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Lloyd Joshua Z. Franco 0927-620-2994 ♦

Aspired Position Interested to run for the position of Associate Vice President for Human Resources

Education Ateneo de Manila University | AB Communication (Cumulative QPI: 2.96) St. Martin Montessori School, Edgardo J. Angara Philippine Senate Gold Medal Award for Academic Excellence

Co-CurricularActivities Ateneo Association for Communication Majors (ACOMM) | Project Head June 2012-present  As Promotions Head of ACOMM Alumni Homecoming , coordinated with the nine previous batches of ACOMM alumni Ateneo Volleyball Club |Member 2012 - present  As an active member, helped the Executive Board in recruiting new members through various modes of promotions Ateneo Open 2 | Logistics Volunteer  As a Logistics Volunteer, helped organize the equipment 2012 and manpower needed in facilitating the 2-day volleyball tournament Council of Organizations of the Ateneo (COA) | Human Resources Max Manager 2012-present  As a CB Squares facilitator, facilitated intimate bonding sessions with four of the members of the COA Central Board  As a Project Head of Cuddle Days, helped organized a bonding session between all the members of COA, i.e. Executive Board, Central Board, ExTeams  As a Project Head of COArawan, helped organize surprise parties and send out gifts especially during the month of July and November Ateneo Freshmen Orientation Seminar Talk and Tours |Member June 2012  Introduced a freshman block to the Ateneo before the start of the semester .Also conducted campus tours and group dynamics during the 3-day event

Seminars Attended HR Exteam Summer Planning Seminar Step-Up, Council of the Organization of the Ateneo Project Manager’s Training, ACOMM

2012 2012 2012

Skills& Interests Time management is an important aspect of a student and an org member and I am very able in organizing my schedule. Being an athlete since grade school taught me to be strong during tough times, be disciplined ALL the time, and to listen. That being said, I am a good speaker and a good listener. I was trained to listen to my coach but at the same time to motivate my teammates to do their best. I am adventurous, spontaneous, and a humorous person. More importantly, I know the time when to be serious and when to be playful. I am not scared of failing and I think this is important because failure is the only way to experience growth in an individual, more so in an organization.

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