Acorns International School Yearbook 2019-20

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Message from Head of School ‘Teamwork makes a dream work’, I am a believer of this adage, now more than ever! In March 2020, we were faced with a situation that affected us globally, regionally, and as a school community, just in different amplitudes. Today, as I have ridden the wave, I know the only thing that kept us sailing successfully was our community spirit, the trust every AIS parent instilled in us, the love of every student for their school, the Directors’ conviction and faith, my hardworking teaching and nonteaching staff, who are the lifeblood of AIS, and my team of Heads of Department, who have been my pillars of strength.

We may be a far cry from how this academic year began, but we can doff our hats to how well we all coped in the face of adversity. This journey, through Term 3, could have taken a different trajectory, but look at all that we have achieved – we are all savvier with IT, our teachers have learnt a new way of teaching, and completed the task at hand with such aplomb, our Curriculum Coordinators have successfully completed virtual accreditation visits, our students have adapted to their homeroom teachers teaching from a Zoom box, while their parents adapted to their new role as teachers. We didn’t let any event or activity be effected by this lockdown – be it Assessments, Parent-Teacher Meetings (PTMs), Graduation Ceremonies, or Celebrations of Learning. Our Year 11 students sat for their IGCSE Year 11 Exams with Cambridge International virtually and are now engaged with IBMYP Personal Project, our Year 6 students took up a challenge of taking their Exhibition virtually and not only excelled at it but became true exemplary models of IB education. Such an accomplishment!

The AIS Online Programme has been a huge success. And I am extremely proud to announce that, we successfully accomplished all three visit – the PYP re-evaluation visit just a week before lockdown and the DP and MYP virtual authorisation visits. Thanks to the effort of my entire team, today Acorns International School is an IB Continuum School. This has been a huge milestone in the history of AIS. The fruition of a dream that was first conceptualised in 2012. This is just the beginning for the entire AIS Family!

Coffee with Curriculum Coordinator(CCC) Community is what AIS is all about. Our CCC is one such platform, where parents can discover or demystify the IB Curriculum. This year, during the PYP CCC, Mr. Evans led a wonderful session, where parents were engaged in an activity to learn more about the IB Learner Profiles, while Mr. Kyle walked parents through what to expect in MYP, DP and A Levels.

Coffee with Curriculum Coordinator(CCC)

IB Learner Profile Competition Lifelong Learners, that is what we are, that is what we raise!

In keeping with this mantra, this academic year, the entire AIS Community revisited the Learner Profile logos to make it more relevant today. We even competed, and some of us won!

PYP Week Without Boards The PYP Department experienced “Week Without Boards�. Teachers and students got creative, as they were not allowed to use smart boards or white boards that week!

MYP Week Without Walls The MYP Week Without Walls was where each yearband capped off the term with projects relating to the MYP Curriculum more generally than typical units of work usually allow for. The week provides meaningful engagements for students to experience, in addition to their academics, and further develops them as learners and as people.

EC Family Week

The Early Childhood Department (ECD) started the year with the theme “All About Me.” We learned how our families are part of who we are and that all families look different. During Family Week, we had mommies and daddies come in to facilitate a special activity in class. We ended Family Week with a bang, at our Grandparents’ Day Carnival.

EC Grandparents Day

World Teachers’ Day This academic year, we celebrated World Teachers Day with a fun-filled picnic for the entire crew at Forest Park Resort. Food, fun, games... check!

World Teachers’ Day

Career Fair & Internship

The Year 10, 11 and 12 students spent the day at a University Fair. The smart fairs are dedicated to helping students to discover the numerous educational opportunities available around the world. By connecting them with representatives from accredited, postsecondary colleges and universities, where all students can explore all the possibilities and discover the right place to continue the next step of their educational journey. Internships are educational and career developmental opportunities providing practical experience in a field or discipline and this year our Year 11 students did just that. The Year 11 students were tasked with finding an internship opportunity of their own choice. Each student undertook a one-week internship where they were able to gain knowledge and experience within a work setting. Here at AIS we believe that an internship is part of the student’s total academic experience and a learning that helps create opportunities for the upper secondary students.

House Team Elections Students in PYP and MYP were given opportunities to campaign and give speeches as to why they were the best candidate to lead their team to victory during the upcoming Sports Week event, which is scheduled to take place in Term 2. Candidates brought in attributes of the International Baccalaureate (IB) Learner Profile, displaying virtues of Consideration, Open-Mindedness, Courage, amongst others. At the EC level, teachers voted on one student at the Reception level for each House Team that showcase those very Learner Profile attributes on a regular basis

Food Fair

This academic year, the Year 9 and Year 10 students organised a food fair. This was an interdisciplinary unit used for their Summative Assessment. The subjects that worked together were Science, P.E and French. The students did a fantastic job and provided great understanding of healthy eating whilst serving lots of tasty foods.

Global Village

This year, Global Village was celebrated in a unique way. In keeping with the UN’s International Year of Indigenous Languages – the PYP chose to celebrate this and honour our long-running mother tongue program. Each class selected a minority language or mother tongue language out of the over 20 native languages represented in school.

MYP Africana

MYP’s Africana celebrated all things known, and unknown, about this beautiful continent that we live in.

MYP Wales Trip Snowy mountains, slate quarries, some studying‌ but lots of fun! That was the week for the six students who traveled to North Wales in the UK, accompanied by the Secondary Head, Ms Zoe Calder, in February 2020. During the week, these six students worked alongside the students of our gracious hosts, St. David’s College in Llandudno, to gain perspective on what their day is like. Over the weekend, the students were able to scale snowy Welsh mountains, go trampolining, zip line in the old Welsh slate quarries and enjoy some great Welsh food.

Year 9 Community Project

The Community Project focuses on community and service, encouraging students to explore their right and responsibility to implement service as action in the community. As a consolidation of learning, the community project engages students in a sustained, in-depth inquiry leading to service as action in the community. This Year, the Year 9 students took part in Acorns International’s first ever official MYP Community project. We travelled across Uganda to Kyambra just on the outskirts of Queen Elizabeth National ParkKasese. During our time spent in Kyambra the students got involved in a number of different activities. These included, Painting of the local Primary school, Visiting the different community craft markets in the national park, inquiring how coffee is grown and the benefits it has within the community.

Year of Authorisations This academic year has been a landmark one in the history of Acorns International School (AIS). It will be known as the year of four authorizations and a pandemic! Before the lockdown in Uganda, AIS was authorised to offer Cambridge A Levels, and also cleared the PYP Reevaluation with flying colours. The IBMYP and IBDP authorization visits were schedules for April and May, however, due to the global pandemic, these visits were then reorganized to be virtual, and we cleared both. Such an eventful year!

PYP Evaluation Visit (held after succesful five year cycle)

MYP & DP Authorisation visit

Cambridge Authorisation

World Scholar’s Cup 2019

This year, Acorns International School students were among the 10,000 leading scholars participating in the World Scholar’s Cup 2019. After the local round in Kampala, the AIS team participated in the World Scholar’s Cup Round in Durban, South Africa, in September 2019. Our Year 11 student, Alesar Morvi, also participated in the senior team of Tournament of Champions (TOC) in November 2019, to represent AIS at The World’s Scholars Cup Finals in the US Yale University. And won Gold Medal in Da Vinci award. Well done!!!

Sports at AIS

At Acorns International School, we emphasize the importance of a holistic learning experience as well encourage our students to be balanced—one of our IB Learner Profile attributes. A balanced learner is one that understands the significance of balancing different aspects of their life— the intellectual, physical and emotional. Sports and physical education are important components of the AIS curriculum and learning experience. This year, the AIS Sports Department participated in many sports events and came home with just as many trophies! Some of the major events from this academic year include: the ISSA Annual Table Tennis tournament, the ISSA Annual Swim Gala, the ISSA Annual Badminton Tournament, the ISSA Annual Cross-Country event, as well as several matches in both basketball and football. Here are a list of some of our victories: ISSA Table Tennis Tournament—1st place trophies in all 4 categories ISSA Under 8 Football Tournament – 1st Runner’s Up ISSA Swim Gala – 1st Runner’s Up ISSA Badminton Tournament – 1st Runner’s Up in all 4 categories ISSA Football Championships – Under 12 Girls won 1st place ISSA Football Championships – Under 10 Girls won 1st Runner’s Up ISSA Basketball Championships – Under 10 Girls won 1st Runner’s Up ISSA Cross Country Event – Under 16 Girls won 1st place

MYP Personal Project

Our Year 11 students have just finished their capstone Personal Projects for the MYP! These projects are year-long inquiries into subjects and topics of the student’s own choosing, allowing for their own creativity and individual interests to drive their work. With minimal guidance and supervision, the Personal Project is intended to showcase the student’s own abilities to proactively handle the complexities of the work. Demanding of them investigative and planning skills, executive implementation, reflection, and report writing, the Personal Project requires the students, now having come to the close of their MYP education, to develop the project on their own from start to finish. Incorporating disciplinary concepts, contexts, and learning skills, the Year 11 students create a product or project that crosses the whole gamut of the MYP Programme.

MYP Reflections

Health Checks

Every term, we invite our empanelled healthcare provider, UMC (Victoria Hospital), to conduct health checks for our students, which covers either dental, eyesight or BMI.

Evacuation Drills Another regular exercise every term is Evacuation Drill. During this drill, we check the preparedness of our staff and students to any emergency situation that may arise.

Spelling Bee This year, our annual Spelling Bee Competition was a great success! Students were able to display their proficiency in three languages, English, French and Kiswahili. Kudos! FĂŠlicitations! Hongera!

Field Trips Exploration often unearths pieces of the puzzle that helps you build the big picture. This is what we aspire when we send our explorers on fieldtrips!

Field Trips

Field Trips

Y6 Overnight Trip

For a weekend every mid-year, Y6 students and their teachers venture out for a fun-filled experience of bonding and team building as they prepare for the milestones to come in their time as Exhibition students. This year was no different; students got to work together and individually to complete tasks, an experience that most agreed built their confidence. The two days and one night away were filled with both physical and mental triumphs and parents appreciated the growth and change it brought to their children.

Talent Hunt

AIS held its second annual Talent Hunt. Participating schools included: Aga Khan, British School of Kampala, Kampala International School of Uganda (KISU), Oak International School, and Taibah International School. Students competed in the following categories: Dance, Voice, Instrument and Creative Arts. Each performance category had 4 subcategories based on age: Under 9, Under 11, Under 14 and Under 18. AIS participated in every event and submitted 16 items to the Talent Hunt. We were thrilled to have our students win first place in 9 of the 16 categories

Talent Hunt

Service Week

During Service Week, we focus on service to the community around us. Our students participated in a number of activities such as helping our auxiliary staff, watering the plants around the school, collecting rubbish for recycling and washing school cars! Along with these activities to help our school community, we also decided to reach out to the local community and make holiday gift baskets for families with children having special needs. We collected many items such as rice, sugar, cooking oil, soap, clothes and toys for the children. Thank you so much for all your donations. With your help, we were able to put together 20 holiday baskets.

Marathon Our Year 11 students, Aavardan and Shafin, became the youngest marathoners to run the full ‘Running the Rift Marathon’ in Fort Portal. They are to be celebrated for their commitment to training the past three months with our MYP Curriculum Coordinator Kyle Mero, and for the feat of strength and endurance in accomplishing all 42 kilometers! So proud!

PTO Team Every academic year, a vibrant team comes together to make the AIS Community stronger! This was this year’s team.

PTO Game Day At the beginning of the school year, the PTO members asked the separate departments how they could best support them throughout the year. The Primary Department asked for continued backing of their Behaviour Policy. In Term 1, students, who scored in the top 50% of their classes’ behaviour points, were invited to Game Day. The students enjoyed playing some new games they had not played before and were also provided cake and popcorn.

Anti Bullying Week

As this is Anti-Bullying Week, in the MYP department, our students were not afraid to do something different! Some of our students and staff flaunted mismatched socks, showing everyone is different, but we are still all equal. To encourage positive friendships between the students, we have taken some time to play some games together

IB Workshops In the spirit of life-long learning, our teachers participated in a two-day workshop, that spanned inquiry, the learning environment and early learners. This learning opportunity was facilitated by experienced IB World trainers from all over the globe.

IB Workshops

Book Week / Word Week

We love books, so we needed a whole week to celebrate them! January 20 – 24 was our Book Week. Dr. Seuss says it best, “The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.” Through the week, we had different reading/book activities: students brought their favourite books to read in class, parents came and read stories in their mother tongue, MYP students came and read with EC students, each class chose a book and made a presentation about it and we ended the week by coming to school dressed as our favourite book characters! The beauty of the written word is that it can be revisited, scaled or scoped according to where you are. While the EC enjoyed Book Week, the older students enjoyed Word Week. Such wordsmiths, these!

Book Week / Word Week

EC Favourites Week

Do you remember your favourite toy from when you were a child? How about your favourite snack that someone used to always make for you to take to school? February 10 – 14 was our chance to celebrate all of our favourite things and we hope that our students keep these good memories for a lifetime!

100 Days at AIS

All students were full of excitement and enthusiasm on Friday, February 14. This is the day when AIS celebrated 100 days of school. It was a fun day indeed – marked by 100 reflections, 100 words of compliment, 100 ways to solve problems in the world, 100 ways to bake a cake, 100 exercises, lots of arts and crafts activities and much more!

Parent-Teacher Meetings The AIS Parent-Teacher Meetings (PTM) are a valuable opportunity to discuss your child’s development and progress with his/her teacher.

3-way Conferences At AIS, Term 1 ended with the perfect celebration of all that the students had learnt through the first five months of the academic year- the three-way conferences.


Action is a huge part of AIS and IB. Every academic year, students celebrate components of their Units of Inquiry, through a class assembly.

AIS Online Programme

The Covid-19 Pandemic threw us all a curveball, but we ran with it! We immediately dove into an online programme that was not only engaging, but keeping the entire AIS Family in mind! Our students were home and safe, but not left behind! Kudos, to the entire AIS team – teaching and non-teaching staff, parents, but most importantly, the students- our true heroes!

Y6 Exhibition (PYPX)

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PYPX 2020 will go down in AIS history as a monumental milestone in successful student-driven inquiry. In the backdrop of school closures, restrictions on movement and congregating, the Y6 batch of 2020 beat the odds and staged our first ever virtual PYP exhibition. This year, we adopted the newly-released guidelines for personal inquiries by the International Baccalaureate (IB) and had students chart their own courses with individual inquiry journeys. Padlet, Google Slides, VoiceThread, Google Sites and Zoom were some of the platforms that came in handy in moderating and staging this year’s exhibition. Student engagement was at an all-time high; compiling a group invitation video, taking action as a result of their inquiries and conducting a meaningful reflective exercise on the entire project.

Graduation Reception Graduates

Our youngest graduates of #batchof2020! Some joined us in Crèche, and the rest joined in as the journey progressed. Not only have they come to the end of their time in the Early Childhood Department, but they have done it successfully during a pandemic! Their resilience and determination to continue learning has been an inspiration. We are amazed at all they have been able to accomplish. We wish each and every one of them a wonderful time, as you move into the Primary Department and continue their journey through the Primary Years Programme (PYP).

Graduation Y6 Graduates

This batch completed their six years of the PYP cycle, and are now ready to take on the Middle Years Programme (MYP)! This batch has completed a very complex year, in an even more complex time! Kudos to them all that they have learnt and executed, in such a short time! They are not only the first batch that hosted a virtual PYPX, but also the first batch the graduated online! Thank you, for fighting the good fight and finishing the race! May the years ahead be colourful!

Year 11 Graduates

Another major milestone in the growth of AIS, ideally, we would have loved to watch these seven graduands march to receive their certificates, marking the successful completion of their five-year cycle of the Middle Years Programme (MYP). But that did not dampen spirits! Among the seven graduates are Shaun Daka and Kartik Marwaha, who have been at AIS since the start of the Secondary Department. They were part of the first Year 7 class at AIS in the academic year 2015-16. They were later joined by Aleser Morvi, MD Fakrul Islam Chowdhury and Aavardan Mehanathan Sundar in Year 10 and finally Ammar Saifuddin Champeli and Nicole Kisakye Nalusiba Ndawula in Year 11.

Celebration of Learning

The last days of every academic year are a celebration of everything learnt throughout the year. And celebrate, we did!

Crèche - Hummingbirds

Class of 2020

Left to Right: Castro | Aarit | Ms. Suzan | Ms. Josephine | Rida | Elijah

EC1 Leopards

Class of 2020

Left to Right: Che | Nuha | Larissa | Ariella | Ayush | Bernice | Louissa | Jesse | Ms. Yirka | Ms. Janet | Keith | Kiaan | Christian

EC1 Cheetahs

Class of 2020

Left to Right: Amyra | Rishona | Ms.Vicky | Ms.Sanyu | Priva | Ronisha | Ian

EC2 Ostriches

Class of 2020

Left to Right: Elaine | Benjamin | Ms. Lydia | Ms. Liz | Karla | Eliana| Luocheng

EC2 Cranes

Class of 2020

Left to Right: Prosper | Ms. Esther | Sarah | Zina | Ms. Lydia | Darsh| Angelina | Maxwell

EC2 Flamingos

Class of 2020

Left to Right: Gaelle | Ms. Jessica | Ashal | Mary | Ms Georgina | Joel | Derick | Adrian

Reception Elephants

Class of 2020

Left to Right: Zola | Abizzar | Iqra | Zunair | Manaal | Gabriella | Radisson | Ms. Sarah | Aryan | Kanishka | Ms. Rebecca | Ms. Moshina

Reception Hippos

Left to Right: Arielle | Godsuella | Abigail | Yayha | Gift | Naya | Randal | Ms. Natasha | Ms. Agnes

Reception Giraffes

Class of 2020

Left to Right: Tabitha | Maria | Joshua | Umaira | Joana | Leslie | Zainab | Thomas | Hailey | Yolan | Dominique | Ms. Diana | Ms. Anisha

Year 1 Daisies

Class of 2020

Left to Right: Omar | Ms. Yasmin | Samad | Ms. Jesca | Vijay | Jude | Clarissa | Wendy | Ryan | Xerxes | Adam | Zaabu & Ms. Joselyne | Esther | Muhammad | | Ziva | Percillah | Asa | Chloe | Hayden

Year 1 Sunflowers

Left to Right: Paris | Ms. Mariam | Tevin | Mia | Reeva | Joel | Saul | Ms. Phionah | Eliora | Antony | Myler | Cillian | Sherin | Spurs | Ananya | Basel | Muammar

Year 2 Tulips

Class of 2020

Left to Right: Joshua | Ms.Sarah | Manav | Myra | Sarah | Ivannah | Larisa | Aubrey | Moses | Ms.Brenda

Year 2 Chimpanzees

Left to Right: Karen | Ms. Victoria | Jordan | Jessie | Athalie | Aarya | Manuel | Harshiv | Hridam | Victorious | Areeb | Promise | Ethan | Talia | Ms. Marjorine | Lisa | Haad | Aarya | Ashton | Aaliyah | Austin | Vaidehi | Suzana

Year 2 Gorillas

Class of 2020

Left to Right: Joudy | Ms. Deepa | Siva | Taikhoom | Ganiko | Nicholas | Kelly | Hassan | Ms. Gloria | Marieane | Rohail | Janitha | Isabel | Jolene | Zoe Tierney | Safiya | Amory | Lennon | Vaanika

Year 2 Lemurs

Left to Right: Aaria | Ms. Evie | Raphael | Jeriel | Ali | Sean | Yumna | Jeremiah | Aisha | Nael | Shalom | Muhammad | Advita | Bhagath | Tazzmeen Zehra | Azad | Donnatella | Ezra | Ms. Judith | Paris | Martha

Year 3 Beavers

Class of 2020

Left to Right: Raphael | Ms. Jackline | Ahmad | Gavin | Mashal | Oriane | Ali | Tory | Aafeif | Leatica | Yassmina | Ms. Jessy | Milan | Kirsten | Arham | Tronellah | Zainab | Margret | Luosi | Godwin

Year 3 Otters

Left to Right: Areej | Ms. Sharmina | Joy | Niaiko | Lovender | Webi | Ms. Doreen | Maanya | Tadiwanashe | Moksh | Shivan | Nicholas | Natalie | Christine | Bharath | Favour | Dylan | Karl

Y3 Polar Bears

Class of 2020

Left to Right: Shahan | Ms. Dorothy | Faradzinga | Nathan B | Ridah | Nathani | Sashmit | Chloe | Albertina | Nathan M | Jotham | Kym| Nadine | Mr. Henry | Jordan | Paulsen | Hasheem

Year 4 Gold

Left to Right: Ms. Amanda | Ms. Jordin | Zehra | Clara | Ariana | Kartik | Abrar | Laura | Yusrah | Priyanshi | Isaac | Grace | Batul | Noman | Adam | Gabriella | Anagh | Hussein | Tanishka | Ms. Shameera

Year 4 Platinum

Class of 2020

Left to Right: Sabrina | Mr. Jamal | Jayden | Brandon | Ethan | Fatima | Harry | Anuj | Carl | Shiza | Moses | Sanaa | Zahraa | Aashi | AliAbbas | Vidita | Arthur | Ms. Sandra

Year 4 Titanium

Left to Right: Ms. Claire | Ms. Jennifer | Anuj | Marjorie | Diya | Ali | Giovanni | Hassan | Samaira | Jaron | Holly | Erin | Ramsey | Nathan | Alina

Year 5 Dolphins

Class of 2020

Left to Right: Mikaeel | Ms. Marion | Patrick | Minal | Stanley | Tyra | Tyrell | Divya | Sabir | Elsie | Ms. Shiela | Simba | Soha | Christianne | Talia | Janat | SeanaKayla | Jeremiah | Khayra | Lorna | Vritti

Year 5 Sea Lions

Left to Right: Hadassah | Mr. Fredrick| Jahnavi | Gabriel | Eniyaah | Reuben | Aditya | Tonny | Lynade | Satpreet | Ms. Harriet | Lakeisha | Jemimah | Kai | Jonathan | Amy | Qahirah | Stephanie | Zion

Year 5 Sharks

Class of 2020

Left to Right: Audrey | Ms. Rosyelene | Jasmine | Gabrielle | Kyle | Mathew | Igbal | Aarini | Lucas | Alisha | Elijah | Jaedon | Jayden | Bradley | Sharin | Rihanna | Ms. Deborah

Year 6 Acacias

Left to Right: Ms. Lydia | Ms. Ruth | Georgina | Israel | Rima | Angel | Jesse | Atia | Isaiah | Aneeba| Kent | Aaron | Thalia | Rohan | Ethan

Y6 Cedars

Class of 2020

Left to Right: Barak | Fathima | Duane | Tyra | Darren | Anwar | Mr. Robert | Alorika | Raymond | Shaurya | Satveer | Ms. Margery | Darsh | Ashley | Pauline | Aarchana | Shreeya | Iqra | Hussein

Y6 Maples

Left to Right: Nour | Ms. Carolyne | Melvin | Mr. Nelson | Melissa | Angel | Alishbah| Lucille | Leona | Kyle | Liam | Mishti | Natalie | Nabeeha | Rauf | Syeda | Amyan | Patricia | Israel

Year 7N

Class of 2020

Left to Right: Vajreshwar | Mr Neal |Kimberly | Precious | Shaily | Azra | Prisha | Laura | Bharani

Year 7L

Left to Right: Nambuya | Ms Lorraine | Akshita | Samuel | Zumir | Aafiya | Krishna | Srunitha | Sonia | Samantha | Ariam |Amogh |Aryan| Nicole

Year 8L

Class of 2020

Left to Right: Amna | Ms Lydia | Jyodhi | Sukaina | Johan | Glory | Disha | Vishwa | Shariz

Year 8V

Left to Right: Tanmayi |Mr Vicent | Divyanshu | Rida | Jordana | Ismaa | Nityagna | Emmanuel | Nyaliet | Alina | Faaziya

Year 9L

Class of 2020

Left to Right: Faith | Ms Lakshmi | Udit | Bridget | Leen | Alina | Alishba

Year 9W

Left to Right: Aarthi | Batoul | Izyan | Saif | Alisha | Mr Wilson | Mfonobong | Craig | Dharam

Year 10

Class of 2020

Left to Right: Sharon | Ms Zoe | Nyawei | Roshaan | Ayaan | Vaishnavi | Isabel | Qadilah | Harveer


Left to Right: Aleser | Aavardan | Kartik | Nicole | Shafin | Shaun | Ammar

Class of 2020


Left to Right: Victoria | Mr Charles | Bona | Mer

Early Childhood Department

Primary Department

Secondary Department

Heads Of Departments

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