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Six years ago, CCEW’s founders envisioned an intellectually stimulating environment that engaged students, faculty, and alumni to commercialize Oklahoma innovation via the creation of new knowledge-based enterprises to benefit our state, nation and the citizens of both. As you will read throughout this newsletter, CCEW has performed remarkably in advancing that vision. Today, CCEW extends this vision by serving as a foundational component of OU’s Economic Development efforts, which are increasingly essential in a knowledge-driven, technology-based, global society. OU Economic Development efforts include: (1) promoting university/private sector activities, (2) coordinating relationships with local, state and national economic/commerce development organizations, (3) commercializing university-generated intellectual property, and (4) creating new companies via collaborations between faculty, students, and alumni. Collectively, OU Economic Development strengthens the economic environment of Oklahoma and the nation while complementing the academic process through the preparation of the next generation of citizen leaders for our state and nation. For example, the CCEW programmatic experience rapidly equips learners (e.g. students, faculty, staff, alumni, and citizens) for the now and the next by providing authentic learning experiences designed to translate great ideas into valuable products and services that improve society. Likewise, CCEW learners are then better prepared to make Oklahoma and American industry more globally competitive while promoting the vibrant cultural, social, and environmental backdrop required for a high quality of life to support robust economic competitiveness. I remain humbled to be affiliated with OU’s CCEW. The Center is one of the finest examples of what a university can mean to a place and its people. I appreciate each of you for playing an important role in the CCEW journey, which directly supports the university’s charge to meet the world’s challenges both today and tomorrow. I cannot thank you enough for your partnership in our future. Best,



We’ve had another terrific year at CCEW. Here are a few of the highlights: Our new programs are booming. The Software Business Accelerator at CCEW is a leading source of intellectual property disclosures at OU, with new iPhone, iPad, and web applications with real commercial potential, all developed by students. We are creating more impact, with 42 interns last semester across all the CCEW initiatives, an incredible jump from only 15 interns and team leaders just a few semesters prior. The growth has come through expanded software development opportunities, as well as tremendous opportunities for alumni interns to continue to execute projects, grow, and develop in the program beyond their initial experience.




We are growing and pushing the boundaries of commercialization, entrepreneurship, and our twin missions of economic development and amazing student experiences. -Our OU-Tulsa involvement continues to grow, recently naming an alum of the program, Taylor (Krebs) Potter, to be the inaugural OU-Tulsa fellow. -The Oklahoma Funding Accelerator continues to thrive with a new team, new name, and expanded relationship with Republic Bank and Trust and MetaFund. -We have a deep exposure to I-Corps, with fellow Robbie Free guiding a technology through the rigorous National Science Foundation commercialization program. -We launched a new summer program in Livermore, CA, with a team working to apply the CCEW process on a Lawrence Livermore National Lab technology. -We hosted a summer program for OSSM students, who performed incredibly well in the CCEW culture. The students are driving economic rewards for the university; 11 of the top 15 equity deals in OTD had some relationship with CCEW. We are continuing to nurture early stage ideas to make sure our work leads to market facing results. For example, last year’s EYEChina project has expanded to create a full service eye institute, with real traction from Chinese and U.S. partners. The program grows, but the foundation remains the same – rigorous training and personal development, professional excellence, and transformative experiences for our students that can only be found at CCEW. I am personally excited by the incredible love and engagement our alumni have shown to the program – with dozens of alumni taking time from their schedules to give back in projects, symposia, classes, and boot camp participation – Thank you!

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Spring 2012 brought new territory to CCEW, as it marked the inaugural semester for CCEW-Tulsa, a satellite program located at the OU-Tulsa Schusterman Center. The initial pilot team, consisting of four students, concentrated their efforts around the Tulsa-based health information exchange, MyHealth Access Network (HiX). MyHealth is one of only 12 recipients of a $12 million Beacon Grant, a national

award geared towards the digitization and consolidation of health information. The team’s recommendations centered around three additional sources of revenue that MyHealth is well poised to capture as its grant expires in 2013.

CCEW provides the Tulsa region with a great resource for taking innovations and putting them into action.”


The semester also marked the first Sooner Launch Pad Competition held for Tulsa students and the greater community. Student contestants competed for $4,000 in prize money and the community division awards were in-kind services from the OU and Tulsa community, including 6 months of free co-working space at the Forge, a co-working space run by The TYPros, the Tulsa Young Professionals organization.







In partnership with the Gaylord College of Journalism, CCEW hosted 11 young Bangladeshi entrepreneurs in Spring 2012. The entrepreneurs attended a lecture series on campus and completed internships with local businesses related to their industries. In June 2012, CCEW staff, along with a delegation of Oklahoma entrepreneurs, traveled to Bangladesh to complete a reciprocal exchange and tour Bangladeshi companies.


For the first time, high school students have been given the opportunity to participate in the full-fledge CCEW experience. Oklahoma School of Science and Mathematics students from Oklahoma City were immersed in a 4-week internship designed to give them hands-on experience in technology commercialization and entrepreneurship. The students made commercialization recommendations to the University regarding two technologies: a lowcost x-band radar system and a wireless coexistence environment for evaluating medical devices.

»ON THE WEST COAST »Launched in Summer 2012, a partnership with i-GATE innovation hub, a city of Livermore incubator, took a CCEW team to Livermore, California. The team, consisting of recent CCEW alumni Evan Fry, Sarah Yung, and Nicholas Kovash, utilized the skills they learned in CCEW to investigate the commercial potential of a clean-engine technology out of Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. In eight short weeks, the team developed preliminary business models for multiple industries, and sought initial partners for the technology maturation fund and recommended criteria to direct future research. »The Spring 2012 SoBA team, with mentorship from CCEW alum Josh Woodward, Google, analyzed and recommended the use of Google Apps Suite to university leadership. »A CCEW alumni team successfully launched DynaSurv, a small survey and consulting business targeting small local businesses in the Norman area, that was created, managed, and ran soley on an iPad. DOWNLOAD THE DYNASURV iBOOK ON YOUR iPAD »

SOFTWARE BUSINESS ACCELERATOR »IPADS IN THE WAITING ROOM In Fall 2011, one of the largest CCEW teams in history was assembled to create a iPad game interface that helps youth better understand how to manage their health conditions. The 10-person team has since launched a beta version of Emma currently in use at OU Health Science Center by Dr. John Grunow, chief of the Section of Gastroenterology and Nutrition in the Department of Pediatrics, specifically for Crohn’s Disease, but can be scaled to help other physicians to develop content in their fields. “Our end goal is to have a subscription-based model – physicians could subscribe to use EMMA and we would update the application with the questions they need,” said Robert Free.

»CLASSWALK : AN APP FOR SCHOOL ADMINISTRATORS Classwalk, a mobile iPad application developed in partnership with the OU K20 Center, is designed to enhance the ability of school administrators to ensure that students are getting the most out of their education. The app assists administrators with their classroom walkthroughs, a means to observe and record data as it pertains to classroom activities, teaching methods, and student behavior. The team leveraged research-based content developed at the K20 Center, and has developed and delivered the application to K20 fo distribution this Fall.



SoBA developers were recruited to assist Gaylord College professor Chris Krug in creating an app that will strengthens connections between book club members. The app, ReadTogether, is currently undergoing disclosure process with the university and will be integrated into the classroom starting next year.


»CONNECTING STUDENTS TO NORMAN BUSINESSES SoBA has developed a platform that connects OU students to part-time opportunities with businesses in the Norman area. A beta test in Summer 2012 proved successful and there are current plans for a broader launch in the Fall. Ultimately, the project goal is to promote talent retention in Norman after graduation.

»CROWDSTORY LAUNCHES API Inspired by the first technology created by SoBA in Fall 2010, a newly formed Crowdstory team has created the Crowdstory API. The API gives programmers the ability to implement location-based audio tagging into their development project. The API is first being used with Diner Connection, a Tulsa-based application, and will allow users to leave audio reviews of Diner Connection restaurants.

“I’m currently working for the Downtown Project in Las Vegas and am in the first year of my Venture for America fellowship. I work on the small business team helping local business owners in the funding, development, and maintenance of their small business. Our team has 50 million dollars in committed funds with the goal of funding 200 small businesses in the next 5-10 years. After being accepted into the Venture for America fellowship I was pretty intimidated by the list of fellows that had been accepted. I can say, without a doubt, that CCEW not only prepared me to hold my own with everyone else, it helped me stand out and succeed at a high level. CCEW helped me shape my leadership, teamwork, and entrepreneurial skills in a way that no other school in the country could have come close to doing. It fundamentally changed my life and career trajectory for the best.”

SOCIAL ENTREPRENEURSHIP »ENABLING ENTREPRENEURS THROUGH MICRO LENDING CCEW students partnered with Metafund, an Oklahoma City-based venture capital firm, to extend credit to new business ventures. The Oklahoma Funding Accelerator is a funding accelerator that prepares local entrepreneurs and small business owners to obtain financing for their ventures. The idea was conceived by Tom Loy, founder of MetaFund, to create a student-driven organization that was able to address the long-time need in Oklahoma of lack of credit available to small businesses and entrepreneurs with little collatoral or an unproven history. The program has taken on an educational component as well, allowing students to shadow Republic Bank loan officers in order to more effectively understand the loan process. Further, a monthly dinner series is being developed to provide students the opportuntiy to have extended conversations and networking opportunities with local bankers, investors, and entrepreneurs who will provide insights into the world of commercial finance.

BENJAMIN HILL »Intern, Spring 2012


Scalafuel, a Spring 2012 project, was launched in partnership with 1040i, a Norman-based nonprofit. The team designed a scalable business model for an agribusiness in rural Ivory Coast. Their selected crop, the jatropha plant, can be used as substitutes for kerosene and diesel. The team is planning to travel to the Ivory Coast with 1040i in December to pressure-test the model.

»CCEW CCEW HOSTS SECOND SOCIAL ENTREPRENEURSHIP SYMPOSIUM This year’s Social Entrepreneurship Symposium featured two keynote speakers: Javier Ewing, Managing Director of the Center for African Mid-Market Expansion JAVIER (CAMME) and Dr. Brett Smith, Director of the Institute for Entrepreneurship at Miami University. The event raised awareness of the role of business in promoting international economic development.




Project Updates

»EYECHINA , Fall 2010

Sichuan Provincial People’s Hospital (SPPH) committed funding to build a forprofit ophthalmic hospital in Sichuan in partnership with DMEI, of which the EYEChina project would be a component. A delegation from SPPH will be visiting Oklahoma, including CCEW, in November 2012.

»QUENCHTECH , Spring 2011


Laura Brunson, OU PhD candidate who is researching the bone char technology, traveled to Ethiopia in June with the WaTER Center. Dr. Lowell Busenitz, Price College Professor of Entrepreneurship and Management, also traveled with the team to conduct field research on the role of entrepreneurship in developing countries.

NOW: CCEW Alumni Team

“Working on Scalafuel, a social entrepreneurship project, I learned a wide range of problem solving strategies, developed analytical thinking skills, and had tons of fun along the way through the iterative process! The project experience really strengthened my understanding of how business principles can be applied to better serve and develop the community. I now look at problems in an entirely new light, even those I encounter in the classroom atmosphere. Because of my positive experiences with CCEW both last spring as well as this summer in Livermore, I am excited to be a part of the alumni team this semester with a new focus: product development. We are all enthusiastic about the prospect of our new product and are excited to begin the journey of prototyping and development.”


»IMPACTING THE LIVES OF INFANTS WITH CEREBAL PALSY An exciting technology has been developed by Dr. Thubi Kolobe, OU College of Allied Health, to propel development in infants with cerebal palsy. The “self-initiated prone progressions crawler” combines a simple skateboard-like mobility device with the modern marvels of an accelerator suit and sensory inputs. Many infants born with cerebal palsy can quickly lose their ability to move, resulting in costly physical therapy. When an infant can’t move, the on-board software gives the patient an“extra boost.” Additonally, the sensors gather important data related to how the infant is using the device so that the researchers can validate the technology’s efficacy and make further improvements. Over the semester, the team developed an extensive commercialization plan for SIPPC, contacted physical therapists in all 50 states for market research, and personally reached out to potential licensing partners.

We have the potential to make a fundamental change in the lives of 35,100 infants with developmental delays over the course of the next five years.”



Project Updates »Nantiox , Fall 2007/Spring 2008

Nantiox is continuing to develop thanks to CCEW guidance and support. Research is currently in the pre-IND process as the team prepares to apply for Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) funding.

Jay Kumar, Andi Atkin, Zach Mason, Niki Bray, Evan Fry »TEAM SIPPC, FALL 2011

»FURTHERING TECHNOLOGY THROUGH INNOVATION CORPS CCEW assisted in securing a spot in the newly formed NSF program, iICorps, which awards teams composed of academic researchers, student entrepreneurs and business mentors with $50,000 to further commercialize technologies. The brand new program is a means to transform NSF-funded scientists into successful entrepreneurs. The technology is a a novel, cost-effective means to produce the chemical Hypothiocyanate (HTC), an antimicrobial molecule that is highly effective at killing bacteria while leaving mammalian cells unscathed. It was developed by Dr. Michael Ashby, an OU Chemistry professor. Robert Free, Fellow, and CCEW mentor Boyd Nolan joined Dr. Ashby on the I-Corps team. The group has looked specifically into its large commercial potential in the food sanitation industry.



»INTERN, FALL 2010 NOW: Harvard Medical School

The grant will help the team build a prototype to demonstrate that HTC can be produced on demand at industrial scales and further prove its efficacy.

»LARGE REVENUE PROJECT IN FATTY ACIDS A Spring 2012 CCEW team worked on a technology that they concluded could potentially be a $6 million annual revenue source for OU. Very long chain-polyunsaturated fatty acids (VLC-PUFAs) are essential for many healthy functions within cells. Over time, humans begin to lose the number of VLC-PUFAs present in their body. This leads to multiple chronic degenerative disorders including ocular diseases such as age-related macular degeneration (AMD). OU researchers, led by Dr. Robert Anderson, have discovered a gene that will produce VLC-PUFAs in a proprietary, cost-effective, and scalable manner. The team recommended pursuing the nutraceutical targeting ocular health vitamins market as well as daily multivitamins. Additionally, the team recommended securing funding for further research, actively promoting awareness in the medical and nutraceutical community, and forming initial relationships with fatty acid manufacturers.

“I am in my first year at Harvard Medical School, studying biochemistry in the morning, discussing social medicine and interviewing patients in the afternoon, and meeting many talented people in the evenings. Meanwhile, I am taking an elective titled, “Healthcare Innovation and Commercialization.” I use the skills learned at CCEW every day, while working in small groups, thinking analytically through complex problems, and synthesizing large amounts of information into key points. I am grateful for the education I gained at 3 Partners Place, and I wear my CCEW fleece proudly all over Boston.”

»CLASS NOTES »Fall 2006

Mariana Barrientos Mariana is spending the summer in São Paulo after her first year at Kellogg. She is currently interning for the official bank of the 2014 World Cup and will spend two weeks in Brazil at the end of the internship. Andy Hill Andy has worked at Phillips 66 Wood River Refinery for five years now and is finishing his MBA from Washington University in St. Louis. After next summer, he will be looking to move into a Business Development or Sales & Trading role in the Oil & Gas industry.

»Spring 2007

Justin Briggs Justin’s company, Altheus, was awarded an EDGE grant, closed a Series B venture

round this Spring, and just initiated a 120 patient phase 2 clinical trial of Zoenasa. He also consults on corporate, regulatory, product, and software development for various companies. His wife Michelle is an intellectual property attorney with Dunlap Codding. Lindyn Kish Lindyn continues her work to transform education in the U.S. with Uplift Education, the largest charter school network in Dallas/ Fort Worth. Lindyn serves as Primary School Dean at Summit International Preparatory, recently named the 3rd most transformative public school in America by Newsweek, and is currently pursuing a master’s in Urban Educational Leadership at SMU. Rob Kish Rob works for American Airlines and just celebrated his 5th year with the company. He recently took a new posi-

tion leading an operations department through the restructuring and is excited for the changes ahead.

»Fall 2007

Chas Gilmore Chas has been with BOK for 3 years as an Officer and Credit Specialist in OKC and is engaged to his long-time girlfriend Marli, and they are set to be married this December. Killian Naylor Killian completed her Teach For America commitment in 2010, and remained at her placement school an additional two years. She has recently moved from Houston to Fort Worth to take a position at Fort Worth Country Day School. Derek Perkins Derek works for Lockheed Martin in Orlando. He manages logisitics for equipment sold to Morocco, Pakistan, Poland, Egypt and the UAE.

Blaine Pinard Blaine is in his second year running The Restoration Station - a furniture refinishing, repair, and upholstery company in Edmond. They have outgrown their space and are moving the business to OKC. Blaine also got married in April 2012. Amanda Rutherford Amanda lives Bryan-College Station, Texas, where she is pursuing a Ph.D. in Political Science at Texas A&M University. Her research primarily focuses on education policy and risk management. Amanda hasn’t left the OU family; she works with Recruitment Services in serving Sooner Bound Texan students in San Antonio and Amarillo. Chris Shilling Chris is back in Boston for one more year of business school at HBS. He is enjoying chowder and lager like there is no tomorrow. He and

Stephanie spent the summer in lovely Portland, Oregon interning at Nike, eating tons of food, and hanging with fellow interns Holly Roe and Kristin Barnett.

»Spring 2008

Kristin Barnett Kristin recently took a new position as a Senior Project Manager with KWALL, a leading Drupal development and web design firm. She is excited to increase her competency in this area and looks forward to implementing a more structured approach to project management within a rapidly-growing company. Adam Croom Adam is now Marketing & PR Coordinator for OU Economic Development. His wife, Katie, and he had their daughter, Faye, in November 2011. Amber Edwards Amber recently moved to

Dallas, TX to work for Echo Global Logistics. In her spare time, she has integrated her passions for event planning and community service by planning service events for professional athletes.

»Fall 2008

John Woodson In 2011, John married his wife, Whitney. This year, he left his job with Chevron Phillips Chemical and moved to Boston to attend Harvard Business School this fall. While in Boston, Whitney will be working for a contract research organization, InviCRO, as an analyst/researcher. Juan Diego Alonso Juan Diego is associated with Big Red Venture Fund, where he recommends to the Fund, which start-up companies to invest in, and where he advises start-up companies on legal issues.

»Spring 2009

John Gawey John received his J.D., Magna Cum Laude from Notre Dame Law and was Note & Submissions Editor, ND Law Review He published: The Hobbs Leviathan: The Dangerous Breadth of the Hobbs Act and Other Public Corruption Statutes, 87 NOTRE DAME L. REV. 383 (2012) and has accepted a one year clerkship: 11th Circuit Judge Charles Wilson. He will begin at White & Case, NYC law firm after clerkship. Austin Spires Austin got married and began working for GitHub, a SF startup specializing in hosted version control. Shortly after he joined, GitHub closed Andressen Horowitz’s largest investment ever of $100 MM. He is part of the accounts team, tasked with extreme process scaling, and handling more inbound leads than they know what to do with.

»Fall 2009

TJ Moen Although TJ is somewhat sad that his 5-year college plan didn’t turn into a 6-year plan, he recently got engaged, moved to the Bay Area, and began working for AliveCor, a mobile health startup with OKC roots! Holly Roe Holly moved to Portland a year ago and is currently an Account Coordinator at Waggener Edstrom, doing PR on behalf of the Microsoft Office Division. On the side, she reviews pretzels for her “Portland Pretzels” blog. This hobby helped her land a part-time gig doing reviews for Blake Trippet Blake is working in Goldman’s asset management business, hiking/biking as much as possible and competing in an adult dodgeball league.

»Spring 2010

Madison Blocker Madision completed her Fellowship with CCEW and is currently attending OU College of Law. Amy Henderson Amy is living in Dallas and working as a consultant for Sendero Business Services. Ruozhou Liao Ruozhou worked at MSCI for a year and has since decided to move to New York and started up a new career. He obtained an advanced degree a few months ago. Scott Lowe After graduation in spring of 2012, Scott joined Venture For America and its inaugural class. He spent five weeks at Brown University with the 39 other fellows for startup training, which included website design, business model analysism and everything in between. After training he joined Detroit startup, Digerati, as a busi-

ness analyst. Dana Mohammad-Zadeh Dana graduated summa cum laude with degrees in Economics and International Studies. She is currently in Kabul, Afghanistan working in the field of international development. Michael Morris Michael is in Charlotte, NC, managing investment risk for a regional bank. Outside of work, he continues to volunteer and is studying for the CFA. He will pursue a Ph. D. or JD within a handful of years. Alexandra Valiton Alexandra just moved to Austin to start her first job.

»Fall 2010

Barry Conrad Barry just completed Venture for America Training Camp at Brown University with CCEW alum Scott Lowe. He is moving to Vegas to work for Zappos CEO Tony Hsiech on

a project to revitalize Old Downtown Las Vegas. Virginia Duke After graduating in May 2011, Virginia joined Teach For America and moved to rural Alabama, where she is currently in her second year as an 8th grade math teacher. Greg Gustafson Greg just finished his first year of working full-time in the corporate world. Cole Roberts Cole was promoted to a full time manager at Union Pacific and currently still living in the St. Louis area. He is working on many projects dealing with Lean principles and process improvement. Ashley Zumwalt Ashley works as a Drilling and Completions Engineer for ExxonMobil focused on shale plays in Qatar, Colombia, Argentina, and China. She is based out of Houston, TX. Ashley recently inherited

a 9-year-old Pomeranian named Charlie.

»Spring 2011

Brett Bone Brett recently graduated with a degree in Mechanical Engineering from OU and is currently working for Chesapeake Energy as a Field Engineer. He was recently accepted to Harvard Business School’s 2+2 program which allows him to defer his enrollment until Fall of 2014 or 2015. Blake Burget After graduating in May, Blake set off on a one month long journey across Western Europe. He recently moved to Houston, TX to go through a three month training course for his job and began work in Denver in September. Jakob Griffith Jakob and some Startup Weekend members have come back together to re-

boot their startup project. Erin Hillis Erin is currently interning at ConocoPhillips in the Global Production Excellence Group. She is the Associate Chair of Big Event and will graduate in December of 2013 with a degree in Mechanical Engineering. Oliver Li Oliver had an exciting summer working with the Oklahoma Life Science Fund to learn about venture capital. He worked with current portfolio companies and possible investment opportunities in the growing life sciences sector. Rachel Tyrell Rachel is currently working in the Treasury Department as a Credit Analyst at Phillips 66 in Bartlesville, OK and continues to be extremely involved in the community, specifically with the United Way. She is getting married to Jacques O’Connor on

October 26, 2012 in Ponca City, OK.

»Fall 2011

Andi Atkin (Fall 2011) Andi spent the summer working in Shell Oil’s contracting & procurement in Houston, TX. She’s looking forward to enjoying her senior year at OU, including seeing old CCEW friends at OU/TX! Taras Basiuk Taras is keeping a job which pays some money and gives him experience and is working hard outside of his job to improve his proficiency level. Niki Bray This summer, Niki worked as a Flight Operations Intern for AA in the LAX Cheif Pilot’s Office. On the weekends, he travels on stand-by and is trying to see as much of the country as possible. Caitlin Cadieux Caitlin works at OU Alumni Association as a designer,

worked freelance for the non-profit Firehouse Arts Center, and has taken a two month paid internship in Los Angeles, California for graphic/motion design with an OU Alum. Jerod Coker Jerod works with Dr. William Paiva at the Oklahoma LIfe Science Fund. He also continues to be involved with the Oklahoma Finance Accelerator. Thai Dinh Thai just finished participating in a Research Experience for Undergraduates program sponsored by the National Science Foundation called Colorado Center for Biorefining and Biofuels. Curtis Doiron Curtis is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in Applied Physics from Rice University. Robert Free Robert has been working for 6 months as a Fellow for CCEW. Recently, he joined a

team engaged in the NSF’s I-Corps program, performing in-depth customer discovery to decide whether or not our technology justifies a start up endeavor. He intends to pursue graduate school in material science starting next fall. Evan Fry Over the summer, Evan interned as an i-GATE Fellow in Livermore, California, where he developed a commercialization strategy for a clean engine technology developed at the Lawrence Livermore National Lab. He is currently serving as a CCEW Team Leader. Mary Hestilow Mary moved to Oklahoma City and travels frequently for work. Graduating and starting out in the “real world” leaves her missing the freedom and variety of being a student (but none of the late nights studying).

Zach Mason Zach graduated last May, got married to his high school sweetheart in June, went on an amazing honeymoon, and started working for ConocoPhillips as a financial analyst. He’s currently hoping that alumni let him know when they’re in Houston. Calvin Nelms Calvin is at SandRidge Energy as a SharePoint developer. He develops web and .net apps and is a part of the Gospel Project, which is a ministry with Christ Community Church in Oklahoma City. Rick O’Hara Rick spent summer interning at Chesapeake Energy as a software application developer. He’s also been working on finishing the development of the K20 ClassWalk project and getting it ready for the iPad app store. Carson Rock Carson studied abroad in

Italy over the summer with the Price College of Business. He currently serves as the President of Sigma Phi Epsilon Fraternity, and will be graduating with degrees in Entrepreneurship and Accounting in December. Kris Smith Kris is currently running a successful photography business and pursuing a full-time graphic design position. Samantha Wong Over the summer, Samantha visited Germany for 6 weeks for language learning and cultural exchange. She is also traveling to Turkey, Hong Kong, and China to visit friends and family. Samantha is currently serving as a CCEW Team Leader.

»Spring 2012

Drew Cameron Drew is applying to medical school and hopes to be a part of CCEW on an alumni team.

Adam Ghodratnama Adam is currently a software developer intern at Agio Technology with the prospect of a full time position after graduating in Spring ‘13. Benjamin Hill After the spring semester, Benjamin rollerbladed across Europe, visiting Spain, France, Italy, Turkey, Germany, and the Netherlands - in that order. Since returning, he has been taking Yale Open courses in Game Theory, American Lit, and Physics. Linzi Juang Linzi graduated with a bachelor’s degree and started working a full-time job. It can get stressful at times, so the yoga classes she is taking help keep her centered. Richard Lu Richard just got back from a month trip visiting Seoul, Korea and Bangkok, Thailand.

Jeffrey Moseley This summer, Jeff interned at JP Morgan’s as a summer analyst. He is looking forward to his senior year at OU, especially one more Big Event as an Associate Chair and having the chance to be on the football field as a RUF/NEK. Tyler Nguyen Tyler recently relocated to the large city of Houston, Texas. He is currently plotting his career path and has convinced management to allow him to become a campus representative for OU. Andrew Nguyen Andrew has been getting everything ready to move from Sugar Land, Texas to Dallas, Texas to begin work at his new job with JPMC. Jared Rader This summer Jared received a scholarship from the Scripps Howard Foundation to do an internship at an independent news organiza-

tion in New York. He managed their social media and web presence in an effort to build relationships with likeminded organizations and partner stations, and build the show’s audience. Caroline Trump Caroline interned for WPX Energy, the upstream company of Williams. She did financial forecasting and competitor analysis. She is a CCEW Fall 2012 team leader. Renoj Varghese Renoj did an internship over the summer at Protiviti in Dallas as an IT intern. He also went to India over the summer and reconnected with childhood friends. Heather Vaughn Heather has entered the exciting world of clinical rotations. She is very excited for the opportunity this year will bring and can’t wait to be a change agent in her field and beyond.

Michael Wilkinson Michael recently became engaged to his fiancee Sarah and they plan to marry in May. He is continuing to work towards his degrees in Physics and English and is looking into Ph.D. programs for physics. Sarah Yung Sarah spent this past summer in Livermore, California, as part of CCEW’s i-GATE Fellowship Program working to create a technology evaluation and development plan on an clean engine technology from Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory.



✓ Attend progress reviews and final presentations

CCEW, NORMAN - Progress Review : Tuesday, October 23rd - Final Presentation : Tuesday, December 4th CCEW, TULSA - Progress Review: Wednesday, October 24th - Final Presentation : Wednesday, December 5th

✓ Engage with current interns via webinar ✓ Participate in the CCEW Alumni Networking Panel on

Tuesday October 2nd ✓ Submit a project idea ✓ Become a corporate liaison ✓ Be a part of the CCEW-Tulsa as a mentor or fellow

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CCEW Year-In-Review 2011-2012  

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