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By: Tylor B. Ft Gabe A. In the orbit around Planet Earth, two heroes seeking to confront and destroy the Dark Side come face to face with an evil never imagined…………………

Gabe Skywarper and I were patrolling the galaxy to confront any evil activity that we thought could be the Dark Side. Then, out of nowhere, General Grievous and his droid army came out and attacked!!!!!!!!! “Watch out Gabe!� I scream through my communicator. The next thing I knew was that Gabe got shot down by General Grievous in his Star fighter. Since I was the more skilled pilot, I managed to hit Grievous and escape to the ground. I figured that I was at 00 South to 150 West in the North, West and South Hemispheres. It seems that there was a farm there, around an area with no trees. I jump out of the cockpit and run into the rainforest. The

climate was

very wet and hot. The layers I saw were the Emergent layer

containing birds since it was the highest point in the forest. I also saw the Canopy, where Monkeys live, Understory, where Termites live, and Forest Floor, were snakes live, and I was there. I looked up and saw Gabe, suspended by vines, with his Star fighter about to crush him. I used the force and blew the Star fighter away. I took my light saber and threw it to cut the vines off and he had fallen face flat on the ground. He said “Thanks a lot.” I think it was sarcastic. While we were exploring the Amazon, we came across a Boa Constrictor named Boe. It asked “Are you los-s-st s-s-seniors-s-s?” We both replied “Yes sir.” in unison. He took us to a village with people called the “Bara”. He also said to call animals in the rainforest “Organisms” to not tease them. He was showing us the nomads leaving. They told us that animals were attacking their people and they were destroying trees. They let us in their straw huts. We looked at each other and again, we said in unison “Grievous”.”Man we gotta stop talking together.” He

said. I asked if they wanted to join our alliance to stop this madness. The Bara agreed. While we were talking, a flying snake, which looked gray, lashed at us. I thought that flying snakes were indigenous and not nomadic. I saw it eat baby monkeys and crocs. Also, a jaguar disguised in camouflage lashed at us. “I got the snake.” I said. The snake adapted and swung its body at me and bit my neck. When it tried to lash at me again, I sliced it. Gabe had a big claw mark on his face. I guess he got hurt too. When we met the Yanomami tribe they told us the same thing the Bara told us. They make different patterned clothing. It was their culture. They also agreed to join our alliance. Now it was time for the plan. We said that since Gabe was the Padawan, he would take the tribes on the ground battle and I would be in space. On the way to my Star fighter I saw a carnivorous creature that had 13-20 fangs and had a long neck, called a Venus Fly Trap. It didn’t have any foliage. It ate flies. I also saw a flower that had white pedals and a yellow center. It produces

food by light, called photosynthesis. I used it to heal me. Then a monkey ate it. I think it was called an Orchid. I made it to the Star fighter, so I slammed the door shut and started for space. I really hoped that Gabe was okay. I destroyed two Capital Ships until a fighter shot my right wing down and fell into another Capital Ship. It was about to explode and I got into a different ship and slingshoted out just in time. But again, I got shot down and hurled in a spiral toward Earth. I met up with Gabe and he gave the “We Have Strength in Numbers� speech. I told him to say to Grievous that every day, many animals die and this deforestation are destroying habitats. If he were to destroy the trees, he would die because the tree trees give the world oxygen. You need to conserve the rainforest. You could be an ecotourist and help the rainforest. Surprisingly, he came out without a fight and surrendered.

FOOD WEB This shows Carnivores, Omnivores and Herbivores. Also it is showing Producers, Consumers and Decomposers.


Social Studies Textbook World Atlas

Tyler B. - Block 5  
Tyler B. - Block 5  

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