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DUTIES OF A FIRE FIGHTER Fire Fighters are the ones that you think of first in an emergency thus making them a very important part of their society. They have extensive training in fire fighting and they put out dangerous fires that can damage lives and property. They also have training in Emergency Medical Services (EMS). There are a lot of hazards associated with the complexity of modern industrialized life and this has led to a broadening of the skills that is required in fire fighting. Most of them are volunteers in many countries of the world, but they are also employed as full-time workers who get salaries. ROLE OF FIRE FIGHTERS Safety of lives: One of the important duties of a Fire Fighter is the safety of lives. During fires, they help prevent loss of lives resulting from the fire. They administer first aid in situations of medical emergency which is always even more than fire incidents. When there is a hazardous situation such as a car crash, they help to rescue the victims. Conservation of property: Apart from saving lives, they are saddled with the responsibility of conserving property. In the course of trying to put out a fire, they have to ensure that they do not cause additional damages to properties and to the building structure as well. Stabilization of incidents: If incidents are not contained on time, it can quickly get out of hand. Incidents like floods, forest fire, release of hazardous materials and explosions that are a result of terrorist attacks need to be quickly contained by Fire Fighters. They will be able to reduce the amount of damage that can be caused by these situations if they can work fast and in a strategic manner. SAFETY OF A FIRE FIGHTER The work of a Fire Fighter is a very dangerous one; therefore there is a need to adhere to safe practises in the course of carrying out their duties. The necessary skills for carrying out safe operations are practised at all times when there is training evaluation and throughout their entire career. The initial skills needed in fire fighting are taught in local, regional and state approved fire academy. Other skills and certifications are also taught depending on the requirements of the different department. These skills include Para-medicine and technical rescue. Fire fighting is carried out in conjunction with other emergency response agencies especially the local and state police departments. This is because all fire scenes are technically crime scenes until considered otherwise by a qualified investigator. THE ROLE OF FIRE FIGHTERS IN PUBLIC EDUCATION Fire Fighters have an important role to play in educating the public about fire and safety. If they teach the public how to prevent fire and the way they can respond when there is an emergency, they will be able to save a lot of lives. They can also educate the public on how to perform CPR and how to help someone who is choking. The more they are able to educate the public on fire safety, the more lives they will be able to save. Source


Fire Fighters are the ones that you think of first in an emergency thus making them a very important part of their society.