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inside this magazine... You will find beauty, inspiration and motivation to celebrate yourself. I truly believe in beauty, and by saying that I mean tulle, lace, sparkles, sequins.....but most of all I mean the beauty that lives in all of us. I want you to feel proud and happy with loving yourself. There is no shame in acepting to ourself the beautiful person we are - 3

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Beauty is how you feel inside, and it reflects in your eyes, It is not physical! - 5


When I met Paloma, I was blown away by her presence. She is confident, radiant, she is funny and she has eyes like a summer sky....on a good day in Scotland :)

And it was not what she said about them, it was the look on her face that made me believe that she really loved them. This is why I love my job!

I thought I would love her photos because of her pink hair, her smile, her beautiful feminine curves, but what I felt most attracted to was her gaze! She has the most beautiful eyes and I felt this beautiful connection between her and me that was captured by the camera.

At my studio we are all allowed to be beautiful, because we all are beautiful and deserve to feel good about it.

When Paloma saw her finished photos for the first time, she loved them.

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How would you want to be photographed? You could be the next covergirl on my magazine. Let’s do this! - 7


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Once you have decided that you want me to photograph you, we will schedule a time for a consultation at the studio. We will meet and get to know each other and I can promise that we will find something to laugh about, even if it’s me, and it will probably be me :) I will show you around and then we have a seat and a little chat. You will be able to see the products I offer and talk about what style of portraits you are most drawn to. We will go through my price list and I will answer any questions you have. Then it’s time for you to relax. About a week before the shoot we will talk about what wardrobe you will bring and anything else you would like to consult before the session.

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On the day of your shoot I will welcome you at the studio and will take you to get your hair and makeup done. We will map your session out with wardrobe and backgrounds. I will get the fan ready so you can start channelling your inner Beyoncé…..and then it’s time to start the fun! In my space I encourage you to truely feel empowered. A Shoot with me will last for approximately 2.5 hours including the time for makeup and hair. This time will be filled with giggles and fun. And the best part is that you have nothing to worry about in terms of posing, styling or anything. It’s entirely my job to make you feel and look beautiful! And if I may say so myself…I’m pretty good at this.

Once you have decided that you want mOnce the shoot is over, you can go out on a date with your BFF, your partner or somebody else you want to wow because you will look and feel gorgeous! I will start editing all your photos and pick out around 20 of the best photos from your session. Within approximately a week from the day of your shoot, you

will come back to your viewing session. And If I have done my job well, you will uhh and ahhhh over all your printed portraits and fall in love with them and with yourself all over again. What you see and you choose is ready for you to take home. - 11

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77% of women think they are not photogenic. 100% of them are wrong! - 13

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BEHIND THE LENS I specialize in taking beautiful portraits of beautiful woman to show them how I see them. Sometimes we all need a little help to see our own potential. I have a talent to show you your beauty through my camera. I can see beauty in everybody and I would love to show you how I do that. I don’t photograph models, I love real women all ages, shapes and backgrounds. Not being photogenic does not exist. I promise to change your mind about it and I would love you to challenge me on that! The best thing about being photographed by me is that your only responsability is to show up. The rest is up to me. You will

then go through Hair styling and makeup and be camera ready. I will coach and guide you into poses that will flatter you and take the best photographs of you you have ever seen! I love seeing the transformation of my clients in front of the camera. But the real magic happens when you look at your photographs and see how beautiful they are. That is most definitely the best part of the experience. So rest assured that I will give my absolute best to make sure this happens every single time. I will make you feel comfortable and you will look and feel beautiful and confident... and I LOVE MY JOB! - 17


Although I love my studio space and feel at home and happy there, I love venturing out into the unpredictable Scottish weather, too. Edinburgh is such an amazing city that it would almost be an insult not to take advantage of it’s beauty. So wether it is in the old town, the Botanic Gardens, a coffeeshop or just for a stroll anywhere

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really, I am up for some fresh air! I have my favourite spots in the city already scouted, but am always happy to find new ones and hear what places are special to you. Beautiful and timeless photos can be taken anywhere!


Portrait Foliobox Collections start at £335 Wall Art starts at £75

Session fee is £75 and includes your actual photoshoot, the pre-consultation and your reveal session as well as complimentary hair and makeup.

Get in touch today and book your Consultation 07504326618

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Contemporary beauty portraits by Jasmin Bauer  

Have a look through my magazine and find out what it means to be photographed by me.

Contemporary beauty portraits by Jasmin Bauer  

Have a look through my magazine and find out what it means to be photographed by me.