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Inspirational Learning  Courses

Who Said  Learning  Can’t  Be  Fun?     We  combine  interactive  exercises  and  an  open-­‐forum  setting  to  create  a  comfortable  and   easy-­‐going  environment  so  your  employees  learn  hands-­‐on  asking  their  own  questions  and   inspiring  them  to  make  the  more  responsible  decisions  everyday. C&L  Advantages: • On  Site  Training  (1-­‐50  people) • Tested  and  CertiGied   • Flexible  Scheduling  (Weekends  and  Holidays) • Competitive  Pricing,  Reduced  Travel  Expenses   • Follow  Up  Resources  (In  person  and  online) • Training  Materials  and  CertiGicates  provided  (Electronic  and  Hard  Copies) • Satisfaction  Guaranteed  (If  you  are  not  happy,  we  will  provide  another  session  for  free)     • Flexible  Payment  Options  (We  accept  all  major  credit  cards)

Haz Mat  (Surface,  Air  and   Sea) Environmental  Best   Practices    

CSA/Motor Carrier  Safety Vehicle  Maintenance Driver  Fitness

RCRA -­‐  8  Hour  Refresher

Hours of  Service/Log  Books


Unsafe Driving

Sales Training

Haz Mat/Cargo  Securement

Testimonials: "Your presentation  was  well  done  and  to  the  point,  with  documented  information  and  actual   real  life  events  that  helped  you  to  illustrate  the  key  points  and  connect  with  our  [employees].     I  liked  the  way  you  put  the  training  together,  with  plenty  of  hands-­‐on  application  [and]  an   open  forum  which  allowed  for  great  classroom  interaction." -­‐Dean  Kirgis,  Seneca  Waste  Solutions   "…I  was  expecting  the  typical  book  reading  session  but  what  you  gave  was  insightful,  well-­‐ prepared,  and  the  knowledge  behind  the  presentation  shined  through  brightly."   -­‐Jerry  Ferdun,  Quanta  Construction  Services

Every business  is  unique,  we  believe  your  training  course  should  be  too!

C&L's Inspirational Learning Courses  

Compliance and Learning Solutions can help your company inspire your employees and empower them with the knowledge to make better choices.