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CULTURE BOOKS by Sterling Cotton

MEXICO The people of Aztecs are called Tenochcas or Mexica. Aztecs speak a language called Nahuatl. The Aztecs principal food was tortillas, most their food stuffs were ground corn and unleavened bread. The Aztecs Empire was invaded by Hernando Cortez in the year 1519 The average population of the Aztecs was about 5 to 11 million All the Aztecs were allowed to keep dogs, ducks, geese, quails and turkeys. The agricultural activities were undertaken completely by human power. The materials used for making any kind of tools were only stones and wood.

aztecs Background Info ● The Toltec culture was made with the Aztecs ● The feathered lizard was the Aztecs main god that inspired them to conquer other tribes in its name. ● Obsidian was used for weapons and gifts to be traded. ● The toltec culture spread all the way to the present-day Mexico area. ● The toltec empire was destroyed at 1150 by invaders from North. ● The Aztecs viewed them as the “Givers” of civilization. ● Aztec Jaguar warrior & Eagle warriors held up high position in the military. ● Aztecs another name for it is: Mexica. ● The aztecs were established by a prophecy with an eagle and a serpent on a cactus.

mexico rich The riches in the Aztecs built houses which were of expensive clothes and headdress. They used some of the minerals such as Gold, silver, copper and emerald which was used as ornaments.

poor Poor Aztec families sold their children to get some money to live. The sold children would be treated as slaves. If a poor person is seen wearing the clothes of rich, Aztec authorities used to have his house demolished.

life as an aztec  

this article will show you a preview of whats it like to be an aztect

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