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Who We Are Royal Wellness is a premium wellness centre concierge agency that offers distinguished individuals and their loved ones, personalised and medically-supported holistic wellness retreats focusing around mindfulness and Eastern philosophy; detoxification and holistic weight loss; relationship rejuvenation and intimacy coaching; and burnout recovery and stress management.


We delivered the Far East directly to your superyacht or in your estate, on a platform that is private, exclusive and entirely confidential.

Our Team Our international talent pool consists holistic professionals, alternative therapists, burn out recovery specialists, naturopaths, osteopaths, nutritionists, wellness consultants, detox specialists, plantmedicine workers, as well as a world-class team of spiritual mentors, intimacy coaches, mindfulness experts, yoga teachers, energy healers, body workers and various doctors specialising in holistic medicines, bio enhancements, traditional Chinese remedies, and Ayurvedic sciences. All of them passionate and eager about helping you and your family further enrich your lives!

We are excited to offer your family a unique and truly memorable experience this year aboard your superyacht. One that brings the family together in brave new world of discovery, education and inspiration around living healthier lives together - mind, body and soul.

Family-oriented programmes are entirely bespoke and are designed to address your collective and individual health interests. They provide your little and young ones an exciting opportunity to learn the basics of mindfulness, heathy nutrition and useful tools for balancing emotions. Ultimately inspiring patience, compassion, and contentment towards themselves and life; Serving as useful tools in their developmental stages.



We excite them at an early age about cultivating the ancient yet simple disciplines of yoga, mediation, various zen fitness techniques and compelling Eastern philosophies, allowing them live a long prosperous life of physical wellbeing as well as mental and emotional stability, filled with inner-peace, compassion, authenticity, and happiness.

Nutrition We inspire them at a young age to make better decisions around what they put in their bodies by involving them in safe and fun dietary preparations and educating them on the importance making conscious dietary lifestyle choices; from intermediate fasting, to morning smoothies to what they bring to school for lunch.

Emotional Balance  

We teach them daily bio-enhancement tricks as well as quick and simple breathing exercises that are both fun and easy, to help them wake up with more energy in the morning, manage their emotions better during the week and feel better about themselves and the ever growing expectations of society.

Parents & Adults  

Adults that are partaking in the a family retreat programme are to make their selection from one of our comprehensive and medically-supported retreat programmes. They are designed to generously overlap with our children’s programme in order for the family to remain together in most cases, but also still maintain a heathy amount of time and space dedicated towards adult activities and workshops, or simply uninterrupted leisure or spa time. Giving everyone aboard the opportunity to also enjoy their special time the way they want to, all while mastering their inner worlds during a Royal Wellness luxury family retreat.

We look forward to helping you and your family connect on an entirely new and refreshing level. Strengthening your bonds and paving a new path towards a rewarding family dynamic. One that will both awe and inspire others to enrich their lives as well. Join the movement today and start your journey!