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American Charities for Palestine

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Executive Director’s Message Our Mission and Vision Where We Work An Unprecedented Agreement Connecting Elementary Schools to New Ways of Learning Enhancing Infrastructure for Safe Travel to School in the West Bank Empowering Palestinian Youth through Technology Restoring Vision for Cataract Patients Providing Special Needs Children with the Tools for Success Caring for the Most Vulnerable Board of Directors and Gifts In Kind Financial Summary Donor Acknowledgements Join ACP to Make a Difference in Palestine

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Thank you for your generosity. This progress report represents a remarkable first five years at American Charities for Palestine. Since our inception in 2008, we have worked to strengthen Palestine’s education and health sectors by enabling safe giving to Palestinian partner organizations. With the support of our generous donors, family foundations and volunteers, American Charities for Palestine has delivered more than $600,000 to our partners in Jerusalem and the West Bank. Your investments in education enhanced students’ learning environments, particularly when it came to accessing technology, and helped ensure that future generations will have the skills they need to build Palestinian institutions, strengthen the economy and join a productive workforce. Your investments in health improved accessibility and the quality of basic and specialized services, with a focus on ensuring that the most vulnerable individuals get the care they need. This past year in particular has been one of tremendous growth. American Charities for Palestine has formed new partnerships, doubled our number of supporters, and adopted more robust tools to continuously monitor and evaluate our operations. ACP has also established a blog and joined several social media networks, including Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, which enables us to interact with our supporters in the United States, Palestine and beyond. While we celebrate our accomplishments, the situation in Palestine has deteriorated in the last five years. Palestinian hospitals must often refer patients who require specialized care abroad; many primary and secondary schools lack adequate infrastructure and are severely under-resourced. Meanwhile, an increasing number of Palestinians have fallen into poverty, surviving on less than $2 per day. These developments strengthen our resolve to do whatever we can to improve education and health care for Palestine’s most marginalized and vulnerable populations. The steadfast support of donors and volunteers has made the work outlined here possible. We are privileged to pursue our mission to improve education and health care in Palestine on your behalf. With gratitude,

Elizabeth Arend, MPH Executive Director

American Charities for Palestine



American Charities for Palestine

Our Mission American Charities for Palestine (ACP) is a nonprofit, humanitarian organization that promotes the development of Palestine’s education and health sectors in partnership with other institutions. We believe that every Palestinian should have access to high-quality education and health care.

Our Vision As a reflection of Palestinian values and in recognition that access to education and health care is a basic human right, ACP envisions a Palestinian state in which all citizens have access to education and health services that meet global standards of excellence and support their self-determination and dignity.

Photo courtesy of One Laptop Per Child

LEBANON American Charities for Palestine


Mediterranean Sea

Where We Work ACP works with various partner organizations throughout the West Bank and Gaza Strip. The following is a list of those organizations and their respective locations of operation:

St. John of Jerusalem Eye Hospital Group • • • •

Qabatia Anabta Nablus

West Bank



Gaza City




Dead Sea


Gaza Strip

Spafford Children’s Center



Jerusalem Hebron Anabta Gaza City

• •

Jerusalem Bethany

Four Homes of Mercy •


Beit Ur El Tahta •

Road project outside Ramallah

One Laptop Per Child • • • • • •

Nablus Salfit Ramallah Bethlehem Hebron Qabatia



American Charities for Palestine

An Unprecedented Agreement In August 2008, ACP signed an historic memorandum of understanding with the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) that allows ACP to identify potential beneficiaries through USAID’s ongoing partnerships with Palestinian organizations. This agreement, which is the first of its kind, allows ACP to partner with organizations that have previously undergone USAID’s vetting process.

ACP Chairman Dr. Ziad Asali and USAID Administrator Henrietta Fore (center) celebrate the signing of ACP’s historic memorandum of understanding with colleagues, August 2008.

American Charities for Palestine


“Many Palestinian organizations have undergone USAID’s vetting process for two main reasons: First, it demonstrates that we are against all forms of violence. Second, it is pragmatic. Accessing USAID funding has enabled Palestinians to build strong infrastructure, schools and improve health and education.” —Dr. Tawfiq Nasser, CEO of Augusta Victoria Hospital, Jerusalem


American Charities for Palestine

Connecting Elementary Schools to New Ways of Learning In 2009, ACP partnered with the One Laptop per Child Association and the Ministry of Education to deliver 1,000 laptops to 13 elementary schools in Nablus, Salfit, Ramallah, Bethlehem, Hebron and Qabatia. The rugged, low-power laptops have enhanced these schools’ curricula by providing content and software designed for “collaborative, joyful, self-empowered learning.”

American Charities for Palestine



American Charities for Palestine

Enhancing Infrastructure for Safe Travel to School in the West Bank In partnership with the Sheikh Mohammed Shami Foundation, USAID and CHF International, ACP facilitated a $400,000 infrastructure development project in the West Bank village of Beit Ur El-Tahta in 2009. These funds were used to pave the village’s main road and install sidewalks, guardrails and street lights. The project also created much-needed job opportunities for more than 70 workers, the majority of whom lost construction jobs in Israel following the Second Intifada. The enhanced infrastructure benefits the village’s 5,000 residents, including hundreds of students who now have a safe route to walk to and from school.

Main road in Beit Ur Al Tahta before (top left) and after project completion (bottom left). Men at work during construction (right).

American Charities for Palestine


Prime Minister Salam Fayyad (third from left) attends the ribbon cutting ceremony following the completion of the infrastructure development project in Beit Ur El-Tahta.


American Charities for Palestine

Empowering Palestinian Youth through Technology As part of ACP’s broader effort to improve education in the West Bank, ACP facilitated a $50,000 donation from philanthropist Craig Newmark to the Mediterranean Youth Technology Club (MYTecC). MYTecC is an innovative new program that builds leadership capacity and cross-cultural skills among Palestinian youth through technology and social media. Through this network, participants communicate collaboratively, express themselves through various technological tools and social media platforms, and learn about their peers who live in different cultures.

“MYTecC is a new adventure for kids. When we connect kids who are 14 or 15 years old with kids from abroad, they can really break stereotypes... we have a platform where they can connect with each other, talk with each other and understand the culture of each country. MYTecC opened that space and created an opportunity for youth to explore the world.” —Rami Nasser Edin, MYTecC Project Manager, Jerusalem

MYTecC participants with Rami Nasser Edin. >

American Charities for Palestine

Restoring Vision for Cataract Patients St. John of Jerusalem Eye Hospital Group is Palestine’s leading provider of charitable eye care to Palestinians throughout Jerusalem, the West Bank and Gaza. ACP’s $27,000 donation in 2011 funded operations for patients who had been blinded by cataracts—Palestine’s leading cause of preventable blindness. Without ACP’s support, these patients would not have been able to afford treatment.

“ACP’s donation helped more than 100 cataract patients from the West Bank and Gaza to restore their vision and see the world again.” —David Dahdal, St. John Eye Hospital Development Director



American Charities for Palestine

A young patient receives an eye exam at St. John Eye Hospital, East Jerusalem, October 2012.

Photo courtesy of Elizabeth Arend

American Charities for Palestine A mother and child wait for the child’s check-up at the St. John Eye Hospital’s pediatric clinic in East Jerusalem, October 2012.

Photo courtesy of Elizabeth Arend



American Charities for Palestine

Providing Special Needs Children with the Tools for Success ACP’s $5,000 donation to the Spafford Children’s Center in 2009 supported psychological, social and educational services for some of the most vulnerable children in East Jerusalem and the West Bank. Spafford Children’s Center also provides speech and play therapy, as well as a variety of cultural, sporting and artistic activities for local children.

Photo courtesy of Spafford Children’s Center

American Charities for Palestine


Caring for the Most Vulnerable In 2011, ACP provided $10,000 to the Four Homes of Mercy, a clinical residence for severely neurologically disabled Palestinians in the West Bank. ACP’s donation supported 24-hour clinical care and therapeutic services for the facility’s 78 residents, including 25 children and 53 adult men and women, whose families are unable to care for them at home. In addition to clinical services, the Four Homes of Mercy provides weekly music and dance therapy, occupational therapy, art therapy, recreational trips and weekly social events for its residents.

Photo courtesy of Elizabeth Arend


American Charities for Palestine

Board of Directors

Gifts In Kind

Ghassan Salameh, Chair Dr. Hani Findakly Juan Zarate

ACP is grateful to the following individuals who have generously donated their time, energy and talents to further ACP’s mission.

Emeritus Board Members Naila Asali Dr. Ziad Asali Jesse I. Aweida Maria Aweida Amb. Wendy Chamberlain Omar Kader

Naila Asali Flannery Berg Mar Ghaleb Sarah Holewinski Jamie Leadens Johnson

Michael Kleinman Elizabeth Lucas Michael Pirog Pam Totah Francisco Vieira

Photo courtesy of Spafford Children’s Center

American Charities for Palestine

Financial Summary: 2011* (Jan. 1, 2011-Dec. 31, 2011)



Expenses Programs & Services - $103,712 Support Services General & Administrative - $16,449 Fundraising - $1,546

% OF



Total Expenses - $121,707 Net Assets Beginning of Year - $16,962 Net Assets End of Year - $31,280 Change in Net Assets - $14,318

*This is the most recent audited financial data as of the date of publication. For detailed, audited financial reports for 2008-2011, see








Revenue Contributions - $136,025



Statement of Activities



American Charities for Palestine

Donor Acknowledgements Foundations

The Franciscans Network International Institute of Islamic Thought Kenneth Ellis Family Foundation One Laptop per Child Association Peace and Reconciliation Charities Sheikh Mohammed Shami Foundation United Way Andrew D. Zacks Foundation

Individual Donors

James J. Abdo Layla Aksakal Randi Ali Saad Fawzi Al Khayyat Mustafa Al-Omari Farouk Alomayyed Ibrahim Al-Touq Jo Anne Amoura Nahia Jean Amoura Anonymous (2) Jennifer Arend & Stephen Becker Rolf & Elaine Arend Dr. Ziad & Naila Asali Dilek Aykut Sayd Mobarak Abdullad Baarmh Samiah Bahuur Diana Baird Dr. Asoka Bandarage David & Geri Berg Flannery Berg Mary Brooner

Sarah Brooner Rami Bibi Amb. Wendy Chamberlin Archana Chidanandan Erika Cornelisen Edith B. Cummings Robert Dunlap Mazen Elbaltagi Basim Faris Colleen Farlee Michael Fetcho Kimberly Flowers Dr. Hani Findakly Faris Ghawi Nadia Gil Steven Goering Louise Green Nishat Hassan Matthew Hawksworth Eva Elizabeth Hayes Amb. Edmund & Amal Hull John Jacob Mildred Jaslow Amb. Robert Keeley Jane T. Kelley Dr. Anita Kholi Michael Kleinman Warren Komis Missy Lane Jo Anne Y. Lang William Lang Samuel Lewis

Bill Lonneman Nathalie Lonsdale Elizabeth Lucas & Robert Baker Patrick Mackenzie N.J. Marrero Juliana Meehan George Mendenhall Seiphemo Monnapula Barry Morley Omar Musa Adib Nadar Craig Newmark Charles Nuttall-Smith Silke Ossenkopp Martha Gregg Price Aaron Ranck Marjorie Ransom Rita Reichert Robby Reyes Itai Rosovsky Khalid M. Saffarini Ghassan Salameh Harvey Schussler Jamil Shami Sarab Shamoon Irene Stevenson David Tabak Richard Vogler & Sabrina Daly Ann Wadman Derek Wadman Anwar Zamel Juan & Cynthia Zarate

American Charities for Palestine


Join ACP to Make a Difference in Palestine DONATE NOW When it comes to improving access to high-quality education and health care in Palestine, every dollar counts. You may send a check payable to “American Charities for Palestine” or give online through our secure website, All donations to American Charities for Palestine are tax-deductible.

LEAVE A LEGACY When you donate to ACP through your estate or long-term financial plans, you ensure that future generations of Palestinians will have access to high-quality education and health care. Visit ACP’s website or contact for more information.

GIVE THROUGH THE CFC CAMPAIGN ACP joined the Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) as a member of Peace and Reconciliation Charities in 2011. The CFC runs an annual campaign from September to December to support eligible nonprofits and philanthropy in health and human service projects domestically and internationally, by soliciting donations from federal employees at the workplace in their local offices on behalf of participating charity organizations. The CFC is the largest and most successful workplace philanthropic campaign.

ESTABLISH AN ACP FAMILY FUND ACP Family Funds empower individuals to fundraise among their own family members for education and health projects of their choice. By making a contribution, these family members can make tax-deductible gifts to ACP and collectively decide how the funds will be spent. For more information, contact

GIVE THROUGH EMPLOYER MATCHING FUNDS Many U.S. employers match their employees’ charitable gifts dollar for dollar–some will double or even triple match donors’ gifts. Your $100 contribution can easily turn into a $200 or even $300 gift for the charity of your choice through your company’s matching gift program. We encourage you to contact your human resources department to ask about your company’s guidelines regarding matching gifts. Even if you’re retired, you may still be eligible to participate in your former employer’s program.

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ACP Progress Report 2008-2012  
ACP Progress Report 2008-2012  

ACP's Progress Report celebrates our first five years of enabling safe giving for health and education in Palestine.