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Aid to the Church in Need a Catholic charity under the guidance of the Holy Father

K e e p i n g t h e Fa i t h Al i v e Religious Sisters in Russia Helped

Charity in Action Project Updates N. 1 - 2013

Bishop Joseph Werth has written to thank us. “This help is truly an immense support for all our religious communities, and I am extremely grateful, as are the Sisters in my diocese, that we have so far always been able to benefit from this aid.” Because of our wonderful donors, we have helped many congregations in the Diocese of Novosibirs. Often these Sisters travel to remote places, conducting Liturgies of the Word and preparing the children for their First Holy Communion. For decades in Siberia, it was the women who passed on the Faith during the times of persecution. These religious Sisters are helping with great devotion to stabilize, nurture and strengthen the various small communities. Above all they help the poor and disadvantaged in society. All these religious Sisters in the Diocese of the Transfiguration of the Lord are dependent on outside help, since without our support they would be unable to survive or give themselves in such generous and selfless service. You’ve answered their prayers. Thank you.

Seminarians in Kenya Assisted by ACN Donors In many parts of Africa there are too few priests for the many Catholic faithful. Such is the case in Kenya, too, where a quarter of the population now professes the Catholic faith. Each priest has to minister to an average of well over 4,000 faithful. At the same time, though, it is becoming increasingly difficult for the seminaries to cover their costs, since prices are rising alarmingly. This is true for all the countries of Africa, but in Kenya the situation is particularly acute. On the other hand Kenya is increasingly becoming an intellectual center within Africa, with many universities, so that now it is no longer necessary for the young seminarians to be sent abroad in order to gain a better formation. In the Diocese of Kitale, 48 young men are training for the priesthood because of ACN’s donor generosity. Please be assured of their prayers.

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Aid to the Church in Need

Charity in Action

a Catholic charity under the guidance of the Holy Father

Project Updates

K e e p i n g t h e Fa i t h Al i v e Vehicle Provided for Sisters in Belarus

Six Franciscan Sisters are living and working in Hlubokoye, in the Diocese of Vitebsk in northern Belarus. Here, in the Holy Spirit Parish, they give catechetical instruction to some 300 children and young people, help to support and train the altar servers, decorate the church and, in the case of one Sister, play the organ. They also provide religious instruction in the local children’s home, in two preschools and one special school, and visit the elderly, the lonely and the sick in their homes. They also provide catechesis in other places and to transport elderly Sisters who can scarcely walk to reach medical appointments, also attend church as well. But their car is now in very poor condition. Without a vehicle, the Sisters cannot reach those too far away. Our donors changed that by contributing $7,000 which was used to purchase a new vehicle. Thank you!

Educational Program in Bangladesh Funded by ACN Donors The Archdiocese of Dhaka has established a program for children, young people and adults in all 25 parishes of the diocese. Over the course of three years a wide range of courses will be provided for some 17,000 people. Using “multipliers” in the parishes and families, the diocese hopes in this way to indirectly reach all the Catholics in the diocese, over 90,000 of them. Included in the plan are dozens of educational courses and life-skills courses, to be offered on a regular basis, including such things as marriage preparation courses for young adults, seminars on specific aspects of the Church’s teaching for married couples and courses for future catechists and parish leaders. Among the programs to be offered in all the parishes of the diocese there will also be seminars on evangelization and the vocations apostolate.

program. Thank you.

The Archdiocese turned to ACN for help and we did not let them down. Because of the generosity of our family of faithful, $8,400 has been donated to this fine

725 Leonard Street • Box 220384 • Brooklyn, NY • 11222 • 1.800.628.6333 •

Project Update_1_2013  
Project Update_1_2013  

First Project Upate of 2013