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Doald The Yanomami tribe Tribes in south America. They live in the d rainforests and mountain of northern brazil southern Venezuela. Like most tribes on the continent, they probably migrated across the Bering strait between Asia and America some 40,000 years ago, making their way slowly down to south America. To Day their total population sta nds of around 32,000. Kmmmgyhhgugyug

Some tropical rainforset plants are CARNIVOROUS meateating. Thay have acavity filled witn either sweet of terrible smelling nectev that attracts insects,especially ants and flies. Inside, the sides are steep and lined with downward poinding heirs. Insects entor and lose their footing or are prevented from levaving because of the hairs. RAFFLESIADIA,

South America(Spanish: Sudamerica or Suramerica ; Portuguese away yala;

America del sur, America do sul; auecnua: urin

spider monkeys of the genus abeles new world monkeys in the subfamily atelinae , family atelidae . like other atelineas, they are found in tropical forects of central and south America, from southern Mexico to Brazil.


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