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May 2010

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Final Week Schedule Thursday, May 20

Monday, May 17 1:30pm

3rd Grade practice for the Play

Tuesday, May 18 8:00am

3rd Grade Play


5th Grade Choir Concert


Performance by Johnette Downing


6-12 grades - Exams


Baccalaureate Ceremony

Friday, May 21 3:00pm Saturday, May 22

Wednesday, May 19 7:45am

6-12 grades - Exams


Elementary half-day - Last Day


5th Grade Choir Concert

6-12 grades - Exams


Graduation Rehearsal


Graduation Ceremony

Monday, May 24 7:45am

Faculty Work Day

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Sweater Sale (Third Grade) Used Uniforms (PTA News)


Fulbright-Japan Teacher Exchange


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Geographic Bee

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School News

May 2010

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Letter from the Director It is that time of year once again when students begin to sense the end of school. State testing is finished and the last few weeks of instruction will be rapidly drawing to a close. This is the busiest time of the year U-High. Graduation, field trips, performances by band and choir, Grandparents’ Day, and athletic playoffs are just some of the activities that keep everyone’s schedule full. From K-12, students are working hard to finish the 2009-2010 school year on a high note. As noted, one of the biggest events we have this time of year is Grandparents’ Day. This year, a record number of grandparents have indicated they will be in attendance. We look forward to this day and the opportunity it affords us to showcase both the work of our students and the progress being made in the physical facility. If you have passed the school lately you have no doubt noticed significant construction on both ends of the campus. Construction on the new athletic and performing art complex is underway and progress has been remarkable. Buquet and LeBlanc, contractor for the project, is pursuing an aggressive construction schedule in an effort to bring the best product they can deliver on line in the shortest time possible. On the east side of the campus, the enclosing of Corporation Canal is well underway. Price Contractors is responsible for this work and they too are working very hard to bring the project to completion. We look forward to the conclusion of these projects and the marked improvements they will bring to the overall functionality of the Lab School campus. Finally, graduation looms near for the Class of 2010. A particular note of recognition goes to our seniors for their accomplishments and their citizenship. Any school in America would be proud to call them graduates and we are fortunate indeed to have been a part of their lives. Job well done! Go Cubs! Wade Smith

School News

May 2010

Page 3

PTA President’s Message With the school year quickly drawing to a close, PTA is ready to start celebrating the end of another wonderful school year. We all know that the school year would not be complete without Teacher Appreciation week. This year, get ready to “party party like a rock star “from May 1014. UHS Teachers Rock will be a music themed week filled with catered meals, lots of fabulous swag, and even a few big surprises. Of course, no rock star’s week would be complete without a big party; our hospitality committee has planned a fantastic faculty appreciation party at the home of Rebecca Nelson. A “rocking rocking” rocking week of food, fun and special surprises is sure to make our teachers feel like the superstars we all know they are! Any parent who would like to volunteer to help make this week rock out can contact Sarah Dupree ( or Heidi Rowley ( for details. The Spring PTA meeting will be held May 5th at 6 pm with the band concert immediately following. Join us early to socialize and enjoy the munchies provided by PTA. Also remember that this is the meeting where we introduce our new slate of officers for consideration, so your presence is greatly encouraged. Donations are now being accepted for the third annual Used Uniform Sale to be held in August. So get in there, clean out those closets and bring in your gently used uniforms. Thanks to Tarilyn McBride for agreeing to chair this committee again. Thank you to all PTA board members for serving this year. It has been an honor and a privilege to serve as President. I have truly enjoyed the year and look forward to May! Summer is just around the corner so enjoy your summer vacation and be safe. See you next year! Missi Alford Richmond, Richmond PTA President

School News

May 2010

Page 4

PTA News PTA Used Uniform Project by Tarilyn McBride

USED UNIFORMS! USED UNIFORMS! Hundreds of sizes and styles will be available at the used uniform sale. It will take place on August 9th from 8:00 am until 1:00 pm. Please join us to grab some bargains and help support the PTA. All proceeds will be used to fund future PTA projects.

Please forward and questions or comments to Tarilyn McBride HOPE TO SEE YOU THERE! Do you have uniforms that your children have outgrown? Are these uniforms crowding your closets and drawers? Then drop them off in a labeled box outside the high school office for the next used uniform sale in the fall. This project helps support and fund PTA projects. If you have any questions, comments, or would like to volunteer on this committee, please email Tarilyn McBride

School News

May 2010

Page 5

Elementary Section Mad Scientists: of the 1st Grade Variety by Michelle Blanchard

Well, we’re ‘mad’ in a good way. The first graders completed this hands-on unit of study with great interest and enthusiasm. A priceless quote was collected from a first grader at the beginning of the unit. When asked ‘What is matter?’ she wrote, “I think it’s like you are mad, then you get matter, then you get maddist.” Ask her now, however, and she can explain it and give examples. We turned our classrooms in working ‘labs’ to focus on the central idea of the unit: Scientists help us explore the world in which we live through investigating ideas and collecting data. The concepts included in the six-week investigation of matter, magnetism, heat, light, and sound centered around: • How scientific principles are integrated into everyday life • The processes and skills involved in investigating scientific principles • How scientists use safety procedures when conducting scientific investigations

School News

May 2010

Page 6

First graders learn to record data as they complete each step in the investigation.

First graders in Mrs. Day and Mrs. Zittrauer’s class pose with the LSU students of Dr. Dorin Boldor. They led hands-on investigations for the students.

Students in Mrs. Blanchard and Mrs. Loupe’s class observe as students in Mrs. Decuir’s chemistry class performs an experiment.

School News

May 2010

Page 7

The first graders enjoyed being in the science lab to observe the tools. They read many ageappropriate, non-fiction books in which the work of a variety of scientists was introduced.

School News

May 2010

Page 8

Third Grade Sweater Drive by Jennifer Naumgartner

The third grade classes held a sweater drive for “Won’t you be my Neighbor Day” in honor of Fred Rogers in March. The children determined to practice being a neighbor and organized a sweater drive. Children and families in the U-high and Baton Rouge communities generously donated 148 sweaters which were given to St. Vincent De Paul to be distributed.

Elementary Music/Choir News by Kathy Catanzaro Congratulations to the fabulous first graders! On April 8th they welcomed our beautiful spring weather with a musical presentation: “How Does Your Garden Grow?” Every first grader had a special part and Ms. Ellen Martin (student teacher with Mrs. Catanzaro) directed this musical. Mark your calendars for the following musical events: May 7th May 18th May 19th May 18th

Grandparents’ Day: Every elementary grade (K – 5) will perform. Grade 5 Farewell Choir Concert: 9:30 performance for parents Grade 5 Farewell Choir Concert: 9:15 performance for student body Grade 3 Louisiana play/performance: 8:000 am

School News

May 2010

Page 9

Elementary Art Exhibition by Knowles & Moreland Dear Parents, As of May 4th through May 10th, your elementary student’s self- selected artwork will be on display outside of each homeroom class. The art piece that your student has chosen to show is based on his or her favorite creation, selected from each individual’s art portfolio. These incredible artworks represent memories formed, materials explored, and art elements and principles that have been studied this year. The students learned about judgment and what it means to hang, view, and understand the work of another artist. Grace, a fourth grader, interpreted judgment as, “Art is art, but it’s much more…Art is how you express yourself and how you see the world and you think about something…” We hope that the parents, students, teachers, and visitors will begin to think about art in a new light, considering the mind and personality of each student. Attached to the artwork of your student is a title and explanation of why that particular creation is important and meaningful to them. Please take the time to stop by your student’s classroom to see the hard work that your child has undergone this year in art. We have had many great experiences and I am looking forward to more in the future.

Sincerely, Mrs. Knowles & Ms. Moreland

School News

May 2010

Page 10

Middle Section Geographic Bee Results by Hope Buras William Nichols, an eighth grade student, won the school-level competition of the National Geographic Bee on December 14, 2009 and a chance at a $25,000 college scholarship. The school-level Bee, at which students answered oral questions on geography, was the first round in the 22nd annual National Geographic Bee. This year’s Bee is sponsored by Google (visit Participants in the Bee were: Ellen Bottcher, Zoe Parker, Nick Welsch, Hannah Hyman, LeLe Keller, Zoe Li, Caroline Robinson, Billie Rodman, John Kyle Schwab, Ben Smith, Kirkley Norton, Caroline Spencer, Charles Nugent, Olivia Thomas, Ross Schwab, James Kern and William Nichols. Peyton Myer qualified but was unable to attend. The kickoff for this year’s Bee was the week of November 9, with thousands of schools around the United States and in the five U.S. territories participating. The school winners, including Willaim, will now take a written test; up to 100 of the top scores in each state will be eligible to compete in their state Bee April 9, 2010. The National Geographic Society will provide an all-expenses-paid trip to Washington, D.C., for state champions and teacher-escorts to participate in the National Geographic Bee national championship on May 25 and 26, 2010. The first-place national winner will receive a $25,000 college scholarship and a lifetime membership in the Society, and a trip to the Galapagos Islands, courtesy of Lindblad Expeditions and National Geographic (visit “Jeopardy!” host Alex Trebek will moderate the national finals on May 26. The program will air on television. Check local listings for dates and times.

School News

May 2010

Page 11

Everyone can test their geography knowledge with the new and exciting GeoBee Challenge, an online geography quiz at The game poses 10 new questions a day. The National Geographic Society is one of the world’s largest nonprofit scientific and educational organizations. Founded in 1888 to “increase and diffuse geographic knowledge,” the Society works to inspire people to care about the planet. It reaches more than 370 million people worldwide each month through its official journal, National Geographic, and other magazines; National Geographic Channel; television documentaries; music; radio; films; books; DVDs; maps; exhibitions; live events; school publishing programs; interactive media; and merchandise. National Geographic has funded more than 9,000 scientific research projects and supports an education program promoting geographic literacy. For more information, visit UPDATE! We are pleased to announce that William Nichols advanced from the preliminary round at the Louisiana State Geography Bee into a tiebreaker round with 14 other students. This placed William in the top 19 students in the state. He is to be commended for first winning the school competition from all sixth, seventh and eight students, then qualifying on a written exam as one of the top 100 Geography students in the state and finally for representing himself and the Lab School so well at the State Bee today. Congratulations to William for a great performance at the State level of the National Geography Bee.

School News

May 2010

Page 12

High Section Gates Millennium Scholar by Marty Loupe

Congratulations to senior, Brehana Hawkins, on her selection as a Gates Millennium Scholar. This year, the Gates Millennium Scholars Program attracted over 20,500 applicants. It is thus a distinct honor for her to be recognized as one of the 1,000 Gates Millennium Scholars for the GMS Class of 2010. Selection was based on strong leadership, community service and academic achievements which distinguish her as a Leader for America’s Future™.

School News

May 2010

Page 13

High School Science Olympiad by Marty Loupe The following students were selected to participate on the 2010 State Science Olympiad team: Chris Akers, Nicholas Davison, Amanda Hardy, Brehana Hawkins, Katie Keller, Gerry Knapp, Merryjean Losso, Mary Michael Mcduff, Hannah Mclain, Will Remsen, Chris Rody, Mykeisha Young Winning in their respective events were the following teams of students: 1ST PLACE WINNERS (GOLD MEDAL): Hannah Mclain & Katie Keller in DYNAMIC PLANET Nicholas Davison in EGG-O-NAUT 2ND PLACE WINNERS (SILVER MEDAL): Gerry Knapp & Hannah Mclain in MISSION POSSIBLE Will Remsen in ORNITHOLOGY Chris Akers & Gerry Knapp in TECHNICAL PROBLEM SOLVING 4TH PLACE WINNERS (NON-MEDALS): Gerry Knapp & Chris Rody in CELL BIOLOGY Mary Michael McDuff & Merryjean Losso in ECOLOGY Chris Akers & Merryjean Losso in EXPERIMENTAL DESIGN Chris Akers & Chris Rody in REMOTE SENSING 5th PLACE WINNERS (NON-MEDALS): Merryjean Losso & Brehana Hawkins in FOSSILS Chris Rody & Gerry Knapp in MOUSE TRAP VEHICLE Chris Akers & Amanda Hardy in PHYSICS LABORATORY

School News

May 2010

Page 14

IB Diploma Program - CAS Projects Class of 2010 by Olivia McClure The LSU Lab School is one of only five International Baccalaureate (IB) schools in Louisiana and one of only two that offer the full diploma program for high school juniors and seniors. As part of the ‘core’ of the IB Diploma program, students are required to complete over 150 hours of Creativity, Action, and Service, known to these up-andcoming scholars as CAS. During the first year of the IB Diploma program, U-High Juniors are introduced to the CAS component while participating in a collection of ‘miniprojects’ designed to prepare them with personal skills that scaffold them into the latter half of the diploma program. In their second year of the program, seniors tackle the CAS Major Project. Senior IB diploma candidate, MERRYJEAN LOSSO, explains that this means performing the estimated remaining 50 CAS hours over the course of a few months, often working with partners. While Diploma students agree it’s hard work, they also say the Major Project provides a valuable learning experience. CAS offers a very unique opportunity for IB Diploma candidates around the world by providing them with the support and background that springboards them into becoming active, aware citizens. While many other worthwhile programs focus only on passive, volunteer -type experiences, the IB organization also recognizes the need for students to give back to their communities through various forms of service, but takes it further by fostering an environment that allows them to become active participants in addressing both locally and internationally identified needs. “It’s cool to be helping a global cause… one not so present in our country,” says KATIE FURR, describing the Major Project she worked on with classmate LAURA FURR. The two girls organized a bead party for Bead for Life, an organization that

School News

May 2010

Page 15

sends jewelry made by Ugandan women to people who sell their creations. The proceeds all go back to help the impoverished in Africa. According to Katie, “it’s a different way to raise money.” In this case, different worked out well: Katie and Laura raised over $2000 for the organization. Both girls clearly enjoyed what they did for their project; Laura suggests: “Do something fun, something you enjoy because you have to do a lot with it.” CHRIS AKERS offers similar advice to rising juniors who will complete their Major Projects next year: “Pick something you like to do.” To combat this, he upgraded his family’s annual Halloween haunted house into an exciting project. The attraction was something Chris had taken part in yearly anyways, and it seemed to be popular. This year, he charged an admission of canned goods that were delivered to the Greater Baton Rouge Food Bank afterwards. “I guess it was kind of eccentric as far as CAS projects are concerned,” Chris says. And he says he’s taken away some useful knowledge: “You learn what kinds of things scare different people and what advertising techniques are good, too.” Chris posted signs around the neighborhood and spread word around school, and the entrance line was long as usual; yet he is able to point out areas he could improve in his marketing efforts and the overall timeline of the project. Even so, Chris recalls enjoying the uniqueness of his project and it being able to help others. His mantra for the Major Project? “A boring project is a difficult one.” MerryJean Losso joined forces with two other senior girls, LINDSEY MCCAIN and ANASTACIA DARBY, to amp Cub Garden-- the school’s relatively new community garden. “There were obviously some areas that still needed help,” she recalls. Over the summer, the three took action and completely overhauled the garden. All the existing plants were removed, and season-appropriate crops took their place. “There probably wasn’t a 2-day span we weren’t there. … Ours took a lot of patience. There were times

School News

May 2010

Page 16

when there just wasn’t any progress.” Although president of the school’s Environmental Club, MerryJean nor her assistants are experienced gardeners. Not only did their Major Project serve a cause greater than self, it taught them some new skills as well. But unlike some other Major Projects, this one is still going on. The Environmental Club is being used to the garden’s advantage-- MerryJean tells us, “We will be doing some spring planting soon enough.” The school PTA also recently formed a ‘steering committee’ dedicated to the Cub Garden. Other students, such as BREHANA HAWKINS and ALEX WELCH, have done projects ranging from reorganizing the school’s science department massive inventory to giving guitar lessons to 6th graders. Even though CAS opens doors to opportunity upon opportunity, patience is key. MerryJean advises her junior schoolmates: “Don’t give up. Do something because you truly want to do it. Don’t waste time doing service to people if you don’t like it. It’s not about completing hours. It’s about bringing about awareness and making a difference.” For her CAS project, KARIN SCHULTZ decided to make an informative and promotional video for Cat Haven, a shelter created in 1999 to provide care for homeless cats, advocate routine sterilization, promote understanding of the care of cats, and provide guidance for the community in matters of animal welfare. The video will be featured on their website. “This was a way to utilize the skills learned in my IB Film course while helping a worthy organization. My hope is that the video will help to spread the word about the incredible work that Cat Haven does for the Baton Rouge area.” Mr. Loupe, UHigh’s IB Diploma Program Coordinator added, “the CAS major project is becoming one of the most rewarding aspects of the IB Diploma program. It was once misunderstood to simply be a collection of ongoing hours of volunteer service, but students are finally making connections with the authenic life-long learning aspect of the project. Karin goes even further by recognizing how the CAS component is intended to link back to her IB content courses, such as IB Film.” IB Diploma Candidate, AYUKO MORIKAWA, reflects back upon her CAS major project and explains, “Every child deserves to spend time in a decorated, fun-inspiring room, and especially those who have experienced neglect or abuse from their families at an early

School News

May 2010

Page 17

age.” Through a non-profit organization called Brave Heart- A Child in Need, Inc., Ayuko and her partner, AMANDA HARDY, were able to renovate a family visitation room in the Office of Social Services located in LaPlace, Louisiana. “Brave Heart is an organization that strives to improve the lives of children who are subject to emotional trauma caused by abuse or neglect,” explains Ayuko. “It is the goal of Brave Heart to instill in these children a sense of self- confidence, comfort, and hope by providing them with necessities and supplies needed during their transition into foster care,” added Amanda. “As these children are going through traumatic experiences and face uncertain futures, Brave Heart does a number of things to ease their anxiety.” One idea was the refurbishing and renovating of visitation rooms where children under the custody of the state are brought to meet with families, staff members, and social workers. Amanda explained, "These rooms are often times not particularly ‘kid-friendly’ and in need of paint, furniture, and toys. After hearing about what this organization does and how they are impacting so many children’s lives, it was not long before my partner and fellow IB Diploma candidate, Ayuko, and I decided to adopt one of these rooms and take it on as our major project.” Mr. Loupe added, “What impressed me most about Amanda and Ayuko’s project also demonstrates the importance of the ‘behind the scene’, unsung hero. They identified a community need and didn’t let their lack of experience stop them.” Their project is another that emphasizes the ‘Creativity’ aspect of CAS, while also taking Action and providing Service to address a community need. One of the strengths of the IB Diploma program is that each of its components is put through an evaluation and revision phase every 5 years, which has been a leading advantage for IB students in keeping them ahead of the curve in terms of adapting to what have been termed important “21st Century Skills” by colleges and universities. The class of 2010 marks the first year of the newly revised CAS program. “Under the new program, the focus has shifted away from counting ‘hours’ and now emphasizes learning outcomes that students should be experiencing throughout the process, “ explains Mrs. Holden, U-High’s CAS coordinator. “Our students are walking away with life-changing skills they can use in almost any aspect of life,” added Mr. Loupe.

School News

May 2010

Page 18

This shift in approach couldn’t be better demonstrated than it was with GREG FLITTER’s major project. Greg’s goal for his major project was to help coach the 1st and 2nd grade girls’ soccer team by volunteering his time after school and on Saturdays. Through his time and effort, he hoped to help the girls out and encourage their interests in playing soccer. As his project progressed, he soon realized the opportunity he was giving the girls to improve themselves and, as importantly, to have fun. Upon reflecting on his experience, Greg explained that, “I developed new skills, such as the ability to coach and the ability to interact with young people. Although I’ve been coached all of my life, it was a whole new experience to be able to be the one coaching. I learned how to coach and to teach a team how to achieve something that they never have done. As an individual, I would say that I have grown to appreciate those who coach and those young people who are unafraid to attempt something new and to continue even after things get difficult. This project changed my view of commitment to community service because it showed me that although it can take a lot of time, it can also be a fun experience. It’s been a life-changing experience because not only is it an experience I will never forget, it was also an experience that was both joyous and challenging.” It’s this type of “growth and appreciation for one’s surroundings, while gaining a better sense of community” that is at the core of the CAS component of the IB diploma program,” explained Mr. Loupe.

Lab school students interested in being candidates for the IB Diploma program apply in the 10th grade year, but should begin planning as early as middle school. Please contact Mr. Loupe, the IB Diploma coordinator ( with any questions regarding the IB program, or Mrs. Holden ( with any questions regarding CAS.

School News

May 2010

Page 19

National Charity League River Road Chapter Senior Soiree by Unknown Author

Seniors Merry Jean Losso (left) and Marinell Chandler were recently presented at the National Charity League River Road Chapter’s ninth annual Senior Soiree on March 13th. The event, held at Stage 1, honored the young women for their commitment to service throughout the community. The U-High students, along with 18 young women from other area high schools were recognized for giving 1,051 hours of service to organizations and charities in the Baton Rouge area. All total, the River Road Chapter’s Senior Class of 2010 volunteered 4,500 hours of service over the past six years. Merry Jean is the daughter of Jane and Jack Losso, and Marinell is the daughter of Carrie and Timothy Chandler. The National Charity League, established in 1947 and incorporated in 1958, has 149 chapters in 15 states throughout the United States. Its mission is to foster mother-daughter relationships in a philanthropic organization that is committed to community service and leadership development, as well as providing opportunities for social and cultural experiences. The River Road Chapter was established in August 1999 and is NCL’s only chapter in Louisiana. Students can become eligible for membership in the organization in the seventh grade. For additional information contact: Rachele Smith, (225) 755-3748, or Stacy Rennhoff, (225) 761-8406, Photo provided by Brad Messina Photography

School News

May 2010

Page 20

2010 - 2011 Varsity Cheerleading Squad by Trisha Fos Emily Bankston, captain Caroline Bevan Machaela Brabham Storey Carver, captain Sydney Field Charlotte Gladney Chantae Haliburton Selby Kean Erin Kilpatrick

Mary Michael McDuff Mary Gail McCowan Maggie Nickel Hannah Padial Paige Pennington Olivia Shaffet Alaina Wilson Grace Ann Woolf

2010 - 2011 Junior Varsity Cheerleading Squad by Trisha Fos Liz Culotta Lauren Dabadie Katie Fisher Alexis Garland Griffon Lawson

Abby Manuel, captain Riley McKernan Stephanie McNamara Kalli Roberts Nely Ward, captain

2010 - 2011 Spirit Steppers by Melissa Perry Brooke Brady

Natalie Knight

Caroline DiBenedetto

Caroline Lamonte

Haley Duke

Lauren LeBlanc

Cooper Johnson

Tyler Rice

Katie Keller

Eryn Short

School News

May 2010

Page 21

Fulbright-Japan Teacher Exchange Program Press Release

Contact in the U.S.: Christopher Powers, Director, Education Abroad, Institute of International Education Phone: (202) 326-7773

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE 9 A.M., Friday, April 23, 2010

LOCAL TEACHER SELECTED FOR JAPAN-U.S. TEACHER EXCHANGE PROGRAM FOR ESD Baton Rouge, LA 70803 – This May, Jennifer C. Bevill will travel to San Francisco, CA as a participant in the JapanU.S. Teacher Exchange Program for Education for Sustainable Development (ESD),” hosted by Fulbright Japan. Mrs. Bevill, from University High School (Louisiana State University Laboratory School) was selected from a national pool of more than 400 educators to earn this honor. The bi-nationally fully-funded program for U.S. teachers will take place in two parts: a Joint Meeting with Japanese teachers in San Francisco, May 3-5, 2010, and a study tour to Japan, June 21-July 6, 2010. Focused on the theme of Education for Sustainable Development (ESD), the program aims to deepen mutual understanding and strengthen the relationship between Japan and the United States through teacher exchange, as well as to raise awareness of ESD-oriented school programs and enhance ESD-related curricula in both countries. ESD is “a vision of education that seeks to balance human and economic well-being with cultural traditions and respect for the earth’s natural resources,” according to the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO). Starting April 24, a contingent of 48 Japanese primary and secondary school teacher participants will travel to the United States for a fully-funded two week study tour of American culture and ESD programs in U.S. schools. Following an orientation program in Washington, DC, three groups of 16 teachers each will spend a week visiting schools and ESD resource centers in New Haven, CT, Minneapolis, MN and Portland, OR and will participate in home stays with American families. From May 3, the Japanese teachers will meet with 48 competitively selected U.S. teacher counterparts for a three-day Joint Meeting in San Francisco. The meeting will entail presentations by U.S. experts in Education for Sustainable Development as well as workshops and panel discussions focused on ESD curriculum development. Teachers will share their ESD curricula and collaborate to strengthen school activities in four vital areas of ESD focus: food and sustainable nutrition; environment; energy and resources; and international understanding and cooperation. In June 2010, the contingent of U.S. teachers will travel in a reciprocal and fully-funded two-week study tour to Japan, where they will learn about Japanese culture, visit Japanese schools focused on ESD, participate in a home stay, and meet again with their Japanese counterparts for two days of workshops and curricular collaboration in Tokyo. Upon their return to the United States, the teachers will share what they have learned through the program and implement refined ESD curricula in their home schools. The Japan-U.S. Teacher Exchange Program for ESD is administered by Fulbright Japan (the Japan–U.S. Educational Commission), with support in the U.S. from the Institute of International Education in Washington, D.C. It is jointly funded by the Educational and Cultural Affairs Bureau (ECA) of the U.S. Department of State and the Japanese Government’s Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science, and Technology (MEXT).

School News

May 2010

Page 22

Revised 2010-2011 Calendar Dates August 9

6th – 12th Grade Prep Day

August 11

First day of classes (Middle and High School)

August 12

First day of classes (K-5)

September 6

Labor Day Holiday

October 21 & 22

Fall Holiday

October 25 & 26

Elementary Conferences

November 22-26

Thanksgiving Holiday

December 15, 16, & 17

Middle and High School Exams

December 20- January 3

Winter Break

January 17

Martin Luther King Holiday

March 7-11

Mardi Gras Break

March 14

Elementary Conferences

March 22

LEAP- ELA and Math GEE Writing and Math/SC/SS CR items

March 23 & 24

LEAP- Make-up

April 11-15

Phase 2 Testing

April 18, 19, & 20

Phase 2 Make-ups

April 22-29

Spring Break

May 18, 19, & 20

Middle School and High School Exams

May 19


May 20

Elementary Last day (Half-day)

May 21

UHS Graduation

School News

May 2010

Page 23

May 2010 Monday *Menu subject to change without notice 3 Redbeans/ Sausage/Rice Corn Peaches Juice Milk Soup/Salad Bar Hamburger/Bun

10 Chicken/Sausage Jambalaya Cut Corn Peaches Dinner Roll Juice Milk Soup/Salad Bar Hamburger/Bun


Wednesday Thursday


4 Chicken Nuggets Green Beans Pears Dinner Roll Juice Milk Soup/Salad Beef Stew/Rice

5 Tacos Corn Pineapple Dinner Roll Juice Milk Soup/Salad Bar Corndog Cinco de mayo

6 Chicken/Sausage Gumbo/Rice Green Peas Apples Dinner Roll Juice Milk Soup/Salad Pizza

7 Chilibeans Fritos Corn Oranges Juice Milk Soup/Salad Bar Chicken Patty

13 Chicken/Sausage Gumbo/Rice Corn Apples Dinner Roll Juice Milk Soup/Salad Bar Pizza

14 Hotdog/Chili/Bun Macaroni/cheese Green Peas Oranges Cookies Juice Milk Soup/Salad Bar Chicken Patty

11 Chicken Nuggets Pork and Beans Pears Dinner Roll Juice Milk Soup/Salad Enchiladas

17 Cafeteria Choice

12 Meatsauce/ Spaghetti Broccoli Pineapple Dinner Roll Juice Milk Soup/Salad Bar Corndog

18 Cafeteria Choice

19 Brunch

20 Brunch

21 Brunch

School News

May 2010

Page 24

May 2010 K-2 Monday


Wednesday Thursday


*Menu subject to change without notice 3 Redbeans/ Sausage/Rice Corn Peaches Dinner Roll Milk

4 Chicken Nuggets Green Beans Pears Dinner Roll Milk

5 Taco Lettuce/cheese Pineapple Dinner Roll Milk

6 Chicken/Sausage Gumbo/Rice Green Peas Apples Dinner Roll Milk

7 Chilibeans Fritos Corn Oranges Dinner Roll Milk

13 Chicken/Sausage Gumbo/Rice Corn Apples Dinner Roll Milk

14 Hotdog/Chili/Bun Macaroni/cheese Green Peas Oranges Cookies Milk

Cinco de mayo 10 Chicken/Sausage Jambalaya Cut Corn Peaches Dinner Roll Milk

11 Chicken Nuggets Pork and Beans Pears Dinner Roll Milk

17 Cafeteria Choice

12 Meatsauce/ Spaghetti Broccoli Pineapple Dinner Roll Milk

18 Cafeteria Choice

19 Field Trip



School News

May 2010

School News

May 2010

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Wade Smith

PTA President

Missi Richmond

PTA Publications Council Chair

Robin Smith


Robin Smith


Cenorvie A. Lewis


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School News is a Project of the LSU Lab School PTA Deadline for the summer issue is June 30th

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