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Help us serve 73,000 meals by Christmas. Never have the needs been greater. Right now, Atlantic City Rescue Mission is struggling to meet the day-to-day needs of people in our community. Their needs have become greater than we have the financial means to assist. We are also dangerously low in food supplies. Any gift can make a life-changing difference. Please assist us any way you can… Food Donations: • Whole/Frozen Turkeys and Hams • 100 LBS. of meat protein (Beef, Pork, Fish, Lamb) per meal • Un-sliced rolls of lunch meat • Gallon size mayonnaise • Gallon size salad dressings • 5-10 pound bags of complete pancake mix • Large containers of pancake syrup • 15 dozen egg crates (75 dozen eggs used per breakfast) • 100 dozen eggs in cartons for food baskets • Gallon containers of mayonnaise • Cooking spices Canned Food of any kind: • Soup, vegetables, etc • Spaghetti Sauce + Pasta • Cereal, oatmeal, pancake mix, syrup • Cooking spices • Canned Tuna • Family size jars of spaghetti sauce and pasta • Kids Breakfast Cereals FINANCIAL NEED IS JUST AS GREAT as operating costs have been stretched and currently exceed donations for the entire year. PLEASE SPONSOR A TABLE. Visit to make a financial gift. Atlantic City Rescue Mission: 2009 Bacharach Blvd. Atlantic City Rescue Mission 08401 609-345-5517 Phone | |

Your support insure people have a hot meal, and a safe place to sleep.

GIVE THE HOMELESS IN OUR COMMUNITY A REASON TO BE THANKFUL. Men, women an d children stay ing at the Mis sion are countin g on you.

MAKE AN EMERGENCY GIFT TO ATLANTIC CITY RESCUE MISSION TODAY. Check out our emergency needs list on the reverse side.

Urgent Needs for the Holiday  
Urgent Needs for the Holiday  

During the holiday's Atlantic City Rescue Mission serves an increased number of people in extreme need most of the are homeless. This is a l...