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History Founded in 2004 by Nathalie Simon, the “Trophée des Personnalités” was created to bring together personalities from different background but that all are golfers. All the guests are known for what they do or who they are. From the first edition the event was successful and has had since this moment the visit of many and various personalities from the show business, from the sport, from the TV, from the business and from the politic, etc. The Trophy had become a “rendez-vous” for all the VIPs, the partners and the media. Nathalie Simon  

The event The event takes place over two days to allow the golfers to fully enjoy the competition on the course and beside. The “Trophée des Personnalités” is the only event, in France, where all the VIP golfers have a caddy during the two days of competition, like if they were pros! Two lunches, a cocktail on the first evening, a dinner, a prize giving ceremony, a gourmet break on the course and buggies bringing drinks and snacks during the game are organised during the event. Everything is done in order to make our guests happy striving constantly to exceed their expectations.

The event Polo shirts, branded with the title partner logo, are given to all the VIPs, every day. The caddies are wearing the official polo shirts too, in a different colour. Many tee gifts are offered each day and the prize giving ceremony is very generous thanks to all the partners. The next «

» will be its

The event The « Trophée des Personnalités » DNA: Friendliness & Sportsmanship - Loyalty & Excellence Quality requirements also met with the partners and suppliers of the event:

The venue The « Trophée des Personnalités  » takes place at Le Golf National, on the Albatros course. This is the venue for the 2018 Ryder Cup. The course is selective and demanding, Pros around the world appreciate it and our VIP guests are happy and pride to play it. This is the guarantee of sportsmanship of the event.

The program Friday 10:30 11:30 13:30 14:15

19:30 20:30

Arrival of participants, tee-gifts Free practice Buffet lunch Official Briefing Call teams & implementation on the course Shot-gun start of the competition Gourmet break on the course Snacks on the course Cocktail & interim results announcement Dinner

The program Saturday 7:30 9:00 9:30


Welcome breakfast Tee-gifts – Free practice Official briefing Call teams & implementation on the course Shot-gun start of the competition Gourmet break on the course Snacks on the course Official lunch (players & journalists) Prize giving ceremony

VIP Golfers Jérôme Alonzo – Sébastien Amiez – Pat Angeli – Rachid Arhab – Hubert Auriol – Astrid Bard – Franck Barennes – Mansour Bahrami – Philippe Balland – Arnaud Balme – François Barouh – Philippe Baudillon – Jean-Michel Bayle – Bernard Béguin – Jean-Michel Bellot – Adbelatif Benazzi – Yamina Benguigui – Chalres Bietry – Laurent Blanc – Alain Boghossian – Alain Bondue – JeanClaude Boutier – Pierrette Bres – Jean-Louis Calmejane – Ilario Calvo – Matthieu Camison – Philippe Cadeloro – Noël Carles – Patrice Carmouze – Olivier Carreras – Emmanuel Chain – Lionel Chamoulaud – Olivier Chiabodo – Philippe Corti – Mathieu Crepel – Jean-Claude Dassier – JeanClaude Dauphin- Antoine Davo – Marie-Christine de Bourse – Bill de Bruge – Patrick de Carolis – Christophe de Chesnay – Alyette Debray – Yann Delaigue – Mouss Diouf – Philippe Doucet – Michel Drey – Guy Drut – Jean-Jacques Dufour – Christophe Dugarry – Jacques Esnous – Annie Famose – Vincent Ferniot – Laurent Fignon – Stéphane Freiss – Pierjean Frison – Didier Froehly – Christophe Gaillard – Jean-Philippe Garcia – Richard Gay – Eric Gendry – Arnaud Gidoin – David Ginola – Laurent Giraud – Olivier Gilter – Hervé Ganger Veyron – Edgar Gropiron – Brice Guyard – Jean-Pierre Haigneré – Gérard Holtz – Philippe Houvion – Christophe Jammot – Philippe Jeannol – Pierre Jolivet – Georges-Alain Jones – Michael Jones – Frédérique Jossinet – Antoine Kambouaré – Pierre Kubel – Katia Kulawick – Alain Kupferminc – Camille Lacoste – Didier Lahaye – Gilbert Laloge – Philippe Lavil – Henri Leconte – Laurent-Eric Lelay – Marc Leroy – Christian Lopez – JeanPaul Loth – Jean-Baptiste Lucin – Frédéric Maillet – Florence Masnada – Philippe Masse – Marc Maury – Jacques Mazur – Menelick – Nicolas Merindol – Jacques Merlino – Franck Pedretti – JeanPierre Pernaut – Gilles Pernet – Patrick Pignol – Charles Pilet – Chritophe Pinda – Jean-François Pré – Hubert Privé – Alain Prost – Gilles Quetel – Guillaume Raoux – Romain Restin – Philippe Risotto – Alain Roche – Eric Roy – Yves Saint Martin – Ines Sastre – Nathalie Simon – Marco Simone – Didier Six – Elodie Suigo – Julien Taboulet – Tex – Catherine Tisseron – Christophe Tortora – Stéphane Tortora – Guillaume Turin – Gérard Van der Gucht – Yasuda Masahide – Cathy Zanibelatto – Gary Zebrowski – Rochdy Zem – Claude Zidi – Mustapha Zine

The press

From the   beginning,   each   year   the   trophy   is   in   newspapers,  TVs,  radios.  


Title partner Labelling ďƒźâ€Ż Your brand is associated to the event title:

Title partner Visibility   Your brand / logo on all communication media of the event, poster, invitation, press kits and press releases, etc.   Jumeirah Banners or pop-up are on the site: Near the clubhouse, at the welcome desk, on the course, at the gourmet break.   Banners or pop-up associating Jumeirah with the event are shown on the course.

Title partner Visibility   Kakemonos and posters of Jumeirah are present in the clubhouse.   Communication elements of your choice (posters, flyers, catalogues, etc..) can be arranged in the clubhouse.   Jumeirah is on the tee-gifts and on the awards (invitation in one of your hotels for example) that you offer for the event.   Your staff can present your hotels during the event.

Title partner Public relations   You have 3 teams (12 players per day, 24 players for 2 days) in the competition. You can invite customers, partners, service providers, journalists, VIP’s from other countries and members of your team.   You can invite 10 people to the two lunches (20 guests) of the competition.   You can invite a Jumeirah’s ambassador if you are sponsoring one.

Title partner Media relations   Our team disseminates information, upstream and downstream of the event, with the golf press and the mainstream press.   Your press service can work in conjunction with our team to maximize press relations, especially with the press of your industry.

Title partner Details   Being Title Partner includes: The golf course for the two days, The gourmet break on the golf course, The cocktail lunch - Day 1, The evening cocktail – Day 1, Accommodation for VIPs, The dinner – Day 1, The breakfast – Day 2, The price giving ceremony's Lunch – Day 2,

Title partner Details ďƒźâ€Ż Being Title Partner includes: Your 24 guests in the competition, Your 20 guests for the lunches, Invitations to send to your guests, The creation of the event poster, The creation of the press kit, Press relations, The price giving ceremony,

Title partner Details   Being Title Partner includes: The caddies for the 2 days, Accommodation and food for the caddies, Event’s banners on the golf course, Your banners on the golf course, An official photograph during the event, The provision of photos for your brand, The movie of the event.

Title partner Price   Title partner: 150 000 € H.T.

Contact Arnaud COURTIER 06 10 81 30 40 SWING 100, rue du D么me 92100 Boulogne Billancourt

TNP 2014 - Jumeirah  

Introduction to the "Trophée des Personnalités" for the Jumeirah group.

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