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PLATFORM OF LLOYD JOSHUA Z. FRANCO CANDIDATE FOR ASSOCIATE VICE PRESIDENT FOR HUMAN RESOURCES My platform has two aspects, both of which are really important in making ACOMM an even more member-involved home organization – HardcoRe and HeartcoRe. “HardcoRe” focuses more on the organization of the system being utilized by ACOMM in getting new members, retaining the members, and getting the members involved in ACOMM’s projects. If elected, I will find ways to make the system more organized that will result in its effectiveness, more specifically on PLANNING AHEAD. I believe that maintaining a stable and “hard core” system will make the externals more fluid and successful. I acknowledge the fact that the Human Resources Department is not all about managing projects, but also it is about managing and taking care of the members. And so I made a “HeartcoRe” aspect in my platform. What makes up an organization are definitely its members. Therefore, the real core of the organization is its members. So it’s very important for us to take care of our “human resources”. Putting more “heart” and love at the “core” of them all will help us achieve our goal to establish ACOMM as the home organization of Communication majors.

HardcoRe Member Recruitment (RecWeek) Recweek is a very crucial part of an organization’s growth. This is the time when new breeds of possible org leaders come into the picture and for returning members will continue their growth. Member recruitment must be taken seriously as this can make or break the success of an organization. RecWeek is all about enticing the Communication majors to join ACOMM. Freshmen are the ones who are very excited and eager to join ACOMMWe have to give them the feel of what ACOMM is for and all about for them to be able to see that ACOMM really is a great organization. My goal is to make them sign-up because they want to, not because they need to. Here are the things I plan to do to concretize this vision... a. Start getting information (ie. Email address) from the freshmen once the block lists are out  Getting a hold of the block lists gives us an advantage to search for some of their email addresses and send them a teaser that will make them even more excited  Assign someone to answer some of the freshmen’s queries through the OrSem forums and at the same time promote ACOMM  Start planning RecWeek, OrSem talks and first GA during the summer break to make everything organized and to avoid last minute cramming b. Pursue even more during OrSem

We can coordinate with the “TnTs” of the COM blocks so we can promote during their idle times

c. More colourful, livelier, and eye-catching booth during RecWeek  More promotional gimmicks like a roaming mascot or an interesting signboard  In coordination with the Finance Department, brainstorm and buy what the booth needs like decorations, materials, supplies, laptop at an earlier time to avoid rush d. Include the member’s talent and skills in the application form  This can help in the organization and utilization of the Talent Pool Database o Hosting, music writing, photography, graphic artists are just some of the services that other orgs need. ACOMM can provide them with talents through consulting the Talent Pool Database and the client org must give something in return. o This can also help in making the other members more active. With their skills we can easily tap them into doing something for ACOMM projects and events. e. General Assemblies  Attendance during first GA are always huge but it decreases by a substantial amount come the second GA o To improve on this, proper utilization of PROs must be implemented. PROs must post in their groups, text blast, and use the word-of-mouth for the members to be able to block off the date early on. o Maintain the pizza party at the end of the program because it’s a great way to make more members to come  I propose that every GA must have an interesting theme. Costumes can be worn or a GA that will be held outside school premises.

Member Retention Recruiting members is one thing, but maintaining and keeping them active is another. Member retention during ACOMM X is tremendously successful, and I want to aim higher and aim for 100% member retention at the end of the school year, because it really is attainable if you’d ask me. All we need is the right system to be able to tap all members and to make sure that we cater to all the needs of the ACOMM members. a. Proper PRO utilization and training  ALL PROs will handle at least two HR Projects (one each semester)  Project Manager’s Training (PMAT) attendance will be required  Let the PROs feel that their assigned project is their own by making all decisions be made by them, the VP and AVP will just be there to guide them


In relation to what is stated above, an IC before the project is required to brief them and also to get their ideas and an IC after the project is also required for post-evaluation.  Present to them the “8-step Plan” and the “Playbook” as a reference during the first IC b. Getting to know the members more  Consult on the talents and skills of our members first before getting the help of other organizations to provide what we need o This is a chance to make more members be involved c. Affirmation  Cite the efforts of members who are doing their job well by giving them a simple token of appreciation and/or gifts o In coordination with the Finance Department, the tokens will be bought in advance to avoid rush  Affirmation through posting in the ACOMM page and citation during ACOMM’s events  A “PRO of the Month” will be awarded to encourage them to do their job well and to become more efficient.

Communication Since we are the Association of COMMUNICATION Majors, I think that we should be very efficient in getting our messages across. We should maximize all forms of communication that we could use for ACOMM to be organized and well-sustained. a. PROs  

ENFORCE THE “NOTED/DONE CULTURE” Encourage the PROs to use all possible lines of communication in information dissemination: Posting, Word-of mouth, E-mail, Text blast or simply PWET (which is adapted from ACOMM X) o Make sure that all information to be disseminated by the PROs are approved by either the VP/AVP to avoid confusion if ever something is wrong.  Provide spiels for PROs to be able to promote after their communication classes  I propose that all PROs must sign a Commitment Ball during the early part of the semester to remind them of their responsibility to ACOMM as PROs b. Communication Department  The goal is to establish a stronger bond between ACOMM and the Communication Department.  Continue to update Sir Mark or any of the faculty about ACOMM whenever necessary.

HeartcoRe Organization Relationship

a. ACOMM Room  Provide art materials for the members for them to be able to practice their artistic skills o Collect some of the artworks and post them in the ACOMM page to let everyone else see their masterpiece o These org room stories can entice other members to spend some time in the ACOMM room  Assign an EB core member to spearhead the cleaning of the org room every Friday afternoon  Provide a wall calendar every month for meetings and events schedule o To avoid cancelled meeting because of members forgetting the time b. Seminars  Leadership Seminar o Collaborate with other organizations like COA and Ateneo Code to help organize the seminar o This can be incorporated with the PMAT for the Project Board can be even more motivated to do their jobs well  PlanSem and EvSem o Make the PlanSem and Midyear EvSem more fun and colourful to encourage the EB-Core to pump up their creative juices and to inspire them with ideas. c. Continue on HR Projects and make it BIGGER  Tambay Week o With the success of last year’s Tambay Week, I propose that there will be one Tambay Week each semester  ACOMM Christmas Party o I propose the Christmas party to be open to ALL members o There will be assigned project heads for this event who will start planning as early as the first semester as this event will be bigger and better. Therefore, the ACOMM Christmas party will now be an HR Project. d. Provide more opportunities for members to acquaint with each other  Pizza parties o Pizza parties are tried and tested methods of gaining the attention of members. What can be a simple pizza party may be a way to promote org events and meet new friends at the same time  COMM Games o Not only do sports encourage discipline, it also enforces camaraderie between the players. o A great way to meet new friends and stay fit at the same time o I will make sure that the games will be suitable for all members  ACOMM Singing Group o ACOMM has a lot of talented singers and it’s such a waste to not share them o They can represent ACOMM in competitions in Ateneo

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