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Case Study

A Walk In The Park

The Challenge To create an animal-safe, hygienic drainage system that could meet the high safety and performance specifications required in over 200 individual pet apartments.

The Approach Design and installation was greatly simplified by using a single, versatile gully system across the whole site. Giving a consistent appearance, the system’s in-build flexibility allowed easy adjustment to any layout variations.

The Product A total of 275 stainless steel EG150 Eurogullies each fitted with a foot-safe perforated circular grating and an inline foul air trap.

Case Study

A Walk In The Park In Brief: The largest single installation of ACO Building Drainage’s Eurogullies has recently been commissioned at a new pet ‘resort’ close to Leeds. Part of the mypetstop® pet resort & care centre chain, the site has used the design and installation benefits of the gullies to meet a critical aspect of its unique service delivery. Over half the households in the UK have a pet and the numbers are steadily increasing. As a result, pet welfare is a growing business sector in which mypetstop® now offers something completely new – the pet ‘resort’. The mypetstop concept was developed in the UK and is the first of its type in the world. It offers everything owners and their pets could possibly need on one site: grooming salons, an indoor training arena, swimming and hydrotherapy pools, a state-of-the-art pet hospital, exercise yards, woodland walks, a pet crèche and full boarding facilities. The second of its sites in the UK is located in Morley, close to Leeds. Formerly a British Gas holding site, the £3.7million redevelopment was completed as a design and build project by Yorkshire-based contractor, Quarmby Construction. The site offers all the mypetstop facilities as well as boarding for 115 dogs and 88 cats in uniquely styled residential ‘apartments’. To ensure that strict hygiene standards are maintained, each apartment has its own drainage gully through which liquid waste is discharged. This is collected in a retention tank that, along with all bagged solid waste, is disposed of by specialist contractors. The design of the drainage system posed the biggest challenge to Quarmby, as Contracts Manager, Chris Allott explains. "We needed a drainage system that could provide a high quality finish, be able to cope with the environment and allow us the flexibility to easily adjust installation below ground to suit the layout of the site." With a total of 275 gullies being installed in such a tight area, Quarmby decided to use ACO Building Drainage’s EG150 Eurogully system. "We knew the EG150 would deliver the long-term performance that we needed, but installing this number on a site where tolerances were extremely demanding and completion timescales tight was going to be a tough test." Manufactured from 304 grade stainless steel, the EG150 offers the corrosion resistance required to cope with the acidic waste and the aggressive detergents used when the rooms are cleaned. They are fitted with a foot safe perforated grating, which does not damage an animal’s paws, and are fitted with a removable in-line foul air trap which ensures a pleasant environment is maintained. The foul air traps can be removed to provide rodding access to the connecting drainage pipework system, avoiding the need to install separate rodding eyes for maintenance. Hygiene risks are also minimised as the gullies have a smooth spun bowl structure which reduces siltation and eliminates the ridges and corners that are found on traditional fabricated units which can act as bug traps and sites for bacterial growth. Contoured interfaces between grating and gully body further improve hygiene performance by deterring silt and static water build up. The connection versatility of the EG150 meant that Quarmby were able to efficiently link adjacent apartments into groups with a single 75mm outlet. Each apartment block therefore had a single outlet that discharged into the main drain to the retention tank, minimising pipework and freeing up valuable space to accommodate other service runs. Any slight variations in finished floor or invert levels were easily compensated for by the telescopic height adjustment on each gully and the 7.5 degree pitch and roll adjustment of the inlet grating. The ability to rotate the inlet head a full 360 degrees also meant that Quarmby were able to position every grating in an identical position, ensuring a consistent finish across all the gully installations.

mypetstop concept is a new, • The pioneering approach to pet care and ®

accommodation. site near Leeds provides • Second high-quality accommodation for over 200 animals. drainage system meets the • Installed safety specification of the apartments with the ability to cope with the corrosive waste and cleaning fluids. installation flexibility of the • In-built gully system allowed easy belowground adjustment on site. L


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