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TSTP Global Tax Services Tax Protection Globally

For the Tax Payer 1. Self – Help System 2. Comprehensive Global Tax and Offshore Consultants 3. Strategies to work with existing Tax authorities in accordance with Legislation

Self Help Systems • • • •

List of every available program List of relevant CRA and IRS Legislations List of Consultants List of Free websites and/or other information to assist a Tax Payer in his/her search for maximum tax benefits in accordance to international law

Consultants • • • • •

List of Private Bank Globally List of Tax Accountants List of Tax Lawyers List of Tax Consultants List of Tax Preparation Companies

Strategies • List of consultants who can develop person and corporate strategies • List of new or existing agreements that would constitute a tax shelter

Various Strategies • List of all topics for gaining a tax receipt

Service Provider • Benefits – TSTP Global can provide from various sources introductions to potential clients both individual, corporate and institutional – TSTP Global can provide introductions to various strategies through it’s global affiliates – TSTP Global can provide to training of these strategies in order to communicate to above mentioned clients

Service Provider • Features - Distribution – List of clients from previous defunct charities, business opportunities and other sources of challenges (these clients are existing clients of established law firms, accounting, and promoters) – List of clients from other sources like corporations (ie Executives) that have had challenges from Tax authorities

Service Provider • Featured Strategies 1. Tax Payer registers themselves as a private citizen 2. Files Tax returns claiming all personal expenses as a cost to do business 3. These expenses are applied against income from employment and can even create losses that are carried back to prior tax years 4. This creates refunds of taxes previously paid

Service Provider • Featured Example – Tax loss from current year is applied to prior year returns – This creates a refund that can be received or applied against other tax liabilities

Consultant • Features and Benefits – Previous clients will receive solutions that will turn a negative tax situation into a positive one using strategies that have been developed by experts – Receive list of potential clients for future tax sales and tax shelters

Disclaimer • TSTP Global is only an information facilitator and does not provide advice or recommend any individual and/or service. TSTP is not a professional Tax Advisory Service. TSTP is a web portal that provides a professional advertising service for both individual and corporate tax advisors. TSTP is not responsible for any statements, claims. methods, process and/or any other information stated by professional advisors and/or individuals that are listed in this web service. TSTP's only responsibility is to provide information that is either the property of individuals and/or advisors. TSTP does not provide content for this website, therefore does not make any claims as a Tax Advisor, (Neither TSTP, nor individuals associated with TSTP have ever been or purported to be Tax Advisors.) TSTP will be and is only a Professional Services directory information provider for the tax advisory professionals.

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