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Everything Acoustic As more & more designers and end-users recognise the importance of room acoustics, finding products to achieve both acoustic and aesthetic needs is often seen as a challenge. For over 25 years, Acoustic GRG have been exceeding the expectations of both architects and acousticians through our consultative approach and proven range of architectural acoustic linings. From our roots as a supplier of high-end recording studios and broadcast facilities where acoustics is mission-critical, we have gone on to provide acoustic solutions for some of the most prestigious universities, concert halls & commercial buildings in the UK & Europe, as well as countless smaller projects. Now operating from our 8,200sqm workshop in Folkestone, Kent, we are a UK based, family-run business who manufacture to the highest quality standards. Every job, large or small, is equally important to us and receives the same care down to the smallest detail. We hope you find our brochure useful, and invite you to explore Acoustic GRG’s fantastic range of high performance absorbing and diffusing products.

Reasons to choose Acoustic GRG UK MANUFACTURING we manufacture the vast majority of our products in-house. DESIGN we make everything to order, ensuring the higheststandard of quality and workmanship. The vast majority of our panels and units are made by hand. BESPOKE SERVICE we can customise almost all products to suit your project requirements. QUALITY top of the range quality-control systems which we have inplace ensure every product is of the highest quality. TECHNOLOGY we have the latest CNC machinery and are constantly searching for ways to improve our systems. KNOWLEDGE RPG Acoustic LLC has developed the commercial diffusor. They are top of the field in regards to research, training and product development. TRUSTED BRANDS We are UK distribution partners for several major worldwide brands in the architectural acoustics industry, including Clipso stretch walls & ceilings, and Green Glue soundproofing compound. COMPANY HERITAGE Our earliest installations are still in use and still performing as on day one, 25 years in trading. REPUTATION Acoustic GRG have worked with some of the industries most famous names and reputable companies, with architects, contractors and designers specifying our products and using us time and time again on different projects.

Underpinned by our core values: A passion for quality & aesthetics • Customer service and a consultative approach Product innovation and development • Education within the marketplace

acoustic grg | Acoustic plasters acoustic plasters | overview Over the last 15 years Acoustic GRG have been supplying and installing class leading monolithic acoustic plaster systems to provide high quality, invisible, plaster-like acoustical finishes. We are now pleased to introduce a New system to the UK market that offers many benefits for the installer, the contractor, and the client.


acoustic grg | Acoustic plasters acoustic plasters | overview Traditional acoustic plaster systems use pre-coated boards fixed to soffits, with 1 or 2 layers of top coat applied to give the desired finish or aesthetic. These systems are slow to install as any cuts or penetrations to the baseboards and any joints between panels require filling, which can delay the application of the next coat. After the next coats are applied, some systems require sanding of the final finish coat to give a smooth finish. This can scratch the surface and be visible from medium viewing distances.

acoustic plasters | features We are proud to introduce SAC Silent – our new Seamless Acoustic Plaster System, which offers the following benefits: Fast Installation – Baseboards are cut and fitted on site, and then base-coated, this means that there are no joints to fill, no waiting time for filler to dry and less time on site. Low cost – Speed of install ensures a most cost-effective pricing structure. VOC free, high quality coatings – ground marble and silicates make up the finish, with a VOC-free binder. Water resistant – Premium coating comes with a water repellent additive that extends the colour quality longevity and prevents dirt ingress. White finish as standard - RAL colour can be added to the topcoat for a consistent colour finish. Q3 surface finish and 90%+ surface reflectance on Premium finish for a visually superior look. Climate system – a special thermally conductive topcoat and a capillary mat system ensure the temperature in the room can be controlled quickly. SAC Silent is also available as a suspended ceiling system.


acoustic grg | S.A.C. SILENT


acoustic grg | S.A.C. SILENT s.A.C. SILENT | FUNCTIONALITY AND AESTHETICS IN HARMONY In our fast-moving and challenging world, the demand for optimal room acoustics is constantly rising. Various studies show that room acoustics can critically influence individual well-being. Modern architecture tends to feature spacious, brightly lit rooms with hard floor coverings, smooth walls and large window areas. Not only do our jointless, smooth acoustic systems enhance the elegance of these interior designs – they also provide optimum sound absorption for the comfort and well-being of room users. Our “Made in Switzerland” acoustic systems were developed in collaboration with leading architects and acoustics specialists, so exceptional room acoustics can be combined with perfect aesthetic appeal in buildings and rooms of all types.


acoustic grg | S.A.C. SILENT S.A.C. SILENT | GREY LI NE

Suspended jointless acoustic system The Grey Line system is designed for rooms where there is a suspended ceiling structure with a cavity. The sound-absorbing mineral panel is fixed directly onto the substructure. Groove-and-ridge joints between individual panels ensure a flat, uniform surface – so the end result is perfect every time. The benefit: active acoustics can be integrated into room designs with suspended ceilings – and there is no need for additional structures.


acoustic grg | S.A.C. SILENT S.A.C. SILENT | YELLOW LINE

Glued acoustic system

The Yellow Line system can be mounted directly on ceilings and walls with no need for a substructure. The mineral-fibre acoustic panels deliver a system solution with maximum sound absorption. Minimal overall height and flexible application options make Yellow Line the ideal solution for a wide range of design options. This system is also an excellent choice for rounded and curved surfaces.


acoustic grg | S.A.C. SILENT

S.A.C. SILENT | acoustical data The jointless S.A.C. acoustic system, featuring minimum installed heights and flexible installation options, is the perfect response to today’s architectural requirements. This modular acoustic system can be extensively individualised and ensures sustainability thanks to its biological components. It delivers lasting, perfect acoustic characteristics as well as an aesthetically elegant surface.

Acoustic plaster mix with various silicates with high sphericity in air-permeable and open porous two layer thickness of about 4-5 mm, mechanical sprayed. Glass wool panel labelled DF 70 (density: 82kg/m3) with a thickness of 32 mm all-over glued on the existing ground.


acoustic grg | S.A.C. SILENT


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Acoustic GRG - Acoustic Plaster Brochure  
Acoustic GRG - Acoustic Plaster Brochure