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Have you ever wondered what a Rainforest is, Or where the Rainforest is? Well that what I’m here for. First of all the rainforest is a tropical forest usually of tall, densely growing, broad leaved, evergreen trees in an area of high usual rainfall. The Amazon Rainforest is located in the southern hemisphere, in South America at 19.01- 56.18 degrees south and 64-27 degrees west.

Countries that contain the rainforest are Brazil, Peru, Ecuador, Bolivia, Venezuela, Colombia, Guyana, Suriname, and French Guana.

The outer most layer of the rainforest is the Emergent layer. The 2 nd outer most layer of the rainforest is the canopy layer. The 2nd inner most layer of the rainforest is the Understory layer. The inner most layer of the rainforest is the Forest Floor layer. On the forest floor it is very dark and almost no plants live here. Animals that live on this layer are the large anteaters. In the understory layer the leaves have to grow larger to reach sunlight. In this layer the animals that live there are Jaguar, Red-Eyed Tree Frogs, Lepords, and a large concentration of insects. In the canopy layer Smooth oval leaves that come to a point. The animals that live here are Snakes, Toucans, Tree Frogs, and the flying Snake. The Emergent layer has broad leaved, evergreen trees about 16 ft. around. Eagles, Monkeys, Bats, and Butterflies live here.

The Abrus Pectorius is a slender twiner plant with compound like leaves called foliage. It lives in hedges and in tropical areas like shorelines. This plant has no predators because it is poisonous. The use’s for this flower is for necklaces and rosaries. This plant is a producer because it makes its own food, this process is called photosynthesis.

This plant is about 5 cm. tall and has white petals. Its habitat is in high altitude close to the tree line. There are no uses for this flower and no predators.

This organism has camouflage spotted fur, can grow of to six feet and 80 to 370 pounds in weight at most. The places where it live is in wetlands, rivers, and lakes are where the jaguar likes to live because that is it habitat. The predator wouldn’t really be called a predator but is any decomposer because decomposers break down any dead organisms and it is a predator because it eats and decomposes it. The prey which is what it eats which is anything from a fish to a snake because it is a carnivore because it only eats meat. The adaptations that it has are when the forest floor is flooded then it can live in trees for months, because that’s a natural feture that it has.

The anaconda can grow up to 21 feet long throughout its lifet.ime. It has green and scaly skin. It lives in streams, rivers, swamps, and pools of the Amazon rainforest. The only thing that eats it would be decomposers when it breaks it down. They eat large rodents, small mammals, frogs, and fish, carnivore. It waits for others to come to it instead of it hunting them.

The Yanomami tribe is indigenous to the Amazon rainforest because that is where the tribe was originated. The Yanomami tribes are omnivores because they eat plants and animals. They live in small circular houses called Yanos or Shabonos. Their village is setup by huts. The central area is held for rituals, feast and games. Their culture which is how they live is equally among people.

Deforestation is not good because if we cut down all the trees in our rainforest then we will be losing almost 80% of the oxygen on our earth. We need to conserve the rainforest so we will not lose all this oxygen, we can conserve by saving the rainforest. Ecotourism can be good but bad because people want to see the rainforest but when you walk and step on plants you could be killing the plants by stepping on them. Ecotourism is when you tour an ecosystem that is different than yours. When people visit tribes but does not stay there for their whole life then they are nomadic. A herbivore is a organism that eats only plant and no meat.

The Machiguenga tribes culture is that they men do not die. The tribe lives in small hut in Peru for shelter in the rainforest. The tribe eats fruits and small mammals that they hunt and kill like spider monkeys. The village is setup by huts and small houses.

Movement People get around by boats called canoes and by walking. The enviorment is affected by goods and minerals lumber, medicine, and oxygen. They also exchange goods and ideas.


The climate of the Amazon which is the average temperature in the rainforest, is 80.7 degrees F., the average temperature is also 80.7 degrees F., and also the average rainfall is 50 to 250 inches per year.

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Rainforest Project

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Rainforest Project