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Travel tales

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World by anne-claire petit

My first trip outside Europe I made years ago. I was 23, fresh out of art school and designing socks for Esprit. They put me on a plane to the Far East to meet the production people. What a trip, what an adventure! I was exhilarated to discover the world and to push myself to my limits. I had never envisioned that my work would bring me these joys. Twenty-seven years have since passed (!) and both my own travels and those of my products still thrill me. A while ago our friend Éric Chesnais surprised us with a great shot of our Russian dolls posing at the Red Square in Moscow. We shared it on Facebook and received the thumbs up from all over the world. A project was born. Éric, as well as other friends, packed ACP family members in their suitcases and took them around the globe. Via Facebook and the magic of internet their virtual trips have become endless. But - call us nostalgic - we still like the feeling of real paper and a book in our hands. We hope you enjoy it too! ps In case you bump into one of our family members, make sure to send us a photo.

So many people, so many square metres, so many mysteries to unravel.


Shake up your mindset, get confused, try to find answers to questions you never had before.


en route

holland Sometimes one needs to look through the fresh eyes of a tourist to appreciate the beauty of local clichĂŠs.

italy Resting my crochet bones on a 16 th -century structure and letting the sun kiss my face – the ultimate relaxation.


hong kong

Falling in love with a stranger. How come that happens only when far from home?

Jolly good, my dear. It is all so lovely. Just my cup of tea.


Pull back, hide and let the energy of the city sweep you off your feet.

new york

switzerland The smell of freshly sawn wood in the mountains; edelweiss, chocolate and untouched snow – these are a few of my favourite things



Hey guys, check out that stranger over there!

Discoveries are often made by not following instructions, by going off the main road, by trying the untried. Frank Tyger


It’s funny how colours and shapes can make one feel at home.


flying high


Its elegance can be overwhelming. Trying to fit in can make you feel like an actor rehearsing real hard. But don’t worry, one day you’ll be ready for the premiere.

Éric Chesnais

Hieronymus Evers

Mariëlle Tolenaar

Aart Kooij

Jetske Galama

Anna Alvares Vega Véronique de Weichs de Wenne


Anne-Claire Petit editor

Véronique de Weichs de Wenne graphic design

Mariëlle Tolenaar • studiosap photography

Éric Chesnais, Hieronymus Evers, Mariëlle Tolenaar, Jetske Galama, Aart Kooij, Anna Alvares Vega, Véronique de Weichs de Wenne further credits

p. holland: ‘Drie in gevecht gewikkelde schepen’, Willem van de Velde (Rijksmuseum) p. cartography: ‘Kaart van Nederland in de Middeleeuwen’, anonymus (Rijksmuseum) inside cover: Karnemelk zeep (Nederlands Openluchtmuseum) special thanks to

Éric Chesnais, Janneke van der Velden & Jan Wolleswinkel print

InteGrafica, Hoofddorp © 2013 about

Anne-Claire Petit (NL) started her company in 2002. All products are designed in Amsterdam and mostly handmade by her team in China. The collection comprises baby gifts, toys accessories, home accessories, furniture and fashion accessories. She delivers worldwide to shops, galleries and museums in 45 countries.;

acp travel tales  
acp travel tales  

Travel tales from around the world, by Anne-Claire Petit