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Everything Acoustic As more & more designers and end-users recognise the importance of room acoustics, finding products to achieve both acoustic and aesthetic needs is often seen as a challenge. For over 25 years, Acoustic GRG have been exceeding the expectations of both architects and acousticians through our consultative approach and proven range of architectural acoustic linings. From our roots as a supplier of high-end recording studios and broadcast facilities where acoustics is mission-critical, we have gone on to provide acoustic solutions for some of the most prestigious universities, concert halls & commercial buildings in the UK & Europe, as well as countless smaller projects. Now operating from our 8,200sqm workshop in Folkestone, Kent, we are a UK based, family-run business who manufacture to the highest quality standards. Every job, large or small, is equally important to us and receives the same care down to the smallest detail. We hope you find our brochure useful, and invite you to explore Acoustic GRG’s fantastic range of high performance absorbing and diffusing products.

Reasons to choose Acoustic GRG UK MANUFACTURING we manufacture the vast majority of our products in-house. DESIGN we make everything to order, ensuring the higheststandard of quality and workmanship. The vast majority of our panels and units are made by hand. BESPOKE SERVICE we can customise almost all products to suit your project requirements. QUALITY top of the range quality-control systems which we have inplace ensure every product is of the highest quality. TECHNOLOGY we have the latest CNC machinery and are constantly searching for ways to improve our systems. KNOWLEDGE RPG Acoustic LLC has developed the commercial diffusor. They are top of the field in regards to research, training and product development. TRUSTED BRANDS We are UK distribution partners for several major worldwide brands in the architectural acoustics industry, including Clipso stretch walls & ceilings, and Green Glue soundproofing compound. COMPANY HERITAGE Our earliest installations are still in use and still performing as on day one, 25 years in trading. REPUTATION Acoustic GRG have worked with some of the industries most famous names and reputable companies, with architects, contractors and designers specifying our products and using us time and time again on different projects.

Underpinned by our core values: A passion for quality & aesthetics • Customer service and a consultative approach Product innovation and development • Education within the marketplace

Acoustic grg | Fabric acoustic panels

fabric acoustic panels | overview Fabric wrapped Acoustic Panels are the popular choice when it comes to durable, visually pleasing general purpose cost effective acoustic panels. With a multitude of colour and fabric choices, they can be tailored for the perfect interior finish. Fabric wrapped acoustic panels are one of the most commonly used methods for creating a quieter, workable environment to any space private or public providing peak efficiency and versatility. This strong and flexible material is used as the core in several of our products, including: Absorbor™, Abffusor, Abflector, BAD™ Panels, Modex series, and our Stretch Fabric Wall System. Numerous customisation alternatives are available for size and shape, with a wide range of finish options, edge details and lighting adaptions. Acoustic GRG offer complete custom-made panels and easy mounting solutions. With our recommended standard Camira Fabrics range now offering 149 colour choices, we are certain to find an attractive solution to fit your needs. If the fabrics on offer are not suitable, then any acoustically transparent fabric can be used as a finish or we can digitally print fabrics to provide the ultimate custom option.


Acoustic grg | fabric acoustic panels

fabric acoustic panels | options Our factory-made panels are available in modules up to 1200mm wide and 2700mm long, with our skilled staff producing a high quality, smooth finished panel. For larger panels, we suggest our comprehensive Soundtrac stretch fabric system in modules up to 50 linear meters both for traditional wall systems and for technical fabric systems such as Clipso.  If desired, we offer product training for both Soundtrac and Clipso systems, which will teach you the basics of installation.


Acoustic grg | Fabric acoustic panels Fabric Wrapped | Panels and shapes Fabric wrapped, fibreglass acoustic panels provide the economically best solution for general reflection and reverberation control with the aim of delivering functionality for a wide variety of applications. Absorptive panels are used extensively in acoustic designs to control room reflections and reverberation. Workmanship and ease of mounting/demounting are often a problem. Some fabric-wrapped acoustic panels are manufactured in bulk in a limited range of sizes and colours, giving very little flexibility or design options to the user.


Acoustic grg | Fabric acoustic panels

Fabric Wrapped Panels and shapes The standard Panels are a rigid fibreglass




square, or shaped edges, from 25, 50, 75 and 100mm thicknesses and up to 1200mm wide by 2700mm long panel sizes. They consist of a high performance acoustical core and are wrapped in an acoustical fabric. We now offer a sustainable acoustic core in our new Polyester Acoustic panels, wrapped or unwrapped. Our products provide an NRC of up to 1.00 for excellent performance.


Acoustic grg | STRETCH FABRIC WALL SYSTEM STRETCH FABRIC | SOUNDTRAC STRETCH fabric Our Stretch Fabric System and Soundtrac Fabrics are an excellent alternative to traditional acoustic panels. It can be more cost effective to install a large area onsite, rather than have prefabricated panels delivered and installed.



STRETCH FABRIC | SOUNDTRAC STRETCH fabric The Soundtrac Stretch Fabric Wall System consists of a plastic track, RPG Absorber, or other core material with an acoustically suitable fabric finish. The track is attached to the substrate, the acoustically absorbent core material is fixed between, and the selected fabric is stretched over the assembly held tightly in place by the track system. The edges of the fabric are hidden in the trim giving a clean, tidy, and secure finish. Features: Efficient absorption Custom sizes Standard or Custom fabrics Paintable fabrics Any edge termination condition Ease of installation


Acoustic grg | rPG bad panels


Acoustic grg | rpg bad panels rgb bad panel | overview The BAD™ Panel consists of a binary mask attached to the face of a semi rigid fibreglass panel. The panel is upholstered in a decorative fabric to completely conceal the acoustical functionality. It extends the acoustical performance of traditional absorptive fabric wrapped panels and allows wide area coverage without excessive deadening. Ideal for any facility that needs reflection control from a decorative, upholstered, thin, and cost-effective wall/ceiling panel.


Acoustic grg | rpg bad panels

rgb bad panel | features Can be made with flat, bevelled, angled, or radius cut edges. Extends




absorptive fabric wrapped panels and stretch fabric systems. Available in custom sizes up to 2500mm. Available in any of our acoustically transparent fabrics. Split Batten mounting or flush mount, alternatively mounted in a cavity for increased performance. High recycled content, BS1 DO and Class A Fire Rated.


Acoustic grg | rpg bad panels


Acoustic grg | rpg bad panels printed fabric | overview Acoustic GRG can offer a range of printed fabric solutions using Lucia Adobo fabric or the clipso wide format fabrics range. Our fabrics are printed using either dye-sublimation or direct to media; these processes allow the fabrics to still be used on our acoustic panels with little to no effect on the performance. Lucia fabrics can be printed up to 1500mm wide and 50m long, while clipso wide format fabrics can be printed up to 5m wide and 50m long. We also have access to a range of fabrics with different textures. Printed fabrics can be applied to our fabric panels to make a tailored, wrapped panel, or as a stretch fabric system for larger area coverage.

Acoustic grg | rpg bad panels

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Acoustic GRG - Fabric Brochure