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PROMISES for orchestra


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Michael Laurello

Things Grow Like Trees Music 88 Lawrence Street 1st Floor New Haven, CT 06511 978-846-3141

PROMISES for orchestra

Duration: 9 minutes

Instrumentation 2 Flutes (Fl. 2 doubles Piccolo) 2 Oboes 2 Clarinets in Bb 2 Bassoons 4 Horns in F 3 Trumpets in Bb 2 Trombones 1 Bass Trombone 1 Tuba Timpani Percussion (3 players) Percussion 1: Crotales (two octaves); Vibraphone; Suspended Cymbal*; Tam-Tam Percussion 2: Suspended Cymbal* (struck and bowed); Triangle; Chime (a single chime suspended and pitched at Bb with a quarter or other large coin taped to it to make it rattle—other bell-like, pitched metal objects could potentially be substituted); Brake Drum (or similar metal); Junk Metal (nasty and aggressive with a short decay, distinct from a brake drum and a cowbell); Glockenspiel, Kick Drum Percussion 3: Marimba, Suspended Cymbal*; Wood Block; Large Cowbell; Concert Bass Drum; Xylophone Piano Harp Electric Bass (highly recommended, but optional) Strings * depending on the stage setup, a single suspended cymbal could potentially be shared among all three percussion parts (there is no overlap between suspended cymbal entrances across the parts)

Performance Notes Eighth note = eighth note at all meter changes—there are no metric modulations in this piece. Compound meters (3/8, 6/8, etc.) should never be rushed; the duration of the eighth note should remain absolutely steady and even throughout the piece. Accidentals carry through the measure and apply only to the octave where they appear. Courtesy accidentals have been provided where appropriate.

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Laurello: Promises  

Laurello: Promises