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What passes the Bechdel Test? 1.) Safe Haven Safe Haven passes the Bechdel Test because the film has two women (top picture) who engage in conversations that do not always involve men.

2.) Criminal Minds Television show Criminal Minds would pass the Bechdel Test if shows could be tested. To explain further there is three women on this television show, they all have strong personalities and they always engage in conversation. Those conversations are rarely about men, but more about the case that the team is solving.

3.) FRIENDS FRIENDS is a show that involves three men and women who are all around the same age and live very close to each other. The women in this show talk to each other at least once every episode and it usually has to do with money, work or the occasional slip up by the men of the show.

4.) Nicholas Sparks books In most Nicholas Sparks books there is always a love story that involves a man and women. Once you dig into a book you realize that there are more characters such as female companions to the lead female story line. Sparks does a fantastic job of drawing the story line away from the romance and adding in some friendship that does talk about men, but it also drives some form of underlying meaning that is supposed to throw you off. Ex. Safe Haven, The Guardian

5.) Mean Girls The film Mean Girls surprisingly passes the Bechdel Test with a 3/3. The film has two or more women talking and it happens to not be about men. Most of the conversations involve rules or things that Cady must remember in order to be apart of the clique and what she must do to destroy it in the process.

What does not pass the Bechdel Test? 1.) Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part II The entire Harry Potter series does not pass the Bechdel Test because of the last two rules stating that two women must engage in conversation and not about men. If you watch the films closely you notice that most of the women just look at each other without much conversation.

2.) The Big Bang Theory The Big Bang Theory may be good television, but it would not pass the Bechdel Test. Up to the last 2 seasons there was only one female character, but they have added two more since then but all they seem to talk about it sex and the other men on the show.

3.) James Patterson: Alex Cross The Alex Cross series by James Patterson seem to be about Detective Alex Cross and the struggles that come with working in law enforcement. In this example to the right Cross is trying to find a serial killer who is targeting everyone that is close to him including his wife and coworkers.

4.) Boy Meets World

The popular 90s show Boy Meets World would not pass the Bechdel Test because it only has one true female and she happens to be a leading character. The only time there is any other female characters is when there is any type of love interests added but they only last for a couple of episodes.

5.) She’s the Man She’s the Man does not pass the Bechdel test for various reason; to begin with the whole film revolves around soccer and love. Both of the main characters by the end of the movie fall in love. Two women do have a conversation but one is dressed as a guy so that would not count as two females in conversation because the one female is acting like a guy and the topic is also about men

What passes the Bechdel Test  

Examples from popular culture that show true women representation.

What passes the Bechdel Test  

Examples from popular culture that show true women representation.