. He’d love it if you called him.

JOEL MAUPIN Joel completed an internship at National Instruments this past summer and returned to the University this fall where he will also be working as a TA and starting his Masters in Computer Science.

ZACH MCWILLIAMS Zach worked full-time over the summer, and will continue parttime as he finishes up his BS and MS at OU.

TJ MOEN TJ is now a married man living in Palo Alto and working on the investment team for the Henry J Kaiser Family Foundation. While he misses friends and cheap burgers in Oklahoma, the Bay Area has been beyond amazing so far. Life is good.


After a big win in Vegas and an exciting summer in Livermore, CA working with Sandia National Labs, Susan is excited to be back in Norman and working full-time as a CCEW Fellow!

RACHEL O’CONNOR Rachel has been at Phillips 66 for over a year now and has transitioned to a new position as a Global Credit Analyst working with customers trading out of our London and Singapore offices. She is still enjoying traveling, the married life, the United Way and serving as the Treasurer for the Habitat for Humanity.


Sam spent the summer in Livermore working with CCEW (what up) and doing awesome stuff in California. He is in Norman this fall and after that will be taking a year off to work and travel. If anyone has any connections in South America let him know!

DAN PHILLIPS Dan got back from the IEIChina trip and headed to Houston for the first time for an internship in Social Performance at Shell-analyzing the impacts Shell has on local communities. He returned to Norman in the fall where he is finishing up his degree and TA’ing Principles of Macroeconomics before (hopefully) studying abroad again in the spring.

TAYLOR POTTER Taylor loves her role as CCEW Program Manager (Tulsa). Between CCEW Tulsa, the Innovation & Sustainability Institute, and The Mine, transformative things are happening in Tulsa. This summer, Taylor and her husband, Kaleb, and their goldendoodle, Callie, made 50 jars of homemade salsa!

JACK RANDOLPH Jack has lived in Israel the past year interning for a startup, volunteering for a non-profit, winning an Israeli national championship in American

football, and traveling many parts of the world. Now he is starting to work for Peace Players Int’l, a USA non-profit that resolves conflict through basketball. He coaches basketball in Israel.


Ryan and his wife Lynsey recently had their first child, Rilynn Janett. Spending time with his family and working on his career continues to absorb most of his time.

JEFFREY RHEA Jeff spent his summer in Haiti working on a solar power project for MOH and helping in the villages in his spare time. He started at XOM on Aug 19 and will be working offshore Angola.


Chase left the world of financial services for a scaled technology start-up in the Bay Area called Box. He also recently celebrated his 1 yr anniversary--life is good!


In May of 2013, Cole was offered a promotion from his position in De Soto, Missouri

to Long Beach, CA. Currently he oversees all intermodal equipment maintenance for Union Pacific in LA, Las Vegas, and Arizona.


Brittany is in her second year with Ericsson, a telecommunications company. She’s located at the US headquarters in Plano, TX. She started as a business analyst and was promoted to business operations manager where she prepares and analyzes data. She maintains an event planning blog, Beaux & Belles. She plans to move into PR and marketing.

RENEÉ SELANDERS Reneé is thrilled to be working on exciting projects and new programs as the CCEW Program Manager in Norman. Keeping the values and culture established by the founding CCEW Intern Classes, and integrating them into the new initiatives at CCEW has been incredibly rewarding – as CCEW grows, so do the students, community members, and the University.

MUBEEN SHAKIR In early October Mubeen will be moving to Oxford to start his Masters in Immunology. This past summer he worked at the Honors College and did medical humanities research. If anyone’s in the UK, let him know!


Sarah got married (and changed her name from Stephenson to Shapiro)! She also graduated from OU with a Bachelors of Science in Chemical Engineering.


Dhara is starting her second year of medical school at OUHSC and finishing up her final year in OKC. In the summer She will be moving to Tulsa to start her rotations at OU School of Community Medicine.


Kim is so excited to be back in Oklahoma! After a stint back in school to finish her math degree, she is now working as a Valuation Actuary at American Fidelity Assurance Company in OKC. She and

her husband just moved to Guthrie, and aspire to become “regulars” at the world-famous Steak and Catfish Barn.


Austin is still making magic happen at GitHub, the best place to work in the world. If CCEWers make their way out to San Francisco, he and Stafford Marquardt will take them out on the town.

REBECCA STEVENSON Rebecca spent the summer interning in Bangladesh, her first hands on experience in development. It’s challenging and frustrating at times, but fulfilling and really inspiring.


Since graduating OU in 2007, Ben has ventured to and from Oklahoma via Argentina. Currently, he is working at George Kaiser Family Foundation in Tulsa where he works mainly in education. Most recently, he has reunited with CCEW to launch a community facing program powered by the Tulsa Chamber, The Forge, GKFF and CCEW.




Samantha concluded her twoyear Fellowship at CCEW with trips to China and Bangladesh. She misses the incredibly intelligent and hardworking people she worked with at CCEW, especially her fellow fellows. Samantha moved to Dallas where she is a Senior Market Analyst at Precision. #CCEW4lyfe.

After two years with BCG, the entrepreneurial passion that began at CCEW became too strong to resist. Ben decided to put off business school for two more years, move to New York, and begin working with a venture fund/incubator hybrid called Accretive, LLC building new companies, after he travels - hello from Dharamsala, India


Ashley has been a Drilling Engineer at ExxonMobil for the past year. After serving as the lead engineer for the first shale oil project in the Middle East (Qatar), Ashley transitioned into a rotational engineering position in Argentina. She will be spending 6 of the next 12 months on a drilling rig in rural Argentina.


Blake left Goldman and returned to OKC to work for MetaFund, a socially responsible private equity and venture capital firm.

Zach got married after graduating from College to his lady of 7 years. They adopted two greyhounds. They also bought a house and sold it in less than a year. Zach was hired by Lockheed Martin, and then left Lockheed to work for Cisco in Austin.

CAROLINE TRUMP Caroline just started her first full time job after graduation! Earlier this summer, she competed in Donald W. Renyolds Tri-State competition in Las Vegas with her old CCEW team. They lived up to CCEW’s motto “We only do excellence here” and placed 1st overall.

SAMANTHA WONG Sam was awarded the Frankfurt School Scholarship to pursue the Master in International Business at the Frankfurt School of Finance and Management in Frankfurt am Main, Germany.



CCEW Program Manager - Norman

CCEW Fellow



CCEW Program Manager - Tulsa

CCEW Fellow



CCEW Community Manager

CCEW Fellow

GET INVOLVED Advise a Team – Become a Mentor Pitch a Project – Become an Inventor Join the CCEW Team – Become a Fellow Give Back – Become a Corporate Liaison Attend Final Presentations CCEW-Norman: Tuesday, November 26 CCEW-Tulsa: Friday, November 22

SUE RINGUS CCEW Internship Director

JEFF MOORE CCEW Executive Director



CCEW Year-In-Review 2012-2013  
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