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Simple Guidelines To Starting Your Business Marketing


Internet and Social Media


Types of Online


Summer is Upon Us Now What


Identify Your Expertise

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Why Social Media  

It’s Now Always Malware

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Do I  need  Insurance?     Very  good  question  and  this   actually  comes  up  quite  often   on  forums  I  frequent.       My  opinion  on  the  matter  is   yes  you  need  insurance  of   some  sort  just  like  most  other   businesses  do.  My  thinking  is  if   I  hire  a  plumber,  electrician   etc  then  typically  they  have   insurance.  IF  for  some  reason   it  was  known  a  certain  person   I  was  going  to  hire  did  not   have  insurance  I  may  not  hire   that  person.  To  me  it’s  like  a   biz  license.  Do  you  get  a   license  or  just  do  work  under   the  table  and  not  worry  about   it?     Dan   ACRBO  




Is it  worth  giving  out  loaner   computers  while  working   on  customers?     To  me  the  answer  is  no.   Typically  most  repairs  we  do   are  only  in  the  shop  a  day  or   maybe  two  unless  it’s  a  very   unusual  circumstance.     But,  the  hassle  of  having   loaners  on  stand  by  for  all   customers  to  me  is  just  too   much  effort  and  I  really  don’t   think  your  customer  is  going   to  mind  if  you  don’t.   Remember  most  of  them  have   multiple  computers  anyway.       Dan   ACRBO  


Have a  question?  If     so  email  it  do  and  we  will  be  glad  to      answer  it.       It  can  be  business  related   pertaiing  to     marketing,  setting  up  your  business,  growth  of     your  business  or  anything  you  can  think  of.    



While you  market  your  l  scale   business,  remember  to  do  it  on   a  personal  level.  People  tend  to   be  more  willing  and  indulge  in   a  brand  if  they  are  able  to   identify  with  them  and  realize   there  is  a  real  person  behind  it.     5 Simple Business Marketing tips for Proper Visibility Getting to start your own business can be a harrowing task. However marketing it properly to your target audience requires some specific strategies. No matter what size your business venture is, it requires proper recognition and visibility. Therefore the task at hand remains how to go about it. This article discusses 5 simple business marketing tips for proper visibility of your business. 1.

One of the most important points to remember as you progress your business marketing is to do it through your social network. Friends, family or acquaintances are of great help. Ask for spread of mouth. Ask for testimonial and recommendation from people you have worked with. Keep up the process in a consistence manner and you can reach your niche customers.


While you market your business, remember to do it on a personal level. People tend to be more willing and indulge in a brand if they are able to identify with them and realize there is a real person behind it.


A great way to market your brand is to provide tips or information to your niche customers, this way they will be attracted and interested.


Try and get on top of Google Ranking. Of course it can be expensive and time consuming, however with advancement of time and technology, there are numerous ways by which you can leverage traffic and attract customers. This will allow and put your business on popular radar.


Hold contests and giveaways. You might think that just at the start of your business this might be a risk. However this marketing method holds great potential and will attract potential customers and buyers and in the process encourage buying from you again.

Remember that you have already put your heart and mind into this business venture, no matter what the size. Therefore set your goals and recognize your customers and you will be making profit in no time.



Opening a business to service computers has always been your dream and if you have managed to realize it then you need to market it properly. Simply having talent in computers won’t make your business grow and also you won’t be able to make the desired profit. You need to go about it in a specific manner so as to reach your target customer as well as make profit out of it. This article will discuss few simple steps that will let the traffic going after the initial appeal of your business diminishes. The initial way to go about marketing your business is to recognize the potential customers. This will help you understand what promotional tactics required attracting that customer base. Recognizing the initial requirements will allow you to make arrangements that will intrigue them and make them regular customers. While you market your business no matter what the size, be aware that you will have competition. Therefore make proper research about your competitors, including location, pricing and services. Make a note about the items and services not provided by them and you can put them up to attract your own set of customers.

While you  market   your  business  no   matter  what  the  size,   be  aware  that  your   store  will  have   competition.   Therefore  make   proper  research  about   your  competitors.     The  key  is  to  do  this   very  thoroughly  and   not  wait  until  you   have  started  the   business  and  then   back  track.  

Plan your promotional strategies before hand. They can be anything from posting on social networking sites to getting testimonials from someone you have worked with before; putting up advertisements or it can be handling out fliers. Your aim must be to include potential new customers. Therefore plan beforehand and promote in places so as to make your customers keep coming back. You need to understand what can make your business set aside from the others. Once you have made the necessary arrangements and attracted the potential customers, you must know how to retain them. Offer excellent customer services, arrange give away and don’t forget to put up surveys for better improvement. Remember the most effective way to go about marketing your business is to plan ahead and follow them methodically. Observe your competitors and pay attention to your customer and in no time the name your business will be in everyone’s mind.



Marketing your business if you work out of your home can be a challenging task; however it is not unattainable. It is true that your business reduces the budget or the need to purchase or rent new building or other apparatus, however you have the disadvantage of not operating in a desired area and also a sign that that recognizes your building. So what are the ways Market your small scale home based business? Follow these quick steps and you will only taste success in your venture. Once you get whims of your potential customer base, send them newsletter, affiliate mails about your product or service and keep them up to date. This will allow your dormant customer base to re-visit your website. Educate and inform about your product or service to your customer base. If they are unaware of what you are dealing with, it becomes uncomfortable for them to approach you. Therefore approach them first and advertise your product by giving ads, spreading fliers or holding seminars.

Once you  get  whims  of  your   potential  customer  base,  send  them   newsletter,  affiliate  mails  about   your  product  or  service  and  keep   them  up  to  date.  

Although unused most of the times but voice mails are a great marketing option for small scale home based business. What is better way than to promote your ideas and services through voice mail greetings when you are unable to answer your phone? Do not forget to mention the business slogan or tagline in the voice mail as well. Lastly, ask friends, colleague and who ever you have worked with before for spread of mouth about your business. Create a small network that can refer your name when the service provided by you will be required. Hand out your business card wherever necessary, this can act as a fantastic marketing tool. No matter the size of your business, you still need OM 6 to make a profound marketing plan to reap maximum benefit.




So you started a business and now you are wondering where you can go for help. Like most business owners it’s rather common for one to go into business and then realize they have questions that they don’t have the answers to. You need to do some researching for forums and like minded people pertaining to what you are interested in and join things like forums, linkedin groups etc. Even locally there may be a score office or a BNI group that you could join. It really depends on what kind of support you are looking for. Of course for technical type questions there are a variety of forums out there that you can join and ask your questions. The problem you may find with forms is sometimes others are not willing to share and that is just the nature of the beast in business. Maybe you can establish a relationship with someone in your area or the town next to you that is in the same business as you and you can collaborate on things and just have lunch or coffee and go over things about your business and their business. It’s important to remember to give back. Don’t be one of those people that ask questions over and over again and do not participate in other discussions or give your opinions on things. You might be surprised that your opinions are rather important and maybe even insightful to even the most seasoned professional. You will find there are others in the industry that are willing to share you just have to search them out and establish a connection.

Remember help  and  advice  is  a  two-­‐way  street.  You  have  to  be   willing  to  give  back  if  you  want  others  to  help  you  in  your  endeavors.    


This  month’s  winner  will  receive  the   eBook  “MSPorFail”.     We  will  randomly  choose  a  winner  and  e-­‐ mail  the  winner.       Just  send  an  email  to   and  in  the  Subject  line  put:  WinBook     Last  Month’s  winner  is  Brian  Sammons     owner  of  Capstone  Technologies  Group   LLC    



Simple Guidelines to Starting your    

Whether a business is small or large, to reap profits, it has to be backed by a solid marketing strategy. No matter how unique and distinguished your product is, the truth is that it isn’t going to sell itself. Consumers are by nature, lazy. You can’t possibly sit and wait for them to seek you out. For your business to have a swift run, you need to reach out to your customers and make them aware of your product. This is the fundamental idea of business marketing. Small and big business owners often view business marketing as an unwanted additional expense that they would rather forgo. What they fail to realize is that dispensing the marketing expense might save you some money in the short run, but will take a negative toll on your business in the long run. Marketing your business isn’t necessarily a great undertaking that needs to be chalked out and extensively spent on. Simple marketing strategies are certainly going advance your business towards your expected goals. Let’s consider some simple yet effective marketing plans to give your business a positive nudge. Identify the buyer Not all products are meant for all types of consumers. Try to divide your customers according to the basic demographics and identify the target consumers. No matter how generic your product is, there is a demography that represents your niftiest potential market. Your goal will be to reach out to this buyer segment and market your product accordingly. Identify the demand pattern Despite what we read about the modern consumer culture, a purchase happens only when there’s a demand for the item. One of the initial goals in any business, whether big or small, is to identify this demand. The decision to purchase may be backed by a longterm want, or an immediate requirement. The consumer might want something affordable and dandy; he might prefer something expensive and reliable. Demand is also based on seasons and occasions. Analyze all such demand criteria to understand where your product fits best.

No matter  what  your  service  is,  there  is   a  demography  that  represents  your   niftiest  potential  market.  Your  goal   will  be  to  reach  out  to  this  buyer   segment  and  market  your  product   accordingly.     Reach out to your buyer Your product maybe something that is what a certain buyer has known they needed for some time. But if he isn’t aware of your presence, this demand of his will never be translated into a successful purchase. Advertising your product enables you to reach out to your target consumers and builds your reputation as a provider. Advertising doesn’t necessarily imply spending huge bucks to get your brand’s name on the television, billboard or newspaper. Pamphlets, flyers, posters and coupons are cheap and effective ways of educating the potential customers about your product and brand. Fix a timeline for your product A timeline for a product is the transitory time between the need and the purchase. The timeline between the need to get virus software and the actual purchase may vary on the customer and are they going to wait until they get a virus or be proactive. In this case virus software marketing is something that can be done continually. The world of business marketing spans into several complicated spheres and involves complex business decisions. However, almost all businesses, irrespective of their size, rely on these basic principles of business marketing to advance in their respective fields and connect to their customers.


Goals of the Summit

The goal of the summit – is to compile a productive, useful conference covering several important topics, including virus/spyware removal techniques, marketing tips/tricks, how to shift into managed services, and other industry subjects.  

Learning Objectives Growing your business. Ways to market. Tech discussions. The industry.

Coming In October Stay Tuned for More Details


INTERNET & SOCIAL MEDIA IN SMALL BUSINESS MARKETING To a layman, terms like ‘marketing strategies’ and ‘business development’ might evoke images of experts in crisp business suits in conference rooms discussing   complex statistical charts. The reality, however, is not nearly as rarified. To   simplify, any practice by a business owner that facilitates the sale of his product or service constitutes   business marketing.

Small business owners often find themselves at a loss after having established their much-desired business.   Without substantial marketing strategies, they fail to reach out to their target demographic   and thereby, lose out on several opportunities and forwarding their sales margins. What these small   business owners often overlook is that business marketing isn’t necessarily a   cost incurring complicated process. It is an initiative that could be commenced at a minimum cost   and little effort. The owners of small businesses tend to   trivialize the potential of the Internet as a tool for business marketing. Fact   remains, though, that with the world converging under one virtual web, the Internet is  probably the most effective instrument to reach the key buyer demographic.

The first step in marketing for any business should be to set up a website. Studies show that a hefty percentage of people ‘Google’ an item when purchase   needs come up. From fast-food to automobiles, from apparel to computer   nowadays prefer the online repair, people communities as their referrals. Your business quality could be exponentially   better than your competitor’s, but without a website, your target consumer’s would have no means to find you if they wanted to ‘look you up online’.

Studies show  that  a  hefty     percentage  of  people     ‘Google’  an  item   when   purchase  needs  c   ome  up.   From  fast-­‐food     to   automobiles,  from   apparel     to  computer  repair,  people     nowadays  prefer  the     online  communities   as     their  referrals.                    

Remember those blogs that you have run across from time to time and thought “wow, that is pretty interesting”…Well your customers and potential customers can same the same thing if you start a blog for them to enjoy reading. Next in list is the present generation’s virtual abode – Facebook. As casual as this might sound, Facebook is an extremely sorted after promotional canvas for businesses of all magnitude. Setting up a Facebook page for your business and updating it frequently hardly consumes much time. And yet, it provides you with immense opportunities to reach a wide array of potential consumers, without the need for individual contact. Similarly, Twitter provides you with ample opportunities to keep your consumers updated with your business. Ever wonder why multinational companies go through such efforts to keep their followers updated? It’s because social media allows their potential market to approach them in an informal and convenient manner. Digital media has slowly crept into our daily lives with podcasts and streamed videos have claimed a fair share of the Internet addictiveness. Podcasts and videos have a tendency of abbreviating physical distance and evoking a feeling of recognition. Never underestimate the power of YouTube. It has unparalleled powers of transcending borders. Episodic podcasts will enable you to directly interact with your viewers and customers and gain instant feedback. The turn of the millennia has opened up a wide array of opportunities for small businesses to expand their commercial value at a minimal cost by showcasing themselves to their target market. A small business owner should explore these and the several other vantage channels for promoting their trade at a low or no cost.


Internet marketing is done through various means and thus it can be divided into various types. Placing web banner ads on a third party   web site and thus enable the traffic to move from the web site where the banner has been placed to the web site of the     company, which has placed the advertisement banner. Social media marketing is also a very upcoming and latest trend which has sprung up with the popularity of Face book,     Twitter and such social networking web site.

Companies providing products and services have   made special pages on face book and twitter accounts who keep on posting the new trends, special deals and new launches by   the company which is a great pool of information  for the prospective buyers and the brand loyalists who want to keep a track of what is happening in the brand or the company.     Referral and email marketing are also tried and tested means of doing the work.  

There is a very large variety in the type of advertisement s that can be seen and marketers   opt for while opting for the Internet marketing method. There is one known as a floating ad   like a banner across the screen of the which   is prevalent on the internet. This ad moves web page which the customer is browsing. A new kind of ads which have developed are     the explaining ads. These ads enlarge when the cursor opens on them and when the cursor   is removed it shrinks back to the normal   small size. Pop up ads are also very common these days which are separate pop up windows which open up on the opening of     the web site which the customer has started browsing. Video ads are also very popular   the marketers who want to give a very graphic   among representation for their product or service.     Companies   providing  products  and  services  have       made  special  pages  on  face  book  and   twitter  accounts  who  keep  on  posting  the  new  trends,  special  deals  and  new  launches  by   the  company  which  is  a  great  pool  of  information  for  the  prospective  buyers  and  the  brand   loyalists  who  want  to  keep  a  track  of  what  is  happening  in  the  brand  or  the  company..  

ACRBO 17    


Summer is upon us and if you are like many businesses it might be a hard time of the year for you. There are many reasons this is the case such as; children are out of school, families take vacation, and the list goes on. That is not to say that your marketing attention needs to go away also because you don’t want that to happen. Too many times when things are slow some owners will abandon their marketing ways or just think maybe things are not working like they use to. In reality what is needed is for you to continue pushing thru and continue doing what marketing has worked for you in the past. Now there is nothing wrong with trying some new things out in the marketing realm but it’s important ot make sure you continue to do something vice just nothing. Try to identify if there are certain locations in your area that families go in the summer time and maybe there is a way for you to advertise at that location. Maybe pushing a bit harder on your social media advertising might work due to more people being online throughout the day in the summer months (yes, I do mean online…remember a phone gives them the same internet access as their computer).

Push…Push…Push Even  though  summer  is  upon  us  it’s  no  time  to  let  down   on  the  marketing  that  has  worked  in  the  past!  

Be selective on the route you take for your marketing. You don’t want to spend all kinds of money on a new technique in the summer based on thinking it will be a boost for your business. Think the process through and if it will benefit you in the long run. I remember a sales person that came in my store and wanted me to advertise on “ice cream” sticks…the little sticks that come in a weird shape and people scoop their ice cream onto them. First the thought of just doing a seasonal things does not really appeal to me and second my thought was most of those people eating the ice cream will be children…not really the market I am shooting for. That is why I say to be careful and think each move through. If you have been diligent throughout the year in your marketing then typically the summer months are not so bad because you have already planned for them and how to handle the slowness if you run into it…Stay positive and stay focused and it will all work out. Good luck with marketing online, and be sure to avoid these mistakes today.


Identify Your Expertise for Market      

The best way to influence people's buying choices is to offer something they can only get if they work with you or buy your product or those you recommend. What is your expertise? What sets you apart from others? And why should prospects choose you over your competition? This is a portion of what will define your unique selling proposition (USP). Every so often some "expert" claims we don't need a USP. Or they come up with some fancy-dancy name for it. But your USP is what makes you unique, which I feel is key to success. By identifying your USP you are able to more fully position your message. Granted, it's okay to blend in, but it's far better to stand out by taking a stand with your USP. If you don't identify what makes you unique, your market won't be able to either. Without a unique flavor to what you do you are simply a commodity. The more of a commodity you are viewed as, the less value you can bring to your market. To gain clarity on your unique positioning statement, answer the following questions: 1. What makes you unique? 2. What do you do that others don't? 3. What experience do you have that others don't? 4. What results have you achieved that others have not? 5. What specialized training or certification do you have that sets you apart from your competition? 6. What beliefs and values do you stand by that set you apart from others? 7. What irks you about your market? 8. What are you committed to providing a solution for? 9. What is your big why that drives you?

As you identify what sets you apart, be thinking in terms of a short identifying statement. Your USP is a strong, concise, simple statement about your business or brand that tells prospective customers why you are the best choice for them. Your USP very clearly answers the question, "Why should people do business with me and/or my company?" Here is mine: Kathleen Gage is the "no-nonsense, common sense" speaker, author and product creation specialist, and owner of the highly successful company Power Up For Profits. Kathleen helps entrepreneurs make money online. Her clients are driven by making a difference through their own unique voices. Considered to be one of the nation's most passionate speakers, Kathleen is known for cutting through the fluff and helping people leave their sob stories behind so they can stop focusing on the past and start looking towards the future. She speaks and teaches about what she believes are the core elements of a successful life: accountability, integrity, honesty, and living with passion and hope. Kathleen's mission is to help people understand that their business is merely a means to get their message out to the world. She teaches that it's not just about what you do, but the reasons behind why you do it. Having a clear USP makes it easier to focus on both your product and the needs of your clients. If you have business partners, employees, subcontractors, or virtual assistants, a clearly defined USP makes it easier to get your team on board with your vision. They can understand your vision, be able to focus their energy on reaching the goals you have established for your business, and respond to inquiries appropriately. Whenever a customer needs the type of product you sell, your USP should bring your company immediately to mind.

If you  don't  identify  what  makes  you  unique,   your  market  won't  be  able  to  either.  Without   a  unique  flavor  to  what  you  do  you  are  simply   a  commodity.  The  more  of  a  commodity  you   are  viewed  as,  the  less  value  you  can  bring  to   your  market.  


Do you know your website's bounce rate? For that matter, do you even know what a bounce rate is? For the small business owners that are too busy digging themselves out of paperwork to stay up to date on this sort of jargon, let us explain: your site's bounce rate is the amount of visitors to your page that leave the website without visiting any other pages on the site. It typically means that your landing page is not very strong or that your SEO is off. Luckily, there is quite a bit you can do to make sure your bounce rate stays low. Some of you may already be doing these things and likely have a current low bounce rate. However, here are some tips for those of you that may be struggling. Make Sure Your landing Page is Easy to Read and Navigate. If your landing page is an eyesore, that's an automatic strike against you. Loud colors or excessive bells and whistles can turn some readers off right away. Make sure your page is easy for even the slowest of users to navigate. Simple colors and design often work best for landing pages. Improve Your Loading Times. Most people online are incredibly impatient. If they have to wait for your page to load for more than five seconds, they will probably leave and go elsewhere, Make sure you don't fall victim to this by removing unnecessary plug-ins and videos. If you are still having problems, contact your web designer for help. Keep keywords and SEO strong. Always be sure that you are reinforcing your keywords in your content. If you put it in your metadata and not in your copy, your readers are going to leave promptly. Also, it is not cool to use your business name as a central keyword. Keep it centered on the topic at hand, not you. Watch it with all the external links. While it's certainly admirable to place an external link to a page that you got some of your information from, you need to be clever and strategic with where you place them, Placing them close to the beginning may lead some to click the link and never return to your page. Try placing external links near the bottom of the page to prevent this. What other tactics are your small business using to make sure your bounce rate remains low?

If your  landing  page  is  an  eyesore,  that's  an  automatic  strike  against  you.  Loud  colors  or   excessive  bells  and  whistles  can  turn  some  readers  off  right  away.  Make  sure  your  page   is  easy  for  even  the  slowest  of  users  to  navigate.  Simple  colors  and  design  often  work  best   for  landing  pages.  



A well-designed and user-friendly e website is really important for a successful business. Take an example of most successful websites; you will notice a few common things in them. They used common designing techniques to build their website. Unquestionably, high quality, good prices and special offers are also the significant parts of their success. When carefully analyzing these sites, common threads in their design can be easily noticed. Here you will get some useful design tips that will drive traffic in and keep the visitors coming to your website. Promote Your Brand Brand identity means a lot. It does matter especially when you are new to the business or a well-known name; brand is everything. Every single constituent of your site, from font style to the color palette and logos, plays an important part in building your online identity. Whatever style you choose for your website, it should remain steady throughout. Optimize your website For Both Desktop and Mobile Platform People are now searching for things through their smart phones or tablet PC while others use laptops or desktop computers to make their purchase. Use "responsive design" technique to shape your site for these platforms. This technique will help your site to accommodate for both groups in a better way. Make it user Friendly User mainly comes to your site to see what they want with less amount of commotion. Therefore, in order to convert a first time user to a potential customer, remove all unnecessary stuff and duplicate pages from your website that make the process time-consuming. Incorporate time-saving features and search boxes Search box helps the user to type in the exact service they are looking for. Therefore, it is essential to have a search box on your website. By incorporating a search box, customers will easily locate the product they are after. You can also add features like intelligent product recommendation. This feature has proven to be very useful in attracting more people to your site. Keep product reviews short. If you are going to write a review or something about an anti-software product keep it shore and precise. Your reviews about products should be short. Do not add unnecessary details. Time is short, so should be your product reviews. You can use an attractive picture that would take a few seconds to load on your computers. A well designed website makes a pleasant first impression. Once you are done with your design, it's time to promote your website. If you do not have enough time then you can take help from the search engine optimization professionals to promote your website.

Brand identity  means  a  lot.  It  does  matter   especially  when  you  are  new  to  the  area  or   industry.      Whatever  style  you  choose  for  your  website,   it  should  remain  steady  throughout.   Continually  add  content  and  keep  it  fresh  for   visitors  to  see  something  new  each  and  every   time  they  come  back…that  will  make  them   want  to  visit  often.    

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Site: Who Is Technibble For? Technibble is a free resource for Computer Technicians and Computer Business Owners. Technibble helps computer technicians with information and how-to-articles published a few times a week and has a strong community of Computer Technicians to help one another. Technibble helps you by covering topics such as: - How to start a Computer Business - Advertising, how to get clients and keep them - Business and legal issues - Streamline your computer repair work - Technician related product reviews and discounts - New opportunities to look out for - Stories from “the trenches” from your fellow Computer Techs Technibble also has a large database of Computer Repair tools and adds a new on to its database every week. Be sure to check out the Archives, Computer Repair Tools section and the Computer Technician forum. .

Why Social Media Traffic Tops Search Engine Traffic


Once upon a time, not all that long ago, the only way to find information on a specific topic was to visit a website you knew. This was a time before search engines and progress now allows us to enter any keyword or keyword phrase in our browser to be presented with data from a seemingly endless list of options. More and more websites began to emerge as a result of the search engine revolution as people realized the potential they created. Search engines provided a never before seen source of traffic. Once small, virtually unknown companies like Google and Yahoo grew in popularity as there seemingly limitless power increased and webmasters began to take note of their relevance and importance. With their rise in power, search engines slowly became aware of just how important they were. As a result rules were established and use of the applications became more controlled. Today that power is diminishing to a degree as the power of social media steps up and into a world once ruled only by search engines. Although search engines still have the masses running blindly behind them, social media is emerging as the front-runner for traffic generation. Search engines maintain an unprecedented level of popularity but social media now offers services that the search engines never have or are ever likely too. I believe this is why we will soon discover social media traffic "out gunning" search engine traffic. Readers Love Social Media Users of social media sites love to read about their favourite subjects. They log in to their accounts to engage and discover what's new in the worlds that interest them. Science fiction, Television, Books, just about any subject matter you can think of is represented in social media (SM). When SM users see something of interest, they click on it and travel to the blog or site to read more. More web users are browsing SM sites these days than search engine sites. Access to information is simpler and more engaging. Presentation is better and through SM sites people can engage in a range of activities all at the one time. Users of SM sites are active because they are curious not because they are seeking to find something specific. For this reason they tend to stay on the sites for longer periods of time, allowing them to engage and be exposed to information (and advertising). Typically with search engine traffic people are directed to your site because they are looking for something specific, perhaps researching or looking for a solution to a problem. Visitors who land on your pages for these reasons are less likely to stay and look around. If they don't find what they are specifically searching for they tend to move on and continue to hunt for what they need.

Social Media Traffic is Highly Targeted The visitors who visit your site from SM platforms like Twitter and Facebook are usually highly targeted. They click on what attracts them or what they think may be interesting. Facebook case studies have identified that users are very highly targeted because they only click through to something they have a very definite interest in. For this reason social media traffic from any source tends to have a much lower bounce rate, higher number of page views per visit and as a result a higher conversion into sales or subscriptions. This tends to be the exact opposite for search engine traffic. Unlike social media traffic where users are taken to what they want they are only directed to sites based on keyword relevance. In addition, they can't set any guidelines as to what they might prefer in their first page selections. Search engine traffic is defined by the search engine and not by the users own preferences. Social Media Traffic is Reliable With social media traffic, once you establish a following and form relationships with your readers, you're virtually unstoppable. Maintain a standard that provides quality, interesting information and your visitors will continue to interact and come back for more. Always consider how smart your readers are and how easily they recognise value in the content provided. With search engine traffic your visitors can be directed away from you at anytime and without you doing anything wrong. It may simply be a matter of where you rank in the search standings and you could simply be overlooked.

Users of  SM  sites  are  active  because  they  are   curious  not  because  they  are  seeking  to  find   something  specific.  For  this  reason  they  tend   to  stay  on  the  sites  for  longer  periods  of  time,   allowing  them  to  engage  and  be  exposed  to   information  (and  advertising).    


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It’s Not Always Malware

Malware is the single most common problem faced today by computer users and IT support   technicians. Whether it's a virus, worm, Trojan horse, rogue security program, rootkit, or   whatever type of malicious software, these infections can be very difficult to find and remove. Making the issue more complex is the wide variety of symptoms that may be exhibited by the malware. Some will pop up annoying messages; others will interfere with your connection to the Internet. Many will affect the performance of the computer, slowing it to a crawl. Financially motivated malware will demand payment to solve the problem they created; in some cases your computer or your data may be held hostage until you pay up. Viruses spread through e-mail may spam all of your contacts, and many others you don't even know. Sometimes, though, the symptoms may be far subtler; some of the more sophisticated malware won't show any obvious symptoms of infection at all. Frequently the challenge is to make the basic determination whether the observed problem is caused by malware or not. Just as important as recognizing a malware infection and removing it is knowing when an issue is not malware-related and dealing with it accordingly. Two recent examples illustrate the effort that can be misdirected if this diagnosis is not correct. In one case The Virus Doctor™ was brought in for consultation on a network-related problem. The in-house IT support person had been working for two weeks to resolve the issue. In the process of creating a work-around for the problem, he manually reconfigured the network, removing two wireless access points in the process

This reconfiguration kept the most critical users functional but prevented guests from accessing the Internet. The nature of this client's business dictates such wireless access for many of their customers. Not having Internet access was a . customers. Not having Internet access was a major inconvenience for them. Upon closer examination it was determined that the problem was not malware-related at all. With the proper diagnosis the network was restored to normal functionality within two hours. The other example involved a competent, qualified third-party outsourced IT support technician working with a small-business client. The symptom was multiple browser windows opening, apparently on their own, with no action by the user. This is an example of bizarre behavior that is sometimes caused by malware. Before calling The Virus Doctor™ the tech had spent two full days running multiple scans with various anti-virus, antispyware, and anti-rootkit programs. None of them revealed any malware infection causing this problem. Within a few minutes of reviewing the work that had been performed on this computer, the diagnosis was that this was not a malware issue, but one caused by a hardware failure. Shortly after that analysis the problem was resolved. These examples serve as a reminder that all computer problems are not caused by malware. Before assuming that you are dealing with a malware issue, it is prudent to take a broader view of the symptoms and determine whether the machine is, in fact, infected. The Virus Remediation Training workshop includes detailed procedures and tools to help the technician accurately diagnose an infected computer. Just as it's important to have a methodology for removing malware, it's equally important to know when that's not the issue and go back to traditional hardware and software troubleshooting.

Copyright  2013 by Ken Dwight, “The Virus DoctorTM,” Houston, Texas. All rights reserved. Ken is a Computer Consultant, Speaker, and Trainer, and creator of the Virus Remediation Training workshop for computer support technicians. For reprint rights, information about upcoming workshops, or to inquire about booking Ken for your next Conference, Convention, or Company Meeting, contact us at or phone (281) 537-0252.


Is Your Net Working? Too Shy To Network Sound familiar? 1. "Do your hands start sweating and your legs shake with the thought of having to not only attend a business networking session but actually talk to people?" 2. "Do you feel paralyzed by the fear of rejection when you are at a business networking event? 3. "Would you rather have a root canal than attend a business networking event? 4. "Would you rather send an e-mail to a business lead than meet them in person?"


Well if any of these apply... you may be shy!

"Get over it!" That's what our extroverted friends would say. "Just do what we do!"

Life isn't that simple. We aren't all extroverts and it would probably be a noisy world if we were. Being shy isn't a personal defect. You aren't the only one out there, even if it feels like it sometimes. The world is full of shy people and that doesn't prevent you from being an effective networker and reaping the benefits that networking can bring to your business. Shyness can be defined as a reticence and selfconsciousness, not just in stressful social situations but over all. Studies in shyness back in 1972 at Stanford University's Shyness Clinic indicated that 40% of Americans considered themselves to be shy. Nowadays, closer to 50% are likely to say that they are shy. You would think that with all of the advancements in modern sciences and the humanities that we would become more outgoing. Perhaps all those advances are what are causing us to become shyer. It has been said that it started with ATMs and Walkmans. We are no longer obligated to stand in line at our financial institutions to do our banking. We can do it with a machine. The opportunity to talk to your neighbor while standing in line is lost as well as small talk with the teller. Grocery stores and many other ones now have self-checkouts. No need to interact with a checkout clerk anymore. Walkmans allowed us to walk and listen to our music, for our ears only, a great way to escape unwanted conversations. The Walkman developed into MP3 players and smart phones that while getting smaller in size have offered us more ways to escape the real world.


The traditional family is no longer traditional. The days where the father went to work, the mother stayed home and the children went to school, all to come home at the end of the day to share a meal and their adventures of the day only exists in reruns of Leave it to Beaver. Traditional meals were replaced by TV dinners, then microwaveable ones. Fast food has become even faster and arguably not even food anymore. The opportunity to develop one's communication and conversing skills around the family dinner table may be lost forever. I believe that you can place the condition of shyness on a continuum. On one end you would have an individual who is painfully shy. The mere thought of having to go to a networking event and conversing with people could be enough to cause them to have a panic attack. Any situation where one feels that they are likely to die is to be avoided at all costs. At the other end of continuum would be someone who experiences some mild apprehension about participating in networking events. They feel the apprehension but go ahead and do it anyways. So how do we move upwards on the continuum to the point where we are less apprehensive about meeting and socializing with people, even to the point of enjoying it? Look for networking events in your community. Don't expect to be a power networker from the beginning. As they say you can't expect to run before you can walk. Learn what you can about the organization facilitating the event. What type of people attends the events? Is it purely social in nature or are people expecting to network for business opportunities? If you are shy and it is important that you network, accompany a friend to the next business-networking event, preferably someone who is a little more outgoing than you are. Ask them to introduce you to some people that they know that may be of benefit for you to meet. Rae Stonehouse is is the author of Power Networking For Shy People: Tips & Techniques to Move from Shy to Sly! Join us on Facebook & LinkedIn. Just search for Power Networking for Shy People or at Article Source:


Association of Computer Repair Business Owners Magazine


Association of Computer Repair Business Owners Magazine